ALLSTAR: Lernerville All Stars Results 1999-09-03

All Star Sprint Race Results - Lernerville Speedway - Fri. By Scott Hall SARVER, PA - Spetember 3, 1999 - In Kasey Kahne's words, "We got lucky tonight," in the All Star sprint 35-lap feature Friday night at Don Martin's Lernerville Speedway.

All Star Sprint Race Results - Lernerville Speedway - Fri. By Scott Hall

SARVER, PA - Spetember 3, 1999 - In Kasey Kahne's words, "We got lucky tonight," in the All Star sprint 35-lap feature Friday night at Don Martin's Lernerville Speedway. Kahne's first career All Star win was worth $5,000 plus $1,000 from race sponsor Commercial Truck & Trailer. The race was the 13th annual Earl and David Bauman Memorial race held at Lernerville and Kahne's win over Greg Hodnett came when race-long leader Dean Jacobs blew his engine as he took the white flag in the event.

Kahne's winning mount is the Kelly Kahne Maxim with Don Ott Chevrolet engines. "When I started seeing the smoke from Jacobs it gave me a little hope," Kahne said of his pursuit of Jacobs and his smoking engine." But all the yellows kept coming and I just got lucky, I guess. I'm really excited. I've got to thank Aaron Scott my mechanic and Mike Thurman my crew chief. I just got with them right before the Knoxville Nationals and since then we've been as fast as we've ever been."

"He was running the top better that we were," second place Hodnett said of Kahne. "The only chance I had was to block him out. But we didn't get to him soon enough. We couldn't get off two and four very well. But he was still better than we were and he drove around us. We just came home in second place." Hodnett's Apple Chevrolet machine rode on American Racer tires.

Jacobs started on the ButlerBuilt Motorsports Equipment Hot Seat pole position with Kahne alongside on Goodyear Tires and Kerr and McMahan made up row two. Jacobs rocked out to a huge lead over Kahne and was lapping cars by lap five. He bounced high off the rough rim of the cushion on lap six exiting turn four, but he still kept a big advantage over Kahne, Kerr and McMahan. Kerr began trying Kahne with low groove moves through turns three and four, but Kahne kept the spot until lap 11 when Kerr snuck under him in traffic after Kahne bobbled and jumped the cushion.

Jacobs almost tagged the frontstretch wall coming off turn four with a dozen laps in the books, but again kept his big lead, while Kahne battled back around Kerr to regain second on lap 16.

At the halfway mark, Jacobs led Kahne, Kerr, Hodnett, up from tenth starting spot, Kelly Kinser, McMahan, Ed Lynch, Jr. and Chad Kemenah. A pair of yellows for mechanical failures for Craig Rankin and Lynch sent them pitside on laps 21 and 23 before a red flew on lap 24 for Indiana driver Paul May's end over end high altitude flip in turn three. May was uninjured, but his machine was destroyed in the incident.

Jacobs led again when action resumed, but Hodnett was now on the move, taking third from Kerr just after the green fell and he was now pursuing Kahne. Kahne held second through two more yellows, and on the lap 29 caution, Jacob's leading machine began spewing smoke while circling under caution. Jacobs kept the lead despite the smoke with Kahne still second as he held off Hodnett's challenges.

As Jacobs entered turns three and four on lap 33, a huge puff of smoke came from his engine and he lost power at the flagstand, handing Kahne the lead. Jacobs stopped on the track, setting up a two lap dash to the finish for Kahne, Hodnett, Kerr and Kinser. After the restart, Hodnett tried a turn one slide job on Kahne, but the youngster held his top groove and drove back into the lead, winning the race with Hodnett second while Kinser ducked under Kerr on the last lap for third.

"I thought the kid might get nervous and mess up," Kinser said from third, "But he didn't."

"We just had another motor blow up," a dejected Jacobs said afterward, " We've had trouble all year long. I thought it might make it to the end, but the way my year has been going I knew it wouldn't." It was Jacob's birthday, but Kahne stole the cake!

Following Kerr in fourth was McMahan, with 13th starter Chad Kemenah sixth and Danny Wood was seventh, with Kenny Jacobs, Rodney Duncan and Byron Reed completing the top ten.

Jack Lewis presented $500 to the driver leading lap 18, Jacobs, in memory of his late son, former driver Spanky Lewis. Lewis also split another $500 among various finishers throughout the night.

The United Expressline heat fell to Brian Gobrecht, the Southwest Expressline heat to Kenny Jacobs, the Southwest Glass heat was won by Kinser and the United Specialties heat went to Lernerville track champ Jimmy Hawley. Hodnett won the Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash with NCRA regular Danny Wood the United Expressline B Main winner and Joey Saldana was the fast qualifier over 47 entries from 11 states.

