Bloomington results 2003-05-17

BLOOMINGTON, IN (May 17, 2003) - Finally, the third time was a charm. In our third attempt, we managed to get a KISS series race in the books. We had a good field of cars; and the racing was hard for every position. It was certainly worth...

BLOOMINGTON, IN (May 17, 2003) - Finally, the third time was a charm. In our third attempt, we managed to get a KISS series race in the books. We had a good field of cars; and the racing was hard for every position. It was certainly worth waiting for.


Tony Elliott seldom gets the opportunity to test himself against the famous red clay of Bloomington Speedway; but last night he had the opportunity to take on the best weekly racers in the business on a track that would give everyone a fair shot at victory. When the green flag dropped, Elliott got the jump on Jason Knoke. During the early going, Knoke stayed with Elliott; however, polesitter Jonathan Vennard was coming too; and he looked fast .

As the race progressed, Jerry Coons, Jr. joined Vennard and Knoke in the chase. However, while Elliott began to stretch out his lead, those in pursuit of him waged a great battle for second place. Coons stayed in the hunt until the checkered flags waved. However, Vennard wasn't so fortunate. He spun about midway through the race and again on the 20th circuit when he was forced to retire the mount for the evening.

Three time Bloomington Speedway sprint car champion Derek Scheffel started fifth; and he was pretty much maintaining his position during the early going. On the 16th circuit he passed Knoke to take third behind Coons. During the closing laps it appeared as though Elliott and Coons might become preoccupied battling each other and give Scheffel the opportunity to slip by both of them. Scheffel did manage did manage to get past Coons on the final lap to seal a second place finish; but Elliott held on to take the feature win.

Coons came home third trailed by Jon Stanbrough, Shane Hollingsworth, Eric Shively, Knoke, and Justin Marvel.

Kent Christian took over for Kenny Carmichael and scored a tenth place finish.

Kevin Briscoe was back in the Danny Roberts owned 21R; and he had a tough night. He missed transferring to the feature when he finished fifth. He grabbed the final transfer spot in the "B" feature. On the 20th circuit, he appeared to get together with Vennard and spin. His evening was done; and he was probably glad just to have it over. It was Briscoe's worst night at Bloomington Speedway in years.

In preliminary action, Scheffel, Vennard, Coons, and Knoke won the heat races; and Bobby Stines won the "C" feature. In the "B" feature, Kenny Carmichael passed Rick Hayden on the final lap to take the win. A.J. Anderson and Briscoe took the final two transfer spots from the "B". Jimmy Laser got over the cushion and flipped late in the race. He was uninjured but he was done for the evening.


The O'Neal Wood Products modified feature was a tremendous show; although, it got off to a rough start when it had to be red flagged. Brent Payne and Carl Bumgardner got together on the backstretch with both of them getting upside down.

When the race was restarted, it looked like Bachelor Middle School eighth grader Jeff Bland, Jr. might score his first O'Neal Wood Products modified feature win. Polesitter Gary Barrow took the lead when the green flag dropped but Bland was right on his tail; and he stayed there for the first ten circuits until his handling appeared to fade. Matt Bex and Ray Humprey got around Bland.

Matt Boknecht got caught up in a second lap pileup that involve a large portion to the field. The good news for Boknecht was that he still had most of the race to get back to the front; and he knows how to do that. By the eighth lap Matt was running sixth. On the 12th circuit, he passed Bland to take fourth.

Matt Bex passed Barrow on 14th circuit to take the lead. Ray Humphrey followed Bex past Barrow; and it looked as if the feature might come down to a battle between those two. However Boknecht had other ideas. He passed Humphrey for second on the 16th circuit. Two laps later he slipped past Humphrey for the lead. The two continued to battle, along with Matt Bex, for the balance of the race. Boknecht was clearly in the lead; but battle for second between Bex and Humphrey was almost too close to call. Bex got the nod trailed by Humphrey, Bland, Shelby Miles, Rodney Harris, Jr., Lee Hobbs, J.P. Karpowicz, Barrow, and J.P. Hume.

