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All Star Sprint Race Results - Ransomville (NY) Speedway - Fri. 5/26/00 By Scott Hall RANSOMVILLE, NY - Kelly Kinser of Bloomington, Indiana was victorious Friday night, May 26th, in the inaugural debut of the All Star Circuit...

All Star Sprint Race Results - Ransomville (NY) Speedway - Fri. 5/26/00 By Scott Hall

RANSOMVILLE, NY - Kelly Kinser of Bloomington, Indiana was victorious Friday night, May 26th, in the inaugural debut of the All Star Circuit of Champions sprint cars at Ransomville Speedway sponsored by Napa Auto Parts. It was Kinser's first win of the season, becoming the eighth different All Star winner in 16 races in 2000. Driving the Kinser Timber owned Chevrolet-powered Stealth, Kinser took the lead away from ButlerBuilt Hot Seat polesitter Jerrod Hull on lap 15 of the 30 lap event, leading the remainder of the 15-mile contest in his usual low groove style. Kinser came into the All Star event 6th in points and had pulled off the track during his heat event and reported engine troubles and almost didn't run the main. There are $5,000 worth of reasons he is glad he changed his mind. "We pulled out of the heat race because the engine was overheating. We ran on the tail of the dash to test the car but it still ran hot. We couldn't find anything wrong with it, so dad (owner Jerry Kinser) said maybe we shouldn't run the feature," Kinser revealed. "We decided to take a few laps in the feature to see how the engine was running, we richened the fuel and it was running okay. When we got the chance to take the lead, we decided to go for it even though the temperature gauge was still pegged." Afterward, Kinser thanked his dad, American Racer tires and Gaerte engines from victory lane. Kenny Jacobs of Holmesville, Ohio in the Jacobs/Honecker Eagle took the second position on lap 29 away from Hull of Sikeston, MO. "Jerrod didn't know which way to go when he saw that lapped car," Jacobs said afterward. "And I passed him. I don't think I could have got him on an open track." Hull finished third in Guy Webb's No. 51, earning the TW Metals nightly cash bonus, followed by Frankie Kerr of Fremont, OH in Stan Shoff's J&J and Danny Smith of Danville, IN in the John Baker Excavating Stealth, who did his usual workmanlike job of coming from ninth to fifth at the end. "We set the car up to run the top," Hull stated. "We were flying, then the top went away and it slowed down, and I couldn't run on the bottom." Todd Gracey was sixth in the Ken Cooper J&J, with Brian Ellenberger seventh in his own Eagle, earning the Team Simpson Racing Lucky Seven award. ESS regular Craig Keel was eighth. Rodney Duncan, the All Star points leader, and a lapped car made contact while Duncan was running second. Duncan ended up jumping the cushion, brushing the wall and rolling his sprint one and a half times before coming to rest against the first turn guardrail. Duncan's machine was quickly taken pitside and repaired before the race went back green. Great work by his crew of Andy Potter and Al Harrison replacing the front axle and both wings as he came back to finish ninth. Mike Woodring completed the top ten as the main went non-stop after Duncan's red flag. The All Star heats went to Todd Gracey, Danny Smith and Craig Keel and fast qualifier Brian Ellenberger won the Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash. The Sportsman feature was won by Chad Brachmann. Jon Miller took top honors in the Prostock main. The Street Stock class had two 12 lap features, the first went to Dave Stolzenberg Jr. and the second to Jerry Condron.

Time Trials: 1. Brian Ellenberger 13.760; 2. Frankie Kerr 13.835; 3. Kenny Jacobs 14.097; 4. Kelly Kinser 14.105; 5. Rodney Duncan 14.134; 6. Jerrod Hull 14.177; 7. Todd Gracey 14.203; 8. Danny Smith 14.320; 9. Craig Keel 14.732; 10. Daryl Stimeling 14.837; 11. Rob Dietrich 15.037; 12. Mike Woodring 15.176; 13. Barry Ruble 15.181; 14. Lance Yonge 15.265; 15. Doug Emery 15.528; 16. Scott Holcomb 15.566; 17. Dick Spadero 15.707; 18. Ryan Coniam 15.859; 19. R.C. Faigle 15.970. Heat (8 laps): 1. Gracey 2. Ellenberger 3. Stimeling 4. Holcomb 5. Faigle 6. Ruble 7. Kinser.

Heat (8 laps): 1. Smith 2. Kerr 3. Duncan 4. Yonge 5. Dietrich 6. Spadero.

Heat (8 laps): 1. Keel 2. Jacobs 3. Emery 4. Hull 5. Woodring 6. Coniam. Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash (4 laps): 1. Ellenberger 2. Kerr 3. Jacobs 4. Duncan 5. Gracey 6. Kinser.

A Main (30 laps): 1. Kelly Kinser 2. Kenny Jacobs 3. Jerrod Hull 4. Frankie Kerr 5. Danny Smith 6. Todd Gracey 7. Brian Ellenberger 8. Craig Keel 9. Rodeny Duncan 10. Mike Woodring 11. Lance Yonge 12. RC Faigle 13. Rob Dietrich 14. Doug Emery 15. Daryl Stimeling 16. Scott Holcomb 17. Ryan Coniam 18. Barry Ruble 19. Dick Spadero. k-end-

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