Bill Rice Rockets to Saluda VSS Win

Virginia Sprint Series Race ...

Virginia Sprint Series
Race #14 August 12th 2000
Virginia Motor Speedway Saluda Virginia

Bill Rice one of the founders of the VSS said it took him four years to find the set up to be fast at Saluda and tonight he showed how to ride his rocket by taking the lead and taking his first win of year.The caution free race night started with Dick Stevens and Jerald Harris rolling to heat race wins.With Wayne Jones and Jerald Harris on the point the sell out crowd was on its feet as the field took the green and Harris was in the lead and making time as he looked strong early with the field sorting it self out Rice was now up to second and closing on Harris with his smooth style working well on this fast hard surface,coming to the front were John Johnson Tom Howe Jason Shultz Tim Hamlet and French Grimes all swapping spots and racing clean and hard.Harris was still in the lead at half way but Rice was now with him with Johnson not far behind, as the pack from the back were still on the way,Rice followed Harris and seeing him get loose was all the openning he needed and raced into the lead knowing that the others had caught the lead pack and were now moving in.Bill Rice was trying to pull away as Grimes and Shultz had passed Harris and were working traffic as well as racing for second and trying to catch Rice but as the white flag waved using his years of racing experience he was more than up to the challenge of the closing duo and went on to the popular victory.As the happy victory lane crowd were have the photos taken by visiting photo and web site master Bronco from a jovial Rice said he wasn't sure till tonight he would ever win one at Saluda but tonight was the night for sure. Following Jason Shultz and French Grimes were Jerald Harris,John Johnson,Tom Howe,Dick Stevens,Mary Anne Williams,Wayne Jones,Pete Kingrea,John Thomas,Buddy Parker,Charlie Kingrea,John Wheaton,Bronzie Lawson,Scott Murrell,Tim Hamlet,Mike Sayers jr and French Grimes jr.

The Virginia Sprint Series swings back in action next Sat. Aug.19th at the Eastside Speedway in Waynesboro Va.

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