ALLSTAR: Capitol Speedway results 2003-07-25

Holts Summit, MO - Dean Jacobs of Wooster, Ohio sped to a straightaway victory in the O'Reilly Auto Parts NCRA Vs Haulmark All Stars 30 lap feature Friday night in the return of 410 Outlaw sprints after a thirteen-year hiatus at the 3/8-mile oval...

Holts Summit, MO - Dean Jacobs of Wooster, Ohio sped to a straightaway victory in the O'Reilly Auto Parts NCRA Vs Haulmark All Stars 30 lap feature Friday night in the return of 410 Outlaw sprints after a thirteen-year hiatus at the 3/8-mile oval at Capital Speedway.

After a scary moment on the green when polesitter Jacobs dived into turn one, got out of shape but managed to keep the Ray Pullins Fisher engine powered Maxim under power and kept going. Meanwhile the field checked up behind him with Greg Wilson, Ryan Coniam and Jan Howard making contact resulting in the first of five yellows. Coniam made a quick pit stop for repairs and joined the tail of the field.

On the restart, Jacobs returned to his pole position because he never stopped on the racetrack and took off again with Jerrod Hull and Brian Brown in tow. After a yellow for Mark Cronk's spin on lap twelve the leaders started threading their way through traffic when John Schulz stopped on the backstretch and was pushed to the pits. With twenty laps in the books Jan Howard headed to the pits for a quick tire change and joined the rear of the field on the restart before Daron Clayton spun between turns three and four and was hooked to the pits. Jason Johnson holding down fourth had a tire go down with two laps to go and pitted for a replacement joining the rear of the field. On the restart for the dash to the cash two lapped cars separated Jacobs and second place Hull which is the way they finished. Brian Brown finished in the show position said, "It was a good race, anytime you can run third with All Stars and NCRA and a bunch of good racers it is good. Were just hoping to get more laps and hopefully next year we will be on the front straightaway getting the trophy instead of third."

Jacobs said, "We were side by side down the straightaway, Jerrod didn't give me no room and a guy had to be on the bottom and he tried to get there and I was there and luckily everything worked out with the yellow and I got my spot back. The track was a one lane and fortunately I got the pole and that was where a guy had to be to win."

Current ASCoC point leader, Chad Kemenah finished fourth and Kelly Kinser was fifth. Rounding out the top ten were Brook Tatnell, Jeff Shepard, Greg Wilson, Jan Howard and John Schulz.

Steve Short of Farmington, MO took the lead after polesitter Jesse Hockett, who had quick time of the night, was set back to third position on the start for jumping on the green. Short kept up a torrid pace to win the ten-lap event over Barry Ruble, Hockett, Bob Thoman, Steve Short and John Schulz who was the final transfer to the A feature.

Shepard, Tatnell, and Kemenah won the heats and Kemenah checkered first in the Haulmark dash followed by Kinser, Coniam, Johnson, Shepard and Jacobs.

Time Trials: - 1. Jesse Hockett 15.164 (NTR), 2. Kelly Kinser 15.318, 3. Chad Kemenah 15.452, 4. Jason Johnson 15.506, 5. Brian Brown 15.570, 6. Jerrod Hull 15.651, 7. Dean Jacobs 15.736, 8. Brooke Tatnell 15.757, 9. Randy Martin 15.775, 10. Jeff Shepard 15.821, 11. Ryan Coniam 15.926, 12. Greg Wilson 15.936, 13. Bill Rose 15.974, 14. Lowe Cannell 15.992, 15. Tommy Worley Jr. 16.055, 16. Wayne Johnson 16.166, 17. Jan Howard 16.315, 18. Daron Clayton 16.329, 19. Steve Short 16.331, 20. Barry Ruble 16.456, 21. Bob Thoman 16.564, 22. John Schulz 16.656, 23. Mark Kronk 16.844, 24. Bruce Robenalt 17.105, 25. Jimmy Kite 17.163, 26. James High 17.223, 27. Joe Bustillos 17.371, 28. Earnest Jennings, John Vandenburg NT

Crown Battery 1st heat - 1. Jeff Shepard, 2. Jason Johnson, 3. Wayne Johnson, 4. Dean Jacobs, 5. Bill Rose, 6. Jimmy Kite, 7. Jesse Hockett, 8. Steve Short, 9. John Schulz, 10. Earnest Jennings

B&B Oval Track Products 2nd heat - 1. Brooke Tatnell, 2. Brian Brown, 3. Ryan Coniam, 4. Kelly Kinser, 5. Jan Howard, 6. Lowe Cannell, 7. Mark Kronk, 8. Barry Ruble, 9. James High, 10. John Vandenburg.

