ALLSTAR: Port Royal Results 98-07-22

All Star Sprint Race Results PORT ROYAL (PA) Speedway Wed. 7/22/98 by Scott Hall PORT ROYAL, PA - Todd Shaffer defeated the All Stars on his home track, capturing the 30-lap Beef Night sprint car feature Wednesday night at Port Royal ...

All Star Sprint Race Results PORT ROYAL (PA) Speedway Wed. 7/22/98 by Scott Hall

PORT ROYAL, PA - Todd Shaffer defeated the All Stars on his home track, capturing the 30-lap Beef Night sprint car feature Wednesday night at Port Royal Speedway. The $4,000 win for Shaffer made him the 13th winner on the All Star tour this season out of 39 races and came by half a straightaway over Kevin Gobrecht and Lance Dewease.

"I’d like to thank Bob Kriner Chevrolet engines, Goodyear and Eagle Chassis," Shaffer said from victory lane. "Everybody was about the same. I just chased Kevin and he went where the lapped car went and I slipped by." Shaffer’s engine was of some concern near the end of the 15 mile run. "It stayed together but it was stumbling on the starts and they ate me alive."

It was also a lucky night for Shaffer’s young daughter Salene, who won one of 21 bicycles given away as door prizes.

With four cars inverted for the start of the A Main, Dean Jacobs was on the ButlerBuilt Hot Seat pole in Denny Ashworth’s Schnee, with Shaffer alongside. Gobrecht, in the Zemco Headers mount was next, with Jeff Shepard’s Maxim starting fourth. Jacobs led the first circuit before three consecutive cautions on lap two. The first was for Mike Wagner who lost power in turn four, with Brian Smith flipping over easy under that caution. Then Karl Baker lost power after the restart, and had to be towed off the racing surface. The third miscue was Keith Kauffman’s guard rail contact after hooking a rut. He retired with front end damage.

Action finally resumed with Jacobs on top over Gobrecht, Shaffer and Shepard. Gobrecht kept the pressure on the leader, and on lap eight was able to get alongside Jacobs in turn two on the inside, but could not execute a pass as the leaders started lapping backmarkers.

Gobrecht, in only his third week in the Zemco machine, almost took over the lead on lap 11, but Jacobs again held him off as Shaffer watched from third with Shepard still fourth, Fred Rahmer fifth and Kenny Jacobs and Lance Dewease were dueling for sixth. D. Jacobs and Gobrecht were side-by-side again on lap 12, and Gobrecht took over the lead on lap 14 with Shaffer following him by D. Jacobs. Shaffer applied heavy pressure to Gobrecht, making his first start at the Port this season, and the battle continued through lapped traffic. With ten laps remaining, Gobrecht was still on top over Shaffer, Shepard, D. Jacobs, Dewease and Tim Shaffer in the Apple Motorsports 12.

On lap 21, Shaffer passed Gobrecht for the number one spot inside turn four in lapped traffic, and began pulling away to lead the rest of the way. Shepard was making a move on Gobrecht and was looking fast, but his fine run ended on lap 27 with a flat right rear tire, bringing out the final caution of the night. Dewease came on strong the last three laps to get past D. Jacobs, making the final rundown Shaffer, Gobrecht and Dewease in Walt Dyer’s Brickmobile. K. Jacobs also put on a late race charge, grabbing fourth from his brother on the last lap. Dean was fifth, with Sean Michael sixth, Frankie Kerr seventh and Joey Saldana next. A lap down, Brian Paulus was ninth and Lenny Thompson completed the top ten.

"Todd was just better handling that I was," Gobrecht said of second afterwards."

The United Expressline heat fell to Alan Cole, the Southwest Expressline heat went to Michael and the Southwest Glass heat was won by Kenny Jacobs. Dean Jacobs won the Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash with Jeff Shepard’s mark of 16.257 in time trials setting a new track record. Von McGee flipped in the first heat, putting him out for the rest of the night.

Time Trials: 1. Jeff Shepard, Double L 4j, 16.257 (NTR); 2. Kevin Gobrecht, Zemaitis 1z, 16.364; 3. Todd Shaffer, Beam 88, 16.596; 4. Dean Jacobs, Ashworth 92, 16.640; 5. Tim Shaffer, Apple 12, 16.647; 6. Joey Saldana, Mox 17, 16.724; 7. Frankie Kerr, Shoff 23s, 16.735; 8. Sean Michael, Harz 88, 16.740; 9. Lance Dewease, Dyer 461, 16.765; 10. Fred Rahmer, Hamilton 77, 16.785; 11. Len Thompson, Thompson 10t, 16.870; 12. Keith Kauffman, Johnson U2, 16.903; 13. Alan Cole, Cole 17, 16.907; 14. Brian Paulus, P&P 28, 17.013; 15. Kenny Jacobs, Hughes 94, 17.114; 16. Mike Wagner, Wagner 55, 17.118; 17. Randy Wolfe, Allebach 75, 17.211; 18. Rick Kaylor, Young 13k, 17.271; 19. Von McGee, McGee ½, 17.379; 20. Jess Thomas, Thomas 77t, 17.688; 21. Brian Smith, Smith 2+, 17.988; 22. Daryl Stimeling, Stimeling 30, 18.186; 23. Dave Hahn, Hahn 2h, 18.253; 24. Chris Strait, Strait 46, 18.476; 25. Karl Baker, Baker 51, 18.545.

United Expressline Heat (8 laps): 1. Cole 2. Rahmer 3. Kerr 4. D. Jacobs 5. Shepard 6. Wagner 7. Stimeling 8. Baker 9. McGee.

Southwest Expressline Heat (8 laps): 1. Michael 2. Gobrecht 3. Paulus 4. Tim Shaffer 5. Wolfe 6. Thomas 7. Hahn 8. Thompson.

Southwest Glass Heat (8 laps): 1. K. Jacobs 2. Dewease 3. Kaylor 4. Todd Shaffer 5. Kauffman 6. Saldana 7. Strait 8. Smith.

Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash: (4 laps): 1. D. Jacobs 2. Gobrecht 3. Todd Shaffer 4. Shepard 5. Tim Shaffer 6. Saldana.

A Main (30 laps): 1. Todd Shaffer 2. Gobrecht 3. Dewease 4. K. Jacobs 5. D. Jacobs 6. Michael 7. Kerr 8. Saldana 9. Paulus 10. Thompson 11. Wolfe 12. Cole 13. Thomas 14. Shepard 15. Strait 16. Tim Shaffer 17. Kaylor 18. Rahmer 19. Hahn 20. Stimeling 21. Kauffman 22. Baker 23. Smith 24. Wagner.

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