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FREMONT, Ohio (Sept. 11, 2004) - John Ivy likes home cookin'. The Fremont, Ohio driver and newly crowned Fremont Speedway 2004 Track Champion lead all 50 laps of the Baumann Auto Group Haulmark Trailers All Star Circuit of Champions X-1R feature...

FREMONT, Ohio (Sept. 11, 2004) - John Ivy likes home cookin'. The Fremont, Ohio driver and newly crowned Fremont Speedway 2004 Track Champion lead all 50 laps of the Baumann Auto Group Haulmark Trailers All Star Circuit of Champions X-1R feature at "The Track That Action Built" Saturday to score the biggest win of his sprint car racing career. Ivy utilized the track's Goodyear right rear spec tire to claim the $10,000 victory in front of the standing-room-only crowd.

"To do this in front of the home crowd is just awesome," exclaimed Ivy beside his Carousel Racing #20. "What a year we've win five races at Fremont, including two All Star shows and take the track championship is unbelievable. Especially when you consider we didn't even know if we had a ride at the beginning of the year. I have to thank Sid and Beth Eickelberry... they put this deal together five years ago for us and have stuck by us even when times were tough." Ivy started on the pole in his Joseph Wise Fine Clocks, Sonny's Machine, Henry Motorcar sprinter, and took the lead from the green. Last year's Fremont Speedway track champion Byron Reed rode in second, with Dale Blaney third, Chad Kemenah fourth, Dean Jacobs fifth, Danny Smith, sixth and Bobby Clark seventh. The first caution flew on lap 8 for a stalled Tim Hunter, just as Ivy was preparing to get into heavy lapped traffic.

On the restart, Ivy utilized the clean track to build a seven car advantage as the battle for second heated up between Reed and Blaney. Blaney finally got around Reed on lap 12, and closed on Ivy as the leader entered lapped track on lap 17. Two laps later, Blaney pulled beside Ivy in turns one and two as the capacity crowd roared their approval. It was all nullified though when the yellow flew for Jon Agan who stalled on the front stretch.

With 31 laps remaining, the running order was Ivy, Blaney, Reed, Kemenah, Jacobs, Greg Wilson, Danny Smith, Bobby Clark, Brock Mayes and 15th starting Mark Keegan.

On the restart, Kerry Madsen slid off of turn three to bring the caution back out. When the green went back out, Ivy once again used the clear track to build an advantage over Blaney and Reed, as Jacobs went around Kemenah for fourth on lap 21. The final caution flew on lap 25 when the muffler on Keegan's mount fell off onto the racing surface. At that point, all eyes were on "The Wild Child" Jac Haudenschild who started 23rd and was up to 10th.

On the restart, Ivy seemed to find a lot more speed and pulled away from Blaney. Ivy picked his way through lapped traffic as the real battle on the track was for sixth between the white cars of Greg Wilson, Danny Smith, Bobby Clark and Brock Mayes.

At the checkered, Ivy won by six car lengths over Blaney, Dean Jacobs, Kemenah, Wilson, Reed, Smith, Mayes, Clark and Haudenschild.

"I saw Guy (Meyers, crew chief) tell me to move up and I went up half a groove about half way through and the car got a lot better," said Ivy of his winning move.

Blaney, who won the Haulmark Trailers Dash, said his Andrews Motorsports #72 was good, but he didn't have anything for Ivy.

"Give John credit, he goes very good here. I enjoy racing at Fremont, the track is always racey and the fans are great. We had a good car, but just not good enough to get by John," said Blaney beside his Troyer's Trail Bologna sprinter.

"A third here is like a win for us. I don't usually run that well at Fremont," said Jacobs beside his Webb Racing #51. "Guy put this new car together for us after Thunder through the Plains and we've been very good in it. We've had like five second place finishes in it since then."

Kemenah started the evening by besting the 46-car field in Huggins Cams Qualifying, earning a $200 bonus from the Baumann Auto Group. Agan won the Crown Battery heat, with Todd Heller picking up the win in the B&B Oval Track Products heat. Mike Linder, who finished second in the Fremont Speedway point standings, won the Engler Machine & Tool heat, with Kelly Kinser taking the victory in the TP Wings heat. John Wisbon came out of retirement to score the victory in the Outerwears C-Main, with Wilson taking the checkered in the University of Northwest Ohio B-Main.

Jamie Miller took the lead from Brad Bowman a quarter of the way into the 25-lap 305 sprint feature and dominated to the end to take the win, his second of the season at Fremont. A great battle for second came down to the final straight, with Scott Kraylek taking the runner-up position and current point leader Brian Smith coming home third.

