Bloomington Speedway 2000-08-11

(Bloomington, Ind. - August 11, 2000) After taking Brickyard week off, everybody came to the Bloomington Speedway red clay oval ready to race. In addition to our regular Pennzoil Cup Sprint Car hot shoes, Kevin Thomas, Robbie Rice, etc. showed up...

(Bloomington, Ind. - August 11, 2000) After taking Brickyard week off, everybody came to the Bloomington Speedway red clay oval ready to race. In addition to our regular Pennzoil Cup Sprint Car hot shoes, Kevin Thomas, Robbie Rice, etc. showed up to take on Kevin Briscoe, Chris LaFollette, and the rest of the Bloomington Speedway regulars. Thomas and Rice were, no doubt, tuning up for the NAMARS Five Crown Nationals and the Sheldon Kinser Memorial.


After totaling his primary car during sprint week, he was back in his backup car tonight. On top of that, he was missing the assistance of his father and crew chief, Ron Scheffel. Ron was off paying his respects to a fallen comrade. It looked like it could be a long night for the Scheffel Racing team. However, while they seemed a little more harried than normal prior to qualification, they seemed to lack no confidence. As if that weren't enough, they drew a late qualifying time. Derek didn't let it get him down, though. He went out and out-qualified Eric Burns by .03 seconds to earn the quick time award.

Kevin Briscoe, Kevin Thomas, and Gregg Dillion won the heat races with Scheffel finishing a close second to Briscoe in the first heat.

The J.B. Salvage and Recycling B Main was the wildest show of the evening. John Dick, Troy Link, and Buddy Cunningham all got tangled up together. With a couple of them getting upside down. Then Danny Holtsclaw came out of turn. Before he had time to react to the situation, he too was upside down. After an extended red flag to clean up the remains of the horrendous crash, Dave Peperak drove to victory trailed by Glenn Scott, Jared Fox, Bill Boggs, and Tony Rose who also transferred to the feature.

The Pennzoil Cup Sprint Car feature was the kind of race for which Bloomington Speedway has become famous. Jeff Wilson earned the pole position with his sixth fastest qualifying time with Kevin Thomas outside of him on the first row. Lap after lap they battled with Wilson riding the rim and Thomas on the "huggy pole". Finally, Thomas started going higher on part of the track; and, on lap 12, he got by Wilson. As Thomas began to increase his lead. Kevin Briscoe, who started back in the fourth row, got past Wilson and quickly moved up to challenge Thomas. He would move up on Thomas; and Thomas would pull out again. As they worked through lapped traffic Thomas was able to hold the lead to the checkered flags.

Defending Pennzoil Cup champion Derek Scheffel was probably the fastest car on the track by the time the checkered flag waved as he passed Wilson who faded a little in the late going. Wilson held on for fourth trailed by Chris LaFollette, Robbie Rice, Gregg Dillion, Eric Burns, Dave Peperak, and Bloomington's Jared Fox.

From victory lane, Thomas commented, "Fate's a pretty funny thing. The Booe Brothers gave me the best of everything; but we never really ran that well. They wanted to try someone else in the car; and I agreed that probably would be the best thing to do. I got into this car; and it's really been good." Thomas pleased the crowd when he added, "USAC is running Attica on the 25th; and I've always run well up there. But, the Sheldon Kinser race has always been special to me. I've won it four times; and I'll be back trying for number 5."


Jeremy Hines, Lee Hobbs, Greg O'Neill, and Trent Niflis began their night by winning their heat races. They all battled in the dash with Hines winning ahead of Hobbs, Niflis, and O'Neill. Gerald Todd took the "C" Feature; and Greg Kendall prevailed in the Reed & Son Construction B Main. Barry Gerkin came home third in the with Jack Frye coming home third in a rare B Main appearance. Tom Plotz finished fourth to grab the final transfer spot.

Since none of the sprint car drivers in the first four spots in the feature chose to accept the challenge offered by the Antique Auto and Race Car Museum Gambler's Choice, the Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock heat winners were offered the opportunity. Lee Hobbs chose to accept the challenge even though he is the current points leader in the class. Perhaps he felt that his lead in the points chase offered him enough cushion to overcome whatever damage his finish might cause to his points ranking or, perhaps, he may have felt that the extra money was worth the risk. For whatever reason, Lee Hobbs was the first driver all season to accept the challenge.

