ALLSTAR: Chillicothe results 2006-06-24

BUSCH NABS FIRST ALL STAR VICTORY CHILLICOTHE, OH (6-24-06) -- by Bryan Autullo -- Bedford, Indiana's Tom Busch thought he would have trouble making the A-main at K-C raceway with such a tough crowd of competitors on hand on the event dubbed...


CHILLICOTHE, OH (6-24-06) -- by Bryan Autullo -- Bedford, Indiana's Tom Busch thought he would have trouble making the A-main at K-C raceway with such a tough crowd of competitors on hand on the event dubbed "The Night The Stars Come Out". However, the driver of the 4B found himself standing on the front stretch at the end of the night as he won his first All Star A-main of his career.

Busch was able to knock off a good qualifying time which set the stage for the rest of his evening. Making the transfer from his heat to the A-main put him on the outside of row #1 as several of the top qualifiers were forced to run the B-main. It was just Busch's night to shine.

"All those late cautions had me nervous", said Busch from victory lane. "My right rear tire started shaking." Busch was still able to pull away on the restarts. "The car was working real good. We never really changed anything all night."

Greg Wilson, who gave Busch fits throughout the race, lost a right rear tire while running in second place with just 4 laps to go in the 40 lap affair. He got a nose wing under Busch several times but was not able to hold on to make the pass.

Dale Blaney, who was running third at the time Wilson's tire went down, inherited 2nd place on lap 36 with Wilson's departure to the work area for repairs. "My tire was shaking from about mid-race on and thought I had the same tire on as Greg did and I saw his go," said Blaney. I saw Busch's tire had a lot of tread on it on those cautions and figured I wasn't going to push it and we'd take what we could get."

Defending Ohio Speedweek Champion Kelly Kinser, who was running in 4th place throughout the race, also benefited from Wilson's misfortune. "The track was a little bit tacky around the bottom after the late models went out first and we went with too hard of a tire, but we'll take 3rd."

Butch Schroeder and Paul May rounded out the Top 5 as 36 cars signed into the pits this evening to do battle for the $5000 prize money put up by the All Star series.

Outsiders who were on hand to take on the locals and the All Stars included NST drivers Jason Meyers, Paul McMahan, and Brian Paulus. Brandon Wimmer who started out with the NST in the 7tw car was in the Rick Ferkel owned #0. Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. made the journey north from Mississippi to join the series on tour this week. Ben Gregg made his way all the way from Arizona to take participate in his first Ohio Speedweek.

Huggins Cams 2nd place qualifier Brock Mayes was unable to transfer from his heat, but made it into the A-main the hard way -- by winning the University of Northwest Ohio B-main.

Butch Schroeder was victorious in the Haulmark Dash over Blaney, Wilson, Danny Smith, Kelly Kinser, and Tim Hunter.

Next up for the All Stars is the kick off of the 24th Annual Ohio sprint Speedweek at Attica Raceway Park in Attica, OH on Sunday June 25th. For more information, please visit or .

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All Stars - Statistical Report -- K-C Raceway - 6-24-06

Qualifying - Huggins Cams
1. 2-Dale Blaney, 13.171; 2. 11b-Brock Mayes, 13.345; 3. 4-Danny Smith, 13.345; 4. w20-Greg Wilson, 13.408; 5. 7k-Butch Schroeder, 13.455; 6. 71m-Paul May, 13.641; 7. 92-Rob Chaney, 13.684; 8. 11n-Ed Neumeister, 13.715; 9. 4b-Tom Busch, 13.775; 10. 4k-Kelly Kinser, 13.806; 11. 2h-Tim Hunter, 13.855; 12. 5b-Chad Blonde, 13.890; 13. 1b-Keith Baxter, 13.910; 14. 78-Todd Kane, 13.913; 15. 0-Brandon Wimmer, 14.030; 16. 4n-Neil Shepherd, 14.042; 17. 5H-George Hawkins, 14.048; 18. 84-Jimmy Stinson, 14.083; 19. 22-Nick Naber, 14.101; 20. 14-Jason Meyers, 14.140; 21. 70-Kevin Huntley, 14.150; 22. 40R-Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., 14.178; 23. 20-Paul McMahan, 14.186; 24. 40-Mark Imler, 14.218; 25. 7a-Dave Dickson, 14.234; 26. 29-Dean Jacobs, 14.350; 27. 11m-Brandon Martin, 14.355; 28. 35-Ron Blair, 14.408; 29. 4x-Eddie Slone, 14.454; 30. 55c-Joe Cheeseman, 14.525; 31. 28-Brian Paulus, 14.557; 32. 63-Barry Ruble, 14.711; 33. 12m-James Mosher, 14.778; 34. 22d-Josh Davis, 14.808; 35. 22B-Ben Gregg, 15.057; 36. 22f-Charlie Fisher - scratched

