ALLSTAR: Tri City Results 1999-06-13

All Star Sprint Race Results - Tri-City Speedway - Sun. 6/13/99 By Scott Hall DEMPSEYTOWN, PA - Jeff Shepard grabbed the lead from Fred Rahmer on lap 24 to win the All Star sprint 30-lap feature Sunday night at Tri-City Speedway. The finale...

All Star Sprint Race Results - Tri-City Speedway - Sun. 6/13/99 By Scott Hall

DEMPSEYTOWN, PA - Jeff Shepard grabbed the lead from Fred Rahmer on lap 24 to win the All Star sprint 30-lap feature Sunday night at Tri-City Speedway. The finale of the seventh annual Western Pa. All Star Sprint Speedweek paid Shepard $5,000. With his seventh place finish, Dean Jacobs was crowned the 1999 W. Pa. Speedweek champion, worth $1,000. His point margin was one marker over co-runners-up Kenny Jacobs and Dale Blaney. "We have a motor that’s a bit worn out," Shepard related from victory lane. "We brought our second car tonight, and with a full load of fuel I wasn’t any good, I couldn’t keep up any speed. But towards the end of the race we were alright." Rahmer started the Al Hamilton J&J on the ButlerBuilt Motorsports Equipment Hot Seat pole position, underneath Californian Brad Furr. The first attempt at a start resulted in a red for a flipping Daryl Stimeling in turn two, with Brian Carlson also involved. When the race finally got started Rahmer jumped into the lead, running the high groove, with Furr a strong second and Kenny Jacobs third. Shepard, who started fourth, moved under Jacobs going down the frontstretch on lap three for third and closed in on Furr. After a Brian Ellenberger spin slowed the action on lap seven, Rahmer again was strong in the lead with Shepard continually trying low moves on Furr for second. Another caution by Ellenberger for his stalled machine slowed action again on lap 11, with Shepard really pressuring Furr on the restart. Shepard put a classic slid job on Furr in turns one and two to take the runner-up spot on lap 12, and set his sights on Rahmer. Furr drifted high in turn two, allowing Hodnett to move into third. This made the half-way mark running order Rahmer, Shepard, Hodnett, Furr and Dale Blaney. Furr exited the event, bringing out the caution when he tagged the turn three guardrail for the final caution on lap 17. Rahmer still led for the restart, with Lance Dewease now on the move, taking fourth from Blaney after starting tenth. Shepard stayed close to Rahmer, whose motor began sounding flat. By lap 22, Shepard was on Rahmer’s bumper and looking for a chance to make a pass. Lap 23 saw Shepard still poised and his opportunity came on lap 24. He dove under Rahmer entering turn three and emerged with the lead. "I went underneath him and drove by him and that was it," Shepard said of his winning move. Shepard pulled away, and his second consecutive Tri-City Speedweek victory was his. "About the third lap our motor dropped a cylinder," Rahmer revealed. "It never ran the rest of the race. Second place sucks." Hodnett remained in third, with Dewease finishing fourth and Blaney fifth. Kenny Jacobs rode home sixth with Dean Jacobs seventh, earning the "Team Simpson Racing Lucky Seven" award. The rest of the top ten were Jimmy Hawley, up from 13th, Rodney Duncan and Joey Saldana. The United Expressline heat fell to Joey Saldana, the Southwest Expressline heat went to Dean Jacobs and the Southwest Glass heat was