ALLSTAR: Farmer City report 95-08-04

By Scott Hall ATTICA, OH - Randy Kinser outbraved Steve Siegel on a mid race restart and went on to win the crash filled Club All Star sprint feature on the sixth annual Brad Doty night Friday at Attica Raceway Park, sponsored by Kear's ...

By Scott Hall

ATTICA, OH - Randy Kinser outbraved Steve Siegel on a mid race restart and went on to win the crash filled Club All Star sprint feature on the sixth annual Brad Doty night Friday at Attica Raceway Park, sponsored by Kear's Speed Shop. The win was worth $5,000 for Kinser, who became the 21st different All Star winner in 58 events this season. "I just wouldn't back off, either go for it or lose it all in one lap," Kinser said of his winning move in the Franklin Power Products Maxim owned by Steve Kinser, powered by a Randy Kinser-Jones Chevy and riding on Goodyear tires. Mark Keegan took advantage of a late race bobble by Siegel to snare the runnerup spot in the Lenny Ferguson J&J wrenched by Pat Harger. "Randy knows how to use up quite a bit of the racetrack," Keegan smiled. "It seems like if it ain't one Kinser it's another." Siegel took the point from the outside pole, leaving pole man Kinser in second. Fourth starter Keegan fell into third with Byron Reed fourth. Siegel stretched his lead until he entered lapped traffic on lap eight, allowing Kinser and Keegan to close. Meanwhile, Saldana worked past Kenny Jacobs on lap 10, as Reed fell back several spots when he went high off the rim on turn two. Keegan and Kinser ran side by side for several laps, with Saldana waiting for a chance to get by. On lap 17, Saldana disposed of Keegan with a high move off turn two, and dove under Kinser a straightaway later to snare second. Jacobs dropped out of fifth when he stopped off turn four, and on the restart Tim Shaffer spun out of tenth, and in the process of slowing down, ninth place Butch Schroeder rode over a wheel and flipped, bringing out a red. The order was still Siegel, Saldana, Kinser, Keegan and Reed with Todd Gracey's Ford sixth on the restart. Tommy Estes Jr. was sent to the tail on the restart for entering the speedway minus his fuel cap, dropping him from seventh to the tail. Saldana fell out of third two laps later with a flat tire for another yellow, leaving Kinser and Keegan to chase Siegel. "I saw Joey (Saldana's) tire going flat and I thought that's just what I'm looking for," Kinser said afterward of his good luck for the night. Todd Kane flipped wildly off turn one after the restart, bringing out another red. Siegel still led on the restart with 18 laps to go, but Kinser got by for a turn, with Siegel regaining his lead a turn later. After a lap 25 yellow for another stalled machine, Kinser turned the tables on the leader. Kinser went high on the backstretch, narrowly clinging to the edge of the racetrack as Siegel ran low and tried to push Kinser off the rim entering three. But Kinser didn't give an inch and swept into the lead going out of turn four, a lead he would never relinquish as the rest of the 40-lap feature went caution free. This left Siegel second over Keegan and Danny Smith, who got going on well on the last restart. Kinser built a big lead as Siegel held off Keegan until he went high with two laps to go, allowing Keegan to get by. Siegel, who held on to third, said, "We just didn't make any adjustments on the red. I thought I was good enough and that the racetrack would come back in pretty good for me. But Randy got fast, real fast." Kinser's crew changed weight adjustments under the red, making his Maxim handle like it was riding on rails. "He passed me like I was parked," Siegel concluded. Smith held on for fourth after starting 19th, with 20th starter Dale Blaney fifth. Reed, Van Gurley Jr. and Shaffer were next. Frankie Kerr changed a flat on the initial start, went to the tail and worked back up to ninth with Bob Teeple recovering for a mid race spin for tenth. Jacobs set fast time over the 38 car field with a new track record of 12.021 seconds. Van Gurley, Jr. won the ButlerBuilt heat, Bob Teeple took the United Expresslines heat with Kelly Kinser and Danny Smith the other heat winners. The Commercial Truck & Trailer dash fell to Saldana with Keegan winning the Outerwears Pre- Filters B Main. In the 15-lap street stock main, Tim Herner picked up his fourth win of the year, leading all the way. Wayne Maffett was second over Todd Woods, Ron Koehler and Dennis Filliater. Time Trials: 1. Kenny Jacobs, Johnson U2, 12.021; 2. Joey Saldana, Wendt 77w, 12.084; 3. Mark Keegan, Ferguson 7, 12.190; 4. Byron Reed, B&S 5, 12.270; 5. Steve Siegel, Walker 1J, 12.294; 6. Randy Kinser, Kinser 14, 12.305; 7. Chad Kemenah, Steinbrick 92, 12.344; 8. Scott Miller, Miller 5m, 12.352; 9. Tim Shaffer, Reidling 50, 12.369; 10. Kevin Huntley, Lindsey 2D, 12.381; 11. Butch Schroeder, Gottschalk 17, 12.386; 12. Todd Gracey, Cooper 25, 12.444; 13. Dan Coggeshell, Coggeshell 3, 12.451; 14. Todd Kane, Holbrook 8H, 12.453; 15. Tommy Estes Jr., Gray 51, 12.512; 16. Frankie Kerr, Shoff 23s, 12.520; 17. Van Gurley Jr., Gurley 3B, 12.541; 18. Bob Teeple, Teeple 8T, 12.582; 19. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4K, 12.620; 20. Danny Smith, Bodkins 00, 12.662; 21. Dale Blaney, Hughes 94, 12.674; 22. Jerrod Hull, Hull 11, 12.702; 23. Alvin Roepke, Whitty 99, 12.966; 24. Todd Cramer, Cramer 30, 12.983; 25. Todd Heller, Heller 14H, 13.005; 26. Mike Lutz, Lutz & Bulling 68, 13.051; 27. Andy Shammo, Burmeister 16, 13.117; 28. Greg Wilson, Wilson 2w, 13.286; 29. Ed Neumeister, Neumeister 11, 13.305; 30. Jason Dukes, Andrews 6D, 13.378; 31. Doug Ludwig, Ludwig 10, 13.543; 32. Rob Chaney, Chaney 42, 13.624; 33. Randy Hammer, Hammer 24, 13.631; 34. Dick Liskai, Liskai 6, 13.896; 35. Mark Wilkins, Burkey 157, 14.167; 36. Rodney Duncan, Susong 63d, NT; 37. Barry Ruble, Ruble 63, NT; 38. Kevin Briscoe, Briscoe 5, NT.

