Bloomington Speedway Results - 2000-05-19

The first Pennzoil Cup sprint show of the season brought out 55 sprint cars all trying to transfer to one of the 20 spots in the feature event. With eleven cars taking the green flag in each heat, it was a whale of job just to transfer to ...

The first Pennzoil Cup sprint show of the season brought out 55 sprint cars all trying to transfer to one of the 20 spots in the feature event. With eleven cars taking the green flag in each heat, it was a whale of job just to transfer to the feature. In fact, it was so tough that past track champion Derek Davidson, Terry Pletch, and Justin Marvel didn't make the show.

The evening got off to a rough start during qualifications when Jeff Wilson hooked a marker tire with the Atmosphere Annealing sprinter and flipped violently down the front stretch, gaining altitude as he went. He came pretty close to taking out the flag stand. The flagman wasn't so sure that he wouldn't and broke his collarbone bailing off of the flagstand. Fortunately that was the most serious injury of the night. Chris LaFlollette beat out Brad Fox for quick time by a scant five thousandths of a second.

Kevin Briscoe of Mitchell probably had as many laps on the Bloomington Speedway oval as any Pennzoil Cup driver in competition Friday night; and the experience paid off for him. His fifth quick time put him outside of the front row for the feature and led it flag to flag. Kevin Thomas started beside him and dogged him for the entire distance but couldn't get past him. Kevin Miller made the best charge in coming from 15th place to finish eighth. Jason Meyer continued his good performance moved from his dead last starting position to finish 13th.

Probably because of the large field of high quality cars, no eligible driver elected to go to the tail to try to win the extra $1500.

Dustin Smith came from the second row to win the first heat while Brad Fox came from outside of the third row to take the second heat as did Tony Elliott.

In the fourth heat, Californian Jason Meyer started up front and held off Indianapolis 500 veteran J.J. Yeley for the entire race. This performance was nothing short of miraculous since it was his only his second non winged race ever. He did, however, have some first class help. Jason has been back running the World of Outlaws Gumout Series races and working out of the Willoughby Racing shop in Columbus. Keith Kunz, Pete Willoughby's chief mechanic, is one best in the business; and he came along with the Meyer crew to help them with the car and the setup. Jason still had to drive the car; and he did a fabulous job.

Defending Pennzoil Cup champion Derek Scheffel started in the front row in the fifth heat and managed to hold off the hard-charging Brian Tyler for the whole race.

Buddy Cunningham won the "C" Feature while USAC regular Bill Rose prevailed in the "B".

Gary Trammell and Adam Sasser fought a great battle for the O'Neal Wood Products Modified feature win. Lee Hobbs, John DeMoss and Roy Bruce, Jr. rounded out the top five.

The O'Neal Wood Products heat races went to Trammell, Richiie Lex, Clint DeMoss, and Sasser won the heat races Lex won the Dash. Lex prevailed in the "B" main.

The Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock Feature provided us with the closest finish of the night as Perry Bruce and Brad Cummings ran together for the entire race. Bruce beat Cummings to the finish line by about a bumper. Lee Hobbs moved his way up to third trailed by Greg O'Neill, and Greg Kendall..

The heats were won by O'Neill, Bruce, and Steven Hunt; and Bruce also won the dash. Mel Bigham won the "B" Feature.


Pennzoil Cup Sprint Cars

Qualifications: Chris LaFollette, Brad Fox, Tony Elliott, Jonathan Vennard, Kevin Briscoe, Kevin Thomas, Gregg Dillion, Bill Rose, Ricky Shelton, and Corey Smith.

Heat 1: Dustin Smith, Jerry Coons, Jr., Kevin Thomas, Chris LaFollette, Derek Davidson, Jason Robbins, Bob Burkle, Austin King, Bill Boggs, John Dick

Heat 2: Brad Fox, Levi Jones, Gregg Dillion, A.J. Anderson, Jason Knoke, Duane Brown, Chris Gurley, Buddy Cunningham, Justin Marvel, Danny Holtsclaw, Rocky Thickstun

Heat 3: Tony Elliott, Kevin Miller, Eric Burns, Bill Rose, Jared Fox, Terry Pletch, Glenn Scott, Josh Cunningham, Travis Honnert, Tyler Waltz, and Brad Woemdner

Heat 4: Jason Meyers, J.J. Yeley, Jason Setser, Richard Ott, Kevin Chambers, Dave Peperak, Chris Schepper, Jonathan Vennard, Kelly Potter

