ALLSTAR: Hollywood Hills results 2004-10-17

SAN FELIPE, NM -- Johnny Herrera started 10th Sunday night at Hollywood Hills Speedway in the Haulmark All Star sprint car X-1R 30 lap A main feature, and he won when race leader Rickey Hood suffered misfortune. Hood was the race-long leader, but...

SAN FELIPE, NM -- Johnny Herrera started 10th Sunday night at Hollywood Hills Speedway in the Haulmark All Star sprint car X-1R 30 lap A main feature, and he won when race leader Rickey Hood suffered misfortune. Hood was the race-long leader, but stopped on the track when his fuel cell worked loose, causing him to pit. This handed the lead to Bill Rose, who was passed by Herrera for the win in the final event of the All Star season.

Hood and Rose made up the front row for the start of the $5,000 to win event, with the veteran Hood rocketing into the lead over Rose. Herrera was very fast from the drop of the green, and made his presence known early, working up to fifth on lap five and fourth on lap six.

When a yellow was unfurled on lap eight, Hood was on top over Rose, Danny Smith, a now third Herrera and 2004 All Star Champion Chad Kemenah

Behind the leader it was a three way battle for second when the green replaced the yellow among Smith, Herrera and Kemenah. Dean Jacobs, who started fifth, regained that spot by using the high groove on lap 11 and was beginning to march toward the front.

Smith finally captured second, with Herrera third and Jacobs up to fourth by lap 12.

Lap 17 was the undoing of the leader when Hood brought out the yellow for stopping on the track. He was then black flagged for his fuel cell is barely hanging on. His crew was able to make quick repairs and he came back out last for the restart.

The restart order was now Rose, Smith, Herrera and Jacobs. A lap later Herrera moved past Smith into second and began pressuring Rose. For two laps Herrera kept the pressure up and finally on lap 20 Herrera went inside Rose off turn two to lead. At this point "Neon" Dion Hindi was up from 25th starting spot to sixth on the high groove, showing he was the fastest car on track. Herrera was using both the high and low grooves through the lapped cars with Rose and Jacobs fighting for second behind him.

Lap 21 saw an unusual red for water on the back stretch. Greg Wilson hit one of the cans full of water used to block entrance gate to track, wetting down the backstretch. Once the track was dry, the restart order was Herrera, Rose, Smith, Jacobs, Justin Fisher and Hindi. On the restart Herrera pulled away to a half straightaway advantage as the action for second place was fast and furious. On lap 25 Jacobs went into second then Rose got him back, but then a lap later it was Jacobs back in the runnerup spot. On lap 27 Rose was back to second running side by side with Jacobs. He was able to hold him off for that spot when the checkered flag fell.

The win was Herrera's fifth career All Star triumph, but the first since a 1995 Wilmot, WI win. Rose's second place was his best showing of the season, and Jacobs was third over Smith and Fisher

The Crown Battery heat fell to Scott Box, the B&B Products heat went to Greg Wilson, the Engler Machine and Tool heat was won by Rickey Hood and the TP Wings heat fell to Johnny Herrera. Phil Gressman won the University of Northwestern Ohio B Main and Bill Rose captured the Haulmark Dash. Jason Grady was the Huggins Cams Fast Time qualifier over a 34 car field.

Huggins Cams Time Trials: 1. Jason Grady, 13.303; 2. Chad Kemenah, 13.351; 3. Dean Jacobs, 13.420; 4. Danny Smith, 13.507; 5. Jon Agan, 13.574; 6. Bill Rose, 13.667; 7. Rickey Hood, 13.671; 8. Jeremy Campbell, 13.685; 9. Brock Mayes, 13.748; 10. Phil Gressman, 13.751; 11. Tim Hunter, 13.763; 12. Johnny Herrera, 13.778; 13. Justin Fisher, 13.841; 14. Jason Martin, 13.859; 15. Patrick Bourke, 13.892; 16. Zeke Ziska, 13.914; 17. Rich Bubak, 13.914; 18. Greg Wilson, 13.930; 19. Josh Grady, 13.948; 20. Jeff Slinkard, 13.961; 21. Scott Box, 14.010; 22. Jesse Baker, 14.012; 23. James High, 14.051; 24. Barry Ruble, 14.060; 25. Dion Hindi, 14.095; 26. Paul May, 14.168; 27. John Stroud Jr., 14.209; 28. Brian O'Donnell, 14.427; 29. Robert Gomez, 14.549; 30. Eddie Lynch, 14.561; 31. Jimmy Scott, 14.683; 32. Bud Goodwin, 14.704; 33. Kaylene Verville, 14.931; 34. Leroy Apodaca, 16.569.

Crown Battery Heat (8 laps): 1. Scott Box 2. Rich Bubak 3. Brock Mayes 4. Justin Fisher 5. Jon Agan 6. Dion Hindi 7. Jason Grady 8. Robert Gomez 9. Kaylene Verville.

B&B Products Heat (8 laps): 1. Greg Wilson 2. Jason Martin 3. Jesse Baker 4. Bill Rose 5. Chad Kemenah 6. Phil Gressman 7. Paul May 8. Leroy Apadoca 9. Eddie Lynch.

Engler Machine & Tool Heat (8 laps): 1. Rickey Hood 2. Patrick Bourke 3. James High 4. Dean Jacobs 5. Josh Grady 6. John Stroud, Jr. 7. Jimmy Scott 8. Tim Hunter.

TP Wings Heat (8 laps): 1. Johnny Herrera 2. Jeremy Campbell 3. Jeff Slinkard 4. Barry Ruble 5. Danny Smith 6. Zeke Ziska 7. Bud Goodwin 8. Brian O'Donnell.

Haulmark Dash (4 laps): 1. Bill Rose 2-Danny Smith 3-Chad Kemenah 4-Jon Agan

University of Northwestern Ohio B Main (10 laps): 1. -Phil Gressman 2-John Stroud Jr. 3-Paul May 4-Robert Gomez 5-Dion Hindi 6-Tim Hunter 7-Eddie Lynch 8-Bud Goodwin 9-Jason Grady 10-Brian O'Donnell 11-Zeke Ziska 12-Jimmy Scott 13-Kaylene Verville 14-Leroy Apodaca

X-1R A Main (30 laps): 1. Johnny Herrera 2-Bill Rose 3-Dean Jacobs 4- Danny Smith 5-Justin Fisher 6-Dion Hindi 7-Chad Kemenah 8-Rich Bubak 9-Brock Mayes 10-Jeremy Campbell 11-Patrick Bourke 12-Paul May 13-James High 14-Scott Box 15-Jon Agan 16-Greg Wilson 17-Rickey Hood 18-Phil Gressman 19-Jason Martin 20-Zeke Ziska 21-John Stroud Jr 22-Barry Ruble 23-Robert Gomez 24-Jesse Baker 25-Josh Grady 26-Jeff Slinkard

Lap Leaders: Rickey Hood 1-17, Bill Rose 18-19, Johnny Herrera 20-30.

<pre> Final All Star Sprint Points: 1 Chad Kemenah 3987 2 Danny Smith 3713 3 Greg Wilson 3564 4 Jeremy Campbell 3407 5 Brock Mayes 3038 6 Tim Hunter 2934 6 Paul May 2934 8 Phil Gressman 2832 9 Jon Agan 2803 10 Bill Rose 2745

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