Bloomington results 2004-07-16

Humphrey Wins Wolfpack Challenge Harris Wins Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock Feature BLOOMINGTON, IN (July 17, 2004) -- After losing last week to the weatherman, the race fans scored another one in the win column last night at Bloomington ...

Humphrey Wins Wolfpack Challenge

Harris Wins Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock Feature

BLOOMINGTON, IN (July 17, 2004) -- After losing last week to the weatherman, the race fans scored another one in the win column last night at Bloomington Speedway. Though lightning was apparent in the Northern skies, not a drop of rain fell on Bloomington Speedway until the racing was done; and the parking lots were nearly empty.

This week the Modified Wolfpack Challenge made its annual visit to the red clay of Bloomington Speedway. The series is in its third year; and its first two champions were Daryl Herbert and Paul Bumgardner. Going into last night's competition, the series points leaders were John DeMoss, Carlos Bumgardner, Ray Humphrey, Rob Fuqua, and Josh Ferguson. With his win last night, Ray Humphrey should lead the points when the results from Bloomington Speedway are added into the Points for the races at Lincoln Park Speedway and VCS at Danville, Ill.

The remaining races in the series are scheduled for Gas City I-69 Speedway (July 23), Limaland Speedway at Lima, Ohio (July 24), Union County Speedway at Liberty, Ind. (July 30), Kamp Motor Speedway at Boswell, Ind (July 31), Terre Haute Action Track (August TBA), and Red Hill Raceway (August 7), and Paragon Speedway (August 14).

O'NEAL WOOD PRODUCTS MODIFIEDS (Modified Wolfpack Challenge) --

We always have a good, strong field of O'Neal Wood Products modifieds in competition each Friday night. However, last night we had 47 modifieds in competition. While that is only a few cars more than our average, the visitors included some of the top modified racers. However, the top ten qualifiers were Bloomington Speedway O'Neal Wood Products regular competitors.

Jesse Cramer had a great night. He was seventh quick in qualifications. He started third in his heat race. He passed Ryan Lawrence to take second on the third lap. When the white flag fell Cramer was running second; however, after the white flag flew, it was do or die time for Jesse. Cramer passed Ryan Thomas on the final circuit to score a win in his heat race and earn a ticket to the dash. He took the lead in the dash from his outside front row starting position when the green flag waved. He held the lead until the checkered flag greeted him from flagman Rusty Nunn.

Cramer's dash win put him on the pole to start the feature. He grabbed the lead and held it until the cross flags came out signaling the midway point in the feature. Ray Humphrey had caught him and passed him to take the point. Cramer held on salvage a second place finish, his best finish ever on the red clay.

Ray Humphrey was the eighth fastest qualifier. He drove to a second place finish in his heat which gave him a eighth place starting position in the feature. By the fifth lap Humphrey had passed Jack Taylor to take fifth place. He got past Ralph Groomer to take fourth on the on the seventh lap; and, on the tenth lap, he took third from Matt Bex. On the 13th circuit a shunt took out second place Paul Bumgardner along with defending O'Neal Wood Products modified champion Shelby Miles and Gary Barrow. This left only Jesse Cramer between Humphrey and his second feature win of the season. Two laps later he took the lead; and he held it until the checkered flags waved. Humprey had the win.

Matt Boknecht and Kerry Norris both had trouble In their heat race and had to get to the feature via a "B" feature. They started 16th and 19th respectively in the feature. They both turned in sparkling performances to finish fourth and fifth behind Matt Bex.

O'Neal Wood Products modified points leader experienced mechanical failure in his heat race that proved to be too severe to repair in time for the "B" feature. Failure to make the feature would give him a severe hit in the points. Jim Hume had qualified for the feature by winning his heat race and finishing third in the dash. However, since he was not one of the top contenders for the O'Neal Wood Products modified championship, he generously turned his car over to Short. The driver substitution sent Short to the tail of the feature. Brady drove from the tail to a decent sixth place finish.

Richie Lex, Phil VanSant, Nathan Voorhies, and visiting Rick Gumm rounded out the top ten.

In preliminary action, Jim Hume, Jesse Cramer, Jack Taylor, Paul Bumgardner, and Matt Bex won the heat races while Matt Boknecht and Phil VanSant took the "B" features.


Danny Harris drove to a Tire & Wheel Center super stock feature win for the second week in a row last night. Harris won his heat race and the dash to earn the right to start on the pole in the feature. When the green flag dropped Harris took lead and held it flag to flag.

Troy Clark took his heat and finished second in the dash to earn a front row starting position in the feature. Clark chased Harris all night to take second place in the feature event.

Ben DuBois' third place finish in the feature should give him a little more of an edge in his race for the Tire & Wheel Center super stock championship.

