Bloomington Speedway 2000-07-14

(Bloomington, Ind. - July 15, 2000) Kevin Briscoe scored his third Pennzoil Cup Sprint Car feature win of the season out of four attempts at Bloomington Speedway last night. John DeMoss posted his first O'Neal Wood Products Open Wheel Modified...

(Bloomington, Ind. - July 15, 2000) Kevin Briscoe scored his third Pennzoil Cup Sprint Car feature win of the season out of four attempts at Bloomington Speedway last night. John DeMoss posted his first O'Neal Wood Products Open Wheel Modified feature of the season, while Greg Kendall found victory lane for the first time this season in the Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock division.


Bud Kaeding took the lead from his outside first row starting position as the green flag fell to start the Pennzoil Cup Sprint Car feature; and he held it until lap eleven when Kevin Briscoe took over. As the feature went flag to flag under the green Briscoe continued his domination of Bloomington Speedway Pennzoil Cup competition as he held the lead until the checkered flag fell. From Victory Lane Briscoe commented, "You just have to go where they're not. We set the car up to run the top; and we knew that when we had to go low it would be a little tight."

Kaeding also drove a strong race to finish second. Last week's winner, Brad Fox, closed in on Kaeding from time to time; but he had to settle for third place.

Defending Pennzoil Cup champion, Derek Scheffel, was back in his primary Cunningham Engineering/Saran sponsored car and was sixth quick in qualifications to earn the pole position for the start of the race. His car was set up to run the top and was quick up there. However, a pretty good ledge had built up on the cushion; and when a car jumped the ledge it was pretty easy to lose it. Derek did this a couple of times and lost considerable time. With no caution flags to close things up, the time loss was just too much to overcome.

Chris LaFollette had quick time; and brought his car home fifth.

The "hard charger" award had to go to "B" Feature winner Jeff Wilson in t he Majestic Electric/Atmosphere Annealing machine. They didn't qualify well and had to start at the back of the field; but Wilson worked his way through the field to a strong sixth place finish. Wilson, in first season in a sprint car, moved over from late models and seems to getting the hang of open wheeled cars pretty quickly. He has a good feel for the car and seems to be able to communicate with crew chief Bill Moffatt what the car needs. When this team gets a good book on the tracks so that they can qualify well and start up front they will be a threat to win every time they roll off the trailer.

Heat race wins went to Josh Cunningham, Briscoe, Joe Devin, and Kevin Thomas.

Nobody in the first two rows felt strong enough to go to the tail and try for the Gambler's Choice award and the $1500 bonus money from Ed Evan's Antique Auto and Race Car Museum.


Greg Kendall and his beautiful black #44 have looked good all season; but last night was their first visit to victory lane. In the early going, it was a battle between points leader Lee Hobbs and Steve Hunt. On lap 17 Greg O'Neill took over the lead while Kendall began battling with Hobbs for second. Kendall finally took the lead on lap 21; and managed to hold off O'Neill for the win. Hobbs held on for third followed by Brad Cummings and Brady Short.

Steven Hunt took the dash while Steve Hollars won the "B" feature. Heat race wins went to Hunt, Trent Niflis, Rick Hines, and Hobbs.


John DeMoss is always in the hunt for a win in the O'Neal Wood Products Open Wheel Modified division; but last night was the first time this season that he's found it. He won the second heat race to earn the outside front row starting in the dash. He then held off Brian Campbell and Rodney Harris, Jr., the other two heat winners, to win the dash and earn the pole position for the feature event.

DeMoss took the lead when the green flag fell and battled early with Brian Campbell and Tim Prince. On lap nine, Lee Hobbs took over second place and dogged DeMoss for the balance of the distance; but he was never able to get past DeMoss. Campbell ran a strong race and came home third ahead of points leader Adam Sasser and Richie Lex.

The real show in this race was watching Ray Humphrey drive his 75H through traffic finish seventh. Humphrey had to make the feature via his second place finish in the "B". He was moved to the tail for a late presentation and a fuel leak. He overcame all of these problems to ride the rim to a seventh place finish.


The July 21 program at Bloomington Speedway should be the biggest night of the year. The Larry Rice Classic will feature USAC Stoops Freightliner Sprint Cars and Pennzoil Cup Sprint Cars going head to head against most of the best non winged sprint car racers in the country. The O'Neal Wood Products Open Wheel Modifieds will be racing for an extra $100.


Pennzoil Cup Sprint Cars

Feature: 1. Kevin Briscoe 2. Bud Kaeding 3. Brad Fox 4. Derek Scheffel 5. Chris LaFollette 6. Jeff Wilson 7. Jonathan Vennard 8. Eric Burns 9. Troy Link 10. Kenny Carmichael 11. Kevin Thomas 12. Kevin Chambers 13. Gregg Dillion 14. Jared Fox 15. Rick Haydon 16. Bill Boggs 17. Joe Devin 18. Josh Cunningham 19. Glenn Scott 20. Lennie Walt

Heat 1: 1. Josh Cunningham 2. Bud Kaeding 3. Chris LaFollette 4. Rick Hayde 5. Jeff Wilson 6. Kenny Carmichael 7. Randy Hickey 8. Danny Williams 9. Danny Holtsclaw

Heat 2: 1. Kevin Briscoe 2. Glenn Scott 3. Jared Fox 4. Derek Scheffel 5. Kevin Chambers 6. Mitch Cunningham 7. Jimmy Laser 8. Lance Hayden

Heat 3: 1. Joe Devin 2, Troy Link 3. Jonathan Vennard 4.Lennie Waltz 5. Eric Burns 6. Mike Gibbs 7. Andy Hurtubise 8. Wil Newlin

