Bloomington results 2004-05-28

BLOOMINGTON, IN (May 28, 2004) -- The fans at Bloomington Speedway last night experienced a night of some of the most exciting racing that they'll see all season. Memorial day weekend is always one of the best racing weekends of the season.

BLOOMINGTON, IN (May 28, 2004) -- The fans at Bloomington Speedway last night experienced a night of some of the most exciting racing that they'll see all season. Memorial day weekend is always one of the best racing weekends of the season. Bloomington Speedway race fans came to the ret clay oval expecting that; and they were not disappointed.

Rusty Nunn, our flagman, was missing from the flag-stand: and some fans might have attributed his absence to the dislocated shoulder that he suffered avoiding the flipping mount of Dick Gaines II last Friday. We are pleased to advise you that that was not the case. Actually, Rusty was in Louisville competing in a a bowling tournament Tim Montgomery did a great job in relief for Rusty. Rusty should be back in the flagstand next Friday night.

The rain that has been falling on Bloomington Speedway all week and Mike Miles' usual fantastic track preparation combined to make the red clay oval lightning fast.

Briscoe Edges Bryan Clauson To Take Third Straight Bloomington Win --

Kevin Briscoe unloaded in the pits knowing that the best he could start in the feature would be tenth. A track rule prescribes that a driver who wins two straight features may not start the feature better than tenth. Did that little fact effect Briscoe's qualification effort? Apparently he didn't back off too much. He set a new track record of 11.058 seconds. The record that Briscoe eclipsed was 11.192 seconds; and it was set by Bill Rose on July 12, 2002.

Bryan Clauson was second quick with a time of 11.200 seconds -- only 0.008 seconds off of Rose's record. Eric Shively, Bryan Stanfill, Kent Christian, and Jimmy Laser made up the balance of the fastest six qualifiers.

Briscoe won his heat from his sixth place starting position while Bobby Stines and Shawn Krockenberger both won their heat races from their outside first row starting positions. Fourteen year old Bryan Clauson won the "B" Feature in convincing fashion to earn his transfer to the feature.

When the green flag fell to start the sprint car feature, Jimmy Laser charged into the lead from his pole starting position. However, Kent Christian was hooked up; and it took him only four laps to find his way around Laser. Clauson, who started in the third row, was wasting no time either. He passed Laser to take second on the tenth lap; and he got around Christian to take the lead on the 13th circuit.

Clauson seemed to be running on a pace to earn him his first Bloomington Speedway feature win. However, Briscoe was working his war forward from his tenth place starting position. Briscoe was in third place on the 12th circuit; however, there was a lot of distance between Briscoe and Clauson's mount. It appeared that, without a yellow flag, there was no way that Briscoe could catch Clauson who was turning one perfect lap after another. However, Briscoe continued to eat up the distance between them. As they took the white flag, Briscoe had a wheel alongside of Clauson. This race had come down to a one lap drag race between a very talented 14 year old rookie and a 35 year old seasoned veteran who had won the previous two features on the same track. As the pair came out of turn four side by side, Clauson's car got a little out of shape; and he started flipping down the front stretch behind Briscoe. Briscoe took the checkered flag; and, before the flagman could display the red flag, Clauson had crossed the finish line in the air.

While the crash was very violent, Clauson's car owners, his parents, had made certain that he had the best safety equipment available, including the latest NASCAR style seat. The safety equipment had done its job. However, since Bryan complained of some back pain, they removed him from his car still in his seat. When the paramedics got him out of the car, they carefully transferred him to a backboard. Throughout this process, Bryan was alert and talking to his rescuers. As they loaded him in the ambulance, Bryan was waving to the crowd.

Clauson was transported to Bloomington Hospital where he was checked and sent home. He will, no doubt, be a little sore today; but it's pretty certain that he'll be ready to race again before his car is.

Jimmy Laser finished third trailed by Jared Fox, Eric Shively, Justin Marvel, Kenny Carmichael, Darren Hagen, Shawn Krockenberger, and Kevin Chambers.

Shelby Miles Wins O'Neal Wood Products Modified Feature --

Defending O'Neal Wood Products modified champion Shelby Miles started inside of the second row and he charged into second place behind modified ace, Ray Humphrey. Lap after lap Miles dogged Humprey. Finally, on the 23rd circuit Miles passed Humphrey to take the lead; and he managed to hold onto it for the final three laps.

The drama of the modified feature increased when Lee Hobbs, who had been delayed in getting to the track by a family obligation, arrived before the feature began. Former Tire & Wheel Center super stock racer, Zach Carney, had put the Short modified normally driven by Hobbs in the feature by winning the "B" feature. Since the car would be starting in the back of the field anyway, they decided to put Hobbs back in the car for the feature. He worked his way from the tail to an eighth place finish.

Brady Short followed Miles and Humphrey across the finish line to take third trailed by Clint DeMoss, Jesse Cramer, Jeff Bland, Jr., Ryan Thomas, Hobbs, Chris Hillman, and Judas Bowling.