Time Trials: 1. Joey Saldana, Mox 17, 13.237; 2. Danny Wood, Wood 21, 13.322; 3. Paul McMahan, Johnson U2, 13.387; 4. Frankie Kerr, Shoff 23s, 13.398; 5. Kasey Kahne, Kahne 23K, 13.420; 6. Dean Jacobs, Holbrook 8, 13.438; 7. Ed Lynch, Jr., Lynch 2L, 13.523; 8. Byron Reed, B&S 5, 13.524; 9. Craig Rankin, Guzzo 77, 13.573; 10. Greg Hodnett, Apple 12, 13.608; 11. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4K, 13.609; 12. Rodney Duncan, Harrison 22, 13.612; 13. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15, 13.628; 14. Butch Schroeder, Daugherty 7, 13.640; 15. Ralph Spithaler, Spithaler 56s, 13.769; 16. Brian Ellenberger, Ellenberger 20, 13.778; 17. Brian Gobrecht, KG 92, 13.794; 18. Kenny Jacobs, Jacobs 6, 13.819; 19. Scott Bonnell, Bonnell 3, 13.850; 20. Brian Paulus, P&P 28, 13.874; 21. Paul May, May 71m, 13.888; 22. Danny Smith, Ashworth 92, 13.943; 23. Jerrod Hull, Webb 51, 13.948; 24. Jimmy Hawley, Crawford C3, 13.996; 25. Scott Priester, Priester 11x, 14.221; 26. Gary McCann, McCann 18m, 14.321; 27. Greg Wilson, Hampshire 63, 14.327; 28. Brian Carlson, SC Motorsports 18, 14.328; 29. Jim Damon, Damon 50x, 14.368; 30. Bill Kiley, Kiley 4K, 14.373; 31. Brian Staph, Staph 1, 14.425; 32. Tom Quarterson, Sloss 00, 14.431; 33. Leonard Ripper, Ripper 222, 14.482; 34. Jamie Smith, Smith 5, 14.525; 35. Kevin Schaeffer, Schaeffer 9, 14.661; 36. Eric Smith, Smith 7z, 14.672; 37. Gary Kriess, Kriess 55j, 14.723; 38. Tom Marshall, Dionise 15, 14.787; 39. Bob Altmeyer, Altmeyer 14, 14.788; 40. Brent Matus, Matus 33, 14.895; 41. Glenn Noland, Noland 34n, 15.066; 42. Bob Walters, Walters 42, 15.088; 43. John Stickley, Stickley L7, 15.377; 44. Jerry Frew, Frew 4f, 15.780; 45. Charlie Holben, Holben 42g, 16.208; 46. Kevin Andrusky, Andrusky 7a, NT; 47. Jim Bailey, Bailey 6 7/8, NT.

United Expressline Heat (8 laps): 1. Gobrecht 2. Rankin 3. Kemenah 4. May 5. Saldana 6. Kahne 7. Ripper 8. Kriess 9. Damon 10. Holben 11. Noland.

Southwest Expressline Heat (8 laps): 1. K. Jacobs 2. Hodnett 3. D. Smith 4. D. Jacobs 5. Schroeder 6. Wood 7. Walters 8. Marshall 9. Kiley 10. Carlson.

Southwest Glass Heat (8 laps): 1. Kinser 2. Hull 3. Spithaler 4. Lynch 5. McMahan 6. Bonnell 7. Wilson 8. Schaeffer 9. Altmeyer 10. Staph 11. Stickley.

United Specialties Heat (8 laps): 1. Hawley 2. Ellenberger 3. Paulus 4. Duncan 5. Kerr 6. Reed 7. Quarterson 8. Matus 9. E. Smith 10. Frew 11. McCann.

Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash (4 laps): 1. Hodnett 2. Lynch 3. D. Jacobs 4. Kerr 5. Saldana 6. McMahan.

United Expressline B Main (12 laps): 1. Wood 2. Kahne 3. Reed 4. Wilson 5. Matus 6. E. Smith 7. Schaeffer 8. Walters 9. Kreiss 10. Staph 11. Noland 12. Stickley 13. Frew 14. Damon 15. Bailey 16. Kiley 17. Bonnell 18. Altmeyer 19. Holben 20. Carlson.

A Main (35 laps): 1. Kasey Kahne 2. Greg Hodnett 3. Kelly Kinser 4. Frankie Kerr 5. Paul McMahan 6. Chad Kemenah 7. Danny Wood 8. Kenny Jacobs 9. Rodney Duncan 10. Byron Reed 11. Jimmy Hawley 12. Ralph Spithaler 13. Greg Wilson 14. Brian Ellenberger 15. Butch Schroeder 16. Brent Matus 17. Brian Gobrecht 18. Dean Jacobs 19. Danny Smith 20. Ed Lynch Jr. 21. Paul May 22. Craig Rankin 23. Brian Paulus 24. Brian Carlson 25. Joey Saldana 26. Jerrod Hull.

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