Bloomington Speedway 2000-08-25

CHRIS LAFOLLETTE WINS PENNZOIL CUP CHAMPIONSHIP (Bloomington, Ind. - August 26, 2000) Last night's program at Bloomington Speedway began with the presentation of the awards for the top ten in points in the Pennzoil Cup Sprint Cars. Chris ...


(Bloomington, Ind. - August 26, 2000) Last night's program at Bloomington Speedway began with the presentation of the awards for the top ten in points in the Pennzoil Cup Sprint Cars. Chris LaFollette was crowned the Pennzoil Cup champion in absentia as he was filling in for Indianapolis 500 veteran J.J. Yeley at USAC sprint race at Attica. Chris's championship may have come as a surprise to many race fans and a few drivers; however, the track championship takes into account qualification performance as well as attendance and racing performance. LaFollette, being an exceptionally good qualifier, was one of the fastest qualifiers each week. This put him in very good stead in his drive for the Pennzoil Cup. Chris missed only one show - the World of Outlaws Gumout Series race on June 2. In that race, Kevin Briscoe finished 11.

Kevin Briscoe also missed one race - the July 7 show. At that race, Chris qualified second quick, won his heat, and finished fifth in the feature. In other words, he had a very good points night. Aside from not always qualifying well, Kevin Briscoe had a spectacular season. He won four times plus winning the Sheldon Kinser Memorial which wasn't a points race. He also made every feature except that he attempted scoring a second, a third, a fifth, and an 11th in addition to his four wins.

Derek Scheffel came home third in the points chase with a good steady performance. Derek was the only driver to compete in every Pennzoil Cup Sprint Car feature this season.

Jared Fox was named Pennzoil Cup Rookie of the Year. Jared made six features and finished fourth in the points. This young man has a very strong racing heritage as well as a very large measure of talent. You can look for big things from Jared as his season progresses

Dave Peperak finished fifth in the points and was named PENNZOIL CUP MOST IMPROVED DRIVER. Peperak has been racing sprinters for a very long time and has had many great moments in his career. However, this season, he seems to have brought his program up to a higher level.

Kevin Thomas, Josh Cunningham who also received honorable mention for a spectacular rookie year performance, Gregg Dillion, Jeff Wilson, and Brad Fox rounded out the top ten in Pennzoil Cup points.


(Bloomington, Ind. - August 26, 2000) Friday night's Sheldon Kinser Memorial was a spectacular victory for Kevin Briscoe. It was his second Sheldon Kinser Memorial victory and his fifth win of the season at Bloomington Speedway.


As the race began, Eric Burns jumped into the lead when the green flag fell; but he was only able to hold it for the first circuit. On the second lap, Brad Fox took the lead from Burns; however, he too was destined to hold the point for only one lap. On the third circuit, Kevin Briscoe powered by both Burns and Fox to take the lead which he was to hold until the checkered flags signaled his second Sheldon Kinser Memorial victory. His win reflected the kind of season that he had. Jon Stanbrough moved from his fifth place starting position to take second on the 14th circuit; but he was never a serious threat to Briscoe.

Kevin Thomas, a four time winner of the Sheldon Kinser Memorial, started seventh and gradually worked his way to the front. He moved into fourth on the 22nd lap, took third on lap 28, and reached second on lap 33. However, he was destined to go no further. Briscoe was firmly in control at that point.

Robbie Rice came home third followed by Stanbrough, Brad Fox, Jason Knoke, Kenny Carmichael, Chris Gurley, Jeff Wilson, and Bobby Smith.

The only serious incident came on the 19th circuit when early leader Eric Burns got tangled up with another car and got on his lid. Burns was uninjured; but his night was done

In addition to the $3000 first place money, Briscoe collected $1900 of the $2000 in lap prize money raised by Eleanor Vogler and the Rich Vogler Memorial Scholarship Fund. Eric Burns and Jon Stanbrough collected $50 each for the lap they led. The other $2000 that Eleanor raised went to help fund scholarships for deserving students with a racing background. The total payoff for the Sheldon Kinser Memorial was over $14,000.

