Bloomington results 2005-04-15

GAINES TAKES ELLIOTTBRAND CLASH II; CRAMER & DUBOIS FIND VICTORY LANE TOO BLOOMINGTON, IN -- For the second year in a row, Steve Elliott got our season off to a great start. Steve's website design company has carved out an ever-growing niche in...


BLOOMINGTON, IN -- For the second year in a row, Steve Elliott got our season off to a great start. Steve's website design company has carved out an ever-growing niche in designing websites for race drivers, race tracks, and racing based businesses. He called on his clients and other friends in racing to put up cash and merchandise to make the season opener at Bloomington Speedway a must show for most area sprint car teams including those of Cory Kruseman, Dave Darland, Kevin "Pup" Huntley, etc. In addition to lap prize money paid back three places, merchandise prizes were put up by Niebel Engines, Stealth Motorsports, Indy Performance Composites, Joe Gibbs Racing Oils, Keizer Aluminum Wheels, Inc., Kinser Air Filters, VRP Shocks, Force 1 Power Steering, Etc.

Special cash prizes were offered Motorsports Management International for setting fast time and by Eleanor Vogler on behalf of the Rich Vogler Scholarship fund for the "hard charger"

Lap prize awards were paid by Apex Jeans, Conner Pullen, Niflis Shirt Designs, Chalk Racing Products, USAC Live, Benic Enterprises, Bryan Clauson, Competition Welding, Frank Larsen Agency of Web Design, Truckers 24 Hour Road Service, Indy Race Parts, Bullet Chassis, T-Shirts Unlimited, AXR1 Motorsports Media Agency, Carmeroln Dodson,. The Hoosier Hillbilly, Donnie Adams, Jr,, Hoosier Racing Swap Meet 6, Chris Nunn -- Brownstown Speedway, Scheffel Brothers Racing, Racing Fans Direct, C&A Racing, Dakoda Armstrong, Motorsports Management International,, and


A star-studded field of 44 sprint cars unloaded to compete for the honor of being the champion of the second annual Elliottbrand Clash. Included were the top USAC racers like Jay Drake, Dave Darland, Josh Ford, Tom Hessert III and the top Bloomington Speedway regulars such as Kevin Briscoe, Bryan Clauson, and Kenny Carmichael. It just had to be a night of hard nosed racing; and that's just the way it turned out.

Darren Hagen went out first to qualify and set quick time, just a tick off of the track record. Dave Darland was second quick trailed by Tom Hessert III, Kevin Briscoe, Mat Neely, and defending USAC champion Jay Drake.

The competitors were divided into five heats with only the first three earning a ticket to the feature. Everyone else would have to come out of one of the two "B" features. Mitch Cunningham, Dick Gaines II, Josh Ford, Shane Hollingsworth, and Kent Christian won the heat races while Hagen and Drake took the two "B" features.

As the cars were forming up to take the green flag, Bryan Clauson rolled to a stop in turn four. After a brief conversation with a corner worker, Bryan was pushed to the work area, When the pace car pulled off of the track it was apparent that Clauson would not make the start. However, fast qualifier Hagen spun in turn four bringing out the yellow flag. Kent Christian ran into the inside barrier avoiding Hagen; and his evening was done. The restart that resulted gave Clauson another opportunity to start the race; but when he didn't come out it became clear that his night was done.

Another top competitor was eliminated when Dave Darland got the Jeff Walker sprinter upside down in turn one. Mat Neely, Kevin Briscoe, and Derek Franks joined Clauson, Darland, and Christian in exiting the contest without scoring a lap.

Defending USAC champion Jay Drake who was subbing for Bloomington regular Jared Fox started on the pole; and it was clear that he was the man to beat. Tom Hessert was in second place when the first lap went into the books; and it looked like Hessert had a good shot at winning his first feature. However, his hopes were dashed when he rolled to a stop on the 26th circuit.

Dick Gaines started 12th and battled his way to third on lap 8. When Hessert dropped out, Gaines was on Drakes back bumper for the restart. Finally, as they came to the white flag Gaines took the lead. Drake would have to settle for second trailed by Jon Sciscoe, Shane Hollingsworth, and Matt Westfall.


