ALLSTAR: Volusia Saturday Results 2/12/00

BARBERVILLE, FLA. - Making it three sprint car feature victories in a row, Danny Lasoski topped the All Star Circuit of Champions' main event Saturday night on the half-mile dirt Volusia Speedway Park oval. Although the 20-lap feature ran ...

BARBERVILLE, FLA. - Making it three sprint car feature victories in a row, Danny Lasoski topped the All Star Circuit of Champions' main event Saturday night on the half-mile dirt Volusia Speedway Park oval. Although the 20-lap feature ran caution-free, Lasoski, from Dover, Mo., was able to run down ButlerBuilt Hot Seat polesitter Todd Gracey halfway through the event and pull away for the victory on Kevin Gobrecht Night. "The race track was in really great shape," Lasoski said; "but the key to this whole team is Jimmy Carr (his crew chief). He came in this winter and worked on this whole thing while I was racing in Australia." Gobrecht, who raced with Lasoski on the road in 1999, lost his life in a racing accident late in the '99 season. His brother Scott presented a memorial plaque to Lasoski. For the second straight night, Craig Dollansky of Elk River, Minn. finished in the runner-up slot. He was followed by Kelly Kinser of Bloomington, Ind., Washington’s Kasey Kahne and Rodney Duncan of Lockbourne, Ohio. Lasoski was the second quickest qualifier and started his white and orange Chevrolet-powered Eagle Chassis, owned by NASCAR Winston Cup star Tony Stewart and Vernon Massey in the fifth position. He passed Ed Lynch Jr., on lap two, slipped by Duncan on lap four and overtook Kinser on lap seven. Gracey, from Brodbecks, Pa., had opened a sizeable lead in the first few laps, but when he encountered slower traffic, Lasoski quickly closed the gap and passed Gracey's red Cooper Motors No. 25 J&J on the backstretch of lap 10. Gracey lost another spot when he was forced high by Dollansky in turn four of the 13th lap. A lap later, Kinser passed Gracey for third. Gracey wound up in eighth place at the finish after suffering engine troubles late in the race. Kahne moved up from seventh to take fourth with one lap to go ahead of Rodney Duncan. Paul McMahan was sixth with Billy Pauch earning the Team Simpson Racing Lucky Seven award for seventh, followed by Gracey, fastest qualifier Frankie Kerr and P.J. Chesson. "That 20 car (Lasoski) has been tough," Dollansky said. " It seems like it goes anywhere on the race track." Dollansky thanked crew chief Scott Byrd for "bringing it all together for us." "We came up a little short again tonight," Kinser said. "We had the car hooked up to our liking, but I don't know, that 20 car is awful fast." Kerr set a new track record in time trials of 13.534 seconds, breaking Lasoski’s two-day old 13.633 standard, with the United Expressline heat to Billy Pauch, the Southwest Expressline heat to Lasoski, the United Specialties heat to Keith Kauffman and the Southwest Glass heat to Lance Dewease. Kahne won the United Expressline B Main. Time Trials: 1. Frankie Kerr, Shoff 23s, 13.534 seconds; 2. Danny Lasoski, Massey 20, 13.693; 3. Ed Lynch Jr., Lynch 2L, 13.717; 4. Rodney Duncan, Harrison 22, 13.749; 5. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4K, 13.785; 6. Todd Gracey, Cooper 25, 13.819; 7. Kasey Kahne, Kahne 23k, 13.826; 8. James Chesson, Chesson 22, 13.843; 9. Paul McMahan, Johnson U2, 13.899; 10. Craig Dollansky, Karavan 7, 13.922; 11. Joey Saldana, Ashworth 92, 13.941; 12. Jerrod Hull, Webb 51, 13.971; 13. Brian Ellenberger, Ellenberger 20, 13.998; 14. Matt Moro, Moro 2m, 14.046; 15. Greg Hodnett, Zemaitis 1z, 14.059; 16. Ronald Laney, Laney 52, 14.074; 17. Raymond Hensley, Miller 1r, 14.075; 18. Todd Shaffer, Beam 88, 14.083; 19. Keith Kauffman, Middleswarth 7, 14.100; 20. John Bankston, Bankston 8, 14.105; 21. Billy Pauch, J&M 55, 14.105; 22. Jim Moughan, M&L 1M, 14.116; 23. Terry McCarl, McCarl 3, 14.132; 24. Lance Dewease, Harz 88, 14.157; 25. Ricky Logan, Logan 4L, 14.175; 26. P.J. Chesson, Chesson 76, 14.193; 27. Kenny Jacobs, Jacobs/Honaker 6, 14.265; 28. Mark Keegan, Steinbrick 92, 14.312; 29. Terry Babb, Smith 2s, 14.382; 30. Mike Hudson, Hudson 1h, 14.418; 31. Johnny Johnson, Johnson 72J, 15.994; 32. Earnest Jennings, Jennings 61, NT; 33. Gary Wright, Wright 9, NT; 34. Hal Wilson, Wilson 38, NT. United Expressline Heat Race Finish: 1. Billy Pauch, 2. Kelly Kinser, 3. Brian Ellenberger, 4. Paul McMahan, 5. Frankie Kerr, 6. Raymond Hensley, 7. Terry Babb, 8. Ricky Logan. Southwest Expressline Heat Race Finish: 1. Danny Lasoski, 2. Todd Shaffer, 3. Craig Dollansky, 4. P.J. Chesson, 5. Todd Gracey, 6. Matt Moro, 7. Jim Moughan, 8. Mike Hudson. United Specialties Heat Race Finish: 1. Keith Kauffman, 2. Joey Saldana, 3. Terry McCarl, 4. Greg Hodnett, 5. Kenny Jacobs, 6. Ed Lynch Jr., 7. Kasey Kahne, 8. Johnny Johnson. Southwest Glass Heat Race Finish: 1. Lance Dewease, 2. John Bankston, 3. James Chesson, 4. Ronald Laney, 5. Rodney Duncan, 6. Jerrod Hull, 7. Mark Keegan, 8. Earnest Jennings. United Expressline B Main: 1. Kasey Kahne, 2. Ed Lynch Jr., 3. Matt Moro, 4. Jim Moughan, 5. Mark Keegan, 6. Terry Babb, 7. Jerrod Hull, 8. Raymond Hensley, 9. Ricky Logan, 10. Johnny Johnson, 11. Earnest Jennings, 12. Mike Hudson. A Feature Finish (20 laps): 1. Danny Lasoski, Dover, Mo.; 2. Craig Dollansky, Elk River, Minn.; 3. Kelly Kinser, Bloomington, Ind.; 4. Kasey Kahne, Enumclaw, Wash.; 5. Rodney Duncan, Lockbourne, Ohio; 6. Paul McMahan, Bristol, Ind.; 7. Billy Pauch, Frenchtown, N.J.; 8. Todd Gracey, Brodbecks, Pa.; 9. Frankie Kerr, Fremont, Ohio; 10. P.J. Chesson, Far Hills, N.J.; 11. James Chesson, Far Hills, N.J.; 12. Keith Kauffman, Mifflintown, Pa.; 13. Kenny Jacobs, Holmesville, Ohio; 14. Greg Hodnett, Arlington, Tenn.; 15. Joey Saldana, Brownsburg, Ind.; 16. Terry McCarl, Pleasant Hill, Iowa; 17. Ed Lynch Jr., Apollo, Pa.; 18. Matt Moro, Des Moines, Iowa; 19. Lance Dewease, Fayetteville, Pa.; 20. Brian Ellenberger, Butler, Pa.; 21. Jim Moughan, Springfield, Ill.; 22. Todd Shaffer, Millerstown, Pa.; 23. Ronald Laney, Humble, Texas; 24. John Bankston, Beaumont, Texas.

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