The race was a great battle from green flag to checkers between Greg O'Neill and Jeremy Hines; but almost nobody would notice. All eyes were on Lee Hobbs who was slicing through the field trying to win the extra $1500 offered by the Antique Auto and Race Car Museum Gambler's Choice challenge. On lap 17 Hobbs took fifth place. However, it appeared that there was too much distance to make up in the eight laps remaining. When the yellow flag flew on lap 18, it seemed that Hobbs might be able to make it to the front. However, Hobbs was only able to reach third by the finish. O'Neill finally outlasted Hines who had to settle for second. Trent Niflis came home fourth trailed by Terry Arthur, Perry Bruce Gregg Kendall, Michael Purtlebaugh, Danny Harris, and Jack Frye. Hobbs obviously also was the hard charger in coming from last to third.


Bombers were taking on the famous Bloomington Speedway red clay for the second show in a row. Robert Walters, Larry Harris, Mike Moody, and Troy Clark took the heat races; and Dave Eagan won the "B" Main.

Harris won the Prince Excavating Dash for Cash to earn the pole position for the feature event. And, he put on a clinic as he led the feature flag to flag. Troy Clark moved up one spot to finish second followed by Jim Ruddick, Andrew Davis, Mike Moody, Roger Reichenbacker, Mickey Hines, Dave Eagan, Jerry Maynard, and Jerry Leitzman. Davis was the hard charger moving from 13th to fourth.


Jack Shores won the Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock owners and mechanics race. The event came to an unceremonious end as one of the competitors got upside down coming out of turn 2.


The August 18 program on the famous red clay of Bloomington Speedway should be one of the best of the season. It will be Bloomington Speedway's edition of the NAMARS FIVE CROWN NATIONALS. The race will feature midgets and sprint cars - lots of them.

The South Central Building and Construction Trades Council is sponsoring this event; and members of their unions can get tickets for half price through their local.



Qualifications: 1. Derek Scheffel 2. Eric Burns 3. Chris LaFollette 4. Jared Fox 5. Kevin Thomas 6. Jeff Wilson 7. Kevin Briscoe 8. Jimmy Laser 9. Rick Hayden 10. Robbie Rice 11. Danny Williams, Jr. 12. Greg Dillion 13. Kenny Carmichael 14. Dave Peperak 15. Glenn Scott 16. Kevin Chambers 17. Dickie Gaines 18. Josh Cunningham 19. Troy Link 20. Buddy Cunningham 21. John Dick 22. James Mills 23. Tony Rose 24. Bill Boggs 25. Jamie Jones 26. Bob Dietrich 27. Danny Holtsclaw

Heat 1: 1. Kevin Briscoe 2. Derek Scheffel 3. Kenny Carmichael 4. Kevin Chambers 5. Robbie Rice 6. Jared Fox 7. James Mills 8. Jamie Jones 9. Troy Link

Heat 2: 1. Kevin Thomas 2. Eric Burns 3. Dickie Gaines 4. Danny Williams, Jr. 5. Tony Rose 6. Dave Peperak 7. Bob Dietrich 8. Buddy Cunningham

Heat 3: 1. Greg Dillion 2. Chris LaFollette 3. Jeff Wilson 4. Josh Cunningham 5. Rick Hayden 6. Glenn Scott 7. Danny Holtsclaw 8. Bill Boggs 9.John Dick

J.B. Salvage & Recycling B Main: 1. Dave Peperak 2. Glenn Scott 3. Jared Fox 4. Bill Boggs 5. Tony Rose 6. James Mills 7. Jamie Jones 8. Bob Dietrich 9. Troy Link 10. Buddy Cunningham 11. John Dick 12. Danny Holtsclaw

Feature: 1. Kevin Thomas 2. Kevin Briscoe 3. Derek Scheffel 4. Jeff Wilson 5. Chris LaFollette 6. Robbie Rice 7. Gregg Dillion 8. Eric Burns 9. Dave Peperak 10. Jared Fox 11. Kenny Carmichael 12. Danny Williams, Jr. 13. Rick Hayden 14. Glenn Scott 15. Josh Cunningham 16. Kevin Chambers 17. Jimmy Laser 18. Tony Rose 19. Dickie Gaines 20. Bill Boggs


Heat 1: 1. Jeremy Hines 2. Don Short 3. Ryan Thomas 4. Kevin Fleenor 5. Greg Kendall 6. Jeff Tinkle 7. Bill Brown 8. Roger Evans 9. Andrew Davis 10. Bill Hamm II

Heat 2: 1. Lee Hobbs 2. Michael Vest 3. Michael Purtlebaugh 4. Scott Patman 5. Barry Gerkin 6. Brady Short 7. Mike Jones 8. Chris Streeval 9. Gary Arthur 10. Aaron Southern

Heat 3: 1. Greg O'Neill 2. Terry Arthur 3. Steven Hunt 4. Chris Hillman 5. Joe Johnson 6. Steve Morin 7. Bob Griffitts 8. Al Flick 9. Lou Catellier 10. Gerald Todd

