ALLSTAR: Quincy results 2005-08-06

QUINCY, MI - Dale Blaney took advantage of a slip by race leader Danny Smith to win his first main of the season Saturday night at Butler Motor Speedway in the Haulmark All Star sprint car 40 lap A main Rudy Corsini Memorial feature. Smith was ...

QUINCY, MI - Dale Blaney took advantage of a slip by race leader Danny Smith to win his first main of the season Saturday night at Butler Motor Speedway in the Haulmark All Star sprint car 40 lap A main Rudy Corsini Memorial feature. Smith was leading the race by a wide margin and slipped off the edge of the track in turn three, allowing Blaney to drive by and lead the rest of the race in George Fisher's Maxim.

"We were just fortunate tonight. Danny was probably going to win if he hadn't gone off the backstretch and it would have been hard to pass him. Luck just fell our way," Blaney concluded.

"I was trying to get by a lapped car as quick as I could and I got a little too high and dropped my right rear off the edge of the track and it just got away from me. Then I was just glad to end up second," a disappointed Smith concluded.

Smith and Brock Mayes were on the front row for the start of the main, with Jeremy Campbell and Doug Zimmerman in row two and Blaney and Kenny Jacobs in row three. Smith bolted out to the immediate lead over Mayes and Campbell, leading the first six laps before Zimmerman and Chad Blonde, battling for fifth, touched wheels with Zimmerman flipping. After the cleanup, Smith was in front for the restart over Mayes, Blaney and Campbell.

Blonde took fourth on lap nine as the leaders headed into lapped traffic. Blaney began pressuring Mayes for second as Blonde began reeling him in to make it a three-way battle for third.

Blaney passed Mayes for second on lap 19 as Smith built a full straightaway lead in lapped traffic. After Smith completed lap 26, he came up on a lapped car on the high side of turn three and slid out of the groove, allowing Blaney to motor by into the lead. From then on it was Blaney the rest of the way. Smith recovered for second and action heated up for third the last four laps. First Blonde got past Mayes for third, then Hannagan also got by Mayes. Then Hannagan pressured Blonde for third and the pair came off turn four side by side with Blonde nipping Hannagan at the finish line for third.

"It was a good night for a local car here. We had one of the fastest cars here but started so far back. I thought we were going to have second at the end but Danny slid up a bit on me. I'm happy about our finish," Blonde said afterward.

Hannagan ended up fourth ahead of Mayes, Campbell, Greg Wilson (in his first full race since an arm injury at Eldora), Kenny Jacobs, Ken Mackey and Chad Kemenah.

The Crown Battery heat fell to Kemenah, the B&B Products heat went to Hannagan, the Engler Machine and Tool heat was won by Chad Blonde and the TP Wings heat fell to Bob Dooley. Greg Wilson won the University of Northwestern Ohio B Main. Kenny Jacobs captured the Haulmark Dash and was the Huggins Cams Fast Time qualifier, worth $100 courtesy of the Outerwears Company.

Rudy Corsini, the track worker who lost his life here last week, was remembered in pre-race ceremonies and Chad Blonde honored Corsini with his name on the wing of his car.

Huggins Cams Time Trials: 1. Kenny Jacobs, Hunter 2, 13.570; 2. Dale Blaney, Fisher 2x, 13.873; 3. Doug Zimmerman, Zimmerman 19, 13.875; 4. Jeremy Campbell, Campbell 10c, 13.901; 5. Brock Mayes, Brock Mtspts. 11B, 13.952; 6. Danny Smith, Smith 4, 13.991; 7. Chad Blonde, Blonde 5b, 14.116; 8. Greg Wilson, Elden 22, 14.200; 9. Chuck Wilson, Wilson 31, 14.290; 10. Randy Hannagan, THR 1x, 14.292; 11. Paul May, May 71m, 14.537; 12. Ken Mackey, Mackey 25m, 14.562; 13. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15k, 14.582; 14. Bob Bennett, Acme 3, 14.709; 15. Jeff Rankin, Zabonick 40z, 14.798; 16. Cody Geldart, Geldart 6g, 14.802; 17. Marvin Pifer, Pifer 32, 14.818; 18. Ben Rutan, Fisher 75, 14.893; 19. Mark Broughman, Broughman 52, 14.966; 20. Bob Dooley, Dooley 8x, 15.000; 21. Cory Bevard, Bevard 8, 15.040; 22. Ronnie Beale, Bottles 3B, 15.130; 23. Mark Aldrich, Aldrich 1a, 15.266; 24. Barry Ruble, Ruble 63r, 15.439; 25. Jon Trudeau, Trudeau 23, 15.443; 26. Dustin Hyliard, Hyliard 15, 15.600; 27. Shelby Bilton, Bilton 27, 15.613; 28. Adam Zabonick, Zabonick 0z, 15.711; 29. Kirk Cheney, Cheney 55, 15.929; 30. Rocky LoPresto, LoPresto 57x, 16.163; 31. Tom Davies, Davies 44, 17.050.

Crown Battery Heat (8 laps): 1. Kemenah 2. Bevard 3. Jacobs 4. Mayes 5. C. Wilson 6. Pifer 7. Trudeau 8. Cheney.

B&B Products Heat (8 laps): 1. Hannagan 2. Smith 3. Blaney 4. Rutan 5. Beale 6. Bennett 7. LoPresto 8. Hyliard.

Engler Machine & Tool Heat (8 laps): 1. Blonde 2. Aldrich 3. Rankin 4. May 5. Zimmerman 6. Broughman 7. Bilton 8. Davies.

TP Wings Heat (8 laps): 1. Dooley 2. Mackey 3. Campbell 4. Ruble 5. Geldart 6. G. Wilson 7. Zabonick.

Haulmark Dash (4 laps): 1. Jacobs 2. Blaney 3. Campbell 4. Mayes 5. Smith 6. Hannagan.

University of Northwestern Ohio B Main (12 laps): 1. G. Wilson 2. Bennett 3. Pifer 4. Trudeau 5. Broughman 6. Zabonick 7. Bilton 8. LoPresto 9. Cheney 10. Hyliard 11. Davies.

A Main (40 laps): 1. Dale Blaney 2. Danny Smith 3. Chad Blonde 4. Randy Hannagan 5. Brock Mayes 6. Jeremy Campbell 7. Greg Wilson 8. Kenny Jacobs 9. Ken Mackey 10. Chad Kemenah 11. Paul May 12. Bob Bennett 13. Cody Geldart 14. Ben Rutan 15. Chuck Wilson 16. Cory Bevard 17. Bob Dooley 18. Ronnie Beale 19. Marvin Pifer 20. Mark Aldrich 21. Jeff Rankin 22. Doug Zimmerman 23. Barry Ruble 24. Jon Trudeau (Disqualified - light).

Lap Leaders: Danny Smith 1-18, Dale Blaney 19-40.

<pre> All Star Sprint Points: 1 Chad Kemenah 1993 2 Dale Blaney 1920 3 Danny Smith 1885 4 Randy Hannagan 1787 5 Jeremy Campbell 1670 6 Greg Wilson 1656 7 Brock Mayes 1631 8 Paul May 1492 9 Cody Geldart 1465 10 Kenny Jacobs 1439

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