Heat 4: 1. Kevin Thomas 2. Brad Fox 3. Bill Boggs 4. Gregg Dillion 5. Dave Peperak 6. Buddy Cunningham 7. Tony Rose 8. Brad Woempher

"B" Feature: 1. Jeff Wilson 2. Eric Burns 3. Kenny Carmichael 4. Kevin Chambers 5. Dave Peperak 6. Wil Newlin 7. Danny Williams 8. Andy Hurtubise 9. Buddy Cunningham 10. Danny Holtsclaw 11. Mike Gibbs 12. Jimmy Laser 13. Randy Hickey 14. Brad Woempner 15. Mitch Cunningham 1 6. Tony Rose

Tire & Wheel Center Super Stocks:

Feature: 1. Greg Kendall 2. Greg O'Neill 3. Lee Hobbs 4. Brad Cummings 5. Brady Short 6. Steven Hunt 7. Trent Niflis 8. Perry Bruce 9. Chris Hillman 10. Danny Haris 11. Mike Bright 12. Kim Blevins 13. Barry Gerkin 14. John Davis 15. Jason Combs 16. Ryan Thomas 17. Steve Hollars 18. Rick Hines 19. Jack Frye 20. Gerald Todd

Heat 1: 1. Steven Hunt 2, Greg O'Neill 3. Gerald Todd 4. Perry Bruce 5. Steve Hollars 6. Jack Frye 7. Geoff Strange 8. Billy Frye

Heat 2: 1. Trent Niflis 2. John Davis 3. Danny Harris 4. Jason Combs 5. Lou Catellier 6. Barry Gerkin 7. Chris Streeval 8. Jeremy Hines 9. Mel Bigham 10. Eric Miller

Heat 3: 1. Rick Hines 2. Chris Hillman 3. Kim Blevins 4. Mike Bright 5. Ryan Thomas 6. Bill Scudder 7. Kevin Fleenor 8. Bill Brown 9. Bill Hamm II 10. Tony Laughman

Heat 4: 1. Lee Hobbs 2. Brady Short 3. Greg Kendall 4. Brad Cummings 5. Michael Purtlebaugh 6. Mike Jones 7. Buddy Frye

Reed & Sons Construction Dash: 1. Steven Hunt 2. Trent Niflis 3. Lee Hobbs 4. Rick Hines

"B" Feature: 1. Steve Hollars 2. Jack Frye 3. Barry Gerkin 4. Ryan Thomas 5. Bill Scudder 6. Kevin Jones 7. Buddy Frye 8. Bill Hamm II 9. Geoff Strange 10. Aaron Southern 11. Chris Streeval 12. Lou Catellier 13. Mike Jones 14. Eric Miller 15. Michael Purtlebaugh

O'Neal Wood Products Modifieds

Feature: 1. John DeMoss 2. Lee Hobbs 3. Brian Campbell 4. Adam Sasser 5. Richie Lex 6. Matt Boknecht 7. Ray Humphrey 8. Rodney Harris, Jr. 9. Clint DeMoss 10. Tim Prince 11. Matt Tiller 12. Gary Trammell 13. Roy Bruce, Jr. 14. Brian Yeatman 15. Donnie Parson 16. Carlos Bumgardner 17. Tommy Welin 18. Karl Roethemeier 19. Don Shoulders 20. Bobby Johnson

Heat 1: 1. Brian Campbell 2. Gary Trammell 3. Richie Lex 4. Adam Sasser 5. Donnie Parson 6. Brent Payne 7. Ray Humphrey 8. Ryan Blevins 9. Karl Roethemeier 10. Carl Poser

Heat 2: 1. John DeMoss 2. Lee Hobbs 3. Don Shoulders 4. Tommy Welin 5. Bobby Johnson 6. Charles Phillips 7. Brad Brown 8. Justin Hillenburg 9. Carlos Bumgardner 10. Matt Jacobs

Heat 3: 1. Rodney Harris, Jr. 2. Tim Prince 3. Matt Boknecht 4. Clint DeMoss 5. Roy Bruce, Jr. 6. Matt Tiller 7. Albert Webb 8. Dusty Chapman 9. Brian Yeatman 10. Mike Tuell

Blackwell Trucking Dash: 1. John DeMoss 2. Brian Campbell 3. Rodney Harris, Jr.

"B" Feature: 1. Matt Tiller 2. Ray Humphrey 3. Brian Yeatman 4. Carlos Bumgardner 5. Karl Roethemeier 6. Dusty Chapman 7. Brent Payne 8. Carl Poser 9. Brad Brown 10. Ryan Blevins 11. Charles Phillips 12. Justin Hillenburg 13. Mike Tuell


Sprint: Modifieds Super Stocks:

1. Chris LaFollette (274) 1. Adam Sasser (317) 1. Lee Hobbs (329) 2. Kevin Briscoe (259) 2. Ray Humphrey (299) 2. Greg Kendall (303) 3. Derek Scheffel (240) 3. John DeMoss (288) 3. Steven Hunt (282) 4. Jared Fox (231) 4. Lee Hobbs (274) 4. Greg O'Neill (278) 5. Brad Fox (219) 5. Gary Trammell (273) 5. Brad Cummings (276) 6. Josh Cunningham (210) 6. Richie Lex (266) 6. Perry Bruce ( 251) 7. Dave Peperak (207) 7. Ryan Blevins (260) 7. Michael Purtlebaugh 8. Danny Holtsclaw (186) 8. Joe Godsey 8. Gerald Todd 9. Greg Dillion 9. Matt Tiller 9. Brady Short 10. Jeff Wilson 10. Brian Campbell 10. Jack Frye

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