Autodrome Granby results 2000-07-29

GRANBY, Que., July 29, 2000 - As usual, the URC'S drivers gave the fans a lot of action, last Friday night at Autodrome Granby at the occasion of their twelfth annual visit this side of the border. In a very spectacular 25-lap feature race,...

GRANBY, Que., July 29, 2000 - As usual, the URC'S drivers gave the fans a lot of action, last Friday night at Autodrome Granby at the occasion of their twelfth annual visit this side of the border. In a very spectacular 25-lap feature race, young Danny Massey of Laurel, New Jersey, got in the winner's circle for the first time in his URC'S career. This 22 year old promising driver had the best over veteran drivers like Greg Coverdale, Chris Coyle and Kramer Williamson. Not so lucky, after a spectacular crash, Becca Anderson, the only woman in this series, was sent to the hospital for a check-up.

For this Prolab/Formule Ford night, the 25-lap feature was more than spectacular. In turn, Todd Wise, Chris Coyle, Greg Coverdale and Danny Massey were the leaders. Massey was the one to cross the finish line but, without a doubt, it's Coverdale's comeback that lifted the fans off their feet. Eleventh at the green flag, Coverdale had moved up second behind Coyle on lap 10. Five laps later, he took the lead, but using the outside groove, he was surprised by Massey with four laps to go. He was never able to regain his lead.

With two laps remaining, Becca Anderson caused an immediate stop to the race after a serious crash outcoming turn two. Afraid to deal with a fire, all emergency vehicules were sent on the track. After a few minutes, Becca was taken out of the car and was checked by medical staff on hand. Everything seemed fine but by the end of the night, Becca lost conscience in the pits. An ambulance was called to send her to the hospital for further examinations.

Earlier in the evening, Tim Higgins, Chris Coyle and Justin Berger were the winners in their respective heats.

In a 20-lap feature for Modified 358 plagued by six yellow flags with the first five during the first half of the race, Clément Therrien registered his fourth win of the season by having the best on a strong Leon Gonyo and young Kayle Robidoux. The winner, who couldn't finish fot the last two programs earlier due to mechanical problems, is now in fifth place in the Molson standings with only five points behind veteran Claude Brouillard. As for the points' leader, Réal Lafrance, he finished fifth at the steering of a brand new Bicknell.

For Therrien, it was a perfect night since earlier, he had won the second qualification heat while the other was the affair of Robidoux.

In the Late Model division, Stéphane Larivière is still on the go. He took the checkered flag followed by Daniel Messier, his most serious challenger and Roland Hébert. In the 12-lap feature, after an incident with another driver, Normand Voghell made two roll-overs to find himself on the side. Luckier than Becca Anderson, he escaped without injuries but the car was seriously damaged.

After being plagued by mechanical problems for two nights, Jean Boissonneault is really taking his revenge. Last Friday, he won his second straight feature race in the Tourism class. This time, his victims were Jocelyn Cordeau and Michel Coderre. In the last moments of this race, Cordeau tried everything to surprise Boissonneault, but he never gave up under the pressure. Finally in the 4 Cylinder division, Pierre Grondin took his sixth consecutive win and the seventh so far this season. He was again followed by Partick Dupont and Stéphane Dupuis.

<pre> URC'S results (25 laps) 1- 76, Danny Massey 2- 56, Greg Coverdale 3- 97, Chris Coyle 4- 33, Kramer Williamson 5- 19, Brian Seidel 6- 25, Jon Eldreth 7- 21, Trevor Lewis 8- 1, Scott Pursell 9- 16, Bill Brian 10- X, Todd Wise 11- 2, Tim Hogue 12- 89, Fred Kennedy 13- 99, Dave Gable 14- 669, Dave McGough 15- 39, Fran Hogue 16- 32, Justin Burger 17- 87, George Suprick 18- 8, Midge Miller 19- 31, Jim Higgins 20- 39M, Matt Gerber 21- 22, Chip Brown 22- 0, Pete Green 23- 56X, Becca Anderson 24- 4, Travis Quinn 25- 3A, Chuck Hilde

MODIFIED 358 (20 laps) 1- 39, Clément Therrien 2- 4, Leon Gonyo 3- 46, Kayle Robidoux 4- 24L, Denis Labonté 5- 11, Réal Lafrance 6- 31, Richard Chauvin 7- 2, Claude Brouillard 8- 5, Mario Moreau 9- 61, Chad Miller 10- 32, Guy Ouellette 11- 61B, Louis Bouthillier 12- 83, Lloyd Sturtevant 13- 47, Gilles Perreault 14- 33, Robin David 15- 35, Vincent Lamer 16- 22, Mario Clair 17- 15, Pierre Raymond 18- 66W, Wallace Stacey 19- 20x, Pierre Berthiaume 20- 8, François Becksted 21- 3, Steve Brodeur 22- 91, Michel Pelletier.

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