Bloomington race report 2001-06-29

BLOOMINGTON, IN (June 30, 2001) - There was plenty of action on the famous red clay of Bloomington Speedway Friday night; but the high point of the night was the last activity of the evening. Troy Jarvis of Bargersville led the O'Neal Wood...

BLOOMINGTON, IN (June 30, 2001) - There was plenty of action on the famous red clay of Bloomington Speedway Friday night; but the high point of the night was the last activity of the evening. Troy Jarvis of Bargersville led the O'Neal Wood Products Open Wheel Modified feature flag to flag to take the first feature win of his career as well as his first at Bloomington Speedway. This was only his second Bloomington Speedway race of the season. Jarvis, a 30 year old Operations Manager for Franklin Power Products, has been racing for six years; but he has never been able to devote the time to it that he would like. However, his lack of time does not come from a lack of desire. He very much wants to race - and win.

His car is one that he purchased from Kerry Norris; and he drove it to perfection Friday night. He came from the second row to take the lead on the first lap and led every lap but the unlucky 13th when Gary Trammell nosed past him as the two passed under the crossed flags. However, before the pair reached the start/finish line again Jarvis was back in front to stay. Jarvis took the long way around; but he did it flawlessly. Trammell was relegated to the bottom; and he just couldn't get past Jarvis. He tried every line on the track. In a display of sportmanship, Trammell drove back to victory lane to congratulate Jarvis on his feature win. Following the race, Trammell commented, "I probably could have bumped him out; but I wouldn't have wanted him to do that to me."

Trammell took home a well deserved second place finish ahead of Adam Sasser, Marty O'Neal and Paul Bumgardner. Rodney Harris, Jr. was impressive in his charge from the back to finish eighth. Trammell, Jarvis, Adam Sasser, and rookie Jay Humphrey won the heat races while Harris won the "B" Feature.

As an extra attraction Friday night, Mike Miles had Rick Behen there, dressed as Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Behen may have looked more like Abe than Abe did himself. Immediately preceding the Independence Day celebration, old Abe recited the Gettysberg. Address. Immediately following those famous words the skies were ablaze with the spectacular fireworks display sponsored by Bloomington Power Sports.

It was also Big Red Liquors Discount Night. The great folks a Big Red Liquors had sold discount tickets all week; and they were on hand to participate in the evening's events. They raffled Dale Earnhardt, Jr. items donated by Spider Miller and Budweiser with all of the proceeds going to Wonderlab Museum of Bloomington.

AMSA Winged Mini Sprints

Larry Bland always runs well in front of the hometown folks; and he doesn't get an opportunity to race much closer to his Harrodsburg, Ind. home than when he is battling on the famous red clay of Bloomington Speedway. He began his evening by finishing second to Boyd Wolff in the first heat race to earn the outside second row starting position in the feature. Kevin Rice won the second heat race while Tim Ewers took the third heat.

When the green flag waved to start the feature event, Wolff grabbed the lead from the pole but it really didn't matter; because Ron Brettnacher flipped wildly off of the south end of the track bringing out the first of three red flags. On the second start Wolff got the lead again with Bland just behind him. Another red flag interrupted the action on lap four. On lap six Bland took the lead and managed to get a lap tallied before a red flag halted the action a third and final time on lap seven. Bland held onto the lead on the restart and managed to stretch out his lead on Wolff for the balance of the feature event. Wolff brought his mount home second ahead of Kevin Rice.

The name of the game Friday night for the mini sprints was survival. Only ten of the twenty four starters were around to take the checkered flag; and, of those, only Bland, Wolff, Rice, Eric Edwards, and Tom Busch were on the lead lap.

Tire & Wheel Center Super Stocks

Perry Bruce took the initial lead in the Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock feature; but Rick Hines of Seymour was right on his tail. Hines was stuck to Bruce like glue and finally worked his way past him on the 13th circuit. As Bruce attempted to recapture the point on 14th lap he slipped over the edge in the second turn and dropped back to seventh. Hines held the point as his son, Jeremy, worked his way through traffic. Jeremy took second in the closing laps as Bruce worked his way back to finish third. Trent Niflis and Greg Kendall rounded out the top five.


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