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Stevie Smith Takes Round ...

Stevie Smith Takes Round #3 of All Star Fall Brawl; Wilson Regains Point Lead

MILLERSBURG, OH (9-2-07) -- The O'Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions drove back to the top of the mountain in Central Ohio on Sunday night to the recently re-opened Hilltop Speedway to complete Round #3 of the All Star Fall Brawl Labor Day weekend. Broken Arrow, OK's Stevie Smith would prove to be king of the mountain as he rolled to his second win of the weekend in the 40 lap event.

It wasn't an easy victory by any means as early leader Paul May set a torrid pace as Greg Wilson and Brandon Martin hunted him down. Chad Blonde, who won the Ohio Speedweek event at Hilltop, was ready to pounce on the top three when the first caution flew. Wilson and Martin battled side by side for second place for several laps as Stevie Smith was nipping at Blondes heels for fourth.

May continued to lead as Martin, who has won two non-sanctioned races at Hilltop, began to put heavy pressure on the Terre Haute, IN driver. Martin finally got by May and brought Blonde with him as May dropped to third. Blonde then began to pressure Martin in traffic as the two set a blistering pace around the high banked oval. Blonde tried the high side off of turn four lap after lap and Martin slammed the door shut each time altering Blonde's momentum and allowing Martin to pull away. The two raced each other clean and nearly touched wheels on multiple passing attempts until Blonde got loose in turn two and looped it out in front of the field, nearly clipping Stevie Smith and Greg Wilson, as the caution flag flew.

Although Blonde did not stop on the track, by All Star rules he was sent to the tail for causing the caution as the crowd booed the decision. Safety of the drivers on the track is the #1 concern of the flagman who must use his own judgment to make the decision to throw the caution. It was unfortunate for Blonde as he was fighting hard for the lead and putting on a whale of a show in front of the packed house.

The running order on the final restart was Martin, S. Smith, May, Wilson, and Rob Chaney. Martin took the green flag and drove the wheels off his machine, but veteran driver Stevie Smith was able to get by and pull away for the win. Martin held on to second as May held off Wilson for third. Chaney rounded out the Top Five.

"We've had a lot of fun out here this weekend racing with the All Stars," said Smith in victory lane. "They're all good, clean racers and it's hard to just drive by these guys because they all have good equipment and they're so close."

Second place finisher Martin said, "I'm a little disappointed, but we'll take a second place behind Stevie Smith. He's one of the best drivers in the country. It's tough to be leading at the end with that many restarts. I left the bottom wide open for him and he just did a hell of a job."

The bigger story of the evening was that season points leader Danny Smith came into the event just 11 points ahead of defending champion Greg Wilson. This was the third and final double points event of 2007 and Wilson made it pay off by finishing two spots ahead of Smith in the A-main and picking up two more points than Smith in his heat race. Greg Wilson now leads the season championship race by just three points going into the Hoosier Fall Classic at Lawrenceburg Speedway on September 14^th and 15^th . There is $50,000 on the line and these two will go head to head to determine the winner for the remainder of the season.

Hilltop Speedway - 9-2-07 - O'Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions Statistical Report

Huggins Cams Qualifying
1. 5B-Chad Blonde, 12.941; 2. 7K-Dean Jacobs, 12.956; 3. 2-Dale Blaney, 13.039; 4. 11M-Brandon Martin, 13.040; 5. 24H-Rob Chaney, 13.045; 6. W20-Greg Wilson, 13.119; 7. 71M-Paul May, 13.178; 8. 19-Stevie Smith, 13.215; 9. 4-Danny Smith, 13.257; 10. 11B-Brock Mayes, 13.276; 11. 0-Gus Wasson, 13.339; 12. 56R-Ryan Myers, 13.387; 13. 20E-Brian Ellenberger, 13.432; 14. 38M-Nick Mulheim, 13.522; 15. 75-Lee Jacobs, 13.535; 16. O0-Nick Nabor, 13.582; 17. M20-Chris Andrews, 13.665; 18. 83-Broc Martin, 13.675; 19. 22-Jimmy Stinson, 13.677; 20. 16M-Danny Mumaw, 13.770; 21. 51-Aaron Higgins, 13.773; 22. 2H-Tim Hunter, 13.777; 23. 22D-Josh Davis, 13.806; 24. 28-Brian Paulus, 13.818; 25. 91-Aaron Middaugh, 13.843; 26. D12-Jason Dolick, 13.894; 27. O9-Craig Mintz, 14.562; 28. 22A-Will Ault, 14.846; 29. 27A-Bill Ault, 14.869;

Outerwears Heat Race 1
1. 5B-Chad Blonde; 2. 4-Danny Smith; 3. 24H-Rob Chaney; 4. M20-Chris Andrews; 5. 20E-Brian Ellenberger; 6. 51-Aaron Higgins; 7. 27A-Bill Ault; 8. 91-Aaron Middaugh;

Hoosier Racing Tire Heat Race 2
1. W20-Greg Wilson; 2. 11B-Brock Mayes; 3. 2H-Tim Hunter; 4. D12-Jason Dolick; 5. 83-Broc Martin; 6. 7K-Dean Jacobs; 7. 38M-Nick Mulheim;

Engler Machine & Tool Heat Race 3
1. 75-Lee Jacobs; 2. 0-Gus Wasson; 3. 22D-Josh Davis; 4. 71M-Paul May; 5. 2-Dale Blaney; 6. 22-Jimmy Stinson; 7. O9-Craig Mintz;

CarMate Heat Race 4
1. O0-Nick Nabor; 2. 11M-Brandon Martin; 3. 19-Stevie Smith; 4. 56R-Ryan Myers; 5. 28-Brian Paulus; 6. 16M-Danny Mumaw; 7. 22A-Will Ault;

O'Reilly All Star Dash
1. 2-Dale Blaney; 2. W20-Greg Wilson; 3. 24H-Rob Chaney; 4. 11M-Brandon Martin; 5. 71M-Paul May; 6. 4-Danny Smith;

University of Northwest Ohio B-main
1. 7K-Dean Jacobs; 2. 38M-Nick Mulheim; 3. 16M-Danny Mumaw; 4. 22-Jimmy Stinson; 5. 51-Aaron Higgins; 6. 91-Aaron Middaugh; 7. 27A-Bill Ault; 8. 22A-Will Ault; 9. O9-Craig Mintz

MSD Ignition A-main Starting Position [#]
1. 19-Stevie Smith[7]; 2. 11M-Brandon Martin[4]; 3. 71M-Paul May[1]; 4. W20-Greg Wilson[2]; 5. 24H-Rob Chaney[3]; 6. 4-Danny Smith[8]; 7. 7K-Dean Jacobs[11]; 8. 0-Gus Wasson[10]; 9. 75-Lee Jacobs[15]; 10. 5B-Chad Blonde[6]; 11. 22-Jimmy Stinson[19]; 12. M20-Chris Andrews[17]; 13. 28-Brian Paulus[23]; 14. 16M-Danny Mumaw[20]; 15. 11B-Brock Mayes[9]; 16. 2H-Tim Hunter[21]; 17. 2-Dale Blaney[5]; 18. 38M-Nick Mulheim[14]; 19. D12-Jason Dolick[24]; 20. 22D-Josh Davis[22]; 21. 83-Broc Martin[18]; 22. 56R-Ryan Myers[12]; 23. 20E-Brian Ellenberger[13]; 24. O0-Nick Nabor[16];

-credit: allstarsprint

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