Jesse Cramer got his season off to a great start by leading the O'Neal Wood Products/Monroe County Pizza Dept. modified feature from the green flag to the checkered flag. Former modified champion John DeMoss started fourth; and passed Jack Taylor to take second place on the fourth lap. He would chase Cramer all the way to the checkered flag. DeMoss has thousands of laps on the red clay along with a lot of feature wins. He won twice last season on only nine attempts; and it was clear that he very much wanted to start his 2005 season at Bloomington Speedway with a win. However, Cramer had won his heat and the dash; and he was going to do everything in his power to stay in front until the checkered flag fell on the feature. DeMoss would have to wait for another night to get his first feature win of the 2005 season.

In preliminary action, Cramer, Jack Taylor, and Ryan Lawrence won the heat races; and Judas Bowling prevailed in the "B" feature.

Chad Combs earned the hard charger honors by coming from his 17th place starting position to finish seventh.


Ben DuBois of Bloomington gave notice to the rest of the Tire & Wheel Center super stock competitors that, if they intended to win the super stock championship, they were going to have to beat him to do it. And, he doesn't intend for that to happen. He did just about everything possible to get a jump on the competition with his performance last night. He came from his fourth place starting position to win his heat; and he followed that up by finishing second in the dash. He then went from his second place starting position in the feature to lead it from green to checkered.

Danny Harris started third, took second on the first lap, and chased DuBois for the entire 25 laps. He could get alongside DuBois; but he just couldn't get past him. Chris Deweese took third on the 18th lap; but he was forced to settle for that. Brad Cummings finished fourth.; Hillman crossed the line in fifth place; but he was disqualified when he failed to report to the scales for the mandatory weigh in.

In preliminary super stock action, Chris Hillman, DuBois, and Harris won the heat races while Mike Jones took the "B" feature. Hillman prevailed in the dash.



Qualifications: 1. Darren Hagen, 71, 11.089; 2. Dave Darland, 11d, 11.092; 3. Tom Hessert III, 5H, 11.096; 4. Kevin Briscoe, 5, 11.173; 5. Mat Neely, 6, 11.293; 6. Jay Drake, 56, 11.296; 7. Jon Sciscoe, 7, 11.397; 8. Kevin Besecker, 15, 11.400; 9. Bryan Clauson, 7c, 11.406; 10. Kevin "Pup" Huntley, 21x, 11.423; 11. Cory Kruseman, 67, 11.426; 12. Dick Gaines II, 70, 11.436; 13. Josh Ford, 73, 11.448; 14. Shane Hollingsworth, 85, 11.450; 15. Kent Christian, 1c, 11.451; 16. Jon Stanbrough, 10, 11.467; 17. Kenny Carmichael, 92, 11.486; 18. Tom Busch, 4B, 11.523; 19. Curt Trainer, 36x, 11.570; 20. Jason Knoke, 77, 11.627; 21. Brad Marvel, 54, 11.631; 22. Matt Westfall, 54x, 11.632; 23. Hud Cone, 14, 11.658; 24. Mark Hall, 2HL, 11.678; 25. Steve Rone, 9R, 11.711; 26. Mitch Cunningham, 91, 11.729; 27. Kevin Chambers, 18, 11.731; 28. Derek Franks, 3x, 11.758; 29. Bobby Smith, 8, 11.789; 30. Bobby Stines, 88, 11.805; 31. Danny Holtsclaw, 11P, 11.823; 32. J.T. Imperial, 12, 11.850; 33. Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 92c, 11.906; 34. Chris Babcock, 35, 12.106; 35. Rick Waltman, 11w, 12.120; 36. Bryan Stanfill, 9, 12.349, 37. Donnie Gentry, 51, 12.363, 38. Ty Deckard, 11, 12.375, 39. Brent Beauchamp, 11x, 12.430, 40. Dustin Beliles, 71x, 12.513, 41. Gary Hayden, 7w, 12.853, 42. Brady Short, 36, 13.208, 43. Adam Beliles, 13.212, 44. Johnny Johnson, 72J, 14.732

AUTO HEAVEN AUTO PARTS HEAT 1: 1.(1) Mitch Cunningham, 2.(2) Brad Marvel, 3.(3) Jon Stanbrough, 4.(6) Darren Hagen, 5.(5) Jay Drake, 6.(8) Bryan Stanfill, 7.(9) Gary Hayder, 8.(4) Cory Kruseman, 9.(7) Danny Holtsclaw

