ALLSTAR: Volusia Speedway Park Thursday results

BARBERVILLE, FL - It was a homecoming of sorts Thursday night at Volusia Speedway Park in the All Star sprint season opening 20-lap feature for Dale Blaney. The Hartford, Ohio driver is a former All Star champion and won his first All Star main in...

BARBERVILLE, FL - It was a homecoming of sorts Thursday night at Volusia Speedway Park in the All Star sprint season opening 20-lap feature for Dale Blaney. The Hartford, Ohio driver is a former All Star champion and won his first All Star main in several years, defeating Central Pa. veteran Lance Dewease in the process in the Mopar powered sprint car owned by his brother Dave Blaney. The machine now carries the familiar Blaney number 10, after being numbered 93 the past several seasons.

Dewease was the polesitter for the main, with Ronald Laney starting outside row one. Chad Kemenah and James Chesson comprised row two, with defending All Star champ Kenny Jacobs and fast timer Danny Lasoski in row three. Greg Hodnett and Greg Wilson started seventh and eighth, with Joey Saldana and Blaney in the fifth row.

The first lap saw mayhem erupt when Mike Wagner and Sean Michael got together and flipped hard, both leaving the ballpark. On the restart, another violent crash occurred, with Lasoski getting crossed up and flipping, collecting Greg Hodnett and Billy Wilburn. All drivers were okay in the two incidents.

The green finally reappeared with Dewease taking the lead over Laney, Kemenah and Blaney before another flip slowed the action. Kelly Kinser took an easy once-over, bringing out the red. He was able to restart on the tail of the field.

Blaney moved into second following the restart behind Dewease, putting Laney back to third. Blaney kept the pressure on Dewease’s machine, and on lap seven he slid past Dewease in turn four on the half-mile, taking command for good.

From that point on, it was a clean run to the checkered for Blaney, who won over Dewease, Laney and Chesson. Jeff Shepard started 14th and earned passing honors for the night, moving to fifth at the end with Kemenah, Saldana, Jacobs and 14th starter Danny Wood next. Rodney Duncan moved up from 15th starting spot to tenth at the finish.

With 56 cars on hand, the K-T Equipment heat went to Rodney Duncan, the JB Enterprise Racing Products heat to Danny Wood, the Crown Battery Heat to Tim Shaffer and the Engler Machine & Tool heat fell to Blaney with Jeff Shepard the other heat winner. Craig Dollansky won the Georgia Marketing & Promotions C Main and Greg Hodnett was the B Main winner. <pre> TIME TRIALS: 1. Danny Lasoski, Stewart 20, 13.409; 2. Kenny Jacobs, Jacobs/Honecker 6, 13.443; 3. James Chesson, Chesson 22. 13.447; 4. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15k, 13.515; 5. Ronald Laney, Laney 52, 13.519; 6.Lance Dewease, Harz 88, 13.535; 7. PJ Chesson, Chesson 76, 13.576; 8. Greg Hodnett, Apple 12, 13.660; 9. Greg Wilson, Hampshire 63, 13.661; 10. Terry McCarl, Holbrook 8h, 13.671;11. Jason Johnson, Row 41, 13.699; 12. Travis Rilat, Archer U2, 13.722; 13. Joey Saldana, Saldana 17, 13.739; 14. Dale Blaney, Blaney 10, 13.752; 15. Kraig Kinser, Kinser 11k, 13.754; 16. Wayne Johnson, Johnson 29, 13.791; 17. Billy Wilburn, Wilburn 0, 13.802; 18. Ryan Flynn, Flynn F1, 13.804; 19. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4k, 13.810; 20. Jeff Shepard, Daugherty 7, 13.816; 21. Rodney Duncan, Harrison 22, 13.935; 22. Danny Wood, Woodburn 21w, 13.947; 23. Jason Sides, Rhodes 7R, 13.969; 24. Phil Gressman, Wise 97, 13.897; 25.Sean Michael, Michael 3, 13.902; 26. Mike Wagner, Wagner 55, 13.913; 27. Brian Ellenberger, Ellenberger 20, 13.917; 28. Tim Shaffer, Shaffer 45, 13.944; 29. Danny Smith, Baker 4, 13.949; 30.Joe Roe, Osburn/Mock 61, 13.953; 31. Billy Pauch. J&M 55, 13.971; 32. Dean Jacobs, Elden 22, 13.982; 33. Jerrod Hull, Webb 51, 14.032; 34. Kevin Huntley, Ashworth 92, 14.038; 35. Johnny Bankston, Bankston 8, 14.038; 36. Eric Hysong, Andrews 72, 14.046; 37. Kim Mock, Osborn/Mock 1m, 14.151; 38. Jeremy Campbell, Campbell 10c, 14.155; 39. Tom Busch, Busch 4b, 14. 175; 40. Bruce Robenalt, Robenalt 98, 14.233; 41.Craig Dollansky, Karavan 7, 14.242; 42. Steven King, King 88, 14.256; 43. Terry Pletch, Pletch 29p, 14.301; 44. Bryan Brown, Smith 2s, 14.307; 45. Mike Hudson, Hudson 1h, 14,310; 46. Mike Chadd, Chadd 4c, 14.428; 47. Howie Gleason, Gleason 21g, 14.442; 48. Todd Gracey, Cooper 25, 14.609; 49. Charlie Osborn, Osborn 53, 14.751; 50. Andy Zipperer, Zipperer 92, 16.271; 51. Jeff Jansma, Jansma 4J, 16.356; 52. Johnny Johnson, Johnson 72J, 16.762; 53. Tom Davies, Sibley 711, NT; 54. Joe Bustillos, Bustillos 37, NT; 55. Curt Trainer, Trainer 29T, NT, 56. Jason Dukes, JM 3, NT.

