Bloomington Speedway report 2009-06-09

BLOOMINGTON, IN (June 9, 2001) - Bloomington Speedway's finally dried out enough for the competition for which Bloomington Speedway has become famous. The fans as well as the competitors were all truly ready for competition to resume. Everyone...

BLOOMINGTON, IN (June 9, 2001) - Bloomington Speedway's finally dried out enough for the competition for which Bloomington Speedway has become famous. The fans as well as the competitors were all truly ready for competition to resume. Everyone had had three Friday nights in a row off; and they were ready for action. A total of 39 snorting Sprint Cars unloaded along with 37 O'Neal Wood Products Open Wheel Modifieds and 27 Tire & Wheel Center Super Stocks. Any way you look at it, that is over a hundred race cars - all ready for the kind of aciton that has made the red clay of Bloomington Speedway famous.


All of the normal favorites were in attendance and ready for action. Kevin Briscoe, Derek Scheffel, and Eric Burns were all there and intent on scoring their first feature win of the season at Bloomington Speedway. Kevin Thomas was also there; and he was just as intent on scoring his second win of the season at Bloomington Speedway. Thomas had won the only sprint car feature of the season; and he very much wanted to win another one for his new car owner, Rodney Reynolds.

In the first heat, Jason Knoke of Columbus scored an impressive win over Kevin Briscoe, Bud Kaeding, and Greg Dillion. He came from his second row starting position in the Law Brothers sprinter to take the point almost immediately. Briscoe put on a late race charge; but it was too little too late. Knoke would not be denied.

In the second heat Danny Holtsclaw of Bloomington held off all challengers to score what was to be his first Bloomington Speedway heat race win. Holtsclaw is a 17 year old student in only his second year of sprint car competition.

J.T. Stapp of Greensburg is a 22 year old rookie in sprint cars; and he did a very credible job of holding off one of the most experienced sprint car drivers in attendance - Dave Peperak.

Chris "Critter" Malone drove the Greg Staab sprinter to victory in the fourth and final sprint car heat race.

With only 16 of the 39 sprinters in attendance transferring to the feature through the heat races, it was obvious that the "B" Main would be a real challenge for any driver trying to transfer to the feature. Jared Fox started on the pole and led the "B" flag to flag.

When the green flag fell to start the Sprint Car feature, Greg Dillion jumped into the lead from the outside of the front row. Only a couple of laps deep in the race, a car got crossed up and collected Jason Knoke. The Law Brothers sprinter was too badly damaged to continue; and Knoke's night was unceremoniously ended on the hook. Dillion and Josh Cunningham immediately stretched out their lead while Kevin Thomas, Derek Scheffel, and Kevin Briscoe all battled in a cluster for third. However, as the leaders moved into lapped traffic. All of a sudden it was a five car battle for second among Cunningham, Thomas, Scheffel, Briscoe, and Justin Marvel. Cunningham managed to take second as Scheffel won the drag race to the finish line over Thomas and Marvel.

The win was the first of Dillion's career; and he was naturally pumped for the occasion. From victory lane, Dillion indicated that he would be back to Bloomington Speedway as often as possible.


Denny Campbell led the Tire & Wheel Center super stock feature from flag to flag to score his first feature win of this young season. Michael Purtlebaugh came from his 17th place starting position to finish ninth. Perry Bruce also made an impressive run through the field to finish seventh.


For the second time this season Matt Boknecht found victory lane with his # 22 O'Neal Wood Products Open Wheel Modified; and he did it in an impressive flag to flag style. Ray Humphrey didn't make it easy for him though. Humphrey won the Blackwell Trucking Dash for Cash to earn the inside starting position in the feature; but that made no difference to Boknecht. He took the lead and managed to hold it throughout the feature event. Humphrey held off Clint DeMoss to come second.

Richie Lex had to make the feature through the "B" Main; and that gave him a pretty deep hold to climb from. But, climb he did to come from his 17th place starting position to finish sixth. Brian Yeatman also did a good job of working through traffic to come home tenth from his 19th place starting position.


Sprint Cars

Fast Qualifier: Kevin Briscoe

Auto Heaven Auto Parts Heat Race 1: 1. Jason Knoke 2. Kevin Briscoe 3. Bud Kaeding 4. Greg Dillion 5. Kenny Carmichael 6. Marc Jessup 7. Hud Cone 8. Donnie Jeschke 9. Jason Setser 10. John Dick

Heat Race: 2: 1. Danny Holtsclaw 2. Clay Klepper 3. Kevin Thomas 4. Bill Boggs 5. Eric Burns 6. Mitch Cunningham 7. Russell McCown 8. Kurt Gross 9. Josh Cunningham 10. Jimmie Powers, Jr.