Former Tire & Wheel Center super stock champion Greg Kendall had had trouble the previous four weeks. He had had a 14th, a 20th, and he failed to make the feature twice. Last night Kenall followed Mike Vest across the finish line to take a fifth place finish.

Mike Vest Anthony Walker, Greg Kendall, Chris Hillman, Kevin Arthur,. Steve Hollars, and Mike Jones rounded out the top ten.

In the Tire & Wheel Center super stock preliminaries Troy Clark, Danny Harris, and Ben DuBois took the heat races while Harris won the dash. Chris Deweese prevailed in the "B" Feature.



Qualifications: 1. Clint DeMoss, 78c, 13.371, 2. Matt Boknecht, 22, 13.385, 3. Richie Lex, 4s, 13.402, 4. Gary Barrow, 14, 13.464, 5. Shelby Miles, 76, 13.479, 6. John DeMoss, 79d, (13.485), 7. Jesse Cramer, 12T, 13.517, 8. Ray Humphrey, 1H, 13.521, 9. Brady Short, 36, 13.556, 10. Jeff Bland, Jr., 38, 13.674, 11. Jim Hume, 54x, 13.747, 12. Ryan Thomas, T9, 13.788, 13. Phil VanSant, 31v, 13.788, 14. Paul Bumgardner, 54, 13.798, 15. Matt Bex, 31, 13.806, 16. Ralph Groomer, 48, 13.843, 17. Ryan Lawrence, 8L, 13.845, 18. Jack Taylor, 30, 13.900, 19. Travis Shoulders, 166, 13.906, 20. Kerry Norris, 5N, 13.925, 21. J.P. Hume, 5H, 13.959, 22. Carlos Bumgardner, 34, 14.040, 23. Michael Sterrett, M21, 14.045, 24. Rick Gumm, 113, 14.092, 25. Greg Deckard, 5, 14.107, 26. Rodney Harris, Jr., 9H, 14.126, 27. Gary Ricketts, 33R, 14.145, 28. Brad Heady (89H), 14.233, 29. Mike Phillips, 11, 14.274, 30. Bobby Davis, 32, 14.374, 31. Tony Jarvis, 17T, 14.386, 32. Jared Bailey, 24, 14.402, 33. Charles Belden, Jr., 76B, 14.404, 34. Gary Hayden, 7W, 14.417, 35. Justin Hillenburg, 57H, 14.434, 36. Joe Gilbert, 10G, 14.610, 37. Nathan Voorhies, 4, 14.636, 38. Don Parson, 7P, 14.687, 39. Jimmy Hayden, 15J, 14.700, 40. Greg Lee, 55, 14.704, 41. Daniel Bohall, 20, 15.002, 42. Webb Lee, 66, 15.029, 43. Josh Eads, 46, 15.135, 44. Matt Hamilton, 4H, 15.136, 45. Bobby McIntosh, 99M, 15.146, 46. Sam Lee, 55x, 15.642, 47. Wendell Wisley, 56, 15.782

SONS OF THE AMERICAN LEGION HEAT 1: 1.(5) Jim Hume, 2.(1) Ralph Groomer, 3.(6) Rodney Harris, Jr., 4.(3) John DeMoss, 5.(5) J.P. Hume, 6.(8) Joe Gilbert, 7.(9) Daniel Bohall, 8.(10) Sam Lee, 9.(4) Clint DeMoss, 10.(7) Troy Jarvis

COLOR TYME HEAT 2: 1.(3) Jesse Cramer, 2.(2) Ryan Thomas, 3.(5) Carlos Bumgardner, 4.(4) Matt Boknecht, 5.(8) Nathan Voorhies, 6.(7) Jared Bailey, 7.(6) Gary Ricketts, 8.(9) Webb Lee, 10.(10) Wendell Wisley

CURRY GMC TRUCK CENTER HEAT 3: 1.(1) Jack Taylor, 2.(3) Ray Humphrey, 3.(4) Richie Lex, 4.(2) Phil VanSant, 5.(5) Michael Sterrett, 6.(7) Charlie Belden, Jr., 7.(8) Don Parson, 8.(6) Brad Heady, 9.(9) Josh Eads

TERRY CUMMINGS ENGINES HEAT 4: 1.(2) Paul Bumgardner, 2.(4) Gary Barrow, 3.(5) Rick Gumm, 4.(7) Gary Hayden, 5.(8) Jimmy Hayden, 6.(6) Mike Phillips, 7.(1) Travis Shoulders, 8.(9) Matt Hamilton, 9.(3) Brady Short

TIRE & WHEEL CENTER SUPE STOCK HEAT 5: 1.(2) Matt Bex, 2.(3) Jeff Bland, Jr., 3.(4) Shelby Miles, 4.(5) Greg Deckard, 5.(7) Justin Hillenburg, 6.(8) Greg Lee, 7.(1) Kerry Norris, 8.(6) Bobby Davis, 9.(9) Bobby McIntosh

