ALLSTAR: K-C Raceway 98-06-20

All Star Sprint Race Results - K-C Raceway, Alma, OH - Sat. 6/20/98 ALMA, OH - Frankie Kerr passed Joey Saldana with three laps to go in the All Star sprint 40-lap feature Saturday night at K-C Raceway. Kerrs third win of the season, on K-Cs...

All Star Sprint Race Results - K-C Raceway, Alma, OH - Sat. 6/20/98

ALMA, OH - Frankie Kerr passed Joey Saldana with three laps to go in the All Star sprint 40-lap feature Saturday night at K-C Raceway. Kerrs third win of the season, on K-Cs 14th anniversary, was worth $7,000.

"I hurt myself in South Dakota, and now Im just starting to feel better," Kerr related. "This certainly makes it feel a lot better. The racetrack was great. This is a brand new car we brought out for tonight and Speedweek." Kerrs Eagle chassis is owned by Stan Shoff, rode Goodyear tires and utilized Brown-Chevrolet power.

Saldana rode home second, eight car lengths back, in the Steve Mox Stealth. "The lapped cars were using my line," Saldana said. "When I had to get off my groove I wasnt good."

Kelly Kinser started 14th and rode home a steady third in his patented inside groove, ahead of Randy Kinser, Kenny Jacobs, Mark Keegan, Dean Jacobs, Jim Nier, Kevin Huntley and Johnathan Stevens.

Kerr started on the ButlerBuilt Hot Seat pole position with Keegan alongside. Saldana and K. Jacobs made up row two. Rodney Duncan and Keith Kauffman collided on the initial green, moving them to the rear for the next start. Keegan led the first circuit, but Jacobs went low through turns three and four to lead lap two. Following a lap four caution for a Todd Kane spin, Jacobs took off on the drop of the green, while Saldana picked off Keegan and Kerr for second. Jacobs entered lapped traffic on lap ten, with Saldana right on his tail. Free of traffic, Saldana was able to move right onto Jacobs bumper at lap 15, while Kerr and Keegan battled side-by-side for third. On lap 16, Saldana dove low going down the front stretch, and remained low through turns one and two, drifting up ahead of Jacobs exiting turn two to lead. Kerr also moved around Jacobs to take over second, with Jacobs keeping third and Keegan fourth.

On lap 19, Ed Neumeister flipped off turn three for a red flag. Saldana now led over Kerr, Jacobs, Keegan, K. Kinser and Jim Nier for the restart. Saldana pulled away in the high groove on a clear track, but hit lapped traffic again on lap 26. This allowed Kerr to close in, with K. Kinser now passing K. Jacobs for third. Kinser was soon catching Kerr for second, and Kerr moved closer toward the leader.

With six laps to go, Saldanas top groove began getting slower, and the inside rubber covered line of Kerr was faster. Saldana had to contend with dense lapped traffic, and Kerr was right on his back bumper. Lap 36 saw Saldana still high, and Kerr low. Saldana tried the low groove on lap 37 to block Kerr. On lap 38, he rode the high groove again, and hesitated behind the lapped machine of Tim Allison, allowing Kerr to shoot by in the inside groove. Once by, Kerr pulled away easily as Saldana held second and Kinser rode third. Randy Kinser got past K. Jacobs during the last few circuits to snare fourth at the end.

The Southwest Expressline heat fell to Saldana, the Southwest Glass heat was won by Jeff Shepard and the United Specialties heat went to Hud Horton. Sarah Fisher won the United Expressline B Main. Fast time for Kenny Jacobs was worth $500 from Chillicothe Fireworks and he won the Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash plus the United Expressline heat which saw Chad Kemenah get upside down and end his evening.