In preliminary action, Barrow, Jesse Cramer, Bland, and Boknecht won the heat races while Lee Hobbs took the "B" feature. Barrow prevailed in the dash.


A huge field of Tire & Wheel Center super stocks turned out to contest each other for a prestigious feature win. Troy Clark took the initial lead; however, Todd Gilpin got past him for the lead on the second circuit.. Denny Campbell and Lee Hobbs quickly jumped into the fray when the two "0" cars moved into second and third palce. Gilpin and Hobbs continued to battle with Hobbs running up high showing the front of his car to Gilpin. Gilpin finally moved up the track to block Hobbs. This gave Hobbs the opportunity to pass Gilpin on the low side. As Denny Campbell and Gilpin continued to battle for second place they leaned on each other pretty hard and were finally both retired from action. Jack Frye and Marty Cooper then began their own battle for second. Frye held on to finish second; but Ralph Groomer slipped past Cooper to take third. Cooper held on to finish fourth.

Chris Deweese turned in a strong performance coming from the back of the feature to finish fifth ahead of defending Tire & Wheel Center super stock champion Greg Kendall, Chris Hillman, Kevin Arthur, Mike Jones, and Steve Hollars.

In preliminary action, Gilpin, Hillman, Clark, and Campbell won the heat races while Deweese and Rick Wolsifer took the two "B" features. Gilpin prevailed in the dash.


May 23 WHCC 105.1 Discount Night - Non Winged Sprint Cars, O'Neal Wood Products modifieds, and Tire & Wheel Center super stocks

May 30 KARTON KING NIGHT - Non Winged Sprint Cars, O'Neal Wood Products modifieds, and Tire & Wheel Center super stocks ($3.00 discount coupons available at Karton King stores - while supplies last)

June 6 Midwest Oldtimers Vintage Race Car Club Display sponsored by the Antique Auto and Race Car Museum along with a full program of sprint car, O'Neal Wood Products modified, and Tire & Wheel Center super stock racing


AUTO HEAVEN AUTO PARTS HEAT 1: 1.(1) Derek Scheffel, 2.(2) Kurt Gross, 3.(3) Michael Burthay, 4.(5) Shawn Krockenberger, 5.(7) A.J. Anderson, 6.(9) Kent Christian, 7.(4) Bill Boggs, 8.(8) Mike Hunnicutt, 9.(6) Bobby Stines, 10.(10) Rick Waltman

PAUL D. BAUGH LAW OFFICE HEAT 2: 1.(4) Jonathan Vennard, 2.(7) Tony Elliott, 3.(5) Justin Marvel, 4.(6) Kyle Wissmiller, 5.(9) Brandon Petty, 6.(8) Jimmy Laser, 7.(3) Tim Creech II, 8.(10) Kevin Chambers, 9.(6) Steve Rone

WALNUT STREET AUTO SALES/CAMPUS RENTAL HEAT 3: 1.(1) Jerry Coons, Jr. 2.(3) John Wolfe, 3.(4) Kevin Thomas, 4.(8) Dick Gaines II, 5.(5) Kevin Briscoe, 6.(10) Kenny Carmichael, 7.(7) Terry Pletch 8.(6) Darr Lawson, 9.(2) Steve Barth, 10.(9) Kris Deckard

INTERSTATE BATTERY HEAT 4: 1.(2) Jason 2.(5) Shane Hollingsworth, 3.(6) Jon Stanbrough, 4.(7) Eric Shi1vely, 5.(8) Rick Hayden, 6.(4) Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 7.(1) Mike Slater, 8.(10) Mark Hall, 9.(9) Ted Hines, 10.(3) Jon Sciscoe

"C" FEATURE: 1.(1) Bobby Stines, 2.(2) Steve Rone, 3.(3) Steve Barth, 4.(5) Rick Waltman, 5.(4) Ted Hines 6.(6) Kris Deckard, 7.(7) Jon Sciscoe