Heat 5: Derek Scheffel, Brian Tyler, Kevin Briscoe, Dickie Gaines, Corey Smith, Butch Winings, Jeff Hartley, Jimmy Laser, Ed Hassler, and Jim Milles

"C" Main: Buddy Cunningham, Jonathan Vennard, Chris Gurley, Austin King, Josh Cunningham, Ed Hassler, Bob Burkle, Jim Mills, Danny Williams, Jr., Justin Marvel, Glenn Scott, Bill Boggs, Danny Holtsclaw, Chris Schepper, Tyler Waltz, John Dick, Travis Honnert, Brad Woemdner, and Jimmy Laser

"B" Main: Bill Rose, Chris LaFollette, Jason Robbins, Jonathan Vennard, Derek Davidson, Dickie Gaines, Corey Smith, Jason Knoke, Buddy Cunningham, Terry Pletch, A.J. Anderson, Austin King, Kevin Chambers, Jared Fox, Josh Cunningham, Duane Brown, Richard Ott, Chris Gurley, Dave Peperak, Butch Winings

Feature: Kevin Briscoe, Kevin Thomas, Jonathan Vennard, Brad Fox, Gregg Dillion, Chris LaFollette, Tony Elliott, Kevin Miller, Jason Robbins, J.J. Yeley, Brian Tyler, Levi Jones, Jason Meyer, Dustin Smith, Bill Rose, Jason Setser, Derek Davidson, Derek Scheffel, Eric Burns, and Jerry Coons, Jr.

O'Neal Wood Products Modifieds

Heat 1: Gary Trammell, Lee Hobbs, Brian Campbell, Beau Hendrich, Brian Sullivan, Jay Scott, Brian Yeatman, Mike Hicks, and Joe Godsey

Heat 2: Richie Lex, Ryan Blevins, Roy Bruce, Jr, Kris Blessinger, Bradley Sturgeon, Curtis Knierien, Matt Jacobs, and Rodney Harris, Jr.

Heat 3: Clint DeMoss, Dave Benham, Randy Beard, Matt Tiller, Charles Phillips, John DeMoss, and Brent Payne

Heat 4: Adam Sasser, J.D. Francis, Bobby Johnson, Brad Brown, Sonny Richardson, Rick Johns, Ray Humphrey, and Karl Roethemeier

Blackwell Trucking Modified Dash: Richie Lex, Adam Sasser, Gary Trammell, Clint DeMoss,

"B" Main: John DeMoss, Bradley Sturgeon, Joe Godsey, Bian Sullivan, Rick Johns, Brian Yeatman, Jay Scott, Mike Hicks, Karl Roethemeier, Charles Phillips, Curtis Knierien, Matt Jacobs

Feature: Gary Trammell, Adam Sasser, Lee Hobbs, John DeMoss, Roy Bruce, Jr, Clint DeMoss, Randy Beard, J.D. Francis, Beau Hendrich, Brian Campbell, Joe Godsey, Matt Tiller, Kris Blessinger, Richie Lex, Sonny Richardson, Brian Sullivan, Bradley Sturgeon, Bobby Johnson, Ryan Blevins, and Dave Benham

Tire & Wheel Center Super Stocks

Heat 1: Greg O'Neill, Brad Cummings, Brandon Short, Brady Short, Jack Frye, Mel Bigham, Gerald Todd, Bob Bex, Chris Deweese, and Kevin Fleenor

Heat 2: Perry Bruce, Greg Kendall, Lee Hobbs, Terry Arthur, Danny Harris, John Davis, Mike Jones, and Travis Shoulders

Heat 3: Steven Hunt, Kevin Jones, Steve Hollars, Ryan Thomas, Travis Todd, Diane Grubb, Michael Purtlebaugh, Bryan Freeman, Matt McDonald, and Jason Quinn

Reed & Son Construction Super Stock Dash: Perry Bruce, Greg O'Neill, and Steven Hunt

"B" Main: Mel Bigham, John Davis, Michael Purtlebaugh, Box Bex, Gerald Todd, Tony Laughman, Matt McDonald, Diane Grubb, Bryan Freeman, Bill Brown, and Mike Jones.

Feature: Perry Bruce, Brad Cummings, Lee Hobbs, Greg O'Neill, Greg Kendall, Terry Arthur, Brandon Short, Kevin Jones, Brady Short, Steven Hunt, Jack Frye, Mel Bigham, Steve Hollars, Gerald Todd, Michael Purtlebaugh, Danny Harris, Travis Todd, John Davis, and Ryan Thomas

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