won by Ed Lynch, Jr. Rahmer won the Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash with Blaney the United Expressline B Main winner after blowing an engine in his heat race. Greg Hodnett was the fast qualifier worth $250.00 in quarters from Carriage City Car Wash. In the Pittsburgh Circle Track Club Zoresco Senior Series for retired drivers in pure stocks, heat winners were Jack Smith and Terry Wheeler. In the 15 lap feature, Jack Smith, age 71, took over the lead from Don Gamble on lap seven and went on to victory. Gamble, Wheeler, Ed Bashaar, Bill Wheeling, Tom Knight, Sr., John Shetler, Gary Proper, Bob Sloss and Don Luffy completed the field. Time Trials: 1. Greg Hodnett, Stewart 12, 15.578; 2. Dean Jacobs, Holbrook 8, 15.756; 3. Jeff Shepard, Zemco 1, 15.855; 4. Kenny Jacobs, Jacobs 6, 15.977; 5. Brad Furr, Furr 2F, 16.003; 6. Fred Rahmer, Hamilton 77, 16.076; 7. Brian Ellenberger, Ellenberger 20, 16.090; 8. Dale Blaney, Hughes 94, 16.159; 9. Danny Smith, Ashworth 92, 16.254; 10. Lance Dewease, Harz 88, 16.286; 11. Rodney Duncan, Harrison 22, 16.318; 12. Butch Schroeder, Johnson U2, 16.334; 13. Joey Saldana, Mox 17, 16.336; 14. Jimmy Hawley, Crawford C3, 16.379; 15. Ed Lynch, Jr., Lynch 2L, 16.576; 16. Jerrod Hull, Webb 51, 16.688; 17. Scott Bonnell, Bonnell 3, 16.753; 18. Craig Rankin, Guzzo 77, 16.894; 19. Brent Covell, Covell 81, 17.103; 20. Greg Wilson, Hampshire 63, 17.122; 21. Brian Carlson, SC Motorsports 18, 17.143; 22. Skip Dougherty, Dougherty 27, 17.508; 23. Daryl Stimeling, Stimeling 30, 17.639; 24. Kevin Andrusky, Andrusky 7, 17.654; 25. Dave Scott, Scott 3D, 17.960; 26. Brent Matus, Matus 33, 18.023; 27. Jim Damon, Damon 50x, 18.044; 28. Bruce Powell, Powell 35, 18.590. United Expressline Heat (8 laps): 1. Saldana 2. Hodnett 3. Ellenberger 4. Dewease 5. K. Jacobs 6. Hull 7. Scott 8. Covell 9. Dougherty 10. Powell. Southwest Expressline Heat (8 laps): 1. D. Jacobs 2. Hawley 3. Duncan 4. Furr 5. Bonnell 6. Stimeling 7. Wilson 8. Matus 9. Blaney. Southwest Glass Heat (8 laps): 1. Lynch 2. Shepard 3. Rahmer 4. Rankin 5. Smith 6. Schroeder 7. Andrusky 8. Carlson 9. Damon. Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash: (4 laps): 1. Rahmer 2. Furr 3. Shepard 4. Hodnett 5. K. Jacobs 6. D. Jacobs. United Expressline B Main (12 laps): 1. Blaney 2. Wilson 3. Covell 4. Carlson 5. Scott 6. Dougherty 7. Andrusky 8. Matus 9. Damon 10. Powell. A Main (30 laps): 1. Jeff Shepard 2. Fred Rahmer 3. Greg Hodnett 4. Lance Dewease 5. Dale Blaney 6. Kenny Jacobs 7. Dean Jacobs 8. Jimmy Hawley 9. Rodney Duncan 10. Joey Saldana 11. Danny Smith 12. Ed Lynch Jr. 13. Butch Schroeder 14. Jerrod Hull 15. Skip Dougherty 16. Dave Scott 17. Brent Covell 18. Brad Furr 19. Craig Rankin 20. Scott Bonnell 21. Brian Ellenberger 22. Greg Wilson 23. Brian Carlson 24. Daryl Stimeling. All Star Driver Points: 1. Kenny Jacobs, 1605; 2. Dean Jacobs 1563; 3. Jerrod Hull 1358; 4. Rodney Duncan 1319; 5. Greg Wilson 1244; 6. Brian Ellenberger 1194; 7. Danny Smith 1156; 8. Kasey Kahne 1044; 9. Brian Carlson 1036; 10. Byron Reed 912. Final Western Pa. Speedweek Points: 1. Dean Jacobs 291; 2. Dale Blaney & Kenny Jacobs 290; 4. Jerrod Hull 279; 5. Danny Smith 277; 6. Rodney Duncan 274; 7. Butch Schroeder 270; 8. Brad Furr 268; 9. Ed Lynch Jr. 264; 10. Greg Wilson 259.

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