ALLSTAR: WaKeeney Report 96-08-19

United Expressline All Star/NCRA Sprint Results WaKeeney Speedway, WaKeeney, KS - Mon 8/19/96 WAKEENEY, KS - Dean Jacobs rode the Frigdaire Stealth high around Dale Blaney on the last lap to win Monday's opening round of the Thunder Through...

United Expressline All Star/NCRA Sprint Results WaKeeney Speedway, WaKeeney, KS - Mon 8/19/96

WAKEENEY, KS - Dean Jacobs rode the Frigdaire Stealth high around Dale Blaney on the last lap to win Monday's opening round of the Thunder Through the Plains Tour II at WaKeeney Speedway. The event was co-sanctioned by the United Expressline All Star sprints and the NCRA and was viewed by a sellout crowd. "I thought, if you don't take a chance, you don't win," Jacobs said following his second All Star win of the year in the machine wrenched by Robert Hubbard, Ed Haudenschild and Chris Hager with Gaerte-Chevrolet power and riding Goodyear tires. Jacobs, who started fourth, also set fast time with a new track record, and won the Commercial Truck and Trailer Dash for his night's work. Blaney, the current All Star points leader, finished second after starting on the pole in the Hughes Wheel and Axle J&J. Jeff Shepard came up from sixth to third in the Wahlie Motorsports Maxim sponsored by Conn West Trucking, followed by NCRA points leader Gary Wright's Action Motorsports mount. After battling side-by-side in the early stages of the race, Blaney was enjoying a nice lead over Jacobs in the 30-lap affair on the 3/8 mile Fairgrounds oval when the track surface began to take rubber. Blaney was running the inside groove of the speedway, while Jacobs toyed with the cushion. By lap 18, Blaney's half lap advantage began to evaporate, and he began to get bogged down in lapped traffic with a few laps to go. After the white flag appeared, Jacobs closed as Blaney became pinned behind three lapped cars. Jacobs entered turn one high in the outside groove as Blaney dove low to try to duck under the lapped cars. Jacobs passed all four with a wild move only inches from the wall to lead exiting turn two and win by only a few feet at the drop of the checkered flag. His victory paid $4,000. Wright held third most of the race, with Shepard right on his tail. Shepard was able to get better traction off the turns than Wright, but Wright could accelerate better down the straightaways. Finally, on lap 25 Shepard got by to grab third, where he finished. Daniel Coggeshell ran a consistent race to finish fifth in his father's Viper Chassis with Gaerte power. Seventh starting Paul McMahan rode home sixth in Dennis Roth's Beef Packers Stealth, with 13th starter Frankie Kerr next in Stan Shoff's familiar orange and blue J&J. Aaron Berryhill started ninth and was eighth at the end, ahead of Danny Smith, up from 12th. Tim Shaffer started 14th in the J&M Motorsports Cook and completed the top ten. Kerr won the Southwest Expresslines heat race, Shane Stewart captured the ButlerBuilt heat race and Smith snared the third heat win. Craig Dollansky was the Outerwears Pre-filters B main winner, but finished last in the feature with mechanical problems.

Time Trials: 1. Dean Jacobs, Jacobs 1f, 14.930; 2. Gary Wright, Action 9, 15.325; 3. Daniel Coggeshell, Coggeshell 3, 15.327; 4. Dale Blaney, Hughes 94, 15.337; 5. Van Gurley, Jr. Gurley 3b, 15.349; 6. Jeff Shepard, Wahlie 1w, 15.358; 7. Paul McMahan, Roth 83, 15.459; 8. Don Droud Jr., Cormack 1bk, 15.517; 9. Aaron Berryhill, Berryhill 97, 15.521; 10. Gary Lee Maier, Rogers 11x, 15.530; 11. Craig Dollansky, Lindsey 2d, 15.531; 12. Danny Smith, Bodkins 00, 15.570; 13. Frankie Kerr, Shoff 23s, 15.623; 14. Tim Shaffer, J&M 55, 15.645; 15. Jeremy Minton, Minton 13, 15.681; 16. Kevin Huntley, Johnson U2, 15.732; 17. Shane Stewart, Stewart 61a, 15.737; 18. Rich Bubak, Bubak 9x, 15.759; 19. Devlin Polkinghorn, Polkinghorn 65v, 15.969; 20. Shane Carson, Helms 12$, 15.995; 21. Earnest Jennings, Jennings 61, 16.003; 22. Nick Losasso, Losasso 51, 16.053; 23. Brian Carlson, SC Motorsports 18, 16.119; 24. Larry Neighbors, Neighbors 29n, 16.145; 25. Steve King, King 65, 16.269; 26. Clay Bontrager, Bontrager 7b, 16.278; 27. Randy Richardson, Richardson 0, 16.304; 28. Jon Johnson, Johnson 86, 17.038; 29. CJ Johnson, Johnson 45, NT.

Southwest Expresslines Heat (8 laps): 1. Frankie Kerr 2. Kevin Huntley 3. Dale Blaney 4. Dean Jacobs 5. Paul McMahan 6. Gary Lee Maier 7. Devlin Polkinghorn 8. Steve King 9. Nick Losasso 10. Jon Johnson.

ButlerBuilt Heat (8 laps): 1. Shane Stewart 2. Van Gurley Jr. 3. Gary Wright 4. Tim Shaffer 5. Don Droud Jr. 6. Shane Carson 7. Clay Bontrager 8. Brian Carlson 9. Craig Dollansky.

Heat (8 laps): 1. Danny Smith 2. Jeff Shepard 3. Rich Bubak 4. Aaron Berryhill 5. Daniel Coggeshell 6. Larry Neighbors 7. Randy Richardson 8. Jeremy Minton 9. Earnest Jennings.

Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash (4 laps): 1. Dean Jacobs 2. Dale Blaney 3. Van Gurley Jr. 4. Jeff Shepard 5. Daniel Coggeshell 6. Don Droud Jr.

Outerwears Prefilters B Main (12 laps): 1. Craig Dollansky 2. Gary Lee Maier 3. Shane Carson 4. Jeremy Minton 5. Devlin Polkinghorn 6. Nick Losasso 7. Steve King 8. Randy Richardson 9. Brian Carlson 10. Jon Johnson 11. Clay Bontrager 12. Earnest Jennings 13. Larry Neighbors 14. C.J. Johnson.

A Main (30 laps): 1. Dean Jacobs 2. Dale Blaney 3. Jeff Shepard 4. Gary Wright 5. Daniel Coggeshell 6. Paul McMahan 7. Frankie Kerr 8. Aaron Berryhill 9. Danny Smith 10. Tim Shaffer 11. Van Gurley Jr. 12. Shane Stewart 13. Shane Carson 14. Rich Bubak 15. Devlin Polkinghorn 16. Steve King 17. Nick Losasso 18. Kevin Huntley (dnf) 19. Don Droud (dnf) 20. Jeremy Minton (dnf) 21. Gary Lee Maier (dnf) 22. Craig Dollansky (dnf).

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