Walnut Street Auto Sales - Campus Auto Rental Heat Race 3: 1. J.T. Stapp 2. Dave Peperak 3. Jimmy Laser 4. Kevin Chambers 5. Jared Fox 6. Stevie Christian 7. Bobby Stines 8. Tony Rose 9. Craig Smith 10. Joe Fleetwood

Heat Race 4: Chris "Critter" Malone 2. Justin Marvel 3. Derek Scheffel 4. Butch Winings 5. Nick Naber 6. Kent Christian 7. Lennie Waltz 8. Eric Roberts 9. Tyler Waltz

J.B. Salvage B Main: 1. Jared Fox 2. Eric Burns 3. Josh Cunningham 4. Kenny Carmichael 5. Kent Christain 6. Hud Cone 7. Lennie Waltz 8.Nick Naber 9. Marc Jessup 10. Bobby Stines 11. Craig Smith 12. Tony Rose 13. Mitch Cunningham 14. Stevie Christian 15. Donnie Jeschke 16. Russell McCown 17. Kurt Gross 18. Tyler Waltz

Feature: 1.(2) Greg Dillion 2.(1) Josh Cunningham 3.(3) Derek Scheffel 4.(5) Kevin Thomas 5.(8) Justin Marvel 6.(9) Bud Kaeding 7.(6) Kevin Briscoe 8.(4) Jared Fox 9.(7) Kevin Chambers 10.(11) Dave Peperak 11.(13) Clay Klepper 12.(20) Chris "Critter" Malone 13.(15) Butch Winings 14.(10) Eric Burns 15.(18) J.T. Stapp 16.(19) Bill Bogs 17.(17) Danny Holtsclaw 18.(14) Jimmy Laser 19.(16) Kenny Carmichael 20.(11) Jason Knoke

Super Stock

Lee & Sons Tree Trimming Heat 1. 1. Denny Campbell 2. Trent Niflis 3. Greg Kendall 4. Jeremy Hines 5. Rick Wolsifer 6. Perry Bruce 7. Steve Hunt 8. Ben Dubois 9. Scott Ross

WRC Outdoor Power Equipment Heat 2. 1. Chris Hillman 2. Justin Blackwell 3. Terry Arthur 4. Mel Bigham 5. Troy Clark 6. Steve Carpenter 7. Diane Grubb 8. Bill Brown 9. Horac Lake

B & J Boathouse Heat 3. 1. Greg O'Neill 2. Brad Cummings 3. Steve Hollars 4. Dan McCullough 5. Mike Jones 6. Michael Purtlebaugh 7. Ralph Groomer 8. Delbert Hayes 9. Danny Harris

Dash 1. Denny Campbell 2. Chris Hillman 3. Trent Niflis

Tom Cherry Muffler B Main 1. Perry Bruce 2. Michael Purtlebaugh 3. Steven Hunt 4. Ralph Groomer 5. Ben Dubois 6. Scott Ross 7.Delbert Hayes 8. Bill Brown 9. Danny Harris

Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock Feature 1.(1) Denny Campbell 2.(3) Trent Niflis 3.(5) Brad Cummings 4.(9) Jeremy Hines 5.(6) Greg Kendall 6.(7) Terry Arthur 7.(16) Perry Bruce 8.(10) Greg O'Neill 9.(17) Micheal Purtlebaugh 10.(11) Mel Bigham 11.(12) Dan McCullough 12.(4) Justin Blackwell 13.(13) Rick Wolsifer 14.(8) Steve Hollars 15.(15) Steve Jones 16.(19) Ralph Groomer 17.(2) Chris Hillman 18.(20) Ben Dubois


BMI Stone Heat Race 1: 1. Ray Humphrey 2. Tim Wright 3. Tony Jarvis 4. Paul Bumgardner 5. Jason Sims 6. Carlos Bumgardner 7. Bradley Brown 8. Doug Nelson 9. Brian Yeatman 10. Keith Thomas

Heat Race 2: 1. Matt Boknecht 2. Clint DeMoss 3. Shelby Miles 4. Jim Reynolds 5. Randy Howe 6. Greg Deckard 7. Brian Corbin 8. Roy Ritter 9. Warren Hopkins

Heat Race 3: 1. Gary Trammell 2. Adam Sasser 3. John DeMoss 4. Sonny Richardson 5. Wayne Hodge 6. Brent Payne 7. J.P. Hume 8. Jay Scott 9. Curtis Dubois

Heat Race 4: 1. Ryan Thomas 2. Roy Bruce, Jr. 3. John Gurley 4. Rodney Harris, Jr. 5. Richie Lex 6. Mike Tuell 7. Jesse Cramer 8. Jack Taylor 9. Joey Baker

Blackwell Trucking Dash for Cash 1. Ray Humphrey 2. Matt Boknecht 3. Gary Trammell 4. Ryan Thomas

B-Main: 1. Richie Lex 2. Jason Sims 3. Brian Yeatman 4. Carlos Bumgardner 5. Greg Deckard 6. Randy Howe 7. Wayne Hodge 8. J.P. Hume 9. Roy Ritter 10. Jack Taylor 11. Bradley Brown 12. Brian Corbin 13. Curtis Dubois

O'Neal Wood Products Feature:: 1.(2) Matt Boknecht 2.(1) Ray Humphrey 3.(6) Clint DeMoss 4.(4) Ryan Thomas 5.(7) Adam Sasser 6.(17) Richie Lex 7.(10) Shelby Miles 8.(11) John DeMoss 9.(3) Gary Trammell 10.(19) Brian Yeatman 11.(16) Rodney Harris 12.(8) Roy Bruce, Jr. 13.(20) Carlos Bumgardner 14.(13) Paul Bumgardner 15.(18) Jason Sims 16.(14) Jim Reynolds 17.(15) Sonny Richardson 18.(9) Tony Jarvis 19.(5) Tim Wright 20.(12) John Gurley END


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