ButlerBuilt Heat (10 laps): 1. Gurley 2. Blaney 3. Shaffer 4. Jacobs 5. Siegel 6. Coggeshell 7. Heller 8. Hammer 9. Neumeister. United Expressline Heat (10 laps): 1. Teeple 2. Huntley 3. Kane 4. Saldana 5. Hull 6. Lutz 7. R. Kinser 8. Liskai. Heat (10 laps): 1. K. Kinser 2. Cramer 3. Estes 4. Schroeder 5. Ludwig 6. Kemenah 7. Keegan 8. Shammo 9. Wilkins. Heat (10 laps): 1. Smith 2. Gracey 3. Reed 4. Kerr 5. Miller 6. Wilson 7. Chaney 8. Ruble 9. Roepke. Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash (4 laps): 1. Saldana 2. Jacobs 3. Siegel 4. Reed 5. Shaffer 6. Coggeshell. Outerwears Pre-filters B Main (12 laps): 1. Keegan 2. Siegel 3. R. Kinser 4. Miller 5. Kemenah 6. Hull 7. Lutz 8. Wilson 9. Hammer 10. Chaney 11. Ludwig 12. Ruble 13. Liskai 14. Heller. A Main (40 laps): 1. R. Kinser 2. Keegan 3. Siegel 4. Smith 5. Blaney 6. Reed 7. Gurley 8. Shaffer 9. Kerr 10. Teeple 11. Estes 12. Saldana 13. Jacobs 14. Cramer 15. Huntley 16. Gracey 17. Kane 18. Schroeder 19. Hull 20. K. Kinser 21. Kemenah 22. Miller.

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