ALLSTAR: K-C Raceway Results 98-08-01

All Star Sprint Race Results - K-C Raceway, Alma, OH - Sat. 8/1/98 - By Scott Hall ALMA, OH - Kelly Kinser survived a last lap bump from Kenny Jacobs to win the All Star sprint Mead Coated Papers Freedom 40 Saturday night at K-C Raceway.

All Star Sprint Race Results - K-C Raceway, Alma, OH - Sat. 8/1/98 - By Scott Hall

ALMA, OH - Kelly Kinser survived a last lap bump from Kenny Jacobs to win the All Star sprint Mead Coated Papers Freedom 40 Saturday night at K-C Raceway. Kinser’s second series win of the year paid $10,000 to win.

"It seemed like my McCreary tires got better and theirs got worse," Kinser recalled, standing beside his Gaerte-Chevrolet powered Kinser Timber-JB’s Salvage Stealth in victory lane. "He (Jacobs) tagged me in the back on the last lap, but that’s part of it. I really like this track, you can run three wide here. I didn’t think I could do it but I got faster and they got slower."

"I had to run around the top," Jacobs said of second. "When I moved to get around the lapped cars I was just spinning the tires. Kelly came around the bottom and there was noone there. That last lap I thought he’d take my line away. I was going to dive under him but he stayed the same place and I about took us both out." Jacobs, the All Star points leader, drives the Barry Jackson prepared Hughes Wheel and Axle J&J and beat Joey Saldana across the finish line.

Jim Nier started on the ButlerBuilt Hot Seat pole position with six cars inverted for the ninth annual Freedom 40. Charlie Fisher started outside Nier with Kinser and Joey Saldana in row two. Saldana rocketed into the lead in the high groove going down the backstretch to lead the first lap over Fisher and Kinser. Saldana pulled out to a nice lead over Fisher, with Kinser moving under Fisher for second on lap five. On lap nine, Kinser was right on Saldana’s bumper, with Saldana high and Kinser low. Kinser dove under Saldana to lead lap ten, then the red flew for Rodney Duncan’s flip off turn three. The order was now Kinser, Saldana, Kenny Jacobs, up from fifth and Fisher. But Fisher dropped from action during the red with a hole in his oil pan, moving Nier to fourth and Mark Keegan fifth.

Saldana got past Kinser for the lead again after the restart, with Jacobs moving into second a lap later. Saldana pulled away until he hit lapped traffic on lap 16, allowing Jacobs to close. Lap 19 saw Saldana slip off the top of the track exiting turn two, putting Jacobs right on his bumper. On lap 21 Saldana repeated the miscue, allowing Jacobs to take over the lead, which he held on lap 25 when a caution flew for Dean Jacobs going off the backstretch.

Jacobs pulled away on the restart, but Saldana began reeling him in by lap 31. The top three got closer by lap 34, when Kinser tried to pass Saldana for second. The top three were nose to tail or side-by-side for the next two laps, with Kinser second on lap 37. He got beside Jacobs on lap 38 and snared the lead on the white flag lap in the low groove. Jacobs tried a last turn dive under Kinser as they rounded turn three and four for the checkered, with Jacobs ramming Kinser’s tail tank, but Kinser held on to win by a car length over Jacobs with Saldana close by in third. Nier ran a steady fourth with Mark Keegan snaring fifth. Frankie Kerr, Todd Kane, Rocky Hodges, up from 14th, D. Jacobs and Randy Kinser, from 15th, filled out the top ten.

"My car was just hanging in the turns. I knew I was getting loose so I pulled my wing back and I couldn’t move it back forward unti that yellow. I was just running in there too hard and I’d get my right front in that cushion and it would pull me off the race track." Saldana recalled.

The United Expressline heat fell to Scott Jones, the Southwest Expressline heat to Todd Kane, the Southwest Glass heat was won by Greg Wilson and the United Specialties heat went to Randy Kinser. Saldana won the Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash with Nier the United Expressline B Main winner.

