ALLSTAR: Port Royal Results

All Star Sprint Race Results Port Royal Speedway Thu. 6/8/00 By ScottHall PORT ROYAL, PA. - Fifth starting Sean Michael was the upset winner in round two of the eighth annual Western Pa. Speedweek All Star sprint race Thursday night at...

All Star Sprint Race Results
Port Royal Speedway
Thu. 6/8/00
By ScottHall

PORT ROYAL, PA. - Fifth starting Sean Michael was the upset winner in round two of the eighth annual Western Pa. Speedweek All Star sprint race Thursday night at Port Royal Speedway. The $5,000 win for Michael, the current United Racing Club points leader, was his first career All Star win and came in the famous Zemco Headers No. 1Z. "We had no brakes," a relieved Michael revealed afterward. "We broke the line to the master cylinder and after the red just the rear brakes worked for a few laps." It was only Michael's third race for the John Zemaitis team, using a Maxim Chassis with a Davey Brown tuned Chevrolet under the hood. "In URC we normally run a track tire, so crew chief Rick Hawk made a good Hoosier Tire choice," Michael also stated, in addition to thanking crewman Skip Klechner. Lance Dewease started on the ButlerBuilt Hot Seat pole with Kenny Jacobs alongside in the Jacobs/Honecker Motorsports Eagle. Dewease jumped out to an immediate lead and pushed his advantage to three seconds over Jacobs by the time the leaders entered lapped traffic on lap eight. On lap nine, the first caution flew for Sean Keen's stalled machine. While circling under caution, the leader's machine stopped on the track. "The car just shut off," a dejected Dewease reported afterward. This handed the lead to Jacobs for the restart, and he lead over Todd Hestor and Donnie Kreitz, Jr. Jacobs pushed out to a three second lead as Michael took third from Kreitz on lap 11 and was pressuring Hestor. Michael dove under Hestor for second inside turn one on lap 13. Then the yellow came out again for Jimmy McBee stopping on the track, and while under caution Hestor went pitside with a flat. Kreitz retook second after the restart as Jacobs remained on top with a two second advantage. On lap 18, Michael went around Kreitz on the high side of turn one for second just before Keith Kauffman blew a left rear tire to bring out the yellow, which became a red for a fuel stop. Frankie Kerr, Brian Gobrecht and Pierron Reasner elected to change tires under this red, putting them to the rear of the pack for the restart. The order was now Jacobs, Michael, Kreitz, Fred Rahmer, Skip Jackson and Mike Wagner. Michael tried to drive under Jacobs when the green reappeared, but the start was called back when Todd Shaffer stopped in turn four with a dead magneto. On the second restart, Jacobs went high and drove off the track into the pits when his machine lost power. "I guess I never got it locked in gear after the red," Jacobs recalled after the race. This handed the lead to Michael, with Kreitz second and Rahmer third. Michael cruised on to victory with Kreitz maintaining second at the end and Rahmer running a steady third. "We were gaining in three and four," Kreitz said afterward, "but loosing too much in one and two." Len Thompson earned passing honors for the night when he moved up from 15th starting spot to finish fourth with Jackson fifth. Mark