ALLSTAR: Las Cruses race results 2004-10-16

LAS CRUSES, NM -- It was win number four on the season for Greg Wilson Saturday night at Southern New Mexico Speedway in the Haulmark All Star sprint car-SCOA X-1R 30 lap A main feature. It was the first ever appearance by the All Stars in the...

LAS CRUSES, NM -- It was win number four on the season for Greg Wilson Saturday night at Southern New Mexico Speedway in the Haulmark All Star sprint car-SCOA X-1R 30 lap A main feature. It was the first ever appearance by the All Stars in the state of New Mexico and Wilson led the last half of the race to win over Chad Kemenah and SCOA driver Justin Fisher.

With Fisher and Jon Agan on the front row for the start, Wilson was gridded fifth in the Hampshire Racing, Barfield's Gift Fruits Maxim. Fisher shot out into the initial lead over Agan and Jeremy Campbell, with Wilson taking third from Campbell on lap two. Kemenah kept the pressure on Campbell, getting by the top All Star Rookie of the Year and then passing Agan to begin pressuring Fisher. Kemenah seized the opportunity on lap seven, taking the lead in heavy lapped traffic.

At this point Wilson followed Kemenah by Fisher to take over the runnerup spot, leaving Fisher third ahead of Campbell and fast qualifier Danny Smith. Wilson kept up the pressure as the leaders threaded their way through lapped traffic. Kemenah bumped the inside berm of the track on lap 15, slowing him just enough for Wilson to shoot by on the outside and into the lead. Wilson pushed out his lead a bit, but Kemenah reeled him in again in lapped traffic. Once in the clear again Wilson stretched his advantage to a full straightaway. Kemenah closed to within six car lengths with five laps to go, but could get no closer, having to settle for the runnerup position.

Fisher ran a steady race coming in third ahead of Smith. Smith started sixth and was up to fourth on lap 16. He was part of a nose to tail said by side battle for fourth with Campbell, Johnny "Hollywood" Herrera and Agan the entire final half of the race. Herrera ended fifth, followed by Campbell, Agan, Dean Jacobs who started 11th, ageless Rickey Hood and Tim Hunter. Paul may was the Fisher Performance hard Charger of the race, coming home 11th after starting 24th.

The Crown Battery heat fell to Hood, the B&B Products heat went to Wilson, the Engler Machine and Tool heat was won by James High and the TP Wings heat fell to Paul May. Josh Grady won the University of Northwestern Ohio B Main and Jeremy Campbell captured the Haulmark Dash. Smith was the Huggins Cams Fast Time qualifier.

Huggins Cams Time Trials: 1. Danny Smith, 12.354; 2. Greg Wilson, 12.430; 3. Jeremy Campbell, 12.434; 4. Chad Kemenah, 12.580; 5. Jon Agan, 12.582; 6. Justin Fisher, 12.652; 7. Johnny Herrera, 12.714; 8. Josh Grady, 12.767; 9. Tim Hunter, 12.792; 10. Bill Rose, 12.797; 11. Dean Jacobs, 12.812; 12. Phil Gressman, 12.955; 13. Rickey Hood, 12.958; 14. Zeke Ziska, 13.033; 15. Kaylene Verville, 13.120; 16. Dion Hindi, 13.168; 17. Eddie Lynch, 13.225; 18. Rich Bubak, 13.306; 19. Bud Goodwin, 13.353; 20. Jeff Slinkard, 13.390; 21. Brian O'Donnell, 13.407; 22. Brock Mayes, 13.545; 23. James High, 13.552; 24. Paul May, 13.599; 25. Scott Box, 13.601; 26. Mike Wells, 13.797; 27. Jesse Baker, 13.998; 28. Barry Ruble, 14.051; 29. Robert Gomez, 15.258; 30. Steve Martin, NT.

Crown Battery Heat (8 laps): 1-Rickey Hood 2-Jon Agan 3-Danny Smith 4-Tim Hunter 5-Scott Box 6-Eddie Lynch 7-Robert Gomez 8-Brian O'Donnell

B&B Products Heat (8 laps): 1-Greg Wilson 2-Brock Mayes 3-Bill Rose 4-Rich Bubak 5-Justin Fisher 6-Mike Wells 7-Zeke Ziska

Engler Machine & Tool Heat (8 laps): 1-James High 2-Johnny Herrera 3-Jeremy Campbell 4-Dean Jacobs 5-Jesse Baker 6-Bud Goodwin 7-Kaylene Ver ville

TP Wings Heat (8 laps): 1-Paul May 2-Chad Kemenah 3-Phil Gressman 4-Jeff Slinkard 5-Dion Hindi 6-Barry Ruble 7-Josh Grady

Haulmark Dash (4 laps): 1-Jeremy Campbell 2-Greg Wilson 3-Danny Smith 4-Chad Kemenah

University of Northwestern Ohio B Main (10 laps): 1. 1-Josh Grady 2-Zeke Ziska 3-Eddie Lynch 4-Kaylene Verville 5-Mike Wells 6-Bud Goodwin 7-Barry Ruble 8-Robert Gomez 9-Brian O'Donnell

X-1R A Main (30 laps): 1-Greg Wilson 2-Chad Kemenah 3-Justin Fisher 4-Danny Smith 5-Johnny Herrera 6-Jeremy Campbell 7-Jon Agan 8-Dean Jacobs 9-Rickey Hood 10-Tim Hunter 11-Paul May 12-Josh Grady 13-Bill Rose 14-Phil Gressman 15-Kaylene Verville 16-Eddie Lynch 17-Jeff Slinkard 18-Dion Hindi 19-Rich Bubak 20-Scott Box 21-James High 22-Brock Mayes 23-Bud Goodwin 24-Zeke Ziska 25-Barry Ruble 26-Jesse Baker

Lap Leaders: Justin Fisher 1-6, Chad Keemanh 7-14, Greg Wilson 15-30.

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