Bloomington Speedway results 2002-07-12

BLOOMINGTON, IN (July 12, 2002) - The weather was near perfect; and the track was fast at Bloomington Speedway Friday night. More than 100 cars rolled off of the trailer to entertain the Bloomington Speedway fans. The track was so fast that Bill...

BLOOMINGTON, IN (July 12, 2002) - The weather was near perfect; and the track was fast at Bloomington Speedway Friday night. More than 100 cars rolled off of the trailer to entertain the Bloomington Speedway fans. The track was so fast that Bill Rose set a new track record of 11.192 in sprint car qualifications and 17 cars qualified in the eleven second bracket.

Non Winged Sprint Cars:

Derek Scheffel of Columbus, Ind. has struggled of late, mostly with motor problems. While they have only had one finish out of the top ten, it has usually taken an outstanding performance by Derek in the features to get a good finish; and he has just been in too deep a hole to find victory lane at the end of the evening. Friday night, the Scheffel Brothers 21s was fast off of the trailer; and they made the changes necessary during the evening to keep it that way. Derek did his job in the cockpit to score their first win of the season at Bloomington Speedway. From victory lane, Scheffel exclaimed, "My crew sure gave me a car tonight! The way this car handled, it was a pleasure to just sit in there and watch it work." When asked about the effect that the evening would have on the points battle, Derek responded, "I come to the track each night trying to win and just let the points fall where they do."

It was obvious that it was going to be an interesting evening when the sprint cars rolled off of the trailers. Points leader Justin Marvel's black 47 was nowhere to be seen. Motor problems had sidelined his car; however, Steve Stapp stepped up and put Justin in the #48 that he has had J.T. Stapp in this season. It wasn't his regular car; but at least Justin would be able to protect his points lead. After all, he had a 33 point lead over his father, Brad Marvel, and Derek Scheffel going into Friday night's competition. However, he flipped violently in qualifications. He was uninjured; but the car was badly damaged. The Stapp crew swarmed on the car like bees on a hive when the wrecker set the machine down behind their trailer. The car was damaged so badly that they missed their heat race. They managed to get the car patched up in time for the "B" feature; but Justin had to start last. He managed to snag the last transfer spot with a car that was marginal at best due to the extensive repair job made under less than ideal conditions..

In the feature event, Justin started on the tail again; and was forced to settle for a 16th place finish. The team's effort in getting the car repaired in time to earn a transfer spot to the feature made the difference that allowed Justin to keep the points lead. He finished the evening with 441 points, only six points ahead of feature winner Derek Scheffel and 22 ahead of Brian Hayden who ended the evening third in the points battle.

When the green flag waved to start the feature, Brian Hayden took the point from the pole position followed by Mike Hunnicutt, Kevin Briscoe, and Derek Scheffel. On the fifth circuit, Scheffel passed Hayden to take the lead for good. Kevin Briscoe dropped back early; but he had worked his way back to second by the tenth circuit. However, Scheffel still enjoyed a pretty good lead. On the 18th lap Briscoe slipped over the rim and lost several spots; and he was only able to work his way back up to fifth by the time that the checkered flags waved. Bill Rose moved up to finish second; but Scheffel's win was really never in doubt. Brian Hayden finished third trailed by Eric Roberts, Briscoe, Rick Vaughn, Mike Hunnicutt, Eric Burns, Brad Fox, and Jared Fox.

In preliminary action, Rick Hayden, Kevin Briscoe, and Eric Burns won the heat races; and Brian Hayden took the "B" feature.

O'Neal Wood Product Modifieds:

Clint DeMoss, defending O'Neal Wood Products modified champion Matt Boknecht, and John DeMoss put on a great battle during the closing laps of the modified feature. Boknecht got to the feature by winning the "B" Feature; but he drove from his 17th place starting position in the O'Neal Wood Products to take second from John DeMoss on the 23rd lap. It looked, for a while, like his momentum might carry him past Clint DeMoss for the win; but it wasn't to be. Clint hung tough and held off Boknecht for the final two circuits to take his second O'Neal Wood Products feature win of the season. Not only did he beat some of the best modified shoes in the area, he came from his 11th place starting position to do it. John DeMoss held on to finish third while Mike Bowersox also made an impressive run coming from 19th to finish fourth. Ryan Thomas, Lee Hobbs, Jack Taylor, Shelby Miles, Rodney Harris, Jr., and Dale DuBois rounded out the top ten.