Engler Tool and Machine 3rd heat - 1. Chad Kemenah, 2. Daron Clayton, 3. Tommy Worley Jr., 4. Jerrod Hull, 5. Randy Martin 6. Greg Wilson, 7. Bruce Robenalt, 8. Joe Bustillos, 9. Bob Thoman.

Haulmark Dash - 1. Chad Kemenah, 2. Kelly Kinser, 3. Ryan Coniam, 4. Jason Johnson, 5. Jeff Shepard, 6. Dean Jacobs.

United Aluminum Windows B Feature - 1. Steve Short, 2. Barry Ruble, 3. Jesse Hockett, 4. Bob Thoman, 5. Mark Cronk, 6. John Schulz, 7. John Vandenberg, 8. Bruce Robenalt, 9. Joe Bustillos, 10. James High, 11. Earnest Jennings.

Haulmark A Feature - 1. Jacobs, 2. Hull, 3. Brown, 4. Kemenah, 5. K. Kinser, 6. Tatnell, 7. Shepard, 8. Wilson, 9. Howard, 10. Shulz, 11. Johnson, 12. Hockett, 13. Kite, 14. Worley Jr., 15. Coniam, 16. Johnson, 17. Short, 18. Cannell, 19. Cronk, 20. Martin, 21. Clayton, 22. Thoman, 23. Rose, 24. Ruble.

Lap Leaders: Dean Jacobs 1-30.

The O'Reilly Auto Parts/ American Compressed Steel Winged Outlaw Warriors ran as the support class to the All-Stars. There were 24 cars on hand for this non-points event which was sponsored by Putnam Chevrolet-Pontiac of California, MO. Heat races went to Randy Martin, Rusty Potter and Billy Alley. Potter and Martin fought for the lead on the first lap. As they came to the start/finish line after the completion of a lap they were side by side. Potter would gain the advantage in turn one on the second circuit. At this time Alley was in third with Tommy Mikels and Eric Schrock rounding out the top five. The yellow flag waved on lap three when Tony Crank and Stan Bock tangled. Potter maintained the lead after the restart in the Roy Cary Livestock Trucking #3P. Eric Schrock passed Mikels on lap four to move into fourth. On lap seven, Alley used the low side in turn four to pass Randy Martin. Alley immediately began to run down Potter. Alley would drive right on by Rusty on lap 10. Schrock cruised by Martin on lap 11 to improve to the third position. Eric Jobe spun to bring out the caution one lap later. Alley had a full straightway lead on Potter by lap 15, just four laps after the restart. The H&S Sales #86 moved into the runner-up spot on lap 18, when Schrock was able to pass Potter. Alley went on to take the A Main by 20 car-lengths over Schrock. Potter, Martin, and Trent rounded out the top five.

WOW 360 Sprint A MAIN (20 laps): 1) 22 Billy Alley 2) 86 Eric Schrock 3) 3P Rusty Potter 4) 14 Randy Martin 5) 14C Mike Trent 6) 5 Steve Dean 7) 75J Jesse Hockett 8) 21 Tim Doogs 9) 72 Curtis Boyer 10) 24 Lanny Carpenter 11) 77U Chris Urish 12) 23 Eric Jobe 13) 19 Tracy Nichols 14) 60 Jeff Stanley 15) 75 Tyler Blank 16) 9C Tony Crank 17) 85 Tommy Mikels 18) 19X Bryan Grimes 19) 4 Jerrod Hull 20) 11 Stan Bock.

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