ALLSTAR: Tulsa results 2000-08-19

Wright steers clear to win at Tulsa By John Rittenoure TULSA, OK - Crashes took their toll on the 40 cars entered in the Thunder Through the Plains finale between the National Championship Racing Association and the All Star Circuit of ...

Wright steers clear to win at Tulsa
By John Rittenoure

TULSA, OK - Crashes took their toll on the 40 cars entered in the Thunder Through the Plains finale between the National Championship Racing Association and the All Star Circuit of Champions Saturday at Tulsa Speedway. At one point nearly half the 24-car 'A' feature field was involved in a major mishap. But somehow Texan Gary Wright managed to stay clear of it all and post his second straight $5,000 win in his Chevrolet-powered sprint car before a near capacity crowd of 5,200. The victory was Wright's seventh with the NCRA and his second in the All Star vs. NCRA series to give the NCRA three victories to two for the All Stars. Wright drove off the pole at the start of the 30-lap main but only got half way around the 3/8's mile oval when the red quickly came out as Kelly Kinser and Todd Gracey tangled in turn two resulting in Gracey turning over. When the race restarted a massive eleven-car pile up took place in turn one with sprint cars tangled together blocking the track. Nick Haygood and Rodney Duncan flipped in the melee. All but three cars were able to restart. The third attempt brought out a yellow with Ryan Flynn spun in turn two. On the fourth restart the race was finally underway as Wright, hugging the inside groove, set the pace followed by Jason Johnson in second and Travis Whitney in third. By the fifth lap Wright and pulled to a straightaway margin over Johnson. A yellow flag waved on lap nine for Danny Jennings who spun. The race continued with Wright out distancing Johnson even though the yellow waved on laps six and nine. Kenny Jacobs was placed on the rear from his fourth place running position when his nose wing came loose and appeared close to rubbing his right front tire. Wright had no trouble staying out front as Whitney began to make his move. Whitney challenged Johnson for second on lap 19 and moved past a lap later. Whitney was unable to close on Wright and finished second. Johnson continued to fall back as Greg Wilson raced into third on lap 25. B feature winner Mike Goodman followed into fourth, Danny Smith picked fifth on the last lap and Johnson fell to sixth. It was follow the leader on the dry slick track in the B feature, but Goodman led all 15-laps for the win over Haygood, Calvin Landis and Kevin Huntley. All four cars transferred to the main event.

TIME TRIALS - 1, 6 Kenny Jacobs, 14.618. 2, 66 Aaron Berryhill, 14.682. 3, 4k Kelly Kinser, 14.708. 4, 9x Travis Whitney, 14.730. 5, 41 Jason Johnson, 14.829. 6, 9 Gary Wright, 14.830. 7, 25 Todd Gracey, 14.840. 8, 15k Chad Kemenah, 14.842. 9, 3 Mike Goodman, 14.842. 10, 63w Greg Wilson, 14.850. 11, 4 Danny Smith, 14.885. 12, 1s Kerry Madsen, 14.900. 13, 51 Jerrod Hull, 14.905. 14, 1 Donnie Crawford, 15.012. 15, F1 Ryan Flynn, 15.050. 16, 22 Rodney Duncan, 15.109. 17, 70 Calvin Landis, 15.116. 18, 1 Nick Haygood, 15.128. 19, 5J Jeff Mitrisin, 15.180. 20, 68 Ryan Craighead, 15.191. 21, 1a Travis Rilat, 15.255. 22, 61J Danny Jennings, 15.282. 23, 3m Matt Saint, 15.407. 24, 15s Nick Smith, 15.442. 25, 13m Ted Lee, 15.468. 26, 7L Kirk Lord, 15.477. 27, 5$ Danny Smith (OK), 15.557. 28, 7 Jason Sides, 15.565. 29, 92 Kevin Huntley, 15.637. 30, 17 Travis Scott, 15.663. 31, 9s Darren Stewart, 15.684. 32, 50z Zach Chappell, 15.740. 33, 50ZL Michael Lambert, 15.765. 34, 2 Kenneth Walker, 15.771. 35, D1 Dan Oswalt, 15.842. 36, 29 Travis Mize, 15.940. 37, 63r Barry Ruble, 15.947. 38, 45 J.P. Bailey, 15.990. 39, 48p Brandon Kelley, 16.044. 40, 61 Earnest Jennings, 16.102.

HEAT (10 laps) - Nick Smith, Rodney Duncan, Travis Whitney, Kerry Madsen, Travis Mize, Jason Sides, Ryan Craighead, Earnest Jennings, Mike Goodman, Zach Chappell. HEAT (10 laps) - Danny Smith, Kelly Kinser, Todd Gracey, Darren Stewart, Ryan Flynn, Danny Smith (OK), Brandon Kelley, Dan Oswalt, Matt Saint, Jeff Mitrisin. HEAT (10 laps) - Donnie Crawford, Danny Jennings, Greg Wilson, Gary Wright, Aaron Berryhill, Nick Haygood, Travis Scott, J.P. Bailey, Kirk Lord, Kenneth Walker. HEAT (10 laps) - Travis Rilat, Jerrod Hull, Chad Kemenah, Jason Johnson, Kenny Jacobs, Calvin Landis, Kevin Huntley, Michael Lambert, Barry Ruble, Ted Lee. COMMERCIAL TRUCK & TRAILER DASH (4 laps) - 1, Danny Smith. 2, Greg Wilson. 3, Kelly Kinser. 4, Kenny Jacobs. 5, Todd Gracey. 6, Chad Kemenah. GEORGIA MARKETING & PROMOTIONS B MAIN (15 laps) - 1, Mike Goodman. 2, Nick Haygood. 3, Calvin Landis. 4, Kevin Huntley. 5, Ryan Craighead. 6, Kenneth Walker. 7, Danny Smith (OK). 8, Zach Chappell. 9, Jason Sides. 10, Barry Ruble. 11, Travis Scott. 12, J.P. Bailey. 13, Earnest Jennings. 14, Dan Oswalt. 15, Ted Lee. 16, Brandon Kelley. A FEATURE (30 laps) - 1, Gary Wright. 2, Travis Whitney. 3, Greg Wilson. 4, Mike Goodman. 5, Danny Smith. 6, Jason Johnson. 7, Jerrod Hull. 8, Kevin Huntley. 9, Kenny Jacobs. 10, Nick Smith. 11, Darren Stewart. 12, Donnie Crawford. 13, Nick Haygood. 14, Dan Oswalt. 15, Ryan Flynn. 16, Calvin Landis. 17, Travis Mize. 18, Rodney Duncan. 19, Danny Jennings. 20, Aaron Berryhill. 21, Kerry Madsen. 22, Chad Kemenah. 23, Kelly Kinser. 24, Todd Gracey. 25, Travis Rilat.

All Star Sprint Points: 1. Kenny Jacobs 2590; 2. Rodney Duncan 2459; 3. Jerrod Hull 2203; 4. Todd Gracey 2141; 5. Chad Kemenah 2120; 6. Kelly Kinser 1905; 7. Greg Wilson 1698; 8. Danny Smith 1553; 9. Frankie Kerr 1507; 10. Daryl Stimeling 1441.

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