Huggins Cams Time Trials: 1. Chad Kemenah (15K) 12.213; 2. Dean Jacobs (51) 12.318; 3. Danny Smith (4) 12.353; 4. Dale Blaney (72B) 12.404; 5. Byron Reed (5R) 12.435; 6. John Ivy (20) 12.449; 7. Jeremy Campbell (10C) 12.462; 8. Brock Mayes (11B) 12.529; 9. Greg Wilson (63) 12.567; 10. Bobby Clark (8C) 12.574; 11. Rob Chaney (9X) 12.616; 12. Kerry Madson (55M) 12.628; 13. Jon Agan (4J) 12.635; 14. Phil Gressman (70) 12.646; 15. Mark Keegan (X) 12.653; 16. David Harrison (10) 12.705; 17. Tim Hunter (2H) 12.709; 18. Todd Heller (14H) 12.745; 19. Mike Linder (3L) 12.753; 20. Matt Lucius (1A) 12.756; 21. Nick Naber (22N) 12.777; 22. Jon Finsel (F1) 12.780; 23. Andrew Palker (57X) 12.783; 24. Kelly Kinser (4K) 12.800; 25. Jac Haudenschild (6M) 12.821; 26. Craig Mintz (8S) 12.899; 27. Bill Rose (6R) 12.923; 28. Shane Helms (40) 12.926; 29. Alvin Roepke (99) 12.950; 30. Jimmy Stinson (84) 12.967; 31. Andy James (72) 13.000; 32. Caleb Griffith (12G) 13.023; 33. Lee Jacobs (16) 13.047; 34. Brandon Martin (11M) 13.051; 35. Ed Neumeister (11N) 13.059; 36. Keith Baxter (1B) 13.061; 37. John Wisbon (55W) 13.074; 38. Butch Schrader (12S) 13.075; 39. Barry Ruble (63R) 13.098; 40. Eddie Lynch (29) 13.169; 41. Paul May (71M) 13.205; 42. Troy Vaccaro (7T) 13.218; 43. Bruce Raubenalt (98) 13.275; 44. Aaron Middaugh (91) 13.993; 45. Rodney Duncan (53) 14.015; 46. Cody White (26) 14.325

Crown Battery Heat (Top 5 to A): 1.Jon Agan(4J); 2.Chad Kemenah(15K); 3.Tim Hunter(2H); 4.Byron Reed(5R); 5.Nick Naber(22N); 6.Paul May(71M); 7.Greg Wilson(63); 8.Lee Jacobs(16); 9.Alvin Roepke(99); 10.Rodney Duncan(53); 11.John Wisbon(55W); 12.Jac Haudenschild(6M)

B&B Products Heat (Top 5 to A): 1.Todd Heller(14H); 2.Phil Gressman(70); 3.Dean Jacobs(51); 4.Bobby Clark(8C); 5.John Ivy(20); 6.Jimmy Stinson(84); 7.Butch Schrader(12S); 8.Jon Finsel(F1); 9.Brandon Martin(11M); 10.Troy Vaccaro(7T); 11.Craig Mintz(8S); 12.Cody White(26)

Engler Machine & Tool Heat (Top 5 to A): 1.Mike Linder(3L); 2.Danny Smith(4); 3.Mark Keegan(X); 4.Rob Chaney(9X); 5.Jeremy Campbell(10C); 6.Barry Ruble(63R); 7.Bill Rose(6R); 8.Bruce Raubenalt(98); 9.Ed Neumeister(11N); 10.Andy James(72); 11.Andrew Palker(57X)

TP Wings Heat (Top 5 to A): 1.Kelly Kinser(4K); 2.David Harrison(10); 3.Dale Blaney(72B); 4.Brock Mayes(11B); 5.Matt Lucius(1A); 6.Keith Baxter(1B); 7.Eddie Lynch(29); 8.Shane Helms(40); 9.Caleb Griffith(12G); 10.Aaron Middaugh(91); 11.Kerry Madson(55M)

Outerwears Pre-filters (Top 4 to B): 1.John Wisbon(55W); 2.Paul May(71M); 3.Barry Ruble(63R); 4.Rodney Duncan(53); 5.Troy Vaccaro(7T); 6.Eddie Lynch(29); 7.Bruce Raubenalt(98); 8.Aaron Middaugh(91); 9.Cody White(26)

University of Northwestern Ohio B Main (Top 4 to A): 1.Greg Wilson(63); 2.Brandon Martin(11M); 3.Kerry Madson(55M); 4.Jac Haudenschild(6M); 5.Andrew Palker(57X); 6.Paul May(71M); 7.Jimmy Stinson(84); 8.Alvin Roepke(99); 9.Bill Rose(6R); 10.Lee Jacobs(16); 11.Rodney Duncan(53); 12.John Wisbon(55W); 13.Shane Helms(40); 14.Ed Neumeister(11N); 15.Jon Finsel(F1); 16.Barry Ruble(63R); 17.Keith Baxter(1B); 18.Andy James(72); 19.Craig Mintz(8S)

A - Main (50 Laps): 1.John Ivy(20)(start-1); 2.Dale Blaney(72B)(start-3); 3.Dean Jacobs(51)(start-5); 4.Chad Kemenah(15K)(start-6); 5.Greg Wilson(63)(start-9); 6.Byron Reed(5R)(start-2); 7.Danny Smith(4)(start-4); 8.Brock Mayes(11B)(start-8); 9.Bobby Clark(8C)(start-10); 10.Jac Haudenschild(6M)(start-23); 11.Mike Linder(3L)(start-19); 12.Kelly Kinser(4K)(start-22); 13.Rob Chaney(9X)(start-11); 14.Jeremy Campbell(10C)(start-7); 15.David Harrison(10)(start-16); 16.Kerry Madson(55M)(start-12); 17.Jon Agan(4J)(start-13); 18.Phil Gressman(70)(start-14); 19.Todd Heller(14H)(start-18); 20.Matt Lucius(1A)(start-20); 21.Nick Naber(22N)(start-21); 22.Mark Keegan(X)(start-15); 23.Tim Hunter(2H)(start-17); 24.Brandon Martin(11M)(start-24)

Lap Leaders: John Ivy 1-50.

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