In preliminary action, Lee Hobbs, John DeMoss, Ray Humphrey, and Shelby Miles won the heat races while Hobbs took the dash. The "B" features went to Matt Boknecht and Rodney Harris, Jr.

Tire & Wheel Center Super Stocks:

For the second week in a row, 14 year old Zach Carney battled to the checkered flag for his first Tire & Wheel Center super stock feature win. And, for the second week in a row he came up just a little short.

Tire & Wheel Center points leader Greg Kendall took the lead when the green flag waved. However, Lee Hobbs passed him for the lead on the fifth lap. On the eighth lap, young Zach Carney moved into second place. Carney tried every trick in the book trying to get around the wily Hobbs; but nothing worked. He had to settle for second. Ralph Groomer turned it into a three way battle for the lead; but he was forced to settle for third. Chris Hillman came home fourth trailed by Greg Kendall, Chris Deweese, Brian Campbell, Danny Harris, Jack Frye, and Steve Hollars.

In preliminary action, Zach Carney, Greg Kendall, Trent Niflis, and Lee Hobbs won the heats while Kendall prevailed in the dash. Tom Tankersley won the "B" feature.

Powder Puff Race:

Jenny Johnson won the Powder Puff race trailed by Shelly Hobbs, Tami Lawson, Felisha Gates, Kristi Tanksley, Angie Vaughn, Cheryl Abrahm, Ashley Arthur, Marsha Grubb, and Dee Dee Deckard

Coming Events:

July 19, 2002 UMP Late Models, O'Neal Wood Products modifieds, and Tire & Wheel Center super stocks

July 26, 2002 15th Annual Indiana Sprint Week - Larry Rice Classic USAC Sprint Cars plus O'Neal Wood Products modifieds
(Other Indiana Sprint Week races are Gas City I-69 Speedway (July 19), Lincoln Park Speedway (July 20), Tri State Speedway (July 21), Lawrenceburg Speedway (July 25), Terre Haute Aciton Track (July 27), and Kokomo Speedway (July 28).

August 2, 2002 No Racing - Enjoy the Brickyard 400

July 12, 2002 South Central Building & Construction Trade Council Night - Non winged sprints, O'Neal Wood Products modifieds, and Tire & Wheel Center super stocks



Bowlers' Apparel & Trophy Shop Qualifications: 1. Bill Rose, 6B, 11.192 (New Track Record), 2. Derek Scheffel, 21s, 11.458; 3. Tim Spindler, 31, 11.500; 4. Mike Hunnicutt, 12H, 11.513 5. Kevin Briscoe, 5, 11.547; 6. Brian Hayden, 2H, 11.549; 7. Eric Roberts, 21x, 11.563, 8. Rick Vaughn, 22, 11.634; 9. Jared Fox, 56, 11.754; 10. Rick Hayden, 5H, 11.804; 11. Shawn Krockenberger, 21k, 11.897; 12. Eric Burns, 86, 11.809; 13. Dave Peperak, 77, 11.822; 14. Brad Fox, 53, 11.828; 15. Brad Marvel, 7B, 11.831 16. Chris Coers, 44, 11.921; 17. Kevin Chambers, 18, 12.020; 18. Bobby Stines, 88, 12.094; 19. Rodney Stone, 16, 12.108; 20. Danny Holtsclaw, 3H, 12.130; 21. Kenny Carmichael, 92, 12.175; 22. Jim Mills, 70, 12.295; 23. Lennie Waltz, 22x, 12.374; 24. Steve Rone, 9R, 12.462; 25. Brent Fordyce, 1F, 12.769; 26. Bill Boggs, 10, 12.827; 27. Justin Marvel, 48, NT, 28. Butch Winings, 56x, NT

