Bloomington Speedway April 18th preview

BLOOMINGTON, IN (April 6) - Have you had enough winter yet? Us too! It's time for nice weather and dirt track racing. And, the competitors are even more ready to go racing that we are. Mike Miles has been working on the speedway all winter;...

BLOOMINGTON, IN (April 6) - Have you had enough winter yet? Us too! It's time for nice weather and dirt track racing. And, the competitors are even more ready to go racing that we are.

Mike Miles has been working on the speedway all winter; and he and Judy are ready to welcome the race fans. Along with the normal maintenance that is required to keep Bloomington Speedway the great, fan friendly place that it is, Mike tries to make at least one big improvement each year. This year he bought asphalt. Relax!! He didn't put it on the track. He put it where you need it - on the way in from the parking lot. The gravel drive up from the lower level parking lot is now paved. This should make it easier for you to get in from your cars. As usual, he bought about 40 dump truck loads of red clay to replace what the competitors carried out on their cars last season.

Bloomington Speedway is opening with the three classes that will form the basis for our competition all season. There will be shows over the course of the season where one of the classes won't be running; but they will certainly provide the base on which our racing programs will be built. The facility, as well as the program, will be ready for competition on April 18. The track will be smooth; and, with a little luck with the weather, stay heavy all night long. The rest rooms and concession stands will be clean; and the staff will do everything possible to see that the program keeps moving.

Last season, Derek Scheffel of Columbus came back to win his third Bloomington Speedway championship. He'll be back at Bloomington Speedway this season with an opportunity to make history. Randy Kinser and Derek are tied with three Bloomington Speedway sprint car championships each. Since Randy's wife has decided that he has retired from the cockpit and since he is being kept pretty busy shepherding Kraig Kinser''s career, Derek is about the only driver with a shot at four championships any time soon. However, whether or not Scheffel elects to make an all-out effort at a fourth championship, it will be no easy feat. Kevin Briscoe will certainly be back most of the time; and he has a new teammate - J.T. Stapp who also looks forward to a good season on the red clay,

Last season's Rookie of the Year, Tim Spindler, has built a new car over the winter and has freshened his motor. He finished sixth in the points last season and ran well just about every night. He could give everybody a run for their money this season. In addition, Kevin Thomas has announced that this will be his 25th and last season in a sprint car. He will certainly want to go out a winner. When Justin Marvel, Brian Hayden, Kenny Carmichael, Danny Holtsclaw, Brad Marvel, Bobby Stines, and a host of others are added to the equation, it should be a season to remember.

Matt Boknecht of Seymour and Lee Hobbs tied for the O'Neal Wood Products modified championship last season. How's that for parity. John DeMoss and Ray Humphrey have been running strong for years; and they are probably as much a threat to take the championship as are Boknecht and Hobbs. There are also other first class drivers whose time may come such as Shelby Miles, Brady Short, Richie Lex, Brandon Short, Rodney Harris, Jr, Jesse Cramer, and Clint DeMoss.

Greg Kendall finally took his first Tire & Wheel Center super stock championship last season. He will doubtless attempt to repeat; however, their will be plenty of strong teams back trying to prevent him from holding onto the championship. Danny Harris, Chris Hillman, Zach Carney, Trent Niflis, Ralph Groomer, and Ben DuBois all had a good season last year and will almost certainly be attempting to improve on it. Also, Chris Deweese of Columbus ran very well at Bloomington Speedway late last season; and he intends to make his own run at the championship this season.

Seventeen year old Brock Burton will be making an all out run for the Rookie of the Year title in the Tire & Wheel Center super stock division. He has been running karts; and he simply outgrew them. His father, Gary Burton, has been a racer all of his life; and he fully understands his son's need to race. Late last season, Gary bought a super stock and let Brock run it a couple of times. When it came time for the Modified & Street Stock Nationals, Brock really wanted to try his hand on the red clay. Gary tried to talk him out of it; but he finally relented. They were both very pleased with the result; and they plan to make a run for the Rookie of the Year title this season. Keep an eye on him.

However the points battles turn out, the route to the championships should be exciting. Don't let the Bloomington Speedway championship drives begin without you. Be at Bloomington Speedway on April 18.

Pit gates will open at 4:30 PM, the grandstand gates will open at 5:30 PM, hot laps will start at 6:30 PM, and racing will begin at 7:30 PM. General admission is $10 for this event (children are admitted free to the grandstand when accompanied by a paying adult); and pit admission is $20. Coolers are permitted; but glass containers aren't. Overnight camping is also permitted.


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