In preliminary action, Clint DeMoss, Humprey, and Miles won the heat races, while DeMoss took the dash.


Jack Frye has been campaigning a Tire & Wheel Center super stock for 20 years and is the defending Tire & Wheel Center super stock champion; and, until last night, he had never found victory lane at Bloomington Speedway. When Frye finally won a feature, it wasn't by a narrow margin. He took the lead when the green flag dropped and led the feature flag to flag. Gary Trammell took second place on the seventh lap; but he had nothing for Frye. Kevin Arthur started third and finished there. Aaron Zellers came home fourth ahead of Greg Kendall, Ben DuBois, Tom Plotz, Troy Clark, Kent Robinson, and Anthony Walker.

The same track rule that required Kevin Briscoe to start tenth also mandated Kendall to start tenth; however, unlike Briscoe, Kendall was only able to score a fifth place finish. However, the fifth place finish will more than protect his points lead as those who finished ahead of him were well behind him in the points race.

In preliminary competition, Terry Arthur, Frye, and Kevin Arthur won the heat races while Greg Amick took the "B" Feature. Terry Arthur prevailed in the dash.



Qualifications: 1. Kevin Briscoe, 5, 11.058 (New Track Record); 2. Bryan Clauson, 7, 11.200; 3. Eric Shively, 3R, 11.300; 4. Bryan Stanfill, 21x, 11.332; 5. Kent Christian, 1c, 11.371; 6. Jimmy Laser, 8L, 11.442; 7. Jared Fox, 56, 11.540; 8. Justin Marvel, 47, 11.578; 9. Darren Hagen, 11, 11.594; 10. Mike Hunnicutt, 12H, 11.672; 11. Matt Brun, 28, 14.694; 12. Jason Robbins, 75, 11.714; 13. Kenny Carmichael, 47T, 11.762; 14. Bobby Stines, 88, 11.779, 15. Shawn Krockenberger, 21K, 11.871; 16. Mitch Cunningham, 91, 11.963, 17. Kevin Chambers, 18, 11.975; 18. John Sciscoe, 7x, 11.985; 19. John Dick, 68D, 12.010; 20. Steve Rone, 9R, 12.057; 21. Chase Stockton, 32, 12.202, 22. Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 92c, 12.431; 23. Kyle Nicholas, 2N, 12.523; 24. Joe Canxdale, 5c, 12.908; 25. Eric Edwards, 44, 12.917; 26. Josh Cunningham, 6s, NT; 27. Dick Gaines II, NT

AUTO HEAVEN AUTO PARTS HEAT 1: 1.(6) Kevin Briscoe, 2.(2) Kenny Carmichael, 3.(4) Jared Fox, 4.(5) Bryan Stanfill, 5.(3) Mike Hunnicutt, 6.(8) Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 7.(7) John Dick, 8.(1) Mitch Cunningham, 9.(9) Eric Edwards

PAUL D. BAUGH ATTORNEY AT LAW HEAT 2: 1.(2) Bobby Stines, 2.(4) Justin Marvel, 3.(5) Kent Christian, 4.(1) Kevin Chambers, 5.(7) Steve Rone, 6.(8) Kyle Nicholas, 7.(6) Bryan Clauson, 8.(3) Matt Brun

WALNUT STREET AUTO SALES/CAMPUS RENTAL HEAT 3: 1.(2) Shawn Krockenberger, 2.(3) Jason Robbins, 3.(3) John Sciscoe, 4.(6) Eric Shively, 5.(5) Jimmy Laser, 6.(7) Chase Stockton, 7.(4) Darren Hagen.. 8.(8) Joe Cansdale, 9.(DNS) Dick Gaines II

JB SALVAGE B FEATURE: 1.(1) Bryan Clauson, 2.(2) Darren Hagen, 3.(7) Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 4.(4) Mitch Cunningham, 5.(3) Matt Brun, 6.(6) Chase Stockton, 7.(5) John Dick, 8.(11) Josh Cunningham, 9.(8) Kyle Nicholas, 10.(9) Joe Cansdale, 11.(DNS) Eric Edwards, 12.(DNS) Dick Gaines II

ROOTS RV FEATURE: 1.(10) 5 Kevin Briscoe, 2.(5) 7 Bryan Clauson, 3.(1) 8L Jimmy Laser, 4.(6) 56 Jared Fox, 5.(4) 3R Eric Shively, 6.(7) 47 Justin Marvel, 7.(13) 47T Kenny Carmichael, 8.(8) Darren Hagen, 9.(15) 21K Shawn Krockenberger, 10.(17) 18 Kevin Chambers, 11.(3) 21x Bryan Stanfill, 12.(18) 7x John Sciscoe, 13.(19) 9R Steve Rone, 14.(9) 12H Mike Hunnicutt, 15.(16) 91 Mitch Cunningham, 16.(11) 28 Matt Brun, 17.(14) 88 Bobby Stines, 18.(20) 92c Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 19.(2) 1c Kent Christian, 20.(12) 75 Jason Robbins Lap Leaders: Jimmy Laser (1-3), Kent Christian (4-12), Bryan Clauson (13-24), Kevin Briscoe (25)