Heat 1: 1.(3) Rick Hayden 2.(2) Dave Peperak 3.(1) Chris Coers 4.(6) Bill Rose 5.(5) Mike Hunnicutt 6.(7) Rodney Stone 7.(8) Jim Mills 8.(4). Eric Roberts 9.(9) Brent Fordyce

Pizza King Heat 2: 1.(5) Kevin Briscoe 2.(1) Kevin Chambers 3.(6) Derek Scheffel 4.(2) Brad Fox 5.(4) Rick Vaughn 6.(8) Lennie Waltz 7.(9) Bill Boggs 8.(3) Shawn Krockenberger 9.(7) Danny Holtsclaw

Walnut Street Auto Sales Heat 3: 1.(3) Eric Burns 2(2) Brad Marvel 3.(1) Bobby Stines 4.(6) Tim Spindler 5.(4) Jared Fox 6.(5) Bryan Hayden 7.(7) Kenny Carmichael 8.(8) Steve Rone 9.(9) Butch Winings

"B" Feature: 1.(1) Brian Hayden 2.(5) Danny Holtsclaw 3.(2) Eric Roberts 4.(4) Rodney Stone 5.(13) Justin Marvel 6.(6) Kenny Carmichael 7.(9) Steve Rone 8.(8) Lennie Waltz 9.(7) Jim Mills 10.(12) Butch Winings

Feature: 1.(5) 21s Derek Scheffel 2.(6) 6B Bill Rose 3.(1) 2H Brian Hayden 4.(7) 21x Eric Roberts 5.(2) 5 Kevin Briscoe 6.(8) 22 Rick Vaughn 7.(3) 12H Mike Hunnicutt 8.(11) 86 Eric Burns 9.(13) 53 Brad Fox 10.(9) 56 Jared Fox 11.(14) 7B Brad Marvel 12.(16) 18 Kevin Chambers 13.(4) 31 Tim Spindler 14.(17) 88 Bobby Stines 15.(15) 44 Chris Coers 16.(20) 48 Justin Marvel 17.(10) 5H Rick Hayden 18.(18) 16 Rodney Stone 19.(19) 3H Danny Holtsclaw 20.(12) 77 Dave Peperak


BMI Stone Heat 1: 1.(9) Lee Hobbs 2.(3) Brandon Short 3.(4) Anthony Dayhuff 4.(6) Greg Deckard 5.(1) Deron Freeman 6.(7) Mike Bowersox 7.(10) Darren Jones 8.(2) Joe Gilbert 9.(5) David Godsey 10.(8) Matt Boknecht

Heat 2: 1.(2) John DeMoss 2.(6) Richie Lex 3.(5) Ryan Thomas 4.(9) Matt Tillerr 5.(10) J.P. Karpowicz 6.(8) Eddie Lake 7.(7) Jeff Bland 8.(1) Roy Bruce, Jr. 9.(4) Brady Short 10.(3) Brian Yeatman

Heat 3: 1.(1) Ray Humphrey 2.(2) Carlow Bumgardner 3.(3) Clint DeMoss 4.(6) Jack Taylor 5.(9) Rodney Harris, Jr. 6.(7) Jesse Cramer 7.(4) Joey Baker 8.(10) Billy Peeden 9.(5) Steve Carpenter 10.(8) Wayne Hodge

Heat 4: 1.(2) Shelby Miles 2.(1) Dale DuBois 3.(9) Dan Lewellen 4.(4) Gary Hayden 5.(5) Brent Payne 6.(3) Mike Phillips 7.(8) Robert Smith 8.(7) Winston Howe 9.(6) Tom Ault 10.(10) J.P. Hume

Blackwell Trucking Dash for Cash: 1.(1) Lee Hobbs 2.(2) John DeMoss 3.(3) Ray Humphrey 4.(4) Shelby Miles

"B" Feature #1: 1.(11) Matt Boknecht 2.(3) Mike Bowersox 3.(8) Roy Bruce, Jr. 4.(10) Brady Short 5.(4) Eddie Lake 6.(7) Joe Gilbert 7.(5) Darren Jones 8.(2) J.P. Karpowicz 9.(9) David Godsey 10.(12) Brian Yeatman 11.(6) Jeff Bland 12.(1) Daron Freeman

