ALLSTAR: Butler Battlegrounds Speedway 1999-07-10

All Star Sprint Race Results - Butler Battlegrounds - Sat. 7/10/99 By Scott Hall QUINCY, MI - Joey Saldana won the All Star sprint 40-lap feature Saturday night at Butler Battlegrounds Speedway, worth $5,000 aboard the Fisher-Chevrolet ...

All Star Sprint Race Results - Butler Battlegrounds - Sat. 7/10/99 By Scott Hall

QUINCY, MI - Joey Saldana won the All Star sprint 40-lap feature Saturday night at Butler Battlegrounds Speedway, worth $5,000 aboard the Fisher-Chevrolet powered Stealth Chassis owned by Steve Mox. Kenny Jacobs came home second with Paul McMahan third. McMahan was on the way to his first career All Star victory when he suffered a flat tire in the late stages of the 40-lap event. Saldana took over and drove to his fourth All Star win of the season. "I got to second and was just going to ride it to the end," Saldana said. "McMahan definitely earned that one. Sometimes racing can be cruel. You've just got to thank the racing gods. It was Paul’s race. I couldn’t have caught him if his tire hadn’t gone flat. " It was McMahan’s first-ever visit to the Butler and he said, "it was kind of the same way for everyone," of the track conditions which took the toll on his right rear tire. Danny Smith started on the ButlerBuilt Motorsports Equipment Hot Seat pole position, with All Star points leader Jacobs outside him, with Jacobs using the high groove on the start to move to the early lead. Smith caught Jacobs on lap four and dove under for the lead, with McMahon getting past Jacobs on lap eight for second in the United Expressline No. U2. Saldana took third from Jacobs the next go-round and by lap ten the order was Smith, McMahan, Saldana, Jacobs, Dean Jacobs, Greg Wilson and Jimmy Carter. Dean Jacobs brought out a caution when he spun on lap 15, restarting on the tail of the pack as Smith continued on top. Smith held the point until lap 20, when McMahon went past on a restart, with third starting Saldana moving into the runner up spot two laps later. Following a lap 26 caution for Brian Ellenberger, Saldana got by Smith for second and tried to catch McMahan. Byron Reed slowed with just three laps remaining to bring out another caution. McMahon used a good restart to pull away once the race resumed, but as the cars took the white flag British Columbia's Carter slowed on the track, bringing out another caution. McMahon's right rear began losing air, and on the final restart Saldana and Kenny Jacobs passed McMahan for the top two positions. McMahon, Smith and Dean Jacobs rounded out the top five. Rodney Duncan was sixth and Jerrod Hull finished seventh, earning the "Team Simpson Racing Lucky Seven" award. Completing the top ten were Brian Ellenberger, Todd Kelley and Reed. The United Expressline heat fell to Chad Kemenah, the Southwest Expressline heat to Kevin Huntley, the Southwest Glass heat was won by Raymond Shank and the United Specialties heat went to Chuck Wilson. Saldana won the Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash with Doug Zimmerman the United Expressline B Main winner. D. Jacobs was the fast qualifier over the 37 car field. The All Star show originally scheduled for Sunday night at Kokomo Speedway was cancelled last month by promoter Kent Evans. Time Trials: 1. Dean Jacobs 12.816; 2. Brian Ellenberger 13.016; 3. Paul McMahan 13.424; 4. Joey Saldana 13.464; 5. Kenny Jacobs 