ALLSTAR: Farmer City report 95-07-31

By Scott Hall FARMER CITY, IL - Kevin Huntley earned Monday's triumph in the Club All Star sprint car card at Farmer City Raceway. The 40 lap race marked the first Farmer City stop by the All Stars and was also the first 1995 All Star score...

By Scott Hall

FARMER CITY, IL - Kevin Huntley earned Monday's triumph in the Club All Star sprint car card at Farmer City Raceway. The 40 lap race marked the first Farmer City stop by the All Stars and was also the first 1995 All Star score for former champion Huntley. His winning car was a homestate J&J powered by a Bruce Hogue Chevy, wrenched by D.J. Lindsey and owned by Dean Lindsey, riding on Pro-shocks and Goodyear tires. The latter became especially critical. "Once it took rubber," said Huntley, "It was pretty much follow the leader. Luckily we got to start on the pole." Huntley started outside of Kelly Kinser on the front row. Kinser raced below Huntley until drifting up to shadow him from second. Terry McCarl moved in front of Kinser and proceeded to pester the leader. "I think McCarl was as good as I was, at least," Huntley stated. "We had a good race. It's just that I started in front of him. If it had been the other way around, I'd of never passed him." On lap 32, Daniel Coggeshell topped his lap 15 spin by getting upside down in front of the wooden grandstands. Once the cars coasted to a stop, Huntley walked back to inspect McCarl's tire. "Ha," he grinned. "I have more tite than you," he told Terry. With the cars allowed to refuel under the red due to a large number of yellows, McCarl's mechanic Troy Renfro swapped shocks in their quest for a third win in as many nights in a Wesmar Chevy powered Maxim owned by Roger Hall. Were they trying to transfer weight to the rear wheels? "The opposite," McCarl said. "Get it off. With the rubber, you're hooked up too had. I had an easy shock on the left front. I took it off to hold that left front down. I was trying my best to keep it off that right rear." Near the end Kenny Jacobs took third from Kinser who was trailed across the finish line by Randy Kinser and 20th starting All Star points leader Dale Blaney. Though he spun on a restart with eight laps left, Mike Lutz lunged back to score seventh over Todd Kane. Danny Smith stopped for a fresh tire on lap 32 and retrieved ninth as Frankie Kerr completed the top ten. Joey Saldana set a new track record at 11.320 seconds with heats to Todd Kelley, Dave Feese, Jacobs and Blaney with the Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash to Saldana and the Outerwears Pre-filters B Main to Jim Carr. Time Trials: Joey Saldana, 11.320; 2. Jerrod Hull, 11.590; 3. Kenny Jacobs, 11.744; 4. Todd Kane, 11.760; 5. Randy Kinser, 11.809; 6. Terry McCarl, 11.869; 7. Kevin Huntley, 11.878; 8. Kelly Kinser, 12.059; 9. Chris Boley, 12.109; 10. Dave Feese, 12.126; 11. Jim Moughan, 12.194; 12. Daniel Coggeshell, 12.270; 13. Todd Kelley, 12.306; 14. Terry Babb, 12.324; 15. Danny Smith, 12.361; 16. Van Gurley Jr., 12.377; 17. Mike Lutz, 12.381; 18. Patrick Moore, 12.399; 19. Frankie Kerr, 12.402; 20. Jim Farmer, 12.511; 21. Terry Pletch, 12.533; 22. Manny Rockhold, 12.557; 23. Mark Christman, 12.563; 24. Dale Blaney, 12.563; 25. Ricky Logan, 12.581; 26. Jim Carr, 12.624; 27. Randy Hammer, 13.106; 28. Scott Young, 13.153; 29. Shawn Moore, 13.250; 30. Bill Waite, 13.280; 31. Wayne Sternberg, 13.336; 32. Tommy Rockwell, 13.373; 33. Jim Dolan, NT. Butlerbuilt heat (10 laps): 1. Kelley 2. Lutz 3. R. Kinser 4. Saldana 5. Pletch 6. Logan 7. S. Moore 8. Boley 9. Dolan. United Expresslines heat (10 laps): 1. Feese 2. Hull 3. McCarl 4. Rockhold 5. P. Moore 6. Carr 7.Babb 8. Waite. Heat (10 laps): 1. Jacobs 2. Smith 3. Kerr 4. Huntley 5. Moughan 6. Sternberg 7. Christman. Heat (10 laps): 1. Blaney 2. Kane 3. K. Kinser 4. Coggeshell 5. Gurley 6. Farmer 7. Rockwell 8. Young. Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash (4 laps): 1. Saldana 2. Jacobs 3. K. Kinser 4. Kane 5. Hull 6. McCarl. Outerwears Prefilters B Main (12 laps): 1. Carr 2. Moughan 3. Farmer 4. Logan 5. Pletch 6. Gurley 7. Sternberg 8. Christman 9. Hammer 10. Young 11. S. Moore 12. Waite. A Main (40 laps) 1. Kevin Huntley 2. Terry McCarl 3. Kenny Jacobs 4. Kelly Kinser 5. Randy Kinser 6. Dale Blaney 7. Mike Lutz 8. Todd Kane 9. Danny Smith 10. Frankie Kerr 11. Ricky Logan 12. Dave Feese 13. Van Gurley Jr. 14. Manny Rockhold 15. Jim Carr 16. Jim Moughan 17. Terry Pletch 18. Jim Farmer 19. Joey Saldana 20. Daniel Coggeshell 21. Jerrod Hull 22. Todd Kelley.

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