Bloomington results 2005-05-06

CHRISTIAN WINS JESSE CRAMER MAINTAINS RECORD & HARRIS FINDS VICTORY LANE TOO BLOOMINGTON, IN (May 7, 2005) -- After falling victim to the weatherman the past couple of weeks, the competitors and fans were all more than ready to go racing last ...


BLOOMINGTON, IN (May 7, 2005) -- After falling victim to the weatherman the past couple of weeks, the competitors and fans were all more than ready to go racing last night. The pits were full; and there was a good crowd on the hillside as well. They came to see the best racing around; and they did not leave disappointed. There were great races in each event; and the evening's outcome remained a mystery until the checkered flags had waved.


Dick Gaines II was the sixth fastest qualifier. Assuming that all six of the fastest qualifiers earned a berth in the feature event, he would start the feature on the pole. Brad Sweet and Mitch Cunningham transferred out of their heat race. That meant that the remaining four would have to take all but one of the transfer positions from the "B" feature -- and they did. Gaines is a tough competitor; and with him starting on the pole, he was going to be hard to beat in the feature.

When the green flag dropped to start the feature, Gaines charged into the lead. trailed by Kevin Besecker, Brad Sweet, Kent Christian, Mitch Cunningham, and Kevin Briscoe. On the ninth circuit Christian passed Besecker to take second; but Gaines had pulled out to a big lead and had put Chris Babcock a lap down. On lap 11 both Christian and Besecker passed Babcock; and, two laps later, a yellow flag for Jon Sciscoe put Christian right on Gaines' tail. They battled for the lead until the 18th lap when they got together coming out of turn four; and Gaines spun. Christian kept going; and he had the lead. By then Brad Sweet in the BWB car had second, but he couldn't do anything with Christian who went on to close the deal on his second feature win on the red clay of Bloomington Speedway.

From victory lane Christian commented, "I hated to win it that way. Dickie was having trouble getting off of the corners; and I was into him before I could get stopped. I hope that he knows that I didn't do it on purpose. I would much rather have beaten him on the track."

Nineteen year old Brad Sweet was impressive in his first visit to Bloomington Speedway. He was the fourth fastest qualifier and finished third in his heat race. He then drove to a strong second place finish in the feature. Jared Fox was the seventh fastest qualifier and finished third in the feature. He was almost certainly pleased with his first race of the season at Bloomington. Besecker came home fourth.

The top two drivers in the points last season, Bryan Clauson and Kevin Briscoe, finished fifth and sixth respectively. It is certain that neither of them was satisfied with his performance last night; but they should both still be in good shape in the points race.

Sprint car rookie Brady Short earned hard charger honors driving to 11th place from his 19th place starting position.

In preliminary action, Jason Knoke, Chris Babcock, and Kenny Carmichael won the heat races while Kevin Briscoe took the B feature.


Jesse Cramer continued to get his season off to a great start when he won his second consecutive O'Neal Wood Products/Monroe County Pizza Dept. modified feature. On August 13, 2004 Cramer won his first Bloomington Speedway feature in route to a second place finish in the points. And, this year, he has two feature wins in two attempts. He won his heat race; and he finished second in the dash. When the feature began Gary Barrow took the lead with Cramer and Shelby Miles in tow. On the second lap Miles passed Jesse to take second; and, two laps later, he got by Barrow to take the lead. The following lap Cramer pulled past Barrow into second. From then on it was Miles and Cramer; and, much of the time they were side by side with one or the other of them having a lead that could be measured with a yardstick.

On the 14th lap Miles turned sideways and slid to a stop on the backstretch. His motor apparently locked up. Following the race he commented, "The oil light had been on for four laps; but we've been having trouble with the light; and I thought that that was the problem. I guess it wasn't."

Barrow inherited second place; but he couldn't get past Cramer. At least he was able to hold on to lock up the second place finish followed by Rodney Harris, Jr., Richie Lex, and Ray Humphrey. Humphrey was forced to go to the work area during a fourth lap yellow. Of course, that meant that he would have to restart on the tail. He then fought his way back to a fifth place finish.

Cramer will have a little harder time of it next time out, however; because, in accordance with track rules, he will be able to start next week's feature no better than tenth.

In preliminary modified action, Jim Hume, Barrow, Miles, and Cramer took the heat races while Barrow won the dash. Clint DeMoss prevailed in the "B" feature.


Danny Harris of Bloomington came off of a second place finish last week to win last night. He began by winning his heat race and the dash. He started the feature in the lead and led it flag to flag. Gerald Todd was running a strong race starting in second place and staying there until 23rd lap whne he rolled to a stop in turn two. His night was done.

Troy Clark had started eighth and had worked his way up to third by the time that Todd was sidelined. He then inherited second and held onto it for the remaining three circuits. Seymour's Jeremy Hines came from his 12th place starting position to finish a strong third. Steve Sutliff and Barry Gerkin rounded out the top five.

Greg Amick, Harris, Jason Clark, and Todd won the heat races while Anthony Walker took the "B" feature.