Richard crossed the line sixth, but was disqualified when failing to meet the 1200 pound minimum weight after the event. Johnny Mackison, Jr., who crossed 12th also suffered the same fate, This put Wagner officially sixth with Chad Kemenah's seventh place good for the Team Simpson Racing Lucky Seven award. Jerrod Hull rode home eighth with Hestor ninth and Wednesday winner Mark Keegan tenth. The heats went to Kerr, Michael, Richard and Jimmy McBee with Sean Keen the Georgia Marketing and Promotions B Main winner and Kerr the Commercial Truck and Trailer Dash winner. Daryl Stimeling hit the turn four fence hard and flipped in his heat, but he was okay. Todd Gracey used a provisional starting spot in the A Main, but made only a lap and pulled off the track. {TB} Time Trials: 1. Todd Hestor, Middleswarth 7m, 16.307; 2. Sean Michael, Zemaitis 1z, 16.316; 3. Donnie Kreitz, Jr., Kreitz 69k, 16.406; 4. Mark Keegan, Steinbrick 92, 16.418; 5. Kenny Jacobs, Jacobs/Honecker 6, 16.451; 6. Lance Dewease, Harz 88, 16.459; 7. Fred Rahmer, Hamilton 77, 16.494; 8. Mike Wagner, Wagner 55, 16.514; 9. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15k, 16.615; 10. Skip Jackson, Purple Reign 53k, 16.629; 11. Mark Richard, Allebach 75, 16.632; 12. Keith Kauffman, Middleswarth 7, 16.682; 13. Frankie Kerr, Shoff 23s, 16.683; 14. Todd Shaffer, Beam 88, 16.688; 15. Len Thompson, Thompson 10, 16.693; 16. Brian Gobrecht, KG 92, 16.700; 17. Johnny Mackison Jr., Swope 65, 16.716; 18. Rodney Duncan, Harrison 22, 16.721; 19. Jerrod Hull, Webb 51, 16.756; 20. Jimmy McBee, Neiderer 10n, 16.765; 21. Todd Gracey, Cooper 25, 16.804; 22. Jeff Rohrbaugh, Weikert 29, 16.851; 23. Cliff Brian, Long 99, 16.990; 24. Ryan Flynn, Flynn F1, 17.239; 25. Daryl Stimeling, Stimeling 30, 17.241; 26. Pierron Reasner, Reasner 15p, 17.266; 27. Sean Keen, Purple Reign 53, 17.288; 28. George Kulp, Kulp 57, 17.392; 29. Von McGee, McGee 1/2, 17.488; 30. Pat Cooper, Cooper 26, 17.516; 31. Barry Ruble, Ruble 63r, 17.632; 32. Robert Huisken, Huisken 46, 17.938; 33. Chris Strait, Strait 46, 18.237; 34. Joe Diehl , Diehl 3D, NT. Heat: 1. Kerr 2. Jacobs 3. Kemenah 4. Mackison 5. Hestor 6. McGee 7. Strait 8. Stimeling 9. Gracey (DNS). Heat: 1. Michael 2. Shaffer 3. Dewease 4. Rohrbaugh 5. Jackson 6. Reasner 7. Cooper 8. Diehl 9. Duncan. Heat: 1. Richard 2. Rahmer 3. Thompson 4. Hull 5. Kreitz 6. Brian 7. Keen 8. Ruble. Heat: 1. McBee 2. Gobrecht 3. Kauffman 4. Wagner 5. Keegan 6. Flynn 7. Kulp 8. Huisken. Georgia Marketing & Promotions B Main: 1. Keen 2. Brian 3. Duncan 4. Reasner 5. McGee 6. Kulp 7. Cooper 8. Diehl 9. Strait 10. Huisken 11. Ruble 12. Stimeling, Flynn, Gracey (DNS). Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash: 1. Kerr 2. Kemenah 3. Jacobs 4. Dewease 5. Kreitz 6. Keegan. A Main (30 laps): 1. Sean Michael 2. Donnie Kreitz, Jr. 3. Fred Rahmer 4. Len Thompson 5. Skip Jackson 6. Mike Wagner 7. Chad Kemenah 8. Jerrod Hull 9. Todd Hestor 10. Mark Keegan 11. Jimmy McBee 12. Brian Gobrecht 13. Frankie Kerr 14. Todd Shaffer 15. Jeff Rohrbaugh 16. Pierron Reasner 17. Keith Kauffman 18. Kenny Jacobs 19. Cliff Brian 20. Lance Dewease 21. Sean Keen 22. Rodney Duncan 23. Todd Gracey. Disqualified: Mark Richard, Johnny Mackison, Jr. -30-

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