PAUL D. BAUGH LAW OFFICE HEAT 2: 1.(4) Dick Gaines II, 2.(6) Dave Darland, 3.(5) Jon Sciscoe, 4.(3) Kenny Carmichael, 5.(1) Kevin Chambers, 6.(2) Matt Westfall, 7.(7) J.T. Imperial, 8.(9) Brady Short, 9 (8) Donnie Gentry

WALNUT STREET AUTO SALES/CAMPUS RENTAL HEAT 3: 1.(4) Josh Ford, 2.(6) Tom Hessert III, 3.(1) Derek Franks, 4.(5) Kevin Besecker, 5.(2) Hud Cone, 6.(7) Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 7.(8) Ty Deckard 8.(9) Adam Beliles, 9.(3) Tom Busch

HEAT 4: 1.(4) Shane Hollingsworth, 2.(5) Bryan Clauson, 3.(6) Kevin Briscoe, 4.(1) Bobby Smith, 5.(8) Brent Beauchamp, 6.(2) Mark Hall, 7.(7) Chris Babcock, 8.(3) Curt Trainer, 9.(9) Johnny Johnson

HEAT 5: 1.(4) Kent Christian, 2.(1) Bobby Stines, 3.(6) Mat Neely, 4.(2) Steve Rone, 5.(8) Dustin Beliles, 6.(3) Jason Knoke, 7.(5) Kevin "Pup" Huntley, 8.(7) Rick Waltman

JB SALVAGE B FEATURE #1: 1.(1) Darren Hagen, 2.(3) Cory Kruseman, 3.(2) Kevin Besecker, 4.(6) Hud Cone, 5.(5) Jason Knoke, 6.(9) J.T. Imperial, 7.(7) Steve Rone, 8.(8) Bobby Smith, 9.(10) Chris Babcock, 10.(13) Dustin Beliles, 11.(12) Ty Deckard, 12.(15) Johnny Johnson, 13.(14) Brady Short

JB SALVAGE B FEARTURE #2: 1.(1) Jay Drake, 2.(5) Matt Westfall, 3.(2) Kevin Huntley, 4.(3) Kenny Carmichael, 5.(9) Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 6.(12) Brent Beauchamp, 7.(13) Gary Hayden, 8.(14) Adam Beliles, 9.(11) Donnie Gentry, 10.(4) Curt Trainer, 11.(6) Mark Hall, 12.(7) Kevin Chambers

ROOTS RV FEATURE: 1.(12) 70 Dick Gaines II, 2.(1) 67 Jay Drake, 3.(7) 7 Jon Sciscoe, 4.(14) 85 Shane Hollingsworth, 5.(18) 54x Matt Westfall, 6.(11) 67 Cory Kruseman., 7.(8) 15 Kevin Besecker, 8.(13) 73 Josh Ford, 9.(17) 54 Brad Marvel, 10.(19) 91 Mitch Cunningham, 12.(16) 10 Jon Stanbrough, 13.(4) 5H Tom Hessert III, 14.(6) 71 Darren Hagen, 15.(10) 21x Kevin Huntley, 16.(2) 6 Mat Neely, 17.(3) 5 Kevin Briscoe, 18.(5) 11d Dave Darland, 19.(9) 7c Bryan Clauson, 20.(15) 1c Kent Christian, 21.(20) 3x Derek Franks


SONS OF THE AMERICAN LEGION HEAT 1: 1.(1) Jesse Cramer, 2.(6) John DeMoss, 3.(7) Gary Barrow, 4.(2) Rodney Harris, Jr., 5.(8) A.J. Bowlen, 6.(3) Judas Bowling, 7.(9) Kyle Woolard, 8.(5) Joe Gilbert, 9.(4) Matt Hamilton

SOUTHSIDE STORAGE HEAT 2: 1.(4) Jack Taylor, 2.(9) Ray Humphrey, 3.(5) Rob Fedor, 4.(1) Eddie Lake, 5.(2) Brad Brown, 6.(7) Wendell Wisley, 7.(8) John Phillips 8.(6) Jerry Crane

