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ROSSBURG, OH -- Mr. Natural Disaster, the "Hurricane" Randy Hannagan blew into victory lane Thursday night at Eldora Speedway in the Haulmark All Star sprint car 30 lap feature. It was his second series win of the season, both coming here at...

ROSSBURG, OH -- Mr. Natural Disaster, the "Hurricane" Randy Hannagan blew into victory lane Thursday night at Eldora Speedway in the Haulmark All Star sprint car 30 lap feature. It was his second series win of the season, both coming here at Eldora. Hannagan, in the THR Hurricane Chassis with Gaerte power, defeated Danny Smith by one car length at the finish line.

"This place is one of my favorites and this is a good way to start out the week of money," Hannagan related. "I love racing Danny Smith. I've watched that guy race when I was a little kid, from the time I was in diapers. He's a good clean competitor and the All Stars are great to race with. I also have to thank Gaerte Engines who got me a fresh engine tonight and it shows," Hannagan concluded.

Hannagan and Smith set the pace for the start with Smith powering around Hannagan to take the lead in the high groove. Smith led Hannagan, Rob Chaney, Jeremy Campbell, Greg Hodnett and Jason Meyers when Kyle Stuchell hit the wall on lap five, bringing out a red flag. Smith and Hannagan raced ahead of Chaney following the restart, with Hodnett applying heavy pressure to Chaney. Hodnett grabbed third with ten laps in the books as Smith ran the high groove and Hannagan rode the inside groove.

Hannagan dove under Smith on the frontstretch on lap 13 to emerge with the lead on lap 14. Hodnett was still third, followed by Chaney and Meyers. Chaney suffered a mechanical failure while in turn three on lap 20, and Meyers hit the wall avoiding him. This brought out another caution. Kemenah suffered a flat at this point, dropping him from fourth to the tail for the restart.

Hannagan resumed the lead when the green reappeared, and began pulling away from Smith. Hodnett trailed in third with Daryn Pittman passing Jeremy Campbell for fourth following the restart. But the story of the last ten circuits was Kemenah, who was like a rocket from the back of the pack with a new right rear tire. Kemenah was sixth by lap 25, and up to fifth at the finish.

Hannagan got hung up behind a lapped car on the last lap, allowing Smith to close in on him, but he had enough momentum coming off turn four for the checkered flag, winning by a car length.

Smith was second, followed by Hodnett, Pittman and Kemenah.

Campbell held on for sixth ahead of 13th starter Dale Blaney, 18th starting Dean Jacobs, Butch Schroeder and 24th starting Jim Nier.

The Crown Battery heat fell to Bill Rose, the B&B Products heat went to Jimmy Stinson, the Engler Machine and Tool heat was won by Dean Jacobs and the TP Wings heat fell to Rob Chaney. Greg Wilson won the University of Northwestern Ohio B Main. Hannagan captured the Haulmark Dash and Greg Hodnett was the Huggins Cams Fast Time qualifier.

The All Stars return to action this Saturday night Aug. 7 at Butler Motor Speedway in Quincy, MI.

Huggins Cams Time Trials: 1. Greg Hodnett, Apple 12, 13.308; 2. Ed Neumeister, Neumeister 11n, 13.332; 3. Jason Meyers, Elite 14, 13.337; 4. Rob Chaney, SC Racing 9x, 13.383; 5. Greg Wilson, Hampshire 63, 13.442; 6. Jeremy Campbell, Campbell 10c, 13.455; 7. Danny Smith, Smith 4, 13.473; 8. Randy Hannagan, THR 1x, 13.477; 9. Butch Schroeder, Brown 99, 13.478; 10. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15k, 13.508; 11. Ben Rutan, Fisher 75, 13.550; 12. Todd Kane, Kane 78, 13.553; 13. Dale Blaney, Andrews 72, 13.573; 14. Ron Blair, RB 35, 13.603; 15. Daryn Pittman, Sherdon 21, 13.752; 16. Phil Gressman, Grove 70, 13.762; 17. Bill Rose, Rose 6, 13.778; 18. Jimmy Stinson, Stinson 84k, 13.779; 19. Dean Jacobs, Webb 51, 13.834; 20. Jac Haudenschild, Miller 6m, 13.913; 21. Tim Hunter, Hunter 2, 13.943; 22. Jan Howard, Holbrook 8, 13.949; 23. Jon Agan, Agan 4J, 13.954; 24. Brock Mayes, Mayes 11B, 13.957; 25. Kyle Stuchell, Stuchell 48, 13.967; 26. Tim Sites, Smith 1, 13.986; 27. Eddie Lynch, Lynch 29, 14.066; 28. Paul May, May 71m, 14.337; 29. Barry Ruble, Ruble 63r, 14.418; 30. Steve Surniak, Hagemier 17H, 14.747; 31. Kent Wolters, K&L 1, 19.816; 32. Spud Gustin, Gustin 4G, NT; 33. Nick Naber, G&N 6n, NT; 34. Ryan Myers, Garrett 56r, NT; 35. Jim Nier, Jarrell 00, NT.

Crown Battery Heat (8 laps): 1. Rose 2. Blaney 3. Schroeder 4. Hodnett 5. Hunter 6. Wilson 7. Ruble 8. Stuchell.

B&B Products Heat (8 laps): 1. Stinson 2. Kemenah 3. Campbell 4. Howard 5. Blair 6. Neumeister 7. Surniak 8. Sites.

Engler Machine & Tool Heat (8 laps): 1. Jacobs 2. Pittman 3. Smith 4. Meyers 5. Agan 6. Nier 7. Rutan 8. Lynch 9. Wolters.

TP Wings Heat (8 laps): 1. Chaney 2. Kane 3. Haudenschild 4. Mayes 5. Hannagan 6. Gressman 7. May 8. Gustin.

Haulmark Dash (4 laps): 1. Hannagan 2. Smith 3. Campbell 4. Chaney.

University of Northwestern Ohio B Main (12 laps): 1. Wilson 2. Nier 3. Neumeister 4. Rutan 5. Stuchell 6. Wolters 7. Lynch 8. Gustin 9. Surniak 10. Ruble 11. Gressman 12. May.

Haulmark A Main (30 laps): 1. Randy Hannagan 2. Danny Smith 3. Greg Hodnett 4. Daryn Pittman 5. Chad Kemenah 6. Jeremy Campbell 7. Dale Blaney 8. Dean Jacobs 9. Butch Schroeder 10. Jim Nier 11. Todd Kane 12. Jan Howard 13. Jimmy Stinson 14. Rob Chaney 15. Greg Wilson 16. Bill Rose 17. Brock Mayes 18. Ben Rutan 19. Jon Agan 20. Tim Hunter 21. Jason Meyers 22. Ron Blair 23. Ed Neumeister 24. Kyle Stuchell.

Lap Leaders: Danny Smith 1-13, Randy Hannagan 14-30.

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