Bloomington Speedway race notes 2004-06-12

BLOOMINGTON, IN (June 12, 2004) -- The Sheldon Kinser Memorial is one of the premier sprint car races in the nation today. The event glows in the memory of Sheldon Kinser himself. Those of us who watched him race would be hard pressed to justify...

BLOOMINGTON, IN (June 12, 2004) -- The Sheldon Kinser Memorial is one of the premier sprint car races in the nation today. The event glows in the memory of Sheldon Kinser himself. Those of us who watched him race would be hard pressed to justify missing this show. However, many of our fans are drawn like lemmings to Bloomington Speedway by their memories of the Sheldon Kinser Memorials that they have witnessed in the past. From the first running of the event won by Kerry Norris of Columbus to the 2003 edition that was won by Cory Kruseman, each race has had its own character. And, each driver who has managed to win this big race cherishes it above most others.

Sheldon's mother, 91 year old Jean Kinser, was in the stands as she has been just about every time that the race has been run. Also present was Sheldon's widow, Susan. They witnessed a race that was truly worthy of Sheldon.

I will always remember Sheldon's final races. Though he was fighting cancer for his life. Sheldon would wrap a bandana around his neck and over the hole in his throat, and charge into the dust in search of yet another feature win. It was clear that he was often in a lot of pain; and, when he was asked what kept him going, he would respond that he was doing it for his children. He fought on so that he could be with them as long as possible.

Shane Cottle scores first Bloomington Speedway feature win --

Shane Cottle is well known for his performance in midgets. However, last night at Bloomington Speedway, he proved that he is a pretty fair sprint car racer as well. He was in the Monte Edison owned, Crume Evans Insurance sponsored sprinter. It had been to victory lane at Bloomington Speedway before; but Cottle hadn't.

While any win on the red clay of Bloomington Speedway is a great accomplishment, a Sheldon Kinser Memorial win is a whole different category. Fifty sprint cars unloaded. More than half of them would be loaded back on their trailers before the green flag dropped to start the 40 lap feature race. On hand to compete for the honor of being known as a Sheldon Kinser Memorial champion were some USAC's best like Dave Darland, Tony Elliott, and Jon Stanbrough along with Bloomington Speedway's top racers including Kevin Briscoe, Bryan Clauson, Derek Scheffel, Kenny Carmichael, and many others.

Dave Darland was in the Danny Roberts owned, Darrell Tate wrenched Service Drywall sprinter; and, after qualifying 13th quick they detected a problem in the motor. While Kevin "Pup" Huntley went on to compete in the second Roberts machine, Tate and his crew loaded Darland's mount onto a trailer and took it to Tate's shop. They replaced the motor and had the car back to the track in time for the "C:" feature. He started 16th in the "C" and drove through traffic to a second place finish in the ten laps allowed. He then started sixth in the "B" feature and drove to victory. He had passed 20 cars before he got to the feature event.

Cottle was the sixth fastest qualifier which put him on the pole to start the feature event. He took the lead when the green flag dropped; and he was never passed. Bloomington Speedway's winningest driver, Kevin Briscoe, used only five laps to come from sixth place to second. However, Briscoe would find that he had all that he could do, and sometimes more, holding off the 14 year old rookie sprint car ace Bryan Clauson. Briscoe managed to come home second trailed by Clauson, Darland, Kenny Carmichael, Wil Newlin in one of his best ever performances on the red clay, Derek Scheffel, Justin Marvel, Jon Stanbrough, and Dick Gaines II.

In preliminary action, A.J. Anderson, Kevin Chambers, Jon Stanbrough, Derek Scheffel, and Kevin Huntley won the heat races while Bryan Clauson won the "C" Feature. Dave Darland won the "B" feature.

The Monte Edison team went home with the $3000 first place money plus all of the posted lap prize money.

Brady Short Collects First Feature Win of His Bloomington Speedway Season

Brady Short showed why he tops UMP point standings for Indiana. Short didn't draw very well and was relegated to a last place start in the third O'Neal Wood Products modified heat. However, he drove to a second place finish to earn a berth in the feature event. Short started sixth in the feature event.

When the green flag dropped to start the feature, Jesse Cramer took the lead from the pole position; but, on the following circuit, the wily Ray Humphrey moved into the lead. While Cramer continued to hold onto second place followed by Dan Hamstra who was seeking his second win of the season at Bloomington Speedway.

With five laps to go, Short passed Hamstra to take second place. On the following circuit both Short and Hamstra passed Humprey to take first and second respectively. On the 22nd lap, Humprey managed to get past Hamstra to take second place back. Hamstra hung on to finish third ahead of Matt Boknecht, Shelby Miles, Cramer, Jeff Bland, Jr., Steven Ott, Lonnie Cassity, and Palph Groomer.

Ray Humphrey, Jesse Cramer, and Jeff Bland, Jr. won the O'Neal Wood Products modified heat races while Cramer won the dash. John DeMoss won the "B" Feature.

Hillman Finds Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock Victory Lane --

Chris Hillman has spent most of the season competing in the O'Neal Wood Products modified division. However, last night he was back in Tire & Wheel Center super stock. Hillman started 13th in the feature event; however a first lap shunt took out four of the competitors lining up on the inside. Since the cars move straight forward for the restart, when the green flag started the feature again, Hillman was actually in fifth place. Randy Howe took the initial lead and held it for the first five circuits. However, Hillman was marching quickly through the field. At the end of the third lap Hillman was third where he ran until the sixth lap when he passed both Gerald Todd and Howe to take the lead. Hillman held onto the lead until the 19th lap when defending Tire & Wheel Center super stock champion Jack Frye too the point briefly. The following lap found Hillman back in the lead for good. Frye held on to score a second place finish in the feature. Terry Arthur started 12th and finished third. Tom Ault finished fourth ahead of Ben DuBois, Gerald Todd, Anthony Walker, Greg Amick, Kevin Arthur, and Kent Robinson.

Gerald Todd, Chris Deweese, and Kevin Arthur won the heat races while Todd prevailed in the dash.


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