ALLSTAR: Port Royal Results 98-09-11

All Star Sprint Race Results - Port Royal Speedway (Pa) - Fri. 9/11/98 - By Tommy Brolsma PORT ROYAL, PA - Greg Hodnett won the night before the Tuscarora 50 All Star sprint feature at Port Royal Speedway Friday over Lance Dewease...

All Star Sprint Race Results - Port Royal Speedway (Pa) - Fri. 9/11/98 - By Tommy Brolsma

PORT ROYAL, PA - Greg Hodnett won the night before the Tuscarora 50 All Star sprint feature at Port Royal Speedway Friday over Lance Dewease and Fred Rahmer. He took the lead from polesitter Rahmer on the 13th lap to win by a half straight at the end of 30 laps.

"This is the first time I ever saw the track," Hodnett stated from victory lane following his third All Star win of the season in Bob Stewart’s Stauffer/Garrett-Chevrolet powered Maxim. "We switched cars a couple of weeks ago and it made all the difference. This Maxim is awesome. If those outlaw guys want to learn to race they should come back here and race." Hodnett’s crew chose harder Goodyear tire compound which seemed to make the difference.

The number four inversion pill was drawn, putting Rahmer on the ButlerBuilt Hot Seat pole, with Hodnett outside of him. Rahmer got the jump on the start, with Hodnett staying a close second, Kenny Jacobs was third, Jeff Shepard was fourth, and Lance Dewease was fifth. On the fourth lap, Brooke Weibley stopped in turn 2, and Shepard backed his car into the turn 4 wall, sending him airborne in traffic. Luckily everyone missed him, but it brought out the red flag. During the red Don Kreitz went into the pits, but was not allowed out to restart by the officials.

On the restart Rahmer continued to lead with Hodnett second, Jacobs third, Dewease fourth, and Todd Shaffer fifth. The order stayed the some until the thirteenth lap when Hodnett passed for the lead on the inside of turn one, and Kevin Gobrecht got by Todd Shaffer for fifth with Gobrecht's teammate Billy Pauch following him through. Throughout the race Gobrecht and Pauch battled with Gobrecht coming out on top of the Zemco team.

The top six stayed the same until lap 28 when Dewease moved from fourth to second in lapped traffic. Rahmer was now third and Jacobs was back to fourth. The next lap saw Gobrecht pass Jacobs for fourth, which is where they finished. Hodnett held on to win over Dewease, Rahmer, Gobrecht, and Jacobs.

Dewease recalled the race this way, "I needed time for the top to slow down so that I could pass them on the bottom. I was too tight at the beginning."

Kenny Jacobs started the night by setting fast time, coming less than a tenth of a second away from Jeff Shepard's track record. The heat winners were Cris Eash, Keith Kauffman, Brian Paulus, and 1998 Port Royal Track Champion Todd Shaffer. Steve Siegel won the KSE Racing C main, Rahmer won the United Expressline B main, and Kenny Jacobs won the Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash.

Time Trials: 94 Kenny Jacobs, 4j Jeff Shepard, 12 Greg Hodnett, 77 Fred Rahmer, 1z Kevin Gobrecht, 461 Lance Dewease, 88m Sean Michael, 88 Todd Shaffer, 1 Billy Pauch, 17 Joey Saldana, 69 Don Kreitz, 8 Dean Jacobs, 53 Sean Keen, 76 PJ Chessen, 92 Brian Gobrecht, 23s Frankie Kerr, 17e Cris Eash, U2 Keith Kauffman, 28 Brian Paulus, 32 Brook Weibley, 5g Rod George, 55 Mike Wagner, 10 Len Thompson, 8j Scott Jones, 65 Johnny Mackison, 22 James Chessen, 17x Alan Cole, 10n Dave Haight, 7m Todd Hestor, 16 Cliff Brian, 8c Dave Hahn, 77t Darren Eash, 07 Jeff Rohrbaugh, I07 Mark Caldren, 7 Barry Camp, 30 Daryl Stimeling, 66z Steve Kennewell, 14 Troy Camp, 88b Joey Borich, 3 Bob Bennett, 2+ Brian Smith, 77a Steve Siegel, 12w Troy Fraker, 80r Mike Romano, 29 Mike Wagner, 29l Dave Leity, ½ Von McGee, 51 Karl Baker.

United Expressline Heat 1- Eash, Pauch, George, K. Gobrecht, K. Jacobs, Keen, Mackison, Hestor, Rohrbaugh, Kenawell, Wagner, Smith. Southwest Expressline Heat 2- Kauffman, Saldana, Shepard, J. Chessen, Dewease, PJChesson, Wagner, Brian, T. Camp, Coldren, Siegel, Leity. United Specialties Heat 3- Paulus, Hodnett, Kreitz, Thompson, Michael, B. Gobrecht, Cole, Hahn, Borich, Fraker, B. Camp. Southwest Glass Heat 4- Shaffer, Weibley, D. Jacobs, Kerr, Haight, D. Eash, Jones, Stimeling, Bennett, Romano, Rahmer. Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash- K. Jacobs, Dewease, Saldana, Shaffer, Shepard, Hodnett (DNS) KSE Racing C Main- Seigel, Wagner, Romano, Caldren, Smith, Bennett, Kenawell, Wagner, Fraker, B. Camp. United Expressline B Main- Rahmer, Keen, PJ Chessen, B. Gobrecht, Rohrbaugh, Cole, Wagner, D. Eash, Borich, Hahn, Jones, Siegel, Romano, Coldren, Stimeling, T. Camp. Hestor, Brian, Smith, Mackison (DNS). A Main (30 laps) 1. Hodnett, 2. Dewease, 3. Rahmer, 4. K. Gobrecht, 5. K. Jacobs, 6. Pauch, 7. D. Jacobs, 8. C. Eash, 9. Saldana, 10. Kauffman, 11. Shaffer, 12. Keen, 13. Kerr, 14. J. Chessen, 15. Paulus, 16. PJ Chessen, 17. Michael, 18. B. Gobrecht, 19. Haight, 20. Weibley, 21. Thompson, 22. George, 23. Shepard, 24. Kreitz.

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