Qualifications: 1. Kevin Briscoe, 5, 11.576; 2. Kent Christian, 1c, 11.579; 3. Mitch Cunningham, 91, 11.685; 4. Brad Sweet, 62, 5. Kevin Besecker, 15, 11.738; 6. Dick Gaines II, 70, 11.742; 7. Jared Fox, 56, 11.813; 8. Jon Sciscoe, 7, 11.859; 9. Steve Rone, 9R, 11.967; 10. Bryan Clauson, 7c, 12.019; 11. Dave Peperak, 77, 12.023; 12. Brad Marvel, 54, 12.031; 13. Jason Knoke, 77x, 12.037; 14. Chris Babcock, 35, 12.066; 15. Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 92c, 12.090; 16. Todd Chandler, 5c, 12.101; 17. Tom Busch, 4B, 12.105; 18. Kenny Carmichael, 92, 12.108; 19. Josh Cunningham, 6s, 12.131; 20. Bobby Stines, 88, 12.180; 21. Brady Short, 36, 12.281; 22. Rick Vaughn, 22, 12.380; 23. Brent Beauchamp, 11, 12.468; 24. Ty Deckard, 11x, 12.470; 25. Kevin Chambers, 18, 12.672; 26. Brent Berry, 14, 12.847; 27. John Johnson, Jr., 1, 13.132; 28. Johnny Johnson, 72J, 13.463; 29. Eric Smith, 14x, 13.496; 30. Devin Priddy, 2x, 13.663

AUTO HEAVEN AUTO PARTS HEAT 1: 1.(2) Jason Knoke, 2.(4) Jared Fox, 3.(5) Brad Sweet, 4.(3) Bryan Clauson, 5.(7) Josh Cunningham, 6.(1) Todd Chandler, 7.(6) Kevin Briscoe, 8.(8) Rick Vaughn, 9.(10) Johnny Johnson, 10.(9) Kevin Chambers

PAUL D. BAUGH LAW OFFICE HEAT 2: 1.(2) Chris Babcock, 2.(4) Jon Sciscoe, 3.(1) tom Busch, 4.(3) Dave Peperak, 5.(8) Brent Beauchamp, 6.(6) Kent Christian, 7.(5) Kevin Besecker, 8.(7) Bobby Stines, 9 (9) Brent Berry, 10.(10) Eric Smith

WALNUT STREET AUTO SALES/CAMPUS RENTAL HEAT 3: 1.(1) Kenny Carmichael, 2.(2) Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 3.(4) Steve Rone, 4.(3) Brad Marvel, 5.(6) Mitch Cunningham, 6.(5) Dick Gaines II, 7.(7) Brady Short 8.(8) Ty Deckard, 9.(9) John Johnson, Jr., 10.(10) Devin Priddy

JB SALVAGE B FEATURE: 1.(1) Kevin Briscoe, 2.(2) Kent Christian, 3.(4) Dick Gaines II, 4.(3) Kevin Besecker, 5.(7) Brady Short, 6.(6) Bobby Stines, 7.(5) Todd Chandler, 8.(9) Ty Deckard, 9.(8) Rick Vaughn, 10.(11) Brent Berry, 11.(12) John Johnson, Jr., 12.(14) Eric Smith, 13.(13) John Johnson, 14.(10) Kevin Chambers, 15.(15) Devin Priddy

ROOTS RV FEATURE: 1.(5) 1c Kent Christian, 2.(3) 62 Brad Sweet, 3.(7) 56 Jared Fox, 4.(2) 15 Kevin Besecker, 5.(10) 7c Bryan Clauson, 6.(6) 5 Kevin Briscoe, 7.(15) 92c Kenny Carmichael, Jr. 8.(9) 9R Steve Rone, 9.(16) 4B Tom Busch, 10.(8) 7 Jon Sciscoe, 11.(19) Brady Short, 12.(1) 70 Dick Gaines II, 13.(20) 11 Brent Beauchamp, 14.(13) 77x Jason Knoke, 15.(14) 35 Chris Babcock, 16.(18) 6s Josh Cunningham, 17.(4) 91 Mitch Cunningham, 18.(17) 92 Kenny Carmichael, 19.(11) 77 Dave Peperak, 20.(12) 54 Brad Marvel


SONS OF THE AMERICAN LEGION HEAT 1: 1.(2) Jim Hume, 2.(3) Rodney Harris, Jr., 3.(1) Brian Lake, 4.(6) Brad Brown., 5.(4) Clint DeMoss, 6.(7) Greg Deckard, 7.(5) Mike King, 8.(9) Jerry Crane, 9.(8) Chad Combs

SOUTHSIDE STORAGE HEAT 2: 1.(1) Gary Barrow, 2.(4) John DeMoss, 3.(6) Richie Lex, 4.(3) A.J. Bowlen, 5.(5) Lee Hobbs, 6.(7) Al Flick, 7.(8) Chris Streeval, 8.(2) Michael Sterrett

