Bloomington Speedway results 2004-07-24

BLOOMINGTON, IN (July 24, 2004) -- It was a beautiful evening. The pits were overflowing. And the hillside was packed with fans. It would seem to be safe to say that none of them left disappointed. Indiana Sprint Week races are always something ...

BLOOMINGTON, IN (July 24, 2004) -- It was a beautiful evening. The pits were overflowing. And the hillside was packed with fans. It would seem to be safe to say that none of them left disappointed. Indiana Sprint Week races are always something special; and those contested on the red clay of Bloomington Speedway are just a little more special.

Sixty -- one cars unloaded. Their immediate goal was to be one of the 32 fastest qualifiers. Tom Busch and Curt Trainer both got upside down in qualifications trying to get one of those coveted 32 heat race starting positions.. Brandon Petty was the fastest qualifier followed by Kevin Briscoe, Kevin "Pup" Huntley, Josh Ford, Dick Gaines II, and Matt Westfall.

Of the 29 cars who didn't qualify for one of the heat races there were 22 who lined up to run in one of the two non qualifiers races. Only four of them would be allowed to tag the tail of one of the heat races. Shane Cottle and Kenny Carmichael transferred from the first non qualifier; and Brad Kuhn and Darren Hagen transferred from the second non qualifier. Among the heavy hitters who failed to make one of the heat races were Brian Tyler, Michael Burthay, and A.J. Anderson. The most serious incident came in the second non qualifiers' race when Rick Ziehl got tangled up with another car and barrel rolled off of the fourth turn. He was uninjured; but his evening was done.

USAC heat races are totally inverted except for the cars coming out of the non qualifiers races. This means that the fastest qualifier starts eighth in the first heat race. Because there are so many fast cars, getting to one of the four transfer spots in the heat race is a serious challenge. This is the reason that there are generally so many strong cars in the "B" feature. Dick Gaines II and Jon Stanbrough came from deep in the pack to win their heat races while Kent Christian won from mid pack. J.J. Yeley started on the front row and checked out.

Josh Ford of Camarillo, Calif. drove to a convincing win in the "B" feature followed by Kevin Huntley, fast qualifier Brandon Petty, Jared Fox, Kyle Wissmiller, and Davey Ray.

When feature time comes at Bloomington Speedway there is only one man who is harder to beat than two time Bloomington Speedway champion Kevin Briscoe; and that is Kevin's father, Richard Briscoe. Briscoe was winning race at Bloomington Speedway long before Kevin thought about driving in them.

When the green flag waved to start the feature event, Dick Gaines II charged into the lead from his outside front row starting position. As the second fastest qualifier, Kevin Briscoe started inside of the third row. At the end of the first lap Briscoe was running fourth where he would stay until the third lap when he would move up to third. On the fifth circuit Briscoe went from third place to take the lead. Briscoe would lead the rest of the way to the checkered flags. However, Briscoe never really had a big lead.

Matt Westfall started on the pole and passed Gaines to take second place on the second circuit. He held second until the twelfth lap when Jon Stanbrough passed him to earn the right to battle with Briscoe for the win. Briscoe and Stanbrough put on the kind of race that the thousands of fans came to see. Stanbrough was never able to lead a lap; however, he was certainly keeping Briscoe honest. Much of the time they were racing wheel to wheel. Stanbrough teamed with the Hoffman car is a potent combination; but they were not quite up beating the Briscoes last night. On the 23rd lap Stanbrough flipped and his evening was done.

Gaines was back in second place; and he had a second shot at beating Briscoe; but Briscoe was not going to be bested last night.

On the 27th circuit the action was interrupted one final time. Dave Darland rolled to a stop in turn four bringing out the yellow flag. Scotty Weir, Brad Kuhn, and Kent Christian would up in a tangle in the middle of the front stretch. Kuhn and Darland were able to restart; but Weir and Christian were done for the evening.

