Bloomington results 2003-05-23

BLOOMINGTON, IN (May 24, 2003) - Memorial Day weekend is about remembering those who have gone to their final reward; but, in Indiana, it's about auto racing too. Those race fans who started their weekend at Bloomington Speedway were treated to...

BLOOMINGTON, IN (May 24, 2003) - Memorial Day weekend is about remembering those who have gone to their final reward; but, in Indiana, it's about auto racing too. Those race fans who started their weekend at Bloomington Speedway were treated to the best racing they'll see all weekend. The track was, as usual, groomed to perfection; and it was very, very fast. The stage was set; and the drivers and crews did their part to close the deal.


Kevin Briscoe led the Bloomington Speedway sprint car points going into last night's racing. However, Bloomington Speedway rules state that any driver who wins previous two regular feature may start the next feature no better than tenth. This left Briscoe with a formidable task before him. Yet, Briscoe was undaunted. He knew that he would have to catch some breaks; but he was not about to beat himself.

He began the evening with quick time in a very quick field. His time of 11.276 seconds - just a couple of ticks over the track record. However, there were ten other cars in the eleven second bracket. He went on to finish fourth in his heat race and earn a berth in the feature event.

Since Briscoe would have started sixth except for the track rule that put him back to tenth, the sanction didn't really cost him as much as it seemed. When the green flag dropped, Briscoe started to the front. After ten laps Briscoe had moved himself to fifth place; however, in front of him were Kevin Thomas, Derek Scheffel, Kurt Gross, and Jared Fox. The rest of the way to the front would be a little more of a chore.

On the 15th circuit Briscoe passed Kurt Gross to take third; and he was still there when the yellow flag flew on lap 22 when Kevin Chambers and Rick Hayden tangled in turn four. On the restart, he passed Scheffel to take second; however, the real significance of the yellow was that it took away the huge lead that Kevin Thomas had built.

The following lap Kurt Gross, Derek Davidson, and Justin Marvel tangled with Marvel landing on his side in turn three. This set up a three lap dash to the checkered flag. Thomas had built up that lead running the high side; and he saw no reason to come down even though people who have been sprint car fans for more than a week would expect to see Thomas running on the bottom. They would, on the other hand, expect to see Briscoe rim-riding. However, if he were going to win, Briscoe would have to drive where Thomas wasn't. Briscoe slipped into the lead as the pair took the white flag; and he held Thomas off for the final circuit to seal the feature win.

From victory lane, Briscoe praised the car that his dad and Danny Roberts had given him. About the difficulty of winning from the fifth row. Briscoe commented, "It's hard enough to win at Bloomington Speedway from the front row. To win from the fifth row, everything has to go your way."

Kevin Thomas came home second trailed by three time Bloomington Speedway champion Derek Scheffel, Jared Fox in his best ever finish at Bloomington Speedway, Kenny Carmichael, Kent Christian, Tim Spindler, Hud Cone, Mike Hunnicutt, Kevin Chambers, and Rick Waltman.

Ben Davis High School sophomore Tim Creech ran a good race; but his finish suffered when he was sidelined on the 24th lap.

Derek Davidson led the "B" feature flag to flag; and Rick Hayden, Josh Cunningham, Waltman, and Shawn Krockenberger took the heat races..


Ray Humphrey won his second feature in this young season. He pulled off the hat trick by taking his heat the dash, and leading the feature flag to flag. Humphrey clearly had the field covered; but credit must be given to Bachelor Middle School eighth grader Jeff Bland, Jr. who also won his heat and drove to a strong second place finish, (the best finish of his career at Bloomington Speedway).

Jesse Cramer came home third trailed by Clint DeMoss, Shelby Miles, Matt Bex, Cullen Goodman, J.P. Hume, Al Flick, and Donnie Parson.

In preliminary action, Humphrey, Cramer, Miles, and Bland won the heats while Sam Lee took the "B" feature.


Jerry Adams of Elizabethtown, Ind. visited Bloomington Speedway for the first time this season last night; however, you would never have guessed it by the performance that he turned in last night; however, his drive to the front took a lot work than did Humphrey's. He won his heat and the dash; but he had to battle the whole distance in the feature event. Lee Hobbs led the openig lap before yielding the point to Adams. The next challenge would come from Chris Hillman. Adams took the lead for good on the seventh lap.

While Adams led most of the race, it was certainly not as easy as it might seem. For most of the rest of the race he battled to hold off Tire & Wheel Center super stock champion Greg Kendall. Out-running Kendall on the Bloomington Speedway red clay is never an easy proposition; and he was particularly strong last night.

Kendall held on to finish second. The finish would actually increase his points lead; because, Danny Harris was absent and third place Lee Hobbs finished a disappointing 13th.

In preliminary action, Hobbs, Adams, Kendall, and Chris Hillman won the heat races while Terry Arthur took the "B" feature. Adams prevailed in the dash.


