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BLOOMINGTON SPEEDWAY **Our 75th Anniversary**


BLOOMINGTON, IN (July 24, 1998) - Kokomo's Tony Elliott continued to play hot hands in USAC Stoops Freightliner competition Friday night as he claimed the fourth round of Pennzoil Indiana Sprint Week at Bloomington Speedway. Then he raised the ante by taking the lead in Sprint Week points.

Elliott chased Brad Fox the first dozen laps. But when Fox slipped in turn four on the thirteenth circuit, he left the door open for Elliott. Elliott charged past as they raced under the flagstand. For the next 28 laps, the Kokomo veteran was in a class of his own. At the checkered flag, Elliott's Walker-Vance Murray's Body Shop Stealth was two seconds ahead of Fox, with Kevin Doty third, followed by Kevin Thomas, J.J. Yeley, Jon Stanbrough, Jimmy Sills, Derek Davidson, Eric Gordon and Bill Rose.

Coming off a brilliant victory the night before at North Vernon, Kevin Doty was one of the few drivers racing the top. Fox and Elliott ran nose-to-tail around the inside, where there was a good, consistent groove. Elliott explained that he could have raced anywhere on the track, but there wasn't any sense changing his line unless he was challenged.

On the sixth circuit, Tracy Hines tried to drive under Justin Marvel as they raced into the first turn. Marvel held his position and when they made contact, Hines somersaulted twice before landing hard in the middle of the track. He was uninjured.

Thomas continues to hold the Stoops Freightliner national point lead. His impressive battle from 14th starting position to fourth in the race, allowed him to retain the lead while Elliott continued to close the gap.

Scott Patman credited to his pole starting spot as he led flag-to-flag in the $500 to win open wheel modified feature. Patman outran Brian Campbell, Kerry Norris, Matt Tiller and Sonny Richardson in the 25-lap event. Gary Trammell won the B-Main after Tiller, Norris and Ray Humphrey registered heat race victories.

Bloomington Speedway Summary July 24, 1998 Indiana Sprint Week Round 4 USAC Stoops Freightliner Sprint Car Series

Turbines Inc. Fast Qualifier: Rickie Gaunt (11.787)

Non-qualifiers Race #1: Butch Winings, Rusty McClure

Non-qualifiers Race #2: Jack Hewitt, Levi Jones

Heat 1: Rodney Argo, Dave Darland, Brad Fox, Kevin Thomas

Heat 2: Derek Scheffel, Eric Burns, Jon Stanbrough, Brian Hayden

Heat 3: Troy Cline, Bill Rose, Tony Elliott, Eric Gordon

Heat 4: Jimmy Sills, Tracy Hines, Rip Williams, Steve Surniak

Semi-main: Kevin Doty, Justin Marvel, Rickie Gaunt, Mike Kirby, J.J. Yeley, Derek Davidson

Feature: Elliott, Fox, Doty, Thomas, Yeley, Stanbrough, Sills, Davidson, Gordon, Rose, Gaunt, Hayden, Cline, Surniak, Scheffel, Marvel, Williams, Argo, Kirby, Burns, Darland, Hines

Open Wheel Modifieds

Heat 1: Matt Tiller, Brian Campbell, Terry Trammell, Rob Brickert

Heat 2: Kerry Norris, John Davis, Rodney Harris Jr., Rick Hines

Heat 3: Ray Humphrey, Scott Patman, Sonny Richardson, Richie Lex

B Main: Gary Trammell, Troy Jarvis, Albert Webb, John DeMoss, Robin Freeman, Jack Taylor

Feature: Patman, Campbell, Norris, Tiller, Richardson, DeMoss, Humphrey, J. Davis, Trammell, Taylor, Brickert, Harris, Jarvis, Lex, Barr, Webb, Hines, Cosat, Freeman, A. Davis

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