Eleanor Vogler presented Justin Kinser, Sheldon Kinser's son, with a $1,000 scholarship. To date, Eleanor and The Rich Vogler Memorial Scholarship Fund have awarded $178,000 in scholarships to promising students with a racing connection. Of course, she is always looking for donations as well as deserving scholarship candidates. Those interested in either making a contribution or applying for one of the scholarships may contact Eleanor directly at 317-272-4623.

In preliminary action, Brian Tyler set quick time while the heat races were won by Jimmy Laser, Gregg Dillion, Derek Scheffel, and Kevin Thomas. Brad Fox posted his second "B" Main victory of the season.


This week it was the O'Neal Wood Products Open Wheel Modifieds' turn to get a shot at the Ed Evans' Antique Auto & Race Car Museum's Gambler's Choice Challenge. Kerry Norris would certainly have liked to have a shot at this; however, since he had won the past two O'Neal Wood Products Open Wheel Modified features, he would not be eligible. Under the track rules, he could start no better than tenth. He is the only driver this season to start on the tail and win in any class.

However, Roy Bruce, Jr. who finished third in the Blackwell Trucking Dash for Cash decided to try it. Lee Hobbs who tried it earlier in a Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock feature, wanted no part of it in the O'Neal Wood Products Open Wheel Modified division. Adam Sasser also declined to accept the challenge. However, Bruce decided that the extra $1500 was worth the risk of starting on the tail.

When the green flag dropped to start the feature event, Adam Sasser jumped into the lead. However, he never really had a comfortable lead. Lee Hobbs was right on his heels and stayed there through the first few circuits until John DeMoss began to duel with him for second. DeMoss took second on the seventh circuit when Hobbs faltered; and both DeMoss and Ray Humphrey got past him to take second and third respectively. Kerry Norris, the first Sheldon Kinser Memorial winner worked his way through traffic to take third place on the 19th circuit. It was his turn to battle with DeMoss. He gave him all he wanted; but he couldn't quite get around him and had to settle for third. Lee Hobbs, Richie Lex, Gary Trammell, Jay Miller, Brian Campbell, Bret Barr, and Donnie Parson rounded out the top ten. Roy Bruce, Jr. got an 11th place finish from his attempt to earn the $1500 bonus for the Ed Evans Antique Auto and Race Car Museum Gambler's Choice Challenge.

The O'Neal Wood Products Open Wheel Modified winner, Adam Sasser, received an additional $100 for his feature win from the Bloomington Speedway. Besides the extra $100 for the win, Mike Miles added $400 back through the rest of the feature participants.

In preliminary action, Allen Barr, Lee Hobbs, Roy Bruce, Jr., and Adam Sasser won the heat races while Lee Hobbs prevailed in the Blackwell Trucking Dash for Cash. Tim Prince took the Don Bush Moving and Storage "B" Main.


The Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock feature was probably the most competitive race of the evening. It pitted Lee Hobbs against Greg Kendall. Since they are also first and second in the points, the duel was not surprising. The two battled throughout the Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock feature. Hobbs started on the pole; and led the first three circuits; however, on lap four, Greg Kendall passed Hobbs for the lead and never looked back. Hobbs was valiant in his pursuit of Kendall; but Kendall was not to be denied. He led to the checkered flags. Greg O'Neill came from the seventh place on the grid to finish third. Trent Niflis came from ninth to finish fourth. Brady Short, Perry Bruce, Michael Purtlebaugh, Michael Vest, Dan McCullough, and Brad Cummings completed the top ten.

Preliminary action saw Lee Hobbs, Steve Hollars, Dan McCullough, and Greg Kendall taking the heat race wins while Hobbs won the Reed and Son Construction Dash for Cash. Brad Cummings looked good in winning the Tom Cherry Muffler Shops "B" Main.

Mike Miles and Bloomington Speedway also added a total of $500 to the purse for the Tire & Wheel Center Super Stocks. $100 was added to the winner's prize, while the remaining $400 was added to the payoff back through the feature finishers.