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Qualifications: 1. Kevin Briscoe, 21R, 11.276; 2. Kevin Thomas, 3R, 11.520; 3. Derek Scheffel, 21s, 11.534; 4. Derek Davidson, 21x, 11.776; 5. Jared Fox, 56, 11.790; 6. Kurt Gross, 48, 11.812; 7. Tim Spindler, 31, 11.825; 8. Kenny Carmichael, 92, 11.871; 9. Justin Marvel, 47, 11.962; 10. Kevin Chambers, 18, 11.979; 11. Mike Hunnicutt, 12H, 11.994; 12. Dave Peperak, 77, 12.031; 13. Rick Hayden, 5H, 12.067; 14. Josh Cunningham, 6S, 12.077; 15. Tim Creech II, 31C, 12.088; 16. Shawn Krockenberger, 21K, 12.144; 17. Bill Boggs, 75, 12.178; 18. Kent Christian, 1c, 12.248; 19. Jason Knoke, 7, 12.327; 20. Mitch Cunningham, 63, 12.364; 21. Steve Rone, 9R, 12.408; 22. Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 92c, 12.430; 23. Rick Waltman, 11W, 12.445; 24. Hud Cone, 91, 12.507; 25. Glenn Scott, 33, 12.605; 26. Mike Slater, 3S, 12.611; 27. Jake Scott, 22, 12.787; 28. Dwayne Spille, 71, 13.114; 29. Kris Deckard, 97, 13.114; 30. Jon Sciscoe, 7x, 19.626; 31. Mike Hagemier, 17H, 91.000

AUTO HEAVEN AUTO PARTS HEAT 1: 1.(3) Rick Hayden, 2.(5) Jared Fox, 3.(4) Justin Marvel, 4.(6) Kevin Briscoe, 5.(2) Bill Boggs, 6.(1) Steve Rone, 7.(8) Kris Deckard, 8.(7) Glenn Scott

PAUL D. BAUGH LAW OFFICE HEAT 2: 1.(3) Josh Cunningham, 2.(4) Kevin Chambers, 3.(6) Kevin Thomas, 4.(2) Kent Christian, 5.(5) Kurt Gross, 6.(1) Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 7.(8) Jon Sciscoe, 8.(7) Mike Slater

WALNUT STREET AUTO SALES/CAMPUS RENTAL HEAT 3: 1.(1) Rick Waltman, 2.(2) Jason Knoke, 3.(6) Derek Scheffel, 4.(5) Tim Spindler, 5.(4) Mike Hunnicutt, 6.(8) Mike Hagemier, 7.(7) Jake Scott, 8.(3) Tim Creech II

INTERSTATE BATTERY HEAT 4: 1.(3) Shawn Krockenberger, 2.(5) Kenny Carmichael, 3.(1) Hud Cone, 4.(4) Dave Peperak, 5.(6) Derek Davidson, 6.(7) Dwayne Spille, 7.(2) Mitch Cunningham

JB SALVAGE B FEATURE: 1.(1) Derek Davidson, 2.(2) Kurt Gross, 3.(3) Mike Hunnicutt, 4.(4) Tim Creech II, 5.(5) Bill Boggs, 6.(6) Mitch Cunningham, 7.(8) Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 8.(14) Jon Sciscoe, 9.(7) Steve Rone, 10.(13) Kris Deckard, 11.(9) Glenn Scott, 12.(11) Jake Scott, 13.(12) Dwayne Spille, 14.(15) Mike Hagemier, 15.(10) Mike Slater

ROOTS RV FEATURE: 1.(10) 21R Kevin Briscoe, 2.(5) 3R Kevin Thomas, 3.(4) 21s Derek Scheffel, 4.(2) 56 Jared Fox, 5.(7) 92 Kenny Carmichael, 6.(17) 1c Kent Christian, 7.(6) 31 Tim Spindler, 8.(20) 91 Hud Cone, 9.(11) 12H Mike Hunnicutt, 10.(9) 18 Kevin Chambers, 11.(19) 11W Rick Waltman, 12.(16) 21k Shawn Krockenberger, 13.(3) 21x Derek Davidson, 14.(15) 31c Tim Creech II, 15.(1) 48 Kurt Gross, 16.(8) 47 Justin Marvel, 17.(13) 5H Rick Hayden, 18.(6s) Josh Cunningham, 19.(18) 7 Jason Knoke, 20.(12) 77 Dave Peperak


COLOR TYME HEAT 1: 1.(8) Ray Humphrey, 2.(4) Matt Bex., 3.(7) Lee Hobbs, 4.(3) Rodney Harris, Jr., 5.(6) Sam Lee, 6.(1) Jamison Mann, 7.(2) Brady Short, 8.(5) Darin Beaner

EXTREME PERFORMANCE HEAT 2: 1.(3) Jesse Cramer, 2.(4) J.P. Karpowicz, 3.(7) Clint DeMoss, 4.(8) Joey Baker, 5.(2) Greg Pittman, 6.(6) Brad Fleetwood, 7.(1) Larry Banks, 8.(6) Travis Fleetwood

CURRY GMC TRUCK HEAT 3: 1.(2) Shelby Miles, 2.(1) Cullen Goodman, 3.(5) J.P. Hume, 4.(3) Deron Freeman, 5.(8) Greg Deckard, 6.(6) Brandon Reed, 7.(4) Nathan Voorhies, 8.(7) Rob Benton.