BTI CRUSHED STONE SALES DASH FOR CASH: 1.(2) Jesse Cramer, 2.(5) Matt Bex, 3.(1) Brady Short, 4.(4) Paul Bumgardner, 5.(3) Jack Taylor

DELL'S EXHAUST SHOPS "B" Feature: 1.(2) Matt Boknecht, 2.(1) John DeMoss, 3.(3) Greg Deckard, 4.(14) Clint DeMoss, 5.(4) J.P. Hume, 6.(8) Mike Phillips, 7.(11) Sam Lee, 8.(6) Justin Hillenburg, 9.(10) Don Parson, 10.(16) Bobby McIntosh, 11.(7) Charles Belden, Jr., 12.(5) Jimmy Hayden, 13.(9) Gary Ricketts, 14.(12) Webb Lee, 15.(13) Bobby Davis

MONROE COUNTY PIZZA DEPT. "B" Feature: 1.(1) Phil VanSant, 2.(3) Nathan Voorhies, 3.(10) Kerry Norris, 4.(2) Gary Hayden, 5.(11) Brad Heady, 6.(9) Travis Shoulders, 7.(6) Brady Short, 8.(4) Michael Sterrett, 9.(8) Daniel Bohall, 10.(5) Joe Gilbert, 11.(14) Josh Eads, 12.(12) Matt Hamilton, 13.(15) Wendell Wisley

BLACK LUMBER MODIFIED FEATURE: 1.(8) 1H Ray Humphrey, 2.(1) 12T Jesse Cramer, 3.(2) 31 Matt Bex, 4.(16) 22 Matt Boknecht, 5.(19) 5N Kerry Norris, 6.(21) 54x Brady Short, 7.(13) 4s Richie Lex, 8.(17) 31v Phil VanSant, 9.(19) 4 Nathan Voorhies, 10.(14) 113 Rick Gumm, 11.(20) 5 Greg Deckard, 12.(5) 30 Jack Taylor, 13.(10) 38 Jeff Bland, Jr., 14.(11) 9H Rodney Harris, Jr., 15.(12) 34 Carlos Bumgardner, 16.(6) 48 Ralph Groomer, 17.(7) T9 Ryan Thomas, 18.(4) 54 Paul Bumgardner, 19.(9) 14 Gary Barrow,. 20.(15) 76 Shelby Miles, 21.(18) John DeMoss


MCCAMMON TREE SERVICE HEAT 1: 1.(3) Troy Clark, 2.(1) Mike Vest, 3.(2) Gary Amick, 4.(4) Steve Hollars, 5.(6) Tom Plotz, 6.(8) Jason Clark, 7.(5) Chris Deweese

PATRIOT CHASSIS HEAT 2: 1.(4) Danny Harris, 2.(2) Joe Lucas, 3.(3) Terry Arthur, 4.(8) Gerald Todd, 5.(6) Jack Frye, 6.(7) Mike Jones, 7.(1) Jeremy Stierwalt, 8.(5) Randy Howe

WILD BIRDS UNLIMITED HEAT 3: 1.(2) Ben DuBois, 2.(1) Anthony Walker, 3.(4) Chris Hillman, 4.(5) Tom Ault, 5.(7) Greg Kendall, 6.(8) Kevin Arthur, 7.(3) Trent Niflis, 8.(6) David Lawson

Dash for Cash: 1.(2) Danny Harris, 2.(1) Troy Clark, 3.(3) Ben DuBois

TOM CHERRY MUFFLER "B" FEATURE: 1.(4) Chris Deweese, 2.(1) Jason Clark, 3.(3) Kevin Arthur, 4.(5) Jeremy Stierwalt, 5.(2) Mike Jones, 6.(7) Randy Howe, 7.(8) David Lawson

AMVETS POST 2000 SUPER STOCK FEATURE: 1.(1) 19 Danny Harris, 2.(2) 13c Troy Clark, 3.(3) 55 Ben DuBois, 4.(4) 22K Mike Vest, 5.(6) 56 Anthony Walker, 6.(15) 44 Greg Kendall, 7.(9) 11 Chris Hillman, 8.(18) 74 Kevin Arthur, 9.(10) 18 Steve Hollars, 10.(20) 70 Mike Jones, 11.(19) 40 Jeremy Stierwalt, 12.(7) 27A Greg Amick, 13.(13) 16P Tom Plotz, 14.(8) 5 Terry Arthur, 15.(5) 3J Joe Lucas, 16.(12) 1A Tom Ault, 17.(11) 51T Gerald Todd, 18.(16) 23 Chris Deweese, 19.(17) 8JR Jason Clark, 20.(14) Jack Frye


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