BUCK -- N -- DOLLAR STORE HEAT 3: 1.(5) Shelby Miles, 2.(4) Ralph Groomer, 3.(1) Jeff Bland, Jr., 4.(2) Joe Gilbert, 5.(8) Josh Eads, 6.(3) Ron Fedor, 7.(6) Matt Boknecht, 8.(7) Kyle Woodard

HEAT 4: 1.(1) Jesse Cramer, 2.(2) J.P. Hume, 3.(8) Jack Taylor, 4.(6) Ray Humphrey, 5.(3) Ryan Thomas, 6.(7) Ryan Lawrence, 7.(5) Wendell Wisley, 8.(4) Tony Jarvis

DASH FOR CASH: 1.(2) Gary Barrow, 2.(4) Jesse Cramer, 3.(3) Shelby Miles, 4.(1) Jim Hume

BELL'S EXHAUST SHOPS "B" Feature #1: 1.(1) Clint DeMoss, 2.(5) Greg Deckard, 3.(10) Chris Streeval, 4.(2) Lee Hobbs, 5.(8) Ryan Lawrence, 6.(6) Al Flick, 7.(3) Josh Eads, 8.(7) Ron Fedor, 9.(14) Michael Sterrett, 10.(9) Mike King, 11.(17) Chad Combs, 12.(16) Tony Jarvis, 13.(13) Jerry Crane, 14.(12) Wendell Wisley, 15.(15) Kyle, Woolard, 16.(11) Matt Boknecht, 17.(4) Ryan Thomas

BLACK LUMBER/AMVETS POST 2000 MODIFIED FEATURE: 1.(2) 12T Jesse Cramer, 2.(1) 14 Gary Barrow, 3.(5) 9H Rodney Harris, Jr., 4.(10) 06 Richie Lex, 5.(16) 1H Ray Humphrey, 6.(4) 54 Jim Hume, 7.(17) 78c Clint DeMoss, 8.(8) 5H J.P. Hume, 9.(11) 0x Jeff Bland, Jr., 10.(7) 48 Ralph Groomer, 11.(18) 5 Greg Deckard, 12.(13) 73 Brad Brown, 13.(12) 30T Jack Taylor, 14.(3) 76 Shelby Milers, 15.(6) 79s John DeMoss, 16.(9) 77 Brian Lake, 17.(14) 6 A.J. Bowlen, 18.(19) 30 Chris Streeval, 19.(20) H0 Lee Hobbs, 20.(15) 10G Joe Gilbert


TREE EXPERT TREE SERVICE HEAT 1: 1.(4) Greg Amick, 2.(1) Brad Cummings, 3.(6) Barry Gerkin, 4.(3) Travis Todd, 5.(7) Josh Burton, 6.(5) Travis Howe, DNS.(2) Bill Brown, DNS.(8) Chris Deweese

TRAILDUST HEAT 2: 1.(2) Danny Harris, 2.(1) Jay Miller, 3.(4) Chris Hillman, 4.(6) Mike Jones, 5.(5) Anthony Walker, 6.(8) Steve Hollars, 7.(7) Steve Godsey; DNS.(3) Roy Bruce, Jr.

AVERS PIZZA HEAT 3: 1.(2) Jason Clark, 2.(5) Steve Sutliff, 3.(1) Steve Bowlen, 4.(8) Ben DuBois, 5.(7) Kent Robinson, 6.(4) David Lawson, 7.(6) Todd Mathis, 8.(3) Derek Groomer

HEAT 4: 1.(2) Gerald Todd, 2.(3) Troy Clark, 3.(6) Jeremy Hines, 4.(1) Winston Howe, 5.(4) Randy Howe, 6.(7) Terry Arthur, 7.(5) Kevin Arthur

Dash for Cash: 1.(2) Danny Harris, 2.(4) Gerald Todd, 3.(3) Jason Clark, 4.(1) Greg Amick

RAINTREE 500 MUFFLER SHOP B Feature: 1.(2) Anthony Walker, 2.(4) Randy Howe, 3.(3) Kent Robinson, 4.(11) Kevin Arthur, 5.(8) Terry Arthur, 6.(13) Bill Brown, 7.(1) Josh Burton, 8.(10) Todd Mathis, 9.(7) David Lawson, 10.(6) Steve Hollars, 11.(12) Derek Groomer

K & S ROLLOFF SUPER STOCK FEATURE: 1.(1) 19 Danny Harris, 2.(8) 13c Troy Clark, 3.(12) 5H Jeremy Hines, 4.(7) 14s Steve Sutliff, 5.(9) 44g Barry Gerkin, 6.(18) 43 Randy Howe, 7.(13) T15 Travis Todd, 8.(19) 7R Kent Robinson, 9.(14) 70 Mike Jones, 10.(20) 74 Kevin Arthur, 11.(5) 71 Brad Cummings, 12.(11) 53 Steve Bowlen, 13.(2) 51T Gerald Todd, 14.(6) J33 Jay Miller, 15.(16) 81 Winston Howe, 16.(10) 11 Chris Hillman, 17.(4) 27A Greg Amick, 18.(3) 8JR Jason Clark, 19.(17) 56 Anthony Walker, 20.(15) 55 Ben DuBois


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