Time Trials: 1. Kenny Jacobs, Hughes 94, 11.183; 2. Joey Saldana, Mox 17, 11.313; 3. Mark Keegan, Keegan X, 11.487; 4. Butch Schroeder, Gottschalk 17, 11.499; 5. Frankie Kerr, Shoff 23s, 11.501; 6. Randy Kinser, Kinser 14, 11.517; 7. Sarah Fisher, Fisher 9, 11.604; 8. Jim Nier, Nier 00, 11.620; 9. Kevin Huntley, Daugherty 7, 11.621; 10. Dean Jacobs, Ashworth 92, 11.622; 11. Jeff Shepard, Double L 4J, 11.675; 12. Keith Kauffman, Johnson U2, 11.740; 13. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15, 11.785; 14. Scott Jones, Jones 8J, 11.836; 15. Rodney Duncan, Harrison 22, 11.846; 16. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4K, 11.884; 17. Mark Goodfleisch, Brown 99, 11.954; 18. Judi Bates, Mourar 121, 11.964; 19. Donnie Kreitz, Jr., Kreitz 69, 11.978; 20. Todd Kane, Hampshire 63, 12.017; 21. Ed Neumeister, Neumeister 11n, 12.074; 22. Alvin Roepke, R&F 99, 12.119; 23. Tim Allison, Lotz 11x, 12.126; 24. Hud Horton, Horton 80, 12.152; 25. Johnathan Stevens, Stevens 4j, 12.161; 26. Donnie Jeschke, Jeschke 99h, 12.193; 27. Nick Naber, G&N 6, 12.240; 28. Charlie Fisher, Fisher 48, 12.282; 29. James Fisher, Fisher 48J, 12.373; 30. Landon Stover, Melick 2m, 12.535; 31. Eddie Slone, Slone 4x, 12.546; 32. Brian Smith, Smith 2+, 12.668; 33. Jimmy Lewis, Lewis 14, 12.824; 34. Randy Fink, Fink 41, 12.929; 35. Jon Webb, Webb 5J, 13.560; 36. Dewey Cassell, Cassell 5, NT.

United Expressline Heat (8 laps): 1. K. Jacobs 2. Huntley 3. Kerr 4. Stevens 5. Goodfleisch 6. Neumeister 7. Fink 8. Stover 9. Kemenah. Southwest Expressline Heat (8 laps): 1. Saldana 2. Bates 3. Roepke 4. R. Kinser 5. D. Jacobs 6. Jones 7. Jeschke 8. Webb 9. Slone. Southwest Glass Heat (8 laps): 1. Shepard 2. Kreitz 3. Duncan 4. Keegan 5. Allison 6. Naber 7. S. Fisher 8. Smith. United Specialties Heat (8 laps): 1. Horton 2. K. Kinser 3. Nier 4. Kane 5. Kauffman 6. J. Fisher 7. Lewis 8. Schroeder (DNS).

Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash: (4 laps): 1. K. Jacobs 2. R. Kinser 3. Kerr 4. Saldana 5. Huntley 6. D. Jacobs.

United Expressline B Main (12 laps): 1. S. Fisher 2. Jones 3. Naber 4. Neumeister 5. Stover 6. Slone 7. J. Fisher 8. Jeschke 9. Fink 10. Lewis 11. Webb 12. Smith.

A Main (40 laps): 1. Kerr 2. Saldana 3. K. Kinser 4. R. Kinser 5. K. Jacobs 6. Keegan 7. D. Jacobs 8. Nier 9. Huntley 10. Stevens 11. Shepard 12. Kauffman 13. S. Fisher 14. Allison 15. Roepke 16. Kane 17. Goodfleisch 18. Naber 19. Horton 20. Jones 21. Duncan 22. Bates 23. Neumeister 24. Kreitz.

All Star Points: 1. Kenny Jacobs 2158; 2. Joey Saldana 2156; 3. Frankie Kerr 2049; 4. Dean Jacobs 1977; 5. Keith Kauffman 1961; 6. Scott Jones 1560; 7. Brian Smith 1496; 8. Judi Bates 1109; 9. Kevin Huntley 992; 10. Sarah Fisher 573.

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