BUCK -- N -- DOLLAR STORE HEAT 3: 1.(3) Ryan Lawrence, 2.(5) Shelby Miles, 3.(6) J.P. Hume, 4.(2) Lee Hobbs, 5.(8) Greg Deckard, 6.(4) Chad Combs, 7.(9) Josh Eads, 8.(7) Dr. Tom Black

DASH FOR CASH: 1.(1) Jesse Cramer, 2.(2) Jack Taylor, 3.(3) Ryan Lawrence

BELL'S EXHAUST SHOPS "B" Feature #1: 1.(1) Judas Bowling, 2.(3) Chad Combs, 3.(10) Matt Hamilton, 4.(8) Jerry Crane, 5.(2) Wendell Wisley, 6.(9) Dr. Tom Black, 7.(5) John Phillips, 8.(4) Kyle Woolard, 9.(6) Josh Eads

BLACK LUMBER/AMVETS POST 2000 MODIFIED FEATURE: 1.(1) 12 Jesse Cramer, 2.(4) 79s John DeMoss, 3.(6) 76 Shelby Miles, 4.(2) 30 Jack Taylor, 5.(9) 5H J.P. Hume, 6.(7) 14 Gary Barrow, 7.(17) 09 Chad Combs, 8.(15) 5 Greg Deckard, 9.(19) 24c Jerry Crane, 10.(5) 1H Ray Humphrey, 11.(14) 73 Brad Brown, 12.(16) 18 Judas Bowling, 13.(13) H0 Lee Hobbs, 14.(3) 8L Ryan Lawrence, 15.(10) 9H Rodney Harris, Jr., 16.(8) 15F Ron Fedor, 17.(13) 6 A.J. Bowlen, 18.(18) 71H Matt Hamilton, 19.(11) 77 Eddie Lake


TREE EXPERT TREE SERVICE HEAT 1: 1.(2) Chris Hillman, 2.(9) Chris Deweese, 3.(4) Kevin Arthur, 4.(3) Steve Hollars, 5.(10) Steve Sutliff, 6.(8) Mike Jones, 7.(5) Kent Robinson, 8.(6) Troy Clark

TRAILDUST HEAT 2: 1.(4) Ben DuBois, 2.(5) Steven Godsey, 3.(9) Brad Cummings, 4.(3) Randy Howe, 5.(6) Terry Arthur, 6.(2) Steve Bowlen, 7.(8) Josh Burton; 8.(7) Warren Hopkins

AVERS PIZZA HEAT 3: 1.(1) Danny Harris, 2.(2) Tom Ault, 3.(3) Travis Todd, 4.(8) Greg Amick, 5.(7) Jim Ruddick, 6.(6) David Lawson, 7.(3) Travis Howe, 8.(9) Todd Mathis

Dash for Cash: 1.(1) Chris Hillman, 2.(2) Ben DuBois, 3.(3) Danny Harris

RAINTREE 500 MUFFLER SHOP B Feature: 1.(1) Mike Jones, 2.(4) Kent Robinson, 3.(2) Steve Bowlen, 4.(8) Warren Hopkins, 5.(3) David Lawson, 6.(6) Travis Howe, 7.(5) Josh Burton, 8.(10) Winston Howe, 9.(7) Troy Clark

K & S ROLLOFF SUPER STOCK FEATURE: 1.(2) 55 Ben DuBois, 2.(3) 19 Danny Harris, 3.(4) 21 Chris Deweese, 4.(8) 71 Brad Cummings, 5.(15) 0x Jim Ruddick, 6.(10) 18 Steve Hollars, 7.(16) 70 Mike Jones, 8.(11) 43 Randy Howe, 9.(13) 14s Steve Sutliff, 10.(20) 35 David Lawson, 11.(5) 23A Steven Godsey, 12.(19) 44 Warren Hopkins, 13.(6) 1A Tom Ault, 14.(14) 5 Terry Arthur, 15.(17) 7R Kent Robinson, 16.(9) T15 Travis Todd, 17.(20) 0 Travis Howe, 18.(12) 27A Greg Amick, 19.(18) 53 Steve Bowlen, 20.(1) 11 Chris Hillman (DQ)


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