ALLSTAR: Grandview All Stars Results 1999-08-25

All Star Sprint Race Results - Grandview Speedway - Wed. 8/25/99 BECHTELSVILLE, PA - Jeff Shepard was crowned King of the Hill in the All Star sprint 40-lap feature Wednesday night at Grandview Speedway. He earned $6,000 in a show that was...

All Star Sprint Race Results - Grandview Speedway - Wed. 8/25/99

BECHTELSVILLE, PA - Jeff Shepard was crowned King of the Hill in the All Star sprint 40-lap feature Wednesday night at Grandview Speedway. He earned $6,000 in a show that was run off quickly and was over by 9:15 p.m. due to sprinkles all night. Shepard, in the Zemco Headers Chevrolet-powered Maxim, was followed across the finish line by Lance Dewease, Keith Kauffman and Paul McMahan in the A Main. Dewease bobbled on the last lap, allowing Shepard and his Hoosier Tires to retake command for the win. This event was the season finale for the 10th Annual Thunder on the Hill Racing Series. For Shepard, it was his first career Thunder Series victory and he collected $6,000 for the win, plus a $1,000 cash bonus presented by Jim Gallagher of GALCO Business Communications for setting a new one lap track record at Grandview in 1999. Shepard established a new one lap track record of 11.824 on May 5. The entire racing program offered a total purse in excess of $40,505 plus an additional $10,000 in Manufacturer Contingency Awards. In the All Star King of the Hill Sprint 40 Championship, Shepard was the early race leader, setting the pace for the first eight laps from the ButlerBuilt Hot Seat pole. Fourth starter Keith Kauffman took the lead on lap nine and remained on the point until lap fifteen, when Shepard regained the top spot. Lance Dewease was in the hunt racing in third, followed by Greg Hodnett and Kenny Jacobs. On lap twenty, Dewease moved into second and set his sights on the leader, The first caution of the race was displayed on lap twenty-four, when Brian Paulus stopped in turn four. The restart saw Dewease take a run for the lead, but Shepard was the fastest, holding the top spot, running the middle groove with Dewease up on the cushion. With just ten laps remaining, Dewease again applied pressure on Shepard for the lead, but each time Shepard was up to the challenge. With five laps remaining, Shepard and Dewease were in a dogfight for the win. With the white flag waving in dense lapped traffic, Dewease took the lead in his Harz Racing No. 88, dropping Shepard to second. On the final lap, Dewease drifted high and bounced across a rut in the track surface, tapping the turn two wall and opening the door for Shepard to take the lead for the final time on his way to the win. Shepard was followed by Dewease, Keith Kauffman, Paul McMahon and Joey Saldana, who started sixth. McMahan started on the outside front row, but put on too hard a tire compound and fell back to fifth, working his way back to the front as the laps wound down. Making up the top ten were Fred Rahmer up from tenth, Dean Jacobs from 13th, Kenny Jacobs from ninth, Dave Ely and Jesse Wentz. Dewease won the overall Thunder on the Hill Series title, earning $14,860 in cash for the four race sprint series. Dewease, is a five time Thunder Series feature winner and the 1998 defending Thunder Series Champion. A field of thirty-three sprints took part in time trials with Joey Saldana setting fast time of the night with 12.095. Four heat events were presented with victories going to Randy Wolfe, Rahmer, Billy Wilburn and Brian Paulus as Shepard won the United Expressline B Main event. The KARS 358 sprints were also the program with Brian Buckwalter and Ray Kozimore winning the two scheduled qualifying events. in the feature, Rick Horn was the winner over Bob Beidleman. In the twenty lap KARS feature, Mark Yinger set the pace for the first fifteen laps before turning the top spot over to Rick Horn on lap fifteen, Bob Beidleman moved into third on lap fifteen as well, and one lap later he was racing in second. Beidleman chased down the leader but ran short of time, settling for second with Kevin Drury third, Mark Richard fourth and Dale Hammaker fifth.

TIME TRIALS: 1. Joey Saldana, 12.095; 2. Greg Hodnett, 12.128; 3. Keith Kauffman, 12.178; 4. Lance Dewease, 12.210; 5. Paul McMahan, 12.267; 6. Jeff Shepard, 12.296; 7. Jesse Wentz, 12.307; 8. Cris Eash, 12.347; 9. Kenny Jacobs, 12,366; 10. Fred Rahmer, 12.382; 11. Dave Ely, 12,406; 12. Jimmy Carr, 12.441; 13. Dean Jacobs, 12.488; 14. Frankie Kerr, 12.472; 15. Judi Bates, 12.509; 16. Kasey Kahne, 12.624; 17.Randy Wolfe, 12.548; 18. Todd Gracey, 12.564; 19. Brian Ellenberger, 12.610; 20. Rodney Duncan, 12.863; 21. Curt Michael, 12.670; 22. Don Kreitz Jr., 12.687; 23. Billy Wilburn, 12.812; 24. Brian Paulus, 12.820; 25. Lenny Thompson, 12.855; 26. Sean Michael, 12.031; 27. Jerrod Hull, 12.942; 28. Greg Wilson, 12.991; 29. Dave Hahn, 13.177; 30. Brian Carlson, 13.177; Mike Walters, 13.266; 32. Dave Cordier, 13.316; 33. Bob Beidleman, 13.548. United Expressline Heat (8 laps): 1. Wolfe 2. D. Jacobs 3. S. Michael 4. McMahan 5. K. Jacobs 6. Saldana Southwest Expressline Heat (8 laps): 1. Rahmer 2. Gracey 3. Kreitz 4. Kerr 5. Hodnett 6. Shepard Southwest Glass Heat (8 laps): 1. Wilburn 2. Ely 3. Ellenberger 4. Kauffman 5. Wentz 6. Hull United Specialties Heat (8 laps): 1. Paulus 2. Duncan 3. Carr 4. Kahne 5. Dewease 6. Wilson United Expressline B Main (12 laps): 1. Shepard 2. Saldana 3. Hill 4. C. Michael 5. Wilson 6. Dave Hahn 7. Mike Walters 8. Judi Bates 9. Cris Eash 10. Brian Carlson 11. Bob Beidleman 12. Lenny Thompson 13. Dave Cordier. A MAIN (40 laps): Jeff Shepard, Lance Dewease, Keith Kauffman, Paul McMahon, Joey Saldana, Fred Rahmer, Dean Jacobs, Kenny Jacobs, Dave Ely, Jesse Wentz, Jimmy Carr, Frankie Kerr, Rodney Duncan, Kasey Kahne, Todd Gracey, Randy Wolfe, Jerrod Hull, Greg Hodnett, Brian Paulus, Sew Michael, Don Kreitz Jr., Billy Wilburn, Brian Ellenberger, Curt Michael.

THUNDER SERIES FINAL STANDINGS: $14,960 Lance Dewease, $12,000 Jeff Shepard, $8,140 Fred Rahmer, $6,705 Greg Hodnett, $5,100 Keith Kauffman, $3,700 Cris Eash, $3,425 Dave Ely, $2,860 Brian Paulus., $2,550 Paul McMahan, $1,905 Don Kreitz Jr.

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