KT EQUIPMENT RENTALS - HEAT # 1 1)22D Rodney Duncan 2)20L Danny Lasoski 3)29J Wayne Johnson 4)55W Mike Wagner 5)41 Jason Johnson 6)88 Lance Dewease 7)72H Eric Hysong 8)4C Mike Chadd 9)55P Billy Pauch 10)7x Craig Dollansky I)4J Jeff Jansma.

JB ENTERPRISES - HEAT #2 - 1)2 1 W Danny Wood 2)20E Brian Ellenberger 3)0 Billy Wilburn 4)6 Kenny Jacobs 5)U2 Travis Rilat 6)1M Kim Mock 7)76 PJ Chesson 8)88K Steven King 9)21 G Howie Gleason 10)22E Dean Jacobs 11)72J Johnny Johnson.

CROWN BATTERY - HEAT #3 - 1)45 Tim Shaffer 2)7S Jason Sides 3)17 Joey SaIdana 4)22 James Chesson. 5)51 Jerrod Hull 6)25 Todd Gracey 7)F1 Ryan Flynn 8)29P Terry Pletch 9)10C Jeremy Campbell 10)12 Greg Hodnett 11)711 Tom Davies.

ENGLER MACHINE & TOOL - HEAT #4 - 1)10 Dale Blaney 2)97 Phil Gressman 3)4 Danny Smith 4)4K Kelly Kinser 5)15K Chad Kemenah 6)63 Greg Wilson 7)92 Kevin Huntley 8)2S Brian Brown 9)4B Tom Busch 10)53 Charlie 0sbourn 11)37 Joe Bustillos.

HEAT #5 - 1)7R Jeff Shepard 2)3 Jason Dukes 3)61 Joe Roe 4)52 Ronald Laney 5)8H Terry McCarl 6)IIK Kraig Kinser 7)IH Mike Hudson 8)98 Bruce Robenalt 9)8B John Bankston 10)92Z Andy Zipperer 11)29T Curtis Trainer

C MAIN - 1)7x Craig Dollansky 2)IM Kim Mock 3)88K Steven King 4)29p Terry Pletch 5)10C Jeremy Campbell 6)98 Bruce Robenalt 7)25 Todd Gracey 8)4B Tom Busch 9)4C Mike Chadd 10)1H Mike Hudson 11)53 Charlie 0sbone 12)37 Joe Bustillos 13)21G Howie Gleason 14)72J Johnny Johnson 15)92Z Andy Zipperer 16)4J Jeff Jansma 17)711 Tom Davies 18) 29T Curt Trainer

B MAIN - 1)12 Greg Hodnett 2)88 Lance Dewease 3)15K Chad Kemenah 4)63 Greg Wilson 5)F I Ryan Flynn 6)8H Terry McCarl 7)7x Craig Dollansky 9)55P Billy Pauch 9)U2 Travis Rilat 10)51 Jerrod Hull 11)76 PJ Chesson 12)92 Kevin Huntley 13)IM Kim Mock 14)41 Jason Johnson 15)88K Steven King 16)29P Terry Pletch 17)72 Eric Hysong 18)11K Kraig Kinser 19)22E Dean Jacobs 20)8B John Bankston.

A MAIN 1)10 Dale Blaney 2)89 Lance Dewease 3)52 Ronald Laney 4)22C James Chesson 5)7R Jeff Shepard 6)15K Chad Kemenah 7)17 Joey SaIdana 8)6 Kenny Jacobs 9)21 w Donnie Wood 10)22D Rodney Duncan 11)29J Wayne Johnson 12)45 Tim Shaffer 13)7s Jason Sides 14)20E Brian Ellenberger 15)4s Danny Smith 16)61 Joe Roe 17)4K Kelly Kinser 18)20L Danny Lasoski 19)63 Greg Wilson 20) Greg Hodnett 21)0 Billy Wilburn 22)3 Sean Michael 23)55W Mike Wagner 24)97 Phil Gressman.

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