ALLSTAR: Odessa New 96 Speedway Results 98-05-09

All Star Sprint Race Results - New 96 Speedway, Lake Odessa, MI - Sat 5/9/98 LAKE ODESSA, MI - The Jacobs brothers have battled all over the country for the past few seasons, and the great family rivalry continued Saturday night at the New 96...

All Star Sprint Race Results - New 96 Speedway, Lake Odessa, MI - Sat 5/9/98

LAKE ODESSA, MI - The Jacobs brothers have battled all over the country for the past few seasons, and the great family rivalry continued Saturday night at the New 96 Speedway. Dean Jacobs was able to hold off a late charge from his brother Kenny to win the All Star Circuit of Champions 30 lap feature event. Jacobs was very fortunate to hang on as his car had a broken header, and ran out of fuel coming to checkered flag. Dean was driving Denny Ashworth's Kriner powered Schnee chassis. "With me and Kenny starting on the front row, I knew one of us was going to win. I'm just glad it was me," Dean said after the feature. "I'd like to thank GM Powertrain and United Expressline for supporting this All Star deal. It's a great organization and we're having a lot of fun". Dean was on the Butlerbuilt Hot Seat Pole position with his brother Kenny in Tim Hughes' J&J on the outside. The original start was nullified when Joey Saldana stopped with a flat tire on the outside of turn two, and Butch Schroeder came to a halt in turn two. Saldana's team, who changed a motor after his heat race, was able to get Joey back into the feature while Schroeder retired from the event. On the restart Kenny Jacobs started to apply pressure to Dean and took the lead on lap two. Then on the third lap Doug Stepke flipped hard off the track between turns three and four. Stepke was uninjured. Joey Saldana was also involved and received another flat tire. Saldana was once again able to continue. D. Jacobs was able to turn momentum in his direction after the restart, passing Kenny for the lead on lap five. Kevin Huntley was also moving through the field, and moved into the second position. The top three has five car lengths between them until on lap six Fred Boso spun in turn four. This put the top three cars nose to tail for the next restart. Once the green flew Dean Jacobs was able to pull away while Huntley and Kenny fought for second position. Just as Huntley got by Kenny for second, D. Jacobs was in heavy lapped traffic and the second and third place cars began closing in on the leader. Dean was able to get through the lapped traffic, and Huntley was having difficulty moving by Bobby Adamson. On lap 22 the pair made contact and Adamson spun to bring out another caution. Adamson broke the front axle on his sprint car as was finished for the event. The next two restart attempts were halted for Judi Bates climbing over a wheel in turn four and spinning, and Kevin Bloomstran loosing a wheel in turn two. During the final restart Dean pulled away and Kenny Jacobs moved into second past Huntley. Kenny was taking chunks out of his brother's lead every lap, but only could close within a car length at the finish. The Jacobs brothers were followed by Huntley, Kerr, and Keith Kauffman. D. Jacobs also won the Southwest Expressline Heat Race, GMP Rookie of the Year candidate Scott Jones won the Southwest Glass Heat, and Eric Slade won the United Specialties heat. Todd Kane took the Commercial Truck and Trailer Dash.

Qualifications: 1. Joey Saldana, Mox 17, 16.401; 2. Frankie Kerr, Shoff 23s, 16.456; 3. Kenny Jacobs, Hughes 94, 16.458; 4. Dean Jacobs, Ashworth 92, 16.483, 5. Butch Schroeder, Gottschalk 17, 16.597; 6. Brett Mann, Man. 19, 16.667; 7. Kevin Huntley, Daugherty 7, 16.695; 8. Todd Kane, Hampshire 63, 16.720; 9. Keith Kauffman, Johnson U2, 16.749; 10. Judi Bates, Bates, Mourar 121, 16.785; 11. Scott Jones, Jones 13, 16.947; 12. Eric Slade, Bible 22, 17.012; 13. Bobby Clark, Clark 8c, 17.073; 14. Bobby Adamson, Adamson 2a, 17.299; 15. Mike Daggett, Daggett 88, 17.427; 16. Dave Freed, Freed 8f, 17.548; 17. Brian Smith, Smith 2+, 17.610; 18. Kevin Bloomstran, Wescon 5w, 17.869; 19. Joe Conway, Conway 11c, 18.008; 20. Todd Wohlford, Wohlford 0, 18.228; 21. Fred Boso, Boso 7, 18.251; 22. Davey Brown, Brown 13, 19.352; 23. Doug Stepke, Stepke 66, 19.433.

United Expressline Heat (10 Laps): D. Jacobs, Huntley, Freed, Bates, Conway, Brown, Clark, Saldana.

Southwest Expressline Heat (10 Laps): Jones, Schroeder, Kane, Smith, Adamson, Kerr, Stepke, Wolford.

Southwest Glass Heat (10 Laps): Slade, Jacobs, Kauffman, Daggett, Mann, Bloomstran, Boso

Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash (4 Laps): Kane, Huntley, D. Jacobs, K. Jacobs, Kerr, Mann.

A -Main: 1. D. Jacobs, 2. K. Jacobs, 3. Huntley, 4. Kerr, 5. Kauffman, 6. Mann, 7. Saldana, 8. Clark, 9. Daggett, 10. Freed, 11. Kane, 12. Smith, 13. Jones, 14. Bloomstran, 15. Bates, 16. Adamson, 17. Wohlford, 18. Boso, 19. Slade, 20. Conway, 21. Brown, 22. Stepke, 23. Schroeder.

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