Heat 1 - Outerwears Pre-filters
1. 2-Dale Blaney; 2. 7K-Butch Schroeder; 3. 70-Kevin Huntley; 4. 1B-Keith Baxter; 5. 4B-Tom Busch; 6. 7A-Dave Dickson; 7. 5H-George Hawkins; 8. 12M-James Mosher; 9. 4X-Eddie Slone;

Heat 2 - B&B Oval Track Products
1. 84-Jimmy Stinson; 2. 4K-Kelly Kinser; 3. 40R-Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.; 4. 29-Dean Jacobs; 5. 78-Todd Kane; 6. 11B-Brock Mayes; 7. 71M-Paul May; 8. 55C-Joe Cheeseman; 9. 22D-Josh Davis;

Heat 3 - Engler Machine & Tool
1. 20-Paul McMahan; 2. 4-Danny Smith; 3. 0-Brandon Wimmer; 4. 2H-Tim Hunter; 5. 28-Brian Paulus; 6. 22-Nick Naber; 7. 92-Rob Chaney; 8. 11M-Brandon Martin; 9. 22B-Ben Gregg;

Heat 4 - TP Wings
1. W20-Greg Wilson; 2. 40-Mark Imler; 3. 14-Jason Meyers; 4. 5B-Chad Blonde; 5. 35-Ron Blair; 6. 4N-Neil Shepherd; 7. 11N-Ed Neumeister; 8. 63-Barry Ruble;

Dash - Haulmark
1. 7K-Butch Schroeder; 2. 2-Dale Blaney; 3. W20-Greg Wilson; 4. 4-Danny Smith; 5. 4K-Kelly Kinser; 6. 2H-Tim Hunter;

B-main - University of Northwest Ohio
1. 11B-Brock Mayes; 2. 71M-Paul May; 3. 11N-Ed Neumeister; 4. 7A-Dave Dickson; 5. 5H-George Hawkins; 6. 92-Rob Chaney; 7. 11M-Brandon Martin; 8. 22-Nick Naber; 9. 22D-Josh Davis; 10. 12M-James Mosher; 11. 63-Barry Ruble; 12. 4X-Eddie Slone; 13. 22B-Ben Gregg; 14. 4N-Neil Shepherd; 15. 55C-Joe Cheeseman;

A-main - MSD Ignition Starting Position []
1. 4b-Tom Busch[2]; 2. 2-Dale Blaney[6]; 3. 4k-Kelly Kinser[1]; 4. 7k-Butch Schroeder[3]; 5. 71m-Paul May[8]; 6. 4-Danny Smith[5]; 7. 20-Paul McMahan[19]; 8. 14-Jason Meyers[16]; 9. 11b-Brock Mayes[7]; 10. 78-Todd Kane[13]; 11. 2h-Tim Hunter[10]; 12. 70-Kevin Huntley[17]; 13. 28-Brian Paulus[24]; 14. 40R-Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.[18]; 15. 35-Ron Blair[23]; 16. 5b-Chad Blonde[11]; 17. 0-Brandon Wimmer[14]; 18. w20-Greg Wilson[4]; 19. 1b-Keith Baxter[12]; 20. 84-Jimmy Stinson[15]; 21. 11n-Ed Neumeister[9]; 22. 7a-Dave Dickson[21]; 23. 29-Dean Jacobs[22]; 24. 40-Mark Imler[20];

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