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All Star Raceweek 2005 A Success CAMARGO, IL -- The 23rd annual All Star Sprint Raceweek for 2005 saw four different winners in six races. Kelly Kinser was crowned the Raceweek champion, earning the Keco Cup and $2,000. The opener at...

All Star Raceweek 2005 A Success

CAMARGO, IL -- The 23rd annual All Star Sprint Raceweek for 2005 saw four different winners in six races. Kelly Kinser was crowned the Raceweek champion, earning the Keco Cup and $2,000.

The opener at Eldora Speedway scheduled for Saturday was washed out, as was round two scheduled for Tuesday at Raceway 7 in Conneaut, OH. Thus the opener was on Sunday at Attica Raceway Park, with Bobby Clark leading the first 39 laps before Greg Wilson used a slide job pass coming off turn four on the final lap to win by the length of his front bumper. Byron Reed ended up third ahead of Kelly Kinser and Mark Keegan.

Round two moved to the Muskingum County Speedway in Zanesville on Monday, with Danny Smith getting past race leader Chad Kemenah with only two laps remaining to record his first Raceweek win of 2005. Kemenah ended up second and Randy Hannagan after starting 13th, got by Reed on the last lap for third. Reed was fourth ahead of Kelly Kinser, Kerry Madsen, Kenny Jacobs, Dale Blaney, Dean Jacobs and Jeremy Campbell.

Wednesday's race three was set for Sharon Speedway in Hartford, where Kemenah returned the favor to Smith by passing him with only five laps to go to take the win. Kelly Kinser also moved past Smith late in the race and a last ditch effort to get by Kemenah fell just short at the finish line. Behind Kinser it was Smith ahead of Blaney, Randy Hannagan, who started 15th, Reed, Kenny Jacobs, John Ivy, Chad Blonde and Ricky Logan.

After a half-inch of rain fell earlier in the day, Fremont Speedway was lightning fast for Thursday's race that ended up being shortened three laps by rain. Chad Kemenah avoided a pair of spinouts right in front of him and narrowly squeezed through the stopped cars to become the first Raceweek repeat winner of 2005. After Mike Linder took the early lead from Kemenah, Reed took control and had things well in hand until Kemenah got by again for the win. With Reed challenging the leader again, a final caution on lap 37 forced the event to be called complete when rains fell. Reed was second and Haudenschild ended up fourth behind Jeremy Campbell, with Kenny Jacobs fifth, followed by Kelly Kinser, Mark Keegan, Kevin Huntley, Danny Smith and Dale Blaney.

Friday's round five was contested on the high banks of Limaland Motorsports Park, where Jac Haudenschild held off a late race challenge from Greg Wilson for the win. Wilson utilized the thigh groove to pull right up on Haudenschild's rear bumper, but a caution flag flew, making Wilson's move a moot point. The last two laps saw Wilson give it another valiant try, but Haudenschild was able to hold him off for a narrow win, becoming the 14th All Star race winner of 2005 in 19 races. Blaney ended up third ahead of Kemenah and Kelly Kinser. Dean Jacobs, Danny Smith, K. Jacobs, Byron Reed and Randy Hannagan completed the top ten finishers.

Greg Wilson led all but four laps Saturday night at K-C Raceway in the 40 lap Raceweek finale. His second win of the week was worth $10,000. Kenny Jacobs and Kelly Kinser waged a tremendous battle all race long for second with Jacobs earning that spot ahead of Kinser. Chad Kemenah was fourth and Smith was fifth with 19th starting Jac Haudenschild sixth. Dean Jacobs earned the Fisher Performance Hard Charger of the race award for coming from a provisional 25th place start to end up seventh. Dale Blaney was eighth, followed by Jeremy Campbell and Randy Hannagan.

Kinser won the Raceweek championship and the Keco Cup, worth $2,000. Second in Raceweek was worth $1,000 in Keco product to Chad Kemenah with Danny Smith in third, earning $750. Paul May was the Keco Hard Luck winner for the week, worth an additional $750.

The Finishes:

Attica Raceway Park -- Sun. 6/26/05 A Main (40 laps): 1. Greg Wilson 2. Bobby Clark 3. Byron Reed 4. Kelly Kinser 5. Mark Keegan 6. Danny Smith 7. Cameron Dodson 8. Kevin Huntley 9. Mike Linder 10. Lee Jacobs 11. Paul May 12. Brandon Martin 13. Randy Hannagan 14. Dale Blaney 15. Jeremy Campbell 16. Chad Kemenah 17. Dean Jacobs 18. Butch Schroeder 19. Jac Haudenschild 20. Cody Geldart 21. Bob Bennett 22. Kenny Jacobs 23. Brock Mayes 24. Chad Blonde 25. Bruce Robenalt 26. Todd Kane.

