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All Star Sprint Race Results - Tulsa Speedway - Sat. 8/21/99 - By John Rittenoure TULSA, OK (August 21) - Mike Goodman put together wins in both the B and A features to sweep the final leg of the All Star sprints vs. NCRA Thunder...

All Star Sprint Race Results - Tulsa Speedway - Sat. 8/21/99 - By John Rittenoure

TULSA, OK (August 21) - Mike Goodman put together wins in both the B and A features to sweep the final leg of the All Star sprints vs. NCRA Thunder Through the Plains Series Saturday at Tulsa Speedway. Goodman earned $5,000 for his first win ever under O'Reilly Auto Parts NCRA sanction. It was also his first career All Star victory. The victory gave the NCRA three wins in the four-race series. Gary Wright won at Eagle Raceway and again at Wichita. Joey Saldana put the All Stars on the winning track at Salina, Kansas. It was the biggest victory of Goodman's career and it came on his home track over a strong 39-car field and a crowd of over 5,000. In victory lane Goodman was so excited that he climbed on top of his car's wing to celebrate. The night did not start out so great for Goodman however. An incident in the second heat sent Goodman to the pits early and put him in the B main. Goodman chased after early leader Dean Jacobs in the B main then passed him on lap six for the lead. Goodman continued on to the checkered over Frankie Kerr to earn a transfer spot into the 30-lap A feature. The A main got underway with eleven-time Tulsa champion Donnie Crawford jumping out front with Goodman giving chase and NCRA 1999 point champion Gary Wright in third. Crawford was setting a fast pace but Goodman and Wright stayed within striking distance through the first 12 laps. On lap 13 Crawford tangled with a car he was about to lap and flipped on the front straightaway to bring out the red. Crawford was done and Goodman found himself with the lead on the restart in his Chevrolet-powered machine . The first year NCRA driver set a strong pace that kept NCRA point leader Wright from challenging. Goodman worked his way through lapped traffic and led the final 17 laps to record his first win. Wright stayed close but settled for second. Aaron Berryhill, who set fast time for the night with a clocking of 14.489, followed Wright in third from the 14th lap on but on the final lap Paul McMahan drove past leaving Berryhill with fourth in the Trop Artic number 66 sprinter. Kelly Kinser rounded out the top five. The race was the season final for the O'Reilly Auto Parts NCRA Outlaw Sprint Series. Wright has clinched a record seventh consecutive championship. Time Trials - 1, Aaron Berryhill, 14.489. 2, Paul McMahan, 14.631. 3, Gary Wright, 14.655. 4, Joey Saldana, 14.670. 5, Dean Jacobs, 14.690. 6, Mike Goodman, 14.961. 7, Donnie Crawford, 14.758. 8, Frankie Kerr, 14.767. 9, Danny Wood, 14.820. 10, Kenny Jacobs, 14.951. 11, Kelly Kinser, 14.951. 12, Brian Ellenberger, 14.964. 13, Brian Paulus, 15.078. 14, Steve McMackin, 15.081. 15, Matt Saint, 15.250. 16, Rodney Duncan, 15.259. 17, Jason Sides, 15.287. 18, David Chappell, 15.312. 19, Billy Frazier, 15.313. 20, Shane Carson, 15.345. 21, Danny Smith, 15.365. 22, Nick Smith, 15.371. 23, Jerry Stone, 15.500. 24, Jerrod Hull, 15.512. 25, Michael Lambert, 15.516. 26, Steve King, 15.538. 27, Bob Ewell, 15.545. 28, Danny Jennings, 15.595. 29, Greg Wilson,15.600. 30, Bruce Jennings, 15.604. 31, J.P. Bailey, 15.666. 32, Brett Thompson, 15.842. 33, Brian Carlson, 15.941. 34,John Ewell, 15.971. 34, Zach Chappell, 16.010. 35, Jack Moulton, 16.039. 36, Jimmy Lambert, 16.049. 37, Jeff Eckhardt, 16.531. 38, Earnest Jennings, 16.564. COMMERCIAL TRUCK & TRAILER DASH - 1, Kenny Jacobs. 2, Paul McMahan. 3, Kelly Kinser. 4, Joey Saldana. 5, Brian Paulus. 6, Brian Ellenberger. UNITED EXPRESSLINE HEAT 1 (8 laps) - Jason Sides, Danny Smith, Aaron Berryhill, Danny Wood, Brian Paulus, Dean Jacobs, Michael Lambert, Greg Wilson, Brian Carlson. SOUTHWEST EXPRESSLINE HEAT 2 (8 Laps) - Nick Smith, Paul McMahan, Kenny Jacobs, David Chappell, Steve McMackin, Bruce Jennings, Steve King, John Ewell, Jeff Eckhardt, Mike Goodman. UNITED SPECIALTIES HEAT 3 (8 laps) - Billy Frazier, Gary Wright, Kelly Kinser, Donnie Crawford, Matt Saint, Bob Ewell, Zach Chappell, Jerry Stone, Earnest Jennings, J.P. Bailey. SOUTHWEST GLASS HEAT 4 (8 laps) - Shane Carson, Jerrod Hull, Brian Ellenberger, Rodney Duncan, Joey Saldana, Frankie Kerr, Danny Jennings, Jack Moulton, Brett Thompson. UNITED EXPRESSLINE B FEATURE (12 laps) - 1, Mike Goodman. 2, Frankie Kerr. 3, Greg Wilson. 4, Bob Ewell. 5, Jerry Stone. 6, Danny Jennings. 7, Dean Jacobs. 8, Zach Chappell. 9, Jack Moulton. 10, Brett Thompson. 11, Brian Carlson. 12, Earnest Jennings. 13, Bruce Jennings. 14, Jimmy Lambert. 15, Steve King. A FEATURE (30 laps) - 1, Mike Goodman. 2, Gary Wright. 3, Paul McMahan. 4, Aaron Berryhill. 5, Kelly Kinser. 6, Brian Paulus. 7, Joey Saldana. 8, Danny Wood. 9, Frankie Kerr. 10, Jason Sides. 11, Danny Smith. 12, Dean Jacobs (prov). 13, Rodney Duncan. 14, Kenny Jacobs. 15, Shane Carson,. 16, Brian Ellenberger. 17, Steve McMackin. 18, David Chappell. 19, Matt Saint. 20, Jerrod Hull. 21, Nick Smith. 22, Donnie Crawford. 23, Billy Frazier. 24, Greg Wilson. 25, Bob Ewell. Prov - Pr All Star Points: 1. Kenny Jacobs 3295, 2. Dean Jacobs 3086, 3. Jerrod Hull 2715, 4. Rodney Duncan 2682; 5. Danny Smith 2629; 6. Greg Wilson 2516; 7. Joey Saldana 2266; 8. Brian Ellenberger 2256; 9. Brian Carlson 2188; 10. Paul McMahan 2058.

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