Gaines chased Briscoe for four more laps until the checkered flags marked another Briscoe victory on the red clay. Bud Kaeding took the final podium position trailed by Matt Westfall, Kevin Huntley, Josh Ford, Jay Drake, Kyle Wissmiller, Davey Ray, and Tony Elliott.

Wise earned hard charger honors driving to an eleventh place finish after starting 20th.

Although Indiana Sprint Week points standing have not been released, Dick Gaines II will almost certainly take the lead into the final sprint week show at the Terre Haute Action Track tonight.

Trammell Takes Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock Win --

Gary Trammell's draw gave him the fourth place starting position in his heat race; and he was able to beat Chris Deweese to the checkered flags. Troy Clark and Chris Hillman won the other two heat races while Clark took the dash.

A couple of drivers had mechanical difficulty which kept them from answering the bell for the "B" feature. Defending Tire & Wheel Center super stock champion Jack Frye and former super stock champion Greg Kendall both failed to start the "B" feature; and their evening was done.

After a couple of false starts Mel Bigham took the lead when the "B" feature finally got underway. However, on the third circuit, Bigham spun and Danny Harris took the lead that he would hold until the checkered flags. Steve Hollars came from the fourth row to finish second. Kevin Applegate finished third; and Bigham fought his way back to take fourth. Jerry Burton took the final transfer to the feature.

In the Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock Feature, Gary Trammell came from his second row starting position to take the lead on the first lap; and he led until the checkered flags marked his first Tire & Wheel Center super stock feature win of the season. Troy Clark started on the pole; but he dropped to second on the initial circuit. However, after that, he was able to hold on to second for the balance of the race. Randy Howe came from the third row to finish third.

Ben DuBois, Chris Deweese, Danny Harris, Anthony Walker, Chris Hillman, Terry Arthur, and Kevin Arthur.



QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Brandon Petty, 39, Walker-11.478; 2. Kevin Briscoe, 5, Briscoe-11.531; 3. Kevin Huntley, 21R, Roberts-11.556; 4. Josh Ford, 73, Ford-11.619; 5. Dickie Gaines, 70, Gaines-11.624; 6. Matt Westfall, 54, Westfall-11.625; 7. Kyle Wissmiller, 2K, Wissmiller-11.636; 8. Jon Stanbrough, 69, Dynamics-1.748; 9. Tony Elliott, 11, Walker-11.752; 10. Bud Kaeding, 29, BK-11.767; 11. Ted Hines, 12, Hines-11.783; 12. Davey Ray, 21x, Roberts-11.791; 13. Jared Fox, 56, Fox-11.794; 14. Shane Hollingsworth, 85, Baldwin-1.805; 15. Kent Christian, 10T, R&B-11.810; 16. Kevin Besecker, 15, Besecker-11.834; 17. Casey Shuman, 57, Hazen-11.836; 18. Mike Smith, 96x, Payne-11.841; 19. Levi Jones, 2B, Reid-11.853; 20. Jay Drake, 20, Stewart-11.863; 21. Dave Darland, 2, Reid-11.872; 22. Alex Pruett, 11p, Pruett-11.877; 23. Bobby Stines, 88, Stines-11.878; 24. Justin Marvel, 47, MPHG-11.910; 25. Rickie Gaunt, 2A, Smiley-11.935; 26. J.J. Yeley, 75, Stanton-11.937; 27. John Scott, 83, Scott-11.950; 28. Mat Neely, 17, Neely-11.975; 29. Cory Kruseman, 21, Stewart-11.980; 30. Charles Davis Jr., 8A, Smiley-11.985; 31. Josh Wise, 67, Kunz-12.002; 32. Scotty Weir, 22w, Weir-12.014; 33. Kenny Carmichael, 92x, Carmichael-12.035; 34. Darren Hagen, 11m, McMinn-12.038; 35. Brian Tyler, 6, Kruse-12.059; 36. Chris Kopczynski, 23x, Kopczynski-12.061; 37. Shane Cottle, 10E, Edison-12.097; 38. Brad Kuhn, 25, Christman-12.159; 39. Tom Busch, 4B, Busch-12.208; 40. Michael Burthay, 21B, Burthay-12.212; 41. Tom Hessert, 5H, Hessert-12.241; 42. Josh Cunningham, 6s, Joe's 12.245; 43. Rick Hayden, 17E, Eubank-12.335; 44. David Waltman, 10w, Waltman-12.373; 45. Mark Hall, 2L, Hall-12.376; 46. A.J. Anderson, 34, Anderson-12.398; 47. Jon Sciscoe, 7x, Sciscoe-12.418; 48. Dustin Smith, 77x, Smith-12.430; 49. Rick Ziehl, 14, Lancaster-12.504; 50. Brandon Lane, 97H, Lane-12.518; 51. Danny Williams Jr., 57w, Robinson-12.533; 52. Jason Holt, 99, Holt-12.558; 53. Corey Smith, 66x, Smith-12.648; 54. Kevin Newton, 77, Law-12.651; 55. Chuck Buckman, 4M, Miller-12.664; 56. Critter Malone, 97x, Seeling-12.905; 57. Troy Cline, 62, BWB-15.216; 58. Chris Gentry, 26x, Gentry-NT; 59. Curt Trainer, 36, Trainer-NT; 60. Scott Townsend, 42, Townsend-NT; 61. Danny Pollock, 24, Pollock-NT.