Heat 4: 1. Trent Niflis 2. Danny Harris 3. Perry Bruce 4. Steve Hollars 5. Jack Frye 6. Tom Plotz 7. Mel Bigham 8. Geoff Strange 9. Chester Bohannon 10. Travis Hood

C Main:  1. Gerald Todd 2. Lou Catellier 3. Bill Hamm II 4. Gary Arthur
5. Aaron Southern  6. Travis Hood

Reed & Son Construction Dash: 1. Jeremy Hines 2. Lee Hobbs 3. Trent Niflis 4. Greg O'Neill

Tom Cherry Muffler B Main: 1. Greg Kendall 2. Barry Gerkin 3. Jack Frye 4. Tom Plotz 5. Mel Bigham 6. Brady Short 7. Bill Brown 8. Lou Catellier 9 Bob Griffitts 10. Joe Johnson 11. Jeff Tinkle 12. Gerald Todd 13. Geoff Strange 14. Steve Morin 15 Chris Streeval 16. Mike Jones

Tire & Wheel Center Feature: 1. Greg O'Neill 2. Jeremy Hines 3. Lee Hobbs 4. Trent Niflis 5. Terry Arthur 6. Perry Bruce 7. Greg Kendall 8. Michael Purtlebaugh 9. Danny Harris 10. Jack Frye 11. Don Short 12. Mel Bigham 13. Tom Plotz 14. Steve Hollars 15. Ryan Thomas 16. Kevin Fleenor 17. Scott Patman 18. Barry Gerkin 19. Steven Hunt 20. Michael Vest


Heat 1: 1. Robert 2. Jim Ruddick 3. Scott Sims 4. Andrew Davis 5. Johnny Ray 6. Charles Fritz, Jr. 7. Tom Courtney 8. Bill England 9. Tony Arthur

Heat 2: 1. Larry Harris 2. Roger Reichenbacker 3. Jerry Maynard 4. Tom Hardwick 5. Glenn Wolff 6. Larry Litton 7. Chris Cox 8. Brent Eagans 9. Faron Robbins

Heat 3: 1. Mike Moody 2. Mickey Hines 3. Jerry Adams 4. Dave Lemons 5. Dennis Nail 6. Dave Eagan 7. Jerry Wade 8. Danny Carmichael

Heat 4: 1. Troy Clark 2. Matt Cummings 3. Paul Owens 4. Glenn Woods 5. Terry Leitzman 6. Kent Wagner 7. Clarence Butler 8. Darrin Dayhuff

Prince Excavating Dash: 1. Larry Harris 2. Robert Walters 3. Troy Clark 4. Mike Moody

B Main: 1. Dave Eagan 2. Larry Litton 3. Terry Leitzman 4. Glenn Wolff 5. Jerry Wade 6. Kent Wagner 7. Brent Eagans 8. Bill England 9. Clarence Butler 10. Darrin Dayhuff 11. Tony Arthur

Feature: 1. Larry Harris 2. Troy Clark 3. Jim Ruddick 4. Andrew Davis 5. Mike Moody 6. Roger Reichenbacker 7. Mikey Hines 8. Dave Eagan 9. Jerry Maynard 10. Terry Leitzman 11. Paul Owens 12. Larry Litton 13. Glenn Wolff 14. Scott Simms 15. Tom Hardwick 16. Robert Walters 17. Dave Lemans Glenn Woods 19. Jerry Adams 20. Matt Cummins


PENNZOIL CUP SPRINT CARS O'NEAL WOOD PRODUCT MODIFIEDS (Through July 14) 1. Chris LaFollette 409 1. Adam Sasser 458 2. Kevin Briscoe 387 2. John DeMoss 448 3. Derek Scheffel 338 3. Lee Hobbs 440 4. Brad Fox 328 4. Ray Humphrey 431 5. Jared Fox 312 5. Richie Lex 421 6. Josh Cunningham 281 6. Gary Trammell 411 7. Dave Peperak 280 7. Brian Campbell 387 8. Eric Burns 257 8. Clint DeMoss 368 9. Greg Dillion 249 9. Roy Bruce,Jr. 354 10. Danny Holtsclaw 247 10. Ryan Blevins 353


 1.    Lee Hobbs                       445
 2.    Greg Kendall                    418
 3.    Brad Cummings                   382
 4.    Greg O'Niell                    382
 5.    Steven Hunt                     379
 6.    Perry Bruce                     339
 7.    Trent Niflis                    333
 8.    Brady Short                     330
 9.    Danny Harris                    327
10.    Gerald Todd                     325

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