Time Trials: 1. Butch Schroeder, Gottschalk 17, 11.499; 2. Kenny Jacobs, Hughes 94, 11.691; 3. Joey Saldana, Mox 17, 11.700; 4. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4K, 11.898; 5. Charlie Fisher, Fisher 48, 11.914; 6. Jim Nier, Nier 00, 11.919; 7. Mark Keegan, Keegan X, 11.922; 8. Rodney Duncan, Harrison 22, 11.957; 9. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15, 11.979; 10. Frankie Kerr, Shoff 23s, 11.984; 11. Keith Kauffman, Johnson U2, 12.003; 12. Dean Jacobs, Ashworth 92, 12.018; 13. Kevin Huntley, Daugherty 7, 12.058; 14. Steve Suever, Suever 36s, 12.071; 15. Rocky Hodges, Holbrook 8, 12.103; 16. Randy Kinser, Kinser 14, 12.113; 17. Johnathan Stevens, Stevens 4j, 12.117; 18. Jason Dukes, Dukes 3, 12.164; 19. John Wisbon, Wisbon 5w, 12.169; 20. Sarah Fisher, Fisher 9, 12.228; 21. Scott Jones, Jones 8J, 12.258; 22. Todd Kane, Kane 78, 12.469; 23. Greg Wilson, Hampshire 63, 12.654; 24. Hud Horton, Horton 80, 12.743; 25. James Fisher, Fisher 48J, 12.855; 26. Brian Smith, Smith 2+, 12.899; 27. Ed Neumeister, Neumeister 11n, 12.902; 28. Rob Chaney, Chaney 42, 12.923; 29. Eddie Slone, Slone 4x, 13.247; 30. Dewey Cassell, Cassell 5, 13.267; 31. Tim Jodrey, Jodrey 10, 13.483; 32. Jeff Barnhart, Barnhart 2B, 13.489; 33. Randy Lee Master, Master 00, 17.527; 34. Mike Bowling, Brown 99, NT.

United Expressline Heat (8 laps): 1. Jones 2. Schroeder 3. C. Fisher 4. Huntley 5. Stevens 6. J. Fisher 7. Slone 8. Kemenah 9. Master.

Southwest Expressline Heat (8 laps): 1. Kane 2. Suever 3. K. Jacobs 4. Kerr 5. Dukes 6. Nier 7. Smith 8. Cassell.

Southwest Glass Heat (8 laps): 1. Wilson 2. Kauffman 3. Saldana 4. Hodges 5. Wisbon 6. Keegan 7. Neumeister 8. Jodrey.

   United Specialties Heat (8 laps): 1. R. Kinser 2. K. Kinser 3. Horton
4.  Duncan 5. D. Jacobs 6. Bowling 7. Chaney 8. S. Fisher 9. Barnhart. 
   Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash: (4 laps): 1. Saldana 2. K. Jacobs 3.
K.  Kinser 4. Kerr 5. D. Jacobs 6. Kauffman. 

United Expressline B Main (12 laps): 1. Nier 2. Keegan 3. J. Fisher 4. S. Fisher 5. Neumeister 6. Jodrey 7. Slone 8. Cassell 9. Barnhart 10. Bowling 11. Chaney 12. Smith 13. Master.

A Main (40 laps): 1. K. Kinser 2. K. Jacobs 3. Saldana 4. Nier 5. Keegan 6. Kerr 7. Kane 8. Hodges 9. D. Jacobs 10. R. Kinser 11. Kauffman 12. Schroeder 13. Wisbon 14. Stevens 15. S. Fisher 16. Huntley 17. Suever 18. J. Fisher 19. Jones 20. Horton 21. Wilson 22. Dukes 23. C. Fisher 24. Duncan.

PONCE INLET, FL - The fourth annual Thunder Through The Plains IV kicks off the week after the Knoxville Nationals as the All Star Circuit of Champions sprints battle the best of the National Championship Racing Ass’n (NCRA) starting Mon., Aug. 17 at Eagle (NE) Raceway. Thunder continues Tues. Aug. 18 at the famous Belleville (KS) High Banks, Wed. Aug. 19 at WaKeeney, Ks. Speedway, Friday Aug. 21 at 81 Speedway in Wichita, KS and the five race mini-series concludes on Saturday, Aug. 22 at the Tulsa (OK) Speedway.

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