NON QUALIFIERS' RACE #1: 1.(3) Shane Cottle, 2.(1) Kenny Carmichael, 3.(2) Brian Tyler, 4.(4) Michael Burthay, 5.(7) A.J. Anderson, 6.(12) Critter Malone, 7.(5) Josh Cunningham, 8.(9) Brandon Lane, 9.(8) Dustin Smith, 10.(6) David Waltman, 11.(13) Curt Trainer, 12.(10) Jason Holt

NON QUALIFIERS' RACE #2: 1.(3) Brad Kuhn, 2.(1) Darren Hagen, 3.(4) Tom Hessert, 4.(7) Jon Sciscoe, 5.(7) Jon Sciscoe, 6.(10) Corey Smith, 7.(6) Mark Hall, 8.(11) Chuck Bucman, Jr., 9.(2) Chris Kopczynski, 10.(8) Rick Ziehl

AUTO HEAVEN AUTO PARTS HEAT 1: 1.(7) Dick Gaines II, 2.(1) Cory Kruseman, 3.(6) Tony Elliott, 4.(3) Dave Darland, 5.(2) Rickie Gaunt, 6.(9) Shane Cottle, 7.(4) Casey Shuman, 8.(8) Brandon Petty, 9.(5) Jared Fox

PAUL D. BAUGH LAW OFFICE HEAT 2: 1.(2) J.J. Yeley, 2.(6) Bud Kaeding, 3.(8) Kevin Briscoe., 4.(7) Matt Westfall 5.(1) Charles Davis, Jr., 6.(5) Shane Hollingsworth, 7.(9) Kenny Carmichael, 8.(3) Alex Pruett, 9.(4) Mike Smith

WALNUT STREET AUTO SALES/CAMPUS RENTAL HEAT 3: 1.(5) Kent Christian, 2.(1) Josh Wise, 3.(4) Levi Jones, 4.(9) Brad Kuhn, 5.(3) Bobby Stines, 6.(7) Kyle Wissmiller, 7.(6) Ted Hines. 8.(8) Kevin "Pup" Huntley, 9.(2) John Scott

GIB HARRIS HEAT 4: 1.(7) Jon Stanbrough, 2.(4) Jay Drake, 3.(1) Scotty Weir, 4.(3) Justin Marvel, 5.(5) Kevin Besecker, 6.(8) Josh Ford, 7.(2) Mat Neely, 8.(9) Darren Hagen