Bloomington Speedway will take a couple of weeks off while the fans and racers acclimated themselves to the approaching fall season. We will be back in action on September 15 American 1200 Winged Mini Sprints. Also in competition will be the O'Neal Wood Products Open Wheel Modifieds and the Tire & Wheel Center Super Stocks. This will be the final points race of the season for both the O'Neal Wood Products Open Wheel Modifieds and the Tire & Wheel Center Super Stocks. All of these competitors will be anxious to make a final push to improve their finish position in the points race. Also, somebody may elect to accept the Antique Auto & Race Car Museum's Gambler's Choice Challenge.

Bloomington Speedway's season will close on September 22 with 5th Annual Indiana Super Stock and UMP Modified Nationals in memory of Pat Burch. Mark this one on your calendar now.



Qualifications: 1. Brian Tyler 2. Jon Stanbrough 3. Kevin Briscoe 4. Robbie Rice 5. Brad Fox 6. Eric Burns

Heat 1: 1. Jimmy Laser 2. Bobby Smith 3. Justin Marvel 4. Brian Tyler 5. Jerry Coons, Jr. 6. Brad Fox 7. John Dick 8. Danny Williams, Jr. 9. Lance Hayden 10. Dave Peperak

Heat 2: 1. Gregg Dillion 2. Danny Holtsclaw 3. Jason Knoke 4. Jon Stanbrough 5. Eric Burns 6. Chris Gurley 7. Jamie Jones 8. Bob Dietrich 9. Josh Cunningham

Heat 3: 1. Derek Scheffel 2. Kevin Briscoe 3. Kenny Carmichael 4. Kevin Chambers 5. Kelly Potter 6. Tony Rose 7. Bill Boggs 8. Jeremy Farmer 9. Jared Fox

Heat 4: 1. Kevin Thomas 2. James Mills 3. Jeff Wilson 4. Rick Hayden 5. Troy Link 6. Joe Devin 7. Robbie Rice 8. Dwayne Spille 9. Butch Winings

J.B. Salvage & Recycling B Main: 1. Brad Fox 2. Robbie Rice 3. Eric Burns 4. Chris Gurley 5. Jared Fox 6. Butch Winings 7. Joe Devin 8. Jamie Jones 9. Troy Link 10. John Dick 11. Dwayne Spille 12. Tony Rose 13. Bob Dietrich 14. Jerry Farmer 15. Lance Hayden 16. Kelly Potter 17. Bill Boggs 18. Dave Peperak 19. Danny Williams, Jr. 20. Josh Cunningham

Sheldon Kinser Memorial: 1. Kevin Briscoe 2. Kevin Thomas 3. Robbie Rice 4. Jon Stanbrough 5. Brad Fox 6. Jason Knoke 7. Kenny Carmichael 8. Chris Gurley 9. Jeff Wilson 10. Bobby Smith 11. Derek Scheffel 12. Rick Hayden 13. Jimmy Laser 14. Danny Holtsclaw 15. James Mills 16. Kevin Chambers 17. Brian Tyler 18. Justin Marvel 19. Eric Burns 20. Gregg Dillion


Heat 1: 1. Allen Barr 2. Kerry Norris 3. John DeMoss 4. Brian Campbell 5. Tim Prince 6. Brad Brown 7. Brandon Reed 8. Tommy Welin

Heat 2: 1. Lee Hobbs 2. Ray Humphrey 3. Clint DeMoss 4. Rodney Harris, Jr. 5. Donnie Parson 6. Bradley Sturgeon 7. Keith Thomas 8. Matt Jacobs

Heat 3: 1. Roy Bruce, Jr. 2. Jim Reynolds 3. Tony Jarvis 4. Jay Miller 5. Jay Scott 6. Justin Hillenburg 7. Brent Payne 8. Ryan Blevins

Heat 4: 1. Adam Sasser 2. Gary Trammell 3. Bret Barr 4. Mike Phillips 5. Roy Ritter 6. Greg Deckard 7. Richie Lex 8. Mike Batty

Blackwell Trucking Dash for Cash: 1. Lee Hobbs 2. Adam Sasser 3. Roy Bruce, Jr. 4. Allen Barr