JB SALVAGE B FEATURE: 1.(4) Kenny Carmichael, 2.(1) Rick Hayden, 3.(2) A.J. Anderson, 4.(7) Kevin Briscoe, 5.(3) Brandon Petty, 6.(5) Kent Christian, 7.(11) Terry Pletch, 8.(8) Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 9.(14) Mike Hunnicutt 10.(13) Mark Hall, 11.(17) Bobby Stines, 12.(15) Kevin Chambers, 13.5(12) Mike Slater, 14.(10) Tim Creech II, 15.(9) Bill Boggs 16.(1) Jimmy Laser, 17.(17) Steve Rone, 18.(18) Darr Lawson

ROOTS RV FEATURE: 1.(3) 11 Tony Elliott, 2.(5) 21s Derek Scheffel, 3.(6) 10c Jerry Coons, Jr., 4.(8) 57 Jon Stanbrough, 5.(4) 21H Shane Hollingworth, 6.(12) 82 Eric Shvely, 7.(2) 77 Jason Knoke, 8.(14) 47 Justin Marvel, 9.(17) 92 Kent Christian, 10.(19) 10 A.J. Anderson, 11.(16) 2k Kyle Wissmiller, 12.(7) 3M John Wolfe, 13.(13) 21m Michael Burthay, 14.(10) 70 Dick Gaines, II, 15.(15) 21k Shawn Krockenberger, 16.(11) 3R Kevin Thomas, 17.(9) Kurt Gross, 18.(18) Rick Hayden, 19.(20) 21R Kevin Briscoe, 20.(1) Jonathan Vennard


COLOR TYME HEAT 1: 1.(3) Gary Barrow, 2.(6) Ray Humphrey 3.(1) Matt Bex, 4.(2) Mike Tuell, 5.(6) (Tim DeMoss, 6.(5) Darin Beaner, 7.(7) Jamison Mann, 8.(4) 7P Donnie Parson

EXTREME PERFORMANCE HEAT 2: 1.(2) Jesse Cramer, 2.(3) Shelby Miles, 3.(6) Carlos Bumgardner, 4.(8) J.P. Karpowic, 5.(5) Deron Freeman, 6.(7) Cullen Goodman, 7.(1) Eddie Lake 8.(4) Larry Banks

CURRY GMC TRUCK HEAT 3: 1.(1) Jeff Bland, Jr., 2.(3) Clint DeMoss, 3.(6) Joey Baker, 4.(8) Rodney Harris, Jr., 5.(5) Justin Hillenburg, 6.(2) Joe Gilbert, 7.(4) Wendell Wisley, 8.(7) Brady Short

HEAT 4: 1.(4) Matt Boknecht, 2.(1) Brent Payne, 3.(7) Greg Deckard, 4.(2) J.P. Hume, 5.(3) Marlin Burns, 6.(5) Lee Hobbs, 7.(6) Jason Mann

BLACKWELL LIMESTONE DASH FOR CASH: 1.(1) Gary Barrow, 2.(3) Jeff Bland, Jr., 3.(2) Jesse Cramer, 4.(4) Matt Boknecht

BELL'S EXHAUST SHOPS "B" Feature: 1.(8) Lee Hobbs, 2.(1) Tim DeMoss, 3.(6) Cullen Goodman, 4.(10) Eddie Lake, 5.(9) Jamison Mann, 6.(2) Deron Freeman, 7.(3) Justin Hillenburg, 8.(7) Joe Gilbert, 9.(11) Wendell Wisley 10.(5) Derin Beaner, 11.(14) Larry Banks, 12.(4) Marlin Burns

BLACK LUMBER MODIFIED FEATURE: 1.(4) 22 Matt Boknecht, 2.(9) 31 Matt Bex, 3.(5) 75s Ray Humphrey, 4.(2) 38 Jeff Bland, Jr., 5.(6) 76 Shelby Miles, 6.(15) 9H Rodney Harris, Jr., 7.(17) 0 Lee Hobbs, 8.(14) 33 J.P. Karpowicz, 9.(1) 14 Gary Barrow, 10.(16) 5H J.P. Hume, 11.(19) 14s Cullen Goodman, 12.(18) 66T Tim DeMoss, 13.(13) 1 Mike Tuell, 14.(20) 77 Eddie Lake, 15.(11) 11J Joey Baker, 16.(7) 78c Clint DeMoss, 17.(3) 12T Joey Cramer, 18.(12) 5 Greg Deckard, 19.(8) 5P Brent Payne. 20.(10) 34 Carlos Bumgardner


MCCAMMON TREE SERVICE HEAT 1: 1.(1) Todd Gilpin, 2.(7) Lee Hobbs, 3.(3) Danny Harris, 4.(4) C.J. Allen, 5.(5) Chris Deweese, 6.(8) Jeremy Pennington, 7.(9) Ben DuBois, 8.(8) Travis Todd, 9.(2) Mike Vest

RAINTREE MUFFLER HEAT 2: 1.(1) Chris Hillman, 2.(2) Jack Frye, 3.(4) Marty Cooper, 4.(7) Steve Hollars, 5.(5) Kevin Arthur, 6.(6) Jason Cosat 7.(9) Steve Bowlen; 8.(8) Randy Howe, 9.(3) Tom Ault

HIDEAWAY LOUNGE HEAT 3: 1.(1) Troy Clark, 2.(4) Greg Kendall, 3.(3) Ralph Groomer, 4.(6) Mel Bigham, 5.(8) Jeremy Stierwalt, 6.(9) Jutin Bex, 7.(2) David Lawson, 8.(7) Jason Clark, 9.(5) Rodney Chandler

HEAT 4: 1.(1) Denny Campbell, 2.(2) Anthony Walker, 3.(4) Broc Burton, 4.(3) Mike Jones 5.(6) Terry Arthur, 6.(8) Rick Wolsifer, 7.(5) Deb Friesner, 8.(7) Greg Amick DNS Leon Turpin

Dash for Cash: 1.(1) Todd Gilpin, 2.(3) Troy Clark, 3.(2) Chris Hillman, 4.(4) Denny Campbell

TOM CHERRY MUFFLER "B" Feature #1: 1.(1) Chris Deweese, 2.(2) Kevin Arthur, 3.(3) Jeremy Pennington, 4.(5) Ben DuBois, 5.(9) Michael Vest, 6.(8) Randy Howe, 7.(10) Tom Ault, 8.(4) Jason Cosat, 9.(7) Travis Todd, 10.(6) Steve Bowlen

TOM CHERRY MUFFLER "B" FEATURE #2: 1.(4) Rick Wolsifer, 2.(2) Terry Arthur, 3.(1) Jeremy Stierwalt, 4.(3) Justin Bex, 5.(6) Deb Friesner, 6.(7) Jason Clark, 7.(9) Rodney Chambers

TIRE & WHEEL CENTER SUPER STOCK FEATURE: 1.(5) H0 Lee Hobbs, 2.(6) 2 Jack Frye, 3.(11) 48 Ralph Groomer, 4.(10) 00c Marty Cooper, 5.(17) 21 Chris Deweese, 6.(7) 44 Greg Kendall, 7.(3) 11 Chris Hillman, 8.(19) 74 Kevin Arthur, 9.(16) 70 Mike Jones, 10.(14) 18 Steve Hollars, 11.(20) 5 Terry Arthur, 12.(9) 19 Danny Harris, 13.(12) 91x Broc Burton, 14.(13) 9CJ C.J. Allen, 15.(8) 56 Anthony Walker, 16.(15) 49B Mel Bigham, 17.(18) 31 Rick Wolsifer, 18.(2) 2 Troy Clark, 19.(1) 27 Todd Gilpin, 20.(4) 0x Denny Campbell


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