"B" Feature #2: 1.(1) Rodney Harris, Jr. 2.(7) Billy Peeden 3.(11) Wayne Hodge 4.(4) Mike Phillips 5.(5) Joey Baker 6.(10) Tom Ault 7.(2) Brent Payne 8.(8) Winston Howe 9.(3) Jesse Cramer

O'Neal Wood Products Feature: 1.(11) 78c Clint DeMoss 2.(17) 22 Matt Boknecht 3.(2) 79d John DeMoss 4.(19) 25x Mike Bowersox 5.(10) T9 Ryan Thomas 6.(1) 0 Lee Hobbs 7.(15) 30 Jack Taylor 8.(4) 76 Shelby Miles 9.(18) 9H Rodney Harris, Jr. 10.(8) 47 Dale DuBois 11.(20) 7P Billy Peeden 12.(7) 34 Carlos Bumgardner. 13.(12) 33L Dan Lewellen 14.(16) 24H Gary Hayden 15.(13) 5 Greg Deckard 16.(14) 18T Matt Tiller 17.(9) 11 Anthony Dayhuff 18.(3) 75s Ray Humphrey 19.(6) 7L Richie Lex 20.(5) 0x Brandon Short


Heat 1: 1.(1) Zach Carney 2.(3) Chris Deweese 3.(7) Jack Frye 4.(5) Michael Purtlebaugh 5.(8) Mickey Hines 6.(2) Deb Friesner 7.(6) Gary Arthur 8.(4) Jason Knight 9.(9) David Lawson

Heat 2: 1.(8) Greg Kendall 2.(7) Ralph Groomer 3.(6) Chris Hillman 4.(5) Danny Harris 5.(2) Ben Williams 6.(3) Mike Jones 7.(1) Jeremy Stierwalt 8.(4) Kyle Edwards 9.(9) Barry Gerken

Heat 3: 1.(5) Trent Niflis 2.(7) Mel Bigham 3.(1) Jeremy Pennington 4.(4) Reece Booher 5.(6) David Brewer 6.(3) Travis Todd 7.(2) Jason Clark 8.(8) John Bartlett

Heat 4: 1.(7) Lee Hobbs 2.(2) Brian Campbell 3.(3) Steve Hollars 4.(8) David Meadows, Sr. 5.(5) Tom Tankersley 6.(6) Joe Whisler 7.(1) Ben DuBois 8.(4) Steve Bowlen

Dash for Cash: 1.(2) Greg Kendall 2.(4) Lee Hobbs 3.(3) Trent Niflis 4.(1) Zach Carney

Tom Cherry Muffler B Feature: 1.(4) Tom Tankersley 2.(1) Mickey Hines 3.(12) Ben DuBois 4.(3) David Brewer 5.(11) Jason Clark 6.(9) Gary Arthur 7.(14) Kyle Edwards 8.(15) John Bartlett 9.(6) Mike Jones 10.(7) Travis Todd 11.(8) Joe Whisler 12.(10) Jeremy Stierwalt 13.(18) Barry Gerkin 14.(5) Deb Friesner 15.(16) Steve Bowlen 16.(13) Jason Knight

TIRE & WHEEL CENTER SUPER STOCK FEATURE: 1.(2) H0 Lee Hobbs 2.(4) 56 Zach Carney 3.(6) 48 Ralph Groomer 4.(10) 11 Chris Hillman 5.(1) 44 Greg Kendall 6.(5) 21 Chris Deweese 7.(8) 66 Brian Campbell 8.(14) 19 Danny Harris 9.(9) 2 Jack Frye 10.(12) 18 Steve Hollars 11.(3) 0 Trent Niflis 12.(20) 31 David Brewer 13.(19) 55 Ben DuBois 14.(18) 43 Mickey Hines 15.(11) 20 Jeremy Pennington 16.(15) 14 Reece Booher 17.(16) 34M David Meadows, Sr. 18.(7) 49B Mel Bigham 19.(13) 7 Michael Purtlebaugh 20.(17) 23FB Tom Tankersley


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