SONS OF THE AMERICAN LEGION HEAT 1: 1.(1) Clint DeMoss, 2.(2) Ryan Thomas, 3.(3) Brady Short, 4.(4) Nathan Voorhies, 5.(8) Michael Stennett, 6.(5) Tom Kelly, 7.(6) Rodney Harris, Jr., 8.(7) Eddie Lake

COLOR TYME HEAT 2: 1.(4) Ray Humphrey, 2.(7) Chris Hillman, 3.(8) Joe Gilbert, 4.(3) Michael Giannini, 5.(1) Richie Lex, 6.(5) Wendell Wisley, 7.(6) Gary Barrow, 8.(2) Rob Burdette

CURRY GMC TRUCK CENTER HEAT 3: 1.(4) Shelby Miles, 2.(2) Jesse Cramer, 3.(6) Jeff Bland, Jr., 4.(1) Justin Hillenburg, 5.(8) Judas Bowling, 6.(3) Darin Beaner, 7.(7) A.J. Bowlen

BTI CRUSHED STONE SALES DASH FOR CASH: 1.(1) Clint DeMoss, 2.(DNS) Ray Humphrey, 3.(DNS) Shelby Miles

BELL'S EXHAUST SHOPS "B" Feature: 1.(3) Zach Carney, 2.(4) Eddie Lake, 3.(7) Tom Kelly, 4.(2) Wendell Wisley, 5.(1) Rodney Harris, Jr., 6.(8) A.J. Bowlen

BLACK LUMBER FEATURE: 1.(3) 76 Shelby Miles, 2.(2) 1H Ray Humphrey, 3.(7) 36 Brady Short, 4.(1) 78c Clint DeMoss, 5.(6) 12T Jesse Cramer, 6.(9) 38 Jeff Bland, Jr., 7.(4) T9 Ryan Thomas, 8.(20) 0 Lee Hobbs, 9.(5) 11 Chris Hillman, 10.(15) 77x Judas Bowling, 11.(12) 57H Justin Hillenburg, 12.(11) 4x Michael Giannini, 13.(18) 56 Wendell Wisley, 14.(16) 77 Eddie Lake, 15.(17) 7 Tom Kelly, 16.(8) 10G Joe Gilbert, 17.(10) 4 Nathan Voorhies, 18.(19) 9H Rodney Harris, Jr., 19.(13) 21 Michael Sterrett, 20.(14) 4s Richie Lex Lap Leaders: Ray Humphrey. (1-22), Shelby Miles (23-25)


MCCAMMON TREE SERVICE HEAT 1: 1.(2) Terry Arthur, 2.(1) Aaron Zellers, 3.(4) Gary Trammell, 4.(3) Kent Robinson, 5.(5) Gerald Todd, 6.(7) Greg Amick, 7.(8) Mike Jones, 8.(6) Danny Harris

PATRIOT CHASSIS HEAT 2: 1.(3) Jack Frye, 2.(1) Greg Kendall, 3.(2) Tom Plotz, 4.(5) Randy Howe, 5.(6) Anthony Walker, 6.(7) Michael Purtlebaugh, 7.(4) Trent Niflis

WILD BIRDS UNLIMITED HEAT 3: 1.(3) Kevin Arthur, 2.(1) Troy Clark, 3.(2) Steve Hollars, 4.(5) Ben DuBois, 5.(4) Winston Howe, 6.(6) Jason Clark, 7.(7) David Lawson

SEARS & SONS TRASH REMOVAL DASH FOR CASH: 1.(1) Terry Arthur, 2.(2) Jack Frye, 3.(DNS) Kevin Arthur

TOM CHERRY MUFFLE B FEATURE: 1.(1) Greg Amick, 2.(2) Michael Purtlebaugh, 3.(4) Mike Jones, 4.(5) Trent Niflis, 5.(3) Jason Clark

AMVETS POST 2000 SUPER STOCK FEATURE: 1.(2) 2 Jack Frye, 2.(6) 69E Gary Trammell, 3.(3) 74 Kevin Arthur, 4.(4) 29 Aaron Zellers, 5.(10) 44 Greg Kendall., 6.(12) 55 Ben DuBois, 7.(7) 16P Tom Plotz, 8.(5) 13c Troy Clark, 9.(9) 7 Kent Robinson, 10.(14) 56 Anthony Walker, 11.(16) 27A Greg Amick, 12.(11) 143 Randy Howe, 13.(8) 18 Steve Hollars, 14.(13) 51T Gerald Todd, 15.(18) 70 Mike Jones, 16.(17) 7P Michael Purtlebaugh, 17.(19) 23A Trent Niflis, 18.(1) 5 Terry Arthur, 19.(20) 8JR Jason Clark, 20.(15) 4 Winsont Howe Lap Leaders: Jack Frye (1-25)


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