ALLSTAR: Port Royal results 2005-06-18

PORT ROYAL, PA -- Todd Shaffer put it on cruise control Saturday night at Port Royal Speedway in the Haulmark All Star sprint car 30 lap A main feature. The event was the third annual Bob Weikert Memorial Race and it paid Shaffer $5,000 for his ...

PORT ROYAL, PA -- Todd Shaffer put it on cruise control Saturday night at Port Royal Speedway in the Haulmark All Star sprint car 30 lap A main feature. The event was the third annual Bob Weikert Memorial Race and it paid Shaffer $5,000 for his seventh career All Star win and 81st career Port Royal win. Lance Dewease added some excitement to the end of the race as he erased Shaffer's full straightaway lead, cutting it to two car lengths at the end of the 15 mile distance.

With Mark Freeland and Jac Haudenschild leading the 24 car field to the green flag, Haudenschild grabbed the initial lead in the Pete Grove No. 70 over third starting Shaffer. Shaffer kept the pressure on the Wild Child for five laps before ducking under the leader going down the backstretch and leading lap six. Shaffer began to stretch his advantage and had amassed a half straightaway margin when the first caution flew on lap 11 for a stalled Justin Siegler. Shaffer motored away from Haudenschild on the restart, with Dewease third, Danny Smith fourth and Todd Hestor fifth in the J&M Motorsports No. 55.

As Shaffer built a full straightaway lead, Dewease got under Haudenschild going down the frontstretch for second on lap 15, putting the Ohio driver third ahead of Smith, Hestor, Mike Erdley and 13th starting Mark Smith. Haudenschild's fine run came to an end as he slowed with mechanical difficulties on lap 21 and pulled into the infield, handing third to D. Smith. In lapped traffic Dewease began cutting into Shaffer's lead as D. Smith held off Hestor.

Dewease put on a valiant charge at the end, but ran out of laps when the checkered flew as he finished two car lengths in arrears. D. Smith held off Hestor for third with Mark Smith fifth. Ninth starter Mike Erdley was sixth ahead of sixth starting Dale Blaney. Eighth starter Chad Kemenah was eighth, maintaining his series' points lead, followed by Keith Kauffman, up from 15th and Freeland.

The Crown Battery heat fell to Dave Hahn, the B&B Products heat went to Kevin Nouse, the Engler Machine and Tool heat was won by Jeremy Campbell and the TP Wings heat fell to Keith Kauffman. Mike Wagner won the University of Northwestern Ohio B Main. Dale Blaney was the Huggins Cams Fast Time qualifier at 17.132 seconds. He broke out his backup car after hitting the wall and flipping in hot laps when avoiding a slower machine. He also won the Haulmark Dash.

Huggins Cams Time Trials: 1. Dale Blaney, 17.132; 2. Mike Wagner, 17.145; 3. Chad Kemenah, 17.178; 4. Mike Erdley, 17.237; 5. Todd Hestor, 17.289; 6. Danny Smith, 17.343; 7. Todd Shaffer, 17.399; 8. Jac Haudenschild, 17.400; 9. Lance Dewease, 17.440; 10. Mark Freeland, 17.505; 11. Brock Mayes, 17.535; 12. Greg Wilson, 17.542; 13. Mark Smith, 17.568; 14. Cody Geldart, 17.575; 15. Jeremy Campbell, 17.597; 16. Keith Kauffman, 17.660; 17. Dave Hahn, 17.669; 18. Rick Lafferty, 17.720; 19. Randy Hannagan, 17.772; 20. Craig Keel, 17.791; 21. Bob Bennett, 17.875; 22. Kevin Nouse, 17.939; 23. Mike Lutz, 17.946; 24. Justin Seigler, 17.957; 25. Rod Stroup, 17.985; 26. Cliff Brian, 18.014; 27. Vince Snyder, 18.088; 28. Justin Collett, 18.144; 29. Randy Baughman, 18.421; 30. Judi Bates, 18.468; 31. Jimmy Callahan Jr., 18.717; 32. Karl Baker, 18.752; 33. Daryl Stimeling, 18.970; 34. Shawn Howe, 19.028; 35. Josh Dressler, 19.370; 36. Curt Stroup, 19.531; 37. Mike Rabold, 19.928; 38. Alan Cole, NT; 39. Paul May, NT.

Crown Battery Heat: 1-Hahn 2-M. Smith 3-Hestor 4-Blaney 5-Bennett 6-Baughman 7-Stimeling 8-R. Stroup 9-Rabold

B&B Products Heat: 1-Nouse 2-Lafferty 3-D. Smith 4-Freeland 5-Brian 6-May 7-Bates 8-Geldart

Engler Machine & Tool Heat:  1-Campbell 2-Shaffer 3-Hannagan 4-Lutz
5-Mayes  6-Kemenah 7-Snyder 8-Callahan 9-Dressler

TP Wings Heat: 1-Kauffman 2-Seigler 3-Wilson 4-Keel 5-Haudenschild 6-Baker 7-Erdley Haulmark Dash 4 laps: 1-Blaney 2-Mayes 3-D. Smith 4-Wilson 5-Campbell 6-M. Smith

UNO B Main 12 laps top 4 transfer: 1-Mike Wagner 2- Dewease 3- Kemenah 4- Erdley 5- Geldart 6- Rod Stroup 7- Vince Snydor 8- Daryl Stimeling 9-Paul May 10-Jimmy Callahan 11- Mike Rabold 12-Karl Baker 13-Josh Dressler 14-Randy Baughman 15-Judi Bates 16-Shawn Howe DNS: Alan Cole, Justin Collett, Curt Stroup

A Main: 1-Todd Shaffer 2-Lance Dewease 3-Danny Smith 4-Todd Hestor 5-Mark Smith 6-Mike Erdley 7-Dale Blaney 8-Chad Kemenah 9-Keith Kauffman 10-Mark Freeland 11-Mike Wagner 12-Randy Hannagan 13-Greg Wilson 14-Rick Lafferty 15-Jeremy Campbell 16-Brock Mayes 17-Craig Keel 18-Cliff Brian 19-Justin Seigler 20-Mike Lutz 21-Dave Hahn 22-Bob Bennett 23-Jac Haudenschild 24-Kevin Nouse

Lap Leaders: Jac Haudenschild 1-5, Todd Shaffer 6-30.

<pre> All Star Sprint Points: 1 Chad Kemenah 1064 2 Dale Blaney 1039 3 Danny Smith 980 4 Greg Wilson 939 5 Randy Hannagan 913 6 Brock Mayes 895 7 Jeremy Campbell 859 8 Paul May 816 8 Mike Lutz 816 10 Cody Geldart 771

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