ALLSTAR: Mayetta results 2006-08-14

Chad Blonde Thunders to First All Star Victory MAYETTA, KS (8-14-06) -- The All Star Circuit of Champions visited Thunderhill Speedway in Mayetta, KS in 2005 with a first time All Star feature winner -- Cody Geldart -- who then went on to win...

Chad Blonde Thunders to First All Star Victory

MAYETTA, KS (8-14-06) -- The All Star Circuit of Champions visited Thunderhill Speedway in Mayetta, KS in 2005 with a first time All Star feature winner -- Cody Geldart -- who then went on to win the All Star Rookie of the Year title. In 2006, it would appear that history is about to repeat itself. Chad Blonde, who has a commanding lead in the Rookie of the Year points, chalked up his first ever All Star victory in Kansas, much like his predecessor Geldart. With only a few races left on the All Star schedule, he is poised to collect the Rookie of the Year award as well if he can hold off Brandon Martin's charge.

Greg Wilson, who leads the All Star season points, set quick time atop the 19 car field that made the tow to Kansas on a Monday night after the Knoxville Nationals long week of events. A great crowd came out to see the All Stars in their only appearance in the Plains States in 2006 and it was announced that the All Stars will return to Thunderhill Speedway again in 2007.

Though Wilson snared the top spot in qualifying, it was Blonde who had the fortune of qualifying 6th, putting him on the front row of the A-main with the 6 car inversion. After a lap one crash by Bob Bennett who flipped hard down the backstretch, Blonde would use the complete re-start to rocket to the lead and never look back.

The red flag would fly again for JR Topper just a few laps into the race, but Blonde held onto the lead on the re-start with Jesse Hockett running him down from his 8th starting spot and Danny Smith charging to the front from his 7th starting spot. Hockett would challenge Blonde late in the race as the two entered lapped traffic, but Hockett ran out of fuel with just a handful of laps to go putting an end to his great run and sending him to the tail. Hockett was able to restart the race and finished 8th. Blonde, who has been getting stronger each week with the experience he has gained this season, was able to keep the experienced Smith behind him until the checkered flag flew on lap 30.

This was Chad Blonde's first victory with the All Stars, but he has racked up several wins at Butler Speedway near his home in Litchfield, MI as well as other wins around the Ohio area. Chad joined the All Stars this season with the intention of becoming the 2006 Rookie of the Year and he and his team have worked hard all season long to accomplish that goal. Not only does he lead the Rookie points, but he sits in 3rd place in overall season points behind Brock Mayes who is currently in 2nd place. Chad and Brock have exchanged that position a few times this season as they both try to reel in Wilson going into the home stretch.

Brock Mayes won the Haulmark Dash and the heats were won by Jim Cameron, Brandon Martin and Paul May.

Next up, the All Stars head to Sharon Speedway in Hartford, OH on Saturday Sept. 2nd for the Sharon Nationals. For more information, please visit or

All Stars - Statistical Report -- Thunderhill Speedway - 8-14-06

Qualifying - Huggins Cams
1. w20-Greg Wilson, 12.856; 2. 11b-Brock Mayes, 12.880; 3. 3-Bob Bennett, 12.948; 4. 9-Gary Wright, 12.995; 5. 11m-Brandon Martin, 13.090; 6. 5b-Chad Blonde, 13.102; 7. 4-Danny Smith, 13.162; 8. 75-Jesse Hockett, 13.173; 9. 71m-Paul May, 13.185; 10. 96C-Jim Cameron, 13.324; 11. 92J-Jr Topper, 13.456; 12. 63-Barry Ruble, 13.494; 13. 1K-Kim Kennedy, 13.583; 14. 20-Ron Lefholz, 13.634; 15. 21-Mike Lefholz, 13.661; 16. 4x-Robbie Ross, 14.200; 17. 0K-Kelly Kneisler, 15.550; 18. 5MA-Mallory Armfield, 16.381; 19. 99M-Mitchell Moore, NT;

Heat 1 - Outerwears Pre-filters (8 laps)
1. 96C-Jim Cameron; 2. 4-Danny Smith; 3. W20-Greg Wilson; 4. 4X-Robbie Ross; 5. 1K-Kim Kennedy; 6. 9-Gary Wright;

Heat 2 - B&B Oval Track Products (8 laps)
1. 11M-Brandon Martin; 2. 75-Jesse Hockett; 3. 11B-Brock Mayes; 4. 20-Ron Lefholz; 5. 0K-Kelly Kneisler; 6. 92J-Jr Topper;

Heat 3 - Engler Machine & Tool (8 laps)
1. 71M-Paul May; 2. 5B-Chad Blonde; 3. 21-Mike Lefholz; 4. 63-Barry Ruble; 5. 3-Bob Bennett; 6. 5MA-Mallory Armfield;

Haulmark Dash -- (4 laps)
1. 11B-Brock Mayes; 2. W20-Greg Wilson; 3. 11M-Brandon Martin; 4. 5B-Chad Blonde; 5. 71m-Paul May; 6. 4-Danny Smith;

A-main - MSD Ignition - Starting Position []
1. 5b-Chad Blonde[1]
2. 4-Danny Smith[7]
3. 11b-Brock Mayes[5]
4. 9-Gary Wright[3]
5. w20-Greg Wilson[6]
6. 11m-Brandon Martin[2]
7. 71m-Paul May[9]
8. 75-Jesse Hockett[8]
9. 1K-Kim Kennedy[13]
10. 96C-Jim Cameron[10]
11. 63-Barry Ruble[12]
12. 20-Ron Lefholz[14]
13. 4x-Robbie Ross[16]
14. 21-Mike Lefholz[15]
15. 5MA-Mallory Armfield[18]
16. 0K-Kelly Kneisler[17]
17. 92J-Jr Topper[11]
18. 3-Bob Bennett[4]


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