HEAT 4: 1.(3) Jeff Bland, Jr., 2.(1) Lonnie Cassity, 3.(6) Al Flick, 4.(7) Donnie Parson, 5.(2) Mike Tuell, 6.(4) Wendell Wistley, 7.(5) Tim DeMoss

BLACKWELL LIMESTONE DASH FOR CASH: 1.(1) Ray Humphrey, 2.(2) Shelby Miles, 3.(4) Jeff Bland, Jr., 4.(2) Jesse Cramer

BELL'S EXHAUST SHOPS "B" Feature: 1.(1) Sam Lee, 2.(2) Greg Pittman, 3.(7) Brandon Reed, 4.(9) Brady Short, 5.(12) Tim DeMoss, 6.(6) Brad Fleetwood, 7.(11) Nathan Voorhies, 8.(4) Mike Tuell, 9.(3) Greg Deckard, 10.(11) Travis Fleetwood, 11.(5) Jamison Mann, 12.(10)Larry Banks

BLACK LUMBER MODIFIED FEATURE: 1.(1) 75s Ray Humphrey, 2.(3) 38 Jeff Bland, Jr., 3.(4) 12T Jesse Cramer, 4.(10) 78c Clint DeMoss, 5.(2) 76 Shelby Miles, 6.(5) 31 Matt Bex, 7.(7) 14s Cullen Goodman, 8.(11) 5H J.P. Hume, 9.(12) 24F Al Flick, 10.(16) 24F Al Flick, 11.(14) 7P Donnie Parson, 12.(17) 55x Sam Lee, 13.(15) 89 Deron Freeman, 14.(19) 31R Brandon Reed, 15.(18) 12P Greg Pittman, 16.(8) 1 Lonnie Cassity, 17.(20) 36 Brady Short, 18.(6) 33 J.P. Karpowicz, 19.(9) 0 Lee Hobbs. 20.(13) 9H Rodney Harris, Jr.


MCCAMMON TREE SERVICE HEAT 1: 1.(3) Lee Hobbs, 2.(7) Rick Wolsifer, 3.(8) Mickey Hines, 4.(5) Ben DuBois, 5.(9) Kevin Arthur, 6.(4) Jim Pfeiffer, 7.(2) Mike Jones, 8.(6) Troy Clark, 9.(1) David Lawson

RAINTREE MUFFLER HEAT 2: 1.(2) Jerry Adams, 2.(3) Chris Deweese, 3.(1) Anthony Walker, 4.(7) Mike Cawood, 5.(8) Terry Arthur, 6.(4) Travis Todd, 7.(5) Jeremy Stierwalt, 8.(6) Steve Bowlen

HIDEAWAY LOUNGE HEAT 3: 1.(1) Greg Kendall, 2.(7) Denny Campbell, 3.(2) Ralph Groomer, 4.(4) Steve Hollars, 5.(5) Justin Bex, 6.(6) Mike Stigdon, 7.(8) Leon Turpin, 8.(3) Jason Clark

HEAT 4: 1.(3) Chris Hillman, 2.(2) Todd Gilpin, 3.(4) Jack Frye, 4.(1) Jeremy Pennington, 5.(8) Randy Howe, 6.(7) Mel Bigham, 7.(5) Matt Ross, 8.(6) Greg Amick Dash for Cash: 1.(2) Jerry Adams, 2.(1) Lee Hobbs, 3.(4) Chris Hillman, 4.(3) Greg Kendall

TOM CHERRY MUFFLER B Feature: 1.(2) Terry Arthur, 2.(8) Mel Bigham, 3.(3) Justin Bex, 4.(9) Mike Jones, 5.(13) Steve Bowlen, 6.(10) Jeremy Stierwalt, 7.(6) Travis Todd, 8.(15) Greg Amick, 9.(16) David Lawson, 10.(14) Jason Clark, 11.(5) Jim Pfeiffer, 12.(12) Matt Ross, 13.(11) Leon Turpin, 14.(7) Mike Stigdon

TIRE & WHEEL CENTER SUPER STOCK FEATURE: 1.(1) 96 Jerry Adams, 2.(4) 44 Greg Kendall, 3.(7) 0x Denny Campbell, 4.(9) 43 Mickey Hines, 5.(13) 55 Ben DuBois, 6.(17) 5FY Terry Arthur, 7.(11) 48 Ralph Groomer, 8.(8) 27 Todd Gilpin, 9.(12) 2 Jack Frye, 10.(6) 21 Chris Deweese, 11.(15) 18 Steve Hollars, 12.(10) 56 Anthony Walker, 13.(2) H0 Lee Hobbs, 14.(5) 31 Rick Wolsifer, 15.(20) 70 Mike Jones, 16.(3) 11 Chris Hillman, 17.(16) 11 Jeremy Pennington, 18.(14) 12 Mike Cawood, 19.(18) 4x Justin Bex, 20.(19) 49B Mel Bigham


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