JB SALVAGE B FEATURE: 1.(3) Josh Ford, 2.(2) Kevin Huntley, 3.(1) Brandon Petty, 4.(7) Jared Fox, 5.(4) Kyle Wissmiller, 6.(6) Davey Ray, 7.(12) Alex Pruett, 8.(17) Charles Davis, Jr., 9.(5) Ted Hines 10.(11) Mike Smith, 11.(7) Shane Hollingsworth. 12.(14) Rickie Gaunt, 13.(10) Casey Shuman, 14.(19) Darren Hagen, 15.(13) Bobby Stines, 16.(18) Kenny Carmichael, 17.(16) Mat Neely.,

ROOTS RV FEATURE: 1.(5) 5, Kevin Briscoe, 2.(3) 70 Dick Gaines II, 3.(10) 29 Bud Kaeding, 4.(1) 54 Matt Westfall, 5.(4) 21R Kevin Huntley, 6.(3) 73 Josh Ford, 7.(15) 20 Jay Drake, 8.(7) 2k, Kyle Wissmiller, 9.(11) 21x Davey Ray, 10.(9) 11 Tony Elliott, 11.(20) 67 Josh Wise, 12.(14) 2B Levi Jones, 13.(18) 75 J.J. Yeley, 14.(12) 56 Jared Fox, 15.(19) 21 Cory Kruseman, 16.(17) 47 Justin Marvel, 17.(22) 25 Brad Kuhn, 18.(16) 2 Dave Darland, 19.(21) 22 Scotty Weir, 20.(13) 10T Kent Christian, 21.(8) 69 Jon Stanbrough, 22.(6) 39 Brandon Petty


MCCAMMON TREE SERVICE HEAT 1: 1.(3) Troy Clark, 2.(4) Ben DuBois, 3.(2) Anthony Walker, 4.(1) Mike Jones, 5.(6) Jeff Allen, 6.(7) Jack Frye, 7.(8) Danny Harris, 8.(10) Steve Hollars, 9.(9) Kevin Applegate, 10.(5) Jack Frye

PATRIOT CHASSIS HEAT 2: 1.(4) Chris Hillman, 2.(6) Randy Howe, 3.(9) Kevin Arthur, 4.(1) Mickey Hines, 5.(8) Terry Arthur, 6.(3) Kent Robinson, 7.(5) Randy Moore, 8.(7) Gerald Todd, DNS.(2) Winston Howe

WILD BIRDS UNLIMITED HEAT 3: 1.(4) Gary Trammell, 2.(6) Chris Deweese, 3.(2) Steve Bowlen, 4.(5) Tom Plotz, 5.(9) Greg Amick, 6.(7) Mel Bigham, 7.(8) Jason Clark, 8.(3) Jerry Burton

Dash for Cash: 1.(1) Troy Clark, 2.(2) Chris Hillman, 3.(3) Gary Trammell

TOM CHERRY MUFFLER B FEATURE: 1.(4) Danny Harris, 2.(7) Steve Hollars, 3.(10) Kevin Applegate, 4.(3) Mel Bigham, 5.(9) Jerry Burton, 6.(6) Jason Clark, 7.(8) David Lawson, 8.(2) Kent Robinson, 9.(5) Randy Moore

TIRE & WHEEL CENTER SUPER STOCK FEATURE: 1.(3) 69E Gary Trammell, 2.(1) 13C Troy Clark, 3.(5) 143 Randy Howe, 4.(4) 55 Ben DuBoiass, 5.(6) 23 Chris Deweese, 6.(16) 19 Danny Harris, 7.(7) 56 Anthony Walker, 8.(2) 11 Chris Hillman, 9.(14) 5 Terry Arthur, 10.(8) 74 Kevin Artjhur, 11.(12) 16P Tom Plotz, 12.(9) 53 Steve Bowlen, 13.(17) 18 Steve Hollars, 14.(19) 49B Mel Bigham, 15.(11) 43 Mickey Hines, 16.(20) 5B Jerry Burton, 17.(15) 27A Greg Amick, 18.(18) 98 Kevin Applegate, 19.(13) 9CJ Jeff Allen, 20.(10) Mike Jones


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