Lap Leaders: Bobby Clark 1-39, Greg Wilson 40.

Muskingum Co. Speedway -- Mon. 6/27/05 A Main (40 laps): 1. Danny Smith 2. Chad Kemenah 3. Randy Hannagan 4. Byron Reed 5. Kelly Kinser 6. Kerry Madsen 7. Kenny Jacobs 8. Dale Blaney 9. Dean Jacobs 10. Jeremy Campbell 11. Bobby Clark 12. Kevin Huntley 13. Mike Lutz 14. Jim Nier 15. Lee Jacobs 16. Greg Wilson 17. Rob Chaney 18. Bob Bennett 19. Cody Geldart 20. Keith Baxter 21. Nick Naber 22. Jac Haudenschild 23. Jimmy Stinson 24. Ian Madsen 25. Brock Mayes 26. Barry Ruble 27. Ryan Coniam.

Lap Leaders: Byron Reed 1-3, Chad Kemenah 4-38, Danny Smith 39-40.

Sharon Speedway -- Wed. 6/29/05 A Main (40 laps): 1. Chad Kemenah 2. Kelly Kinser 3. Danny Smith 4. Dale Blaney 5. Randy Hannagan 6. Byron Reed 7. Kenny Jacobs 8. John Ivy 9. Chad Blonde 10. Ricky Logan 11. Brock Mayes 12. Cody Geldart 13. Bobby Clark 14. Kevin Huntley 15. Jack Sodeman Jr. 16. Jac Haudenschild 17. Mike Lutz 18. Greg Wilson 19. Rob Chaney 20. Bob Felmlee 21. Mike Kekich 22. Kerry Madsen 23. Dean Jacobs 24. Ed Lynch Jr 25. Ryan Coniam 26. Jeremy Campbell.

Lap Leaders: Danny Smith 1-35, Chad Kemenah 36-40.

Fremont Speedway -- Thu. 6/30/05 A Main (37 laps): 1. Chad Kemenah 2. Byron Reed 3. Jeremy Campbell 4. Jac Haudenschild 5. Kenny Jacobs 6. Kelly Kinser 7. Mark Keegan 8. Kevin Huntley 9. Danny Smith 10. Dale Blaney 11. Dean Jacobs 12. Brock Mayes 13. Randy Hannagan 14. Greg Wilson 15. John Ivy 16. Mike Linder 17. Ryan Coniam 18. Paul May 19. Mike Lutz 20. Mike Brecht 21. David Harrison 22. Rob Chaney 23. Kerry Madsen 24. Bobby Clark 25. Cody Geldart 26. Ricky Logan.

Lap Leaders: Chad Kemenah 1-3. Mike Linder 4-11, Byron Reed 12-25, Kemenah 26-37.

Limaland Motorsports Park-- Fri. 7/1/05 A Main (30 laps): 1. Jac Haudenschild 2. Greg Wilson 3. Dale Blaney 4. Chad Kemenah 5. Kelly Kinser 6. Dean Jacobs 7. Danny Smith 8. Kenny Jacobs 9. Byron Reed 10. Randy Hannagan 11. John Ivy 12. Jeremy Campbell 13. Ricky Logan 14. Kevin Huntley 15. Rob Chaney 16. Keith Baxter 17. Cody Geldart 18. Bill Rose 19. Mike Lutz 20. Brock Mayes 21. Paul May 22. Ryan Coniam 23. Todd Kane 24. Lee Jacobs.

Lap Leaders: Dale Blaney 1-21, Jac Haudenschild 22-30.

K-C Raceway -- Sat. 7/2/05 A Main (40 laps): 1. Greg Wilson 2. Kenny Jacobs 3. Kelly Kinser 4. Chad Kemenah 5. Danny Smith 6. Jac Haudenschild 7. Dean Jacobs 8. Dale Blaney 9. Jeremy Campbell 10. Randy Hannagan 11. Rob Chaney 12. John Ivy 13. Brock Mayes 14. Mike Hogan 15. Bill Rose 16. Ryan Coniam 17. Kevin Huntley 18. Byron Reed 19. Cody Geldart 20. Butch Schroeder 21. Mark Keegan 22. Todd Kane 23. Nick Naber 24. Jimmy Stinson 25. Mike Lutz 26. Tom Busch.

Lap Leaders: Byron Reed 1-3, Greg Wilson 4-40.

<pre> Final All Star Raceweek 2005 Points: 1 Kelly Kinser 581 2 Chad Kemenah 578 3 Danny Smith 575 4 Byron Reed 564 5 Dale Blaney 559 6 Kenny Jacobs 555 7 Greg Wilson 554 8 Randy Hannagan 552 9 Jac Haudenschild 538 10 Kevin Huntley 533 10 Dean Jacobs 533

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