13.484; 6. Danny Smith 13.569; 7. Greg Wilson 13.658; 8. Jerrod Hull 13.731; 9. Jason Statler 13.743; 10. Jimmy Carter 13.800; 11. Doug Zimmerman 13.803; 12. Todd Kelley 13.831; 13. Kelly Kinser 13.874; 14. Byron Reed 13.849; 15. Rodney Duncan 13.914; 16. Boston Reid 14.152; 17. Chad Kemenah 14.159; 18. Kevin Huntley 14.166; 19. Raymond Shank 14.189; 20. Chuck Wilson 14.195; 21. Brian Carlson 14.382; 22. Steve Suever 14.396; 23. Bob Dooley 14.640; 24. Mark Imler 14.667; 25. Troy Chehowski 16.698; 26. Scott Bailey 14.946; 27. John Fast 14.994; 28. Brad Ellenberger 15.070; 29. Jim Damon 15.162; 30. Bob Thoms 15.236; 31. Keith Stepke 15.241; 32. Roger Spieth 15.296; 33. Fred Boso 15.568; 34. Chuck Mohr 15.576; 35. Mike Koss 15.685; 36. Mark Aldrich NT; 37. Shawn Robinson, NT. United Expressline Heat (8 laps): 1. Kemenah 2. Statler 3. K. Jacobs 4. D. Jacobs 5. Reed. Southwest Expressline Heat (8 laps): 1. Huntley 2. Kinser 3. Smith 4. Carter 5. Brian Ellenberger. Southwest Glass Heat (8 laps): 1. Shank 2. McMahan 3. Duncan 4. G. Wilson 5. Koss. United Specialties Heat (8 laps): 1. C. Wilson 2. Kelley 3. Saldana 4. Hull 5. Reid. Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash (4 laps): 1. Saldana 2. McMahan 3. D. Jacobs 4. K. Jacobs 5. Smith 6. Brian Ellenberger. United Expressline B Main (12 laps): 1. Zimmerman 2. Dooley 3. Carlson 4. Suever 5. Mohr 6. Boso 7. Fast 8. Stepke 9. Damon 10. Bailey 11. Spieth 12. Robinson 13. Chehowski 14. Imler 15. Brad Ellenberger 16. Thoms. A Main (40 laps): 1. Joey Saldana 2. Kenny Jacobs 3. Paul McMahan 4. Danny Smith 5. Dean Jacobs 6. Rodney Duncan 7. Jerrod Hull 8. Brian Ellenberger 9. Todd Kelley 10. Byron Reed 11. Jimmy Carter 12. Greg Wilson 13. Kevin Huntley 14. Boston Reid 15. Chad Kemenah 16. Steve Suever 17. Raymond Shank 18. Doug Zimmerman 19. Bob Dooley 20. Mike Koss 21. Jason Statler 22. Chuck Wilson 23. Kelly Kinser 24. Brian Carlson. All Star Points: 1. Kenny Jacobs 2441, 2. Dean Jacobs 2278, 3. Rodney Duncan 2013, 4. Jerrod Hull 1978; 5. Danny Smith 1887, 6. Greg Wilson 1845, 7. Byron Reed 1672; 8. Brian Ellenberger 1595; 9. Brian Carlson 1578, 10. Joey Saldana 1346.

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Attica Doty Race Wednesday This Wednesday, July 14th, Attica Raceway Park will host its signature Brad Doty Classic. The All Star sanctioned event will pay $5,000 to win and numerous added goodies have been added to the program. Burns Electric has earmarked $100 for each heat race winner and Ramsey Trucking will pay the fastest qualifier $1,000. Burns Electric has also funded the Fans Dash. All race fans in attendance at the Attica Speedweek show voted for their favorite drivers. A tie for 6th in the voting will make the race a 7 driver affair paying $400 to win and $75 to start. The drivers are as follows: Kenny Jacobs, Dean Jacobs, Chad Kemenah, Byron Reed, Butch Schroeder, Kevin Huntley, and Mark Keegan. The drivers will draw for their starting position. There has been no repeat winner of the Brad Doty Classic. The winners are as follows: Steve Kinser (‘89); Jack Hewitt (‘90); Bobby Allen (‘91); Mark Keegan (‘93); Danny Smith (‘94); Randy Kinser (‘95); Dale Blaney (‘96); Tyler Walker (‘97); Jeff Shepard (‘98). Gates will open at 5:00 with racing at 8:00 PM. Brad Doty will be on hand to sign autographs prior to the start of the race.

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