Don Bush Moving & Storage "B" Main: 1. Tim Prince 2. Richie Lex 3. Donnie Parson 4. Brad Brown 5. Bradley Sturgeon 6. Jay Scott 7. Justin Hillenburg 8. Brandon Reed 9 Greg Deckard 10. Roy Ritter 11. Keith Thomas 12. Mike Batty 13. Tommy Welin 14. Ryan Blevins 15 Brent Payne

O'Neal Wood Products Open Wheel Modified Feature: 1. Adam Sasser 2. John DeMoss 3. Kerry Norris 4. Lee Hobbs 5. Richie Lex 6. Gary Trammell 7. Jay Miller 8. Brian Campbell 9. Bret Barr 10. Donnie Parson 11. Roy Bruce, Jr. 12. Ray Humphrey 13. Jim Reynolds 14. Mike Phillips 15. Clint DeMoss 16. Brad Brown 17. Bradley Sturgeon 18. Tim Prince 19. Tony Jarvis 20. Rodney Harris, Jr.


Heat 1: 1. Lee Hobbs 2. Brady Short 3. Trent Niflis 4. Jeremy Hines 5. Perry Bruce 6. Brad Cummings 7. Gary Arthur 8. Rick Hines

Heat 2: 1. Steve Hollars 2. Michael Vest 3. Steven Hunt 4. Aaron Southern 5. Geoff Strange 6. Danny Carmichael 7. David Koontz

Heat 3: 1. Dan McCullough 2. Greg O'Neill 3. Chris Hillman 4. Terry Arthur 5. Jack Frye 6. Bryan Freeman 7. Bill Brown 8. Ryan Thomas

Heat 4: 1. Greg Kendall 2. Danny Harris 3. Michael Purtlebaugh 4. Mel Bigham 5. Marty Cooper 6. Diane Grubb 7. Rodney Porter 8. Steve Morin

Reed and Son Construction Dash for Cash: 1. Lee Hobbs 2. Greg Kendall 3. Steve Hollars 4. Dan McCullough

Tom Cherry Muffler Shops "B" Main: 1. Brad Cummings 2. Perry Bruce 3. Diane Grubb 4. Danny Carmichael 5. Bill Brown 6. Bryan Freeman 7. Jack Frye 8. Rodney Porter 9. Gary Arthur 10. Rick Hines 11. Marty Cooper 12. David Koontz

Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock Feature: 1. Greg Kendall 2. Lee Hobbs 3. Greg O'Neill 4. Trent Niflis 5. Brady Short 6. Perry Bruce 7. Michael Purtlebaugh 8. Michael Vest 9. Dan McCullough 10. Brad Cummings 11. Terry Arthur 12. Steve Hollars 13. Steven Hunt 14. Danny Harris 15. Chris Hillman 16. Mel Bigham 17. Danny Carmichael 18. Aaron Southern 19. Diane Grubb 20. Rick Hines


PENNZOIL CUP SPRINT CARS O'NEAL WOOD PRODUCT MODIFIEDS (Final) 1. Chris LaFollette 517 1. Adam Sasser 458 2. Kevin Briscoe 512 2. John DeMoss 448 3. Derek Scheffel 448 3. Lee Hobbs 440 4. Jared Fox 400 4. Ray Humphrey 431 5. Dave Peperak 360 5. Richie Lex 421 6. Kevin Thomas 353 6. Gary Trammell 411 7. Josh Cunningam 352 7. Brian Campbell 387 8. Gregg Dillion 348 8. Clint DeMoss 368 9. Jeff Wilson 347 9. Roy Bruce, Jr. 354 10. Gregg Dillion 328 10. Ryan Blevins 353


1. Lee Hobbs 501 2. Greg Kendall 464 3. Greg O'Neill 442 4. Steven Hunt 415 5. Perry Bruce 388 6. Trent Nifles 387 7. Brad Cummings 382 8. Danny Harris 374 9. Michael Purtlebaugh 370 10. Brady Short 363 10. Gerald Todd 325

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