ALLSTAR: Eldora Results 1999-08-05

All Star Sprint Race Results - Eldora Speedway - Thu. 8/5/99 By Scott Hall ROSSBURG, OH - All Star points leader Kenny Jacobs continued his mastery of Eldora’s High Banks in the All Star sprint 30-lap feature Thursday night in round one of...

All Star Sprint Race Results - Eldora Speedway - Thu. 8/5/99 By Scott Hall

ROSSBURG, OH - All Star points leader Kenny Jacobs continued his mastery of Eldora’s High Banks in the All Star sprint 30-lap feature Thursday night in round one of the Historical Big One VII at Eldora Speedway. His win, aboard the Kriner-Chevrolet powered Jacobs Motorsports Eagle Chassis came on Goodyear tires and was the 100th All Star race run at Eldora Speedway over 20 seasons. P.J. Chesson jumped into the lead at the drop of Rex LeJeune’s green flag, leading Jacobs, Joey Saldana and Jeff Shepard. On lap five, the red was unfurled when Danny Smith and Rodney Duncan collided in turn four, bringing a stop to the action as both machines had to be transported to the pit area and out of the race. After the leaders passed the front stretch restart cone, Jacobs dove low and slid up in front of the New Jersey teenager with Saldana duplicating the move, putting Jacobs into the lead with Saldana second and dropping Chesson to third. From then on, it was Jacobs heading to his second All Star win of the year here and seventh overall. The action continued with the order Jacobs, Saldana, Chesson, Shepard, Donnie Schatz and Randy Hannigan until another red flew on lap 13. Eight h place runner Kasey Kahne tagged the backstretch concrete and Byron Reed rode over the front of him, flipping violently down the backstretch. Reed was transported to Coldwater Hospital with a possible concussion. When action resumed once again, Saldana continued to chase Jacobs, but the rim riding style of the leader would not let Saldana get by on the fast track. On lap 19, Saldana’s night was over with a flat right front tire, putting him pitside and out of the action. This moved Chesson to second for the restart, but Shepard got past him once the green came back out as Jacobs still led. Frankie Kerr was on the move now with one of his patented late race charges, taking third from Chesson with Dale Blaney and Schatz fighting for fifth. With a pair of laps to go, Greg Hodnett, who was running seventh, stopped on the track with a tire packed with mud, setting up a one mile dash to the finish line and $5,000. The restart order was Jacobs, Shepard, Kerr, Schatz and Chesson, with Schatz moving past Kerr to take third following the restart and finishing in that spot when the checkered flag was dropped. Kerr rode Stan Shoff’s J&J home fourth, with Chesson fifth, Chad Kemenah sixth and coming on strong at the end it was James Chesson finishing seventh, earning the "Team Simpson Racing Lucky Seven" award. Blaney was eighth over Paul McMahan and Jeff Swindell. The United Expressline heat fell to James Chesson, the Southwest Expressline heat to Chad Kemenah, the Southwest Glass heat was won by Reed and the United Specialties heat went to Dale Blaney. Paul McMahan won the Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash with Shepard the United Expressline B Main winner and Saldana was the fast qualifier over 36 cars. Jack Hewitt won the UMP modified main.

Fast Time - Joey Saldana 13.130 (36 cars) United Expressline Heat 1: James Chesson ,Ed Lynch Jr., Greg Hodnett, Joey Saldana. Kasey Kahne, P.J. Chesson, Jim Carter, Greg Wilson, Steve Suever. Southwest Expressline Heat 2: Chad Kemenah, Butch Schroeder, Rodney Duncan Jeff Swindell, Frankie Kerr, Jeff Shepard. Dean Jacobs, Jack Hewitt. Dave Freed. United Specialties Heat 3: Byron Reed., Danny Smith, Johnny Herrera, Kenny Jacobs. Randy Hannigan, Brian Ellenberger, John Buchy, Larry Neighbors, Kent Wolters. Southwest Glass Heat 4: Dale Blaney, Paul McMahan, Donnie Schatz, Garry Brazier, Jerrod Hull, Scott Orr, Lance Dewease, Brian Carlson. Commercial Truck &Trailer Dash: McMahan. K. Jacobs, Kahne, Schroeder, Saldana, Hodnett. United Expressline B-Main: Jeff Shepard, P.J. Chesson, D. Jacobs, Brian Ellenberger ,Greg Wilson, Larry Neighbors, Jack Hewitt, Jim Carter, Dave Freed, Brian Carlson, Lance Dewease, Scott Orr, Steve Suever, Kent Wolters, John Buchy. A Main: 1)Kenny Jacobs 2)Jeff Shepard 3) Donnie Schatz 4)Frankie Kerr 5)J. Chesson 6)Chad Kemenah 7)PJ Chesson 8)Dale Blaney 9)Paul McMahan 10)Jeff Svvindell 11)Dean Jacobs 12) Ed Lynch, Jr. 13)Butch Schroeder 14)Randy Hannigan 15)Greg, Hodnett 16)Brian Ellenberger 17) Joey Saldana 18)Jerrod Hull 19)Kasey Kahne 20)Byron Reed 21)Gary Brazier 22)Johnny Herrera 23)Danny Smith 24)Rodney Duncan.

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