Bloomington race report 2002-09-13

Kraig Kinser wins Dizz Wilson Shootout & scores first Bloomington Speedway victory Boknecht & Hobbs win too. BLOOMINGTON, IN (September 13, 2002) - Bloomington Speedway's fans were treated to a racing program containing more than its share of ...

Kraig Kinser wins Dizz Wilson Shootout & scores first Bloomington Speedway victory Boknecht & Hobbs win too.

BLOOMINGTON, IN (September 13, 2002) - Bloomington Speedway's fans were treated to a racing program containing more than its share of drama this evening. As is usually the case on the red clay of Bloomington Speedway, there was great wheel to wheel racing all around the track in every division.


GLOSS (Great Lakes Outlaw Sprint Series) is a relatively new sprint circuit; however, they put on a great show when they were visited Bloomington Speedway in April. We anticipated another good show from them; but nobody could have predicted the kind of race that the feature event turned out to be.

Seventeen year old Kraig Kinser is in his second season of sprint car racing; but he has had few opportunities to compete on the red clay that helped to mold his father, his uncle, and his grandfather into the racing legends that they became. Because he races only with a wing, he gets only one or two races a year at Bloomington Speedway. Even when you add the mini sprints races that he ran here, the total is only about a handful. Tonight, he made the short trip to Bloomington Speedway with a lot of determination. He wanted this one very badly.

He got the night off to a good start by setting quick time. As is usually the case, his quick time put him in a hole to start his heat race. He started fourth while GLOSS regular Brandon Wimmer started up front. Veteran All Star competitor Paul May also started in front of him; and, by the time he got past May, Wimmer was gone. But, the second place finish was good enough to put him in the dash where he also battled to a second place finish behind another veteran, Kevin "Pup" Huntley of Bloomington. Huntley has a sparkling record as a winged racer; and he always runs well at Bloomington Speedway. As if that weren't enough, he was driving Kevin Briscoe's car. Briscoe was injured during sprint week when he got collected by Tracy Hines and flipped. He aggravated the injury a couple of weeks ago at Lawrenceburg Speedway; and he has not yet been cleared to drive.

Huntley and Kinser started the feature side by side on the front row; and Huntley got the initial advantage. Huntley got a great start and jumped to a fairly good lead; however, as Kraig got his rhythm down he began to reel in the Pup. When they came up on lapped traffic, Huntley seemed to work it just a little better than Kraig did. On the 17th circuit, Bill Waite, Jr. got tangled up with someone and started flipping about the flagstand and landed heavily in the first turn. A lengthy red flag gave everybody time to think the situation over; but the "closed red" kept Gary DuBois from twisting on Kraig's car. What he had was what he would have. He simply had to get his elbows up and drive - and he knew it.

When the race restarted, Huntley led Kinser and Danny Smith into battle. If there is anything harder than trying to get past Kevin Huntley in Kevin Briscoe's car, it is trying to get past Huntley and hold off Smith at the same time. However, this time Kinser worked the traffic to perfection; and, when Huntley went a little wider than he intended and slipped over the edge. Smith grabbed second and went after Kinser; but Kraig had the scent of victory. He would not be denied. He held off Smith who was, by now, having to worry about Kelly Kinser who came home third. Brandon Wimmer, Chad Blonde, Kevin Huntley, Dick Gaines II, Ben Rutan, Tim Engler, and Paul May rounded out the top ten.

From victory lane, a jubilant Kinser said, "It feels awesome right now. I've wanted to win one here ever since I started racing." It was another milestone for the Kinser clan. When asked if he would be competing at Lawrenceburg tomorrow night, he commented, "No. I've got Homecoming at Bloomington South." Kinser is said to be odds on favorite to be crowned Homecoming King. What else would you expect from a Kinser?

In preliminary action, Brandon Wimmer, Kelly Kinser, Danny Smith, and Tom Busch won the heat races while Kevin Huntley prevailed in the Dash. The "B" Feature went to Chad Blonde.


This was the last night for the O'Neal Wood Products modified drivers to earn points toward their championship; and the top three in points (Lee Hobbs, Ray Humphrey, and defending O'Neal Wood Products champion Matt Boknecht) going into tonight's action were separated by only six points.

Boknecht won the dash to earn the right to start the feature event on the pole while Hobbs was starting outside of the fourth row and Humphrey was mired back in the seventh row. Boknecht led the feature flag to flag; but; for most ot the event, he had somebody on his back bumper. First it was second year modified driver Shelby Miles. After three laps, rookie modified driver Greg O'Neill passed Miles to assume the role of chief protagonist to Boknecht. Hobbs quickly moved up to fourth where he ran most of the race. He took third on the 20th circuit; but, on the next lap, Paul Baumgardner would pass Hobbs to claim third place himself. This one pass would cost Hobbs half of the O'Neal Wood Products modified championship.

Boknecht would hold on to win the feature followed by Paul Baumgardner, Shelby Miles, Lee Hobbs, John DeMoss, Greg O'Neill, Brandon Short, Jesse Cramer, Brady Short, and Matt Bex. Hobbs' six point advantage over Boknecht at the beginning of the night had disappeared. After a whole season of battling for the championship, it would all come down to tonight's racing. They ended the evening dead even. Ray Humphrey had what was, for him, a terrible night. Mechanical failure sidelined Humphrey on the 18th circuit; and his chances to win the championship were gone.

In preliminary action, Matt Boknecht, Greg O'Neill, Shelby Miles, and Brady Short won the heat races while Boknecht took the dash. Andrew Davis and Jay Scott won the "B" features.


Greg Kendall of Paoli had the Tire & Wheel Center super stock championship won when he unloaded his beautiful black #44 tonight; and it's a good thing for him that he did. This was not one of his better outings on the famous red clay. The evening got off to a bad start when he was reminded that he would have to start the feature no farther forward than tenth due to the fact that he had won two consecutive features. He had worked his way up to fifth place; but; with three laps to go, his right rear tire started going down. By the time the race ended, his right rear tire was gone. But, he never gave up. He finished 12th on three tires and a rim. While this event had little resemblance to the performance that he has turned in all year at Bloomington Speedway, at the end of the night he was the champion. Winning the Tire & Wheel Center super stock championship was important enough to Kendall for him to park his late model for the season. It is great to see someone who has worked that hard for something achieve it. In route to his championship, Kendall won four features; and tonight was his first finish out of the top ten this season.

Lee Hobbs the kind of night in his Tire & Wheel Center super stock that would have given him the entire O'Neal Wood Products modified championship . He won his heat, won the dash, and led the feature flag to flag. While Hobbs ran an impressive race, it was not an easy win for him. Chris Hillman and Terry Arthur dogged him every lap. Chris Deweese was in the hunt all the way too; and he followed Arthur across the line to finish fourth. Mooresville Middle School's new ninth grader made a fantastic run to come from his 17th place starting position to finish fifth ahead of Ben DuBois, Danny Harris, Ralph Groomer, Kris Starks, and Steve Morin.

In preliminary action, Greg Kendall, Chris Hillman, Terry Arthur, and Lee Hobbs won the heat races while Hobbs the dash. Zach Carney won the "B" feature.


September 21, 2002 7th Annual Indiana Super Stock & UMP Modified Nationals - Special Saturday Show - Gates open at 3:00 PM, Hot Laps at 5:00 PM followed by qualifications for both classes and